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Found 39 results

  1. Hi guys! So it's been almost two years... no... damn... it's been two years since TOR III and I've just realized that I still have some comics that I've made back then but I didn't have time to edit... so I've recently sat again to finish them, and here You have an another episode complete. The story of Mazin and his brave "Marauders" will continue, as I have more of them coming. So please sit back, relax and enjoy the show Leave Your comment whether You like it or not. O! And for those who would like to start with the first Episode here is a link for Ya! http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=81088 --------- Check other episodes under these links: ToW Part 1: Code of Uniform http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=81088
  2. Hi guys. So I didn't make it with my entries, but I have just finished my story I'have worked on for w while and that I want to share with You - it depicts what happend with Rifleman Mazin since his visit at the Headhunter's office It's rather long to... but hopefully You're gonna get to the end and enjoy it... This is the first part and I'll be editing material for 2 more parts. Regards! EDIT: Part 2 is out there to see already Check for the second episode: "First Assignment" ! --------- Check other episodes under these links: ToW Part 2: First Assignment
  3. Hello everyone! Kooberz here. Recently, I was asked to create an interview/tour interview for the Red vs Blue Uk event held on August 2-4 in Leicester. They provided the questions, and I did my best to answer them in the best way, and present some of my best and previously unseen work. I hope you like it! Also just released, is a full tutorial on how to make my version of GLaDOS from Lego Portal 2 Part 1.
  4. MstrOfPppts

    TOR III Entry 3: Jackie the Legend

    Hey guys, after quite a chaotic week with countless sleepless nights (including todays) I finally managed to finish my final entry. Sorry for being a tad bit late, but as our fellow redcoat said: I suppose that Admiral Pastry is the fat lady and hasn't sung yet, so I'm OK Anyway, here goes the true story about Jackie the Legend: Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone in this final round - although the winning group is quite obvious ...
  5. Here's my long - awaited entry! . Without further adieu, I give you And that Kids, is how we Beat those Redcoats And that's it! C&C appreciated. This was a fun Tournament, thanks to Admiral Croissant, Captain Red Hat, Captain Blackmoor, Zcerberus, and everyone else that made this happen . Thanks to the Bluecoat team, we did (and are still doing) great. Happy Retributing!
  6. My final entry for TORIII Round 3! Good luck everyone and enjoy! Credits to: Commander Red Hat, Purpearljellyblob, Admiral Croissant, Kabel, Cara, Frank Brick Wright, Mazin, Captain Blackmoor, Antonio, Brickington, Scorpiox, Dr_Spock, Skalldyr, Efullner, Blackar, Duck. Thanks guys for starring in my comic. May the best Bluecoat win!
  7. Colonel Brickington wasn't able to go to the final battle of the Tournament thus, he stayed at home and did one of his favorite things: Eating some Bluecoat Chicken legs and meat. His fellow Redcoats had sent him the Blue meat from the battlefield. And boy was it tasty! I was noticing the end of the Toruney coming, so I built this for the Reds. Hope you like it!
  8. MstrOfPppts

    Pure Victory: Dreadnought carnage

    [pid][/pid]233A Master of puppets I'm pulling your strings ... eeerm ... levers of my dreadnought! Stomp, grab, smash and burn baby, burn! A small contribution to our second Redcoat community build.
  9. [pid][/pid]231B My entry for the 2nd Redcoat Community Build. Enjoy!
  10. [pid][/pid]231A Here is my build for the Redcoat community build II.
  11. Here is my entry for the Community Build: Pure Victory Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...
  12. Here is my official entry for Round 2 Good luck to everyone! Enjoy! In case you missed my Round 1 Entry: The Night Before The Wedding
  13. dr_spock

    RVB: Exercising

    Exercising the bluecoats (or exorcising the croissant out of them).
  14. Admiral Croissant

    RvB: Commander Red Hat goes to the cinema

    Enjoy! Thanks for watching! Funny thing is, first I came up with the name Piglet Johansson, and then it turned out that Scarlet once played in a movie called "My brother the pig". So that's why I gave it this name.
  15. MstrOfPppts

    RvB TOR III Red team

    Big Cam PMed me earlier this day and sent me this picture he took a couple of months ago. At that time we hunted the pirate down and imprisoned most of his crew. He decided to show us where they hid their confiscated goods. He also took the group picture of us after we found and dug up the gold. We then let him go and he promised he'll behave. If he goes on some raiding spree again, we'll at least have a challenge since the blues don't offer any! Without any further ado, I present to you TOR III red team: P.S.: I made up ZCerberus, since he didn't provide his avatar and also added Morthen, who also didn't authorize his avatar but I liked the version from his comic. Hope you two don't mind ...
  16. MstrOfPppts

    RvB part VI: Gunning

    Well here you go Brig. Brick. This is a short story of when we last met. You forgot? Let me remind you, the gun did not backfire either time, you just pointed it in the wrong direction! Ok, this took me much longer than I thought ... bed time ... zzzzzzz. In case you missed: part I: Fencing part II: Artillery part III: Navigation part IV: Marksmanship part V: Drinking
  17. MstrOfPppts

    RvB part II: Artillery

    There's quite a lot of trash-talk going on in the previous topic but I prefer pure facts to some made up stories ... I only joined the redcoats this year and here is how I learned the bluecoat's stupidities from our experienced Commander: In case you missed: part I: Fencing
  18. Brickington

    RvB: True Blue Traitors

    Here thy go: In case you missed it: A True Blue Misfit
  19. MstrOfPppts

    TOR III Entry 2: Halloween party

    I know it's not actually the right time of the year for this, but the idea was too good to let it go and here's my official ToR III round 2 entry. Happy reading ladies and gentlemen from either side!
  20. Grimmbeard

    TOR III ENTRY: Redcoat Fishing!

    [pid][/pid] So here's my official entry for round two: Pirates, Redcoat Fishing! Sorry about the cropping issues- Hope it didn't distract from the story Anyway, hope you liked it! C&C Welcome!
  21. dr_spock

    RVB: Bluecoat incontinence

    A little comic to show life as a bluecoat in their fort. Featuring: Admiral Croissant, Fugazi, Esurient and Mazin with his boom stick or was that broom stick?
  22. dr_spock

    TOR III Entry: Treasure Island

    Treasure Island Our story continues with our Redcoat duo. They survived Survivor Island but are now lost at sea and down to their last banana. (Previous story -> http://www.eurobrick...36#entry1470882)
  23. [pid][/pid] Bluecoat incompetence:
  24. Capt. Stabbin

    Death of a Bluecoat

    [pid][/pid]229C While this is not a new MOC, I have never posted it here, and thought it worked well with the tournament. A Redcoat patrol encounters a lone Bluecoat.... Thanks for looking! C & C appreciated.
  25. [pid][/pid] Here is my entry Please excuse for poor image quality. Enjoy!