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Found 8 results

  1. This is my attempt at building a proper and most importantly; fun to drive ripsaw with somewhat realistic performance. The 8 buggy motors and 4 BuWizz seem to do the trick.. I tried to replicate as much as i could from the original design, obviously the drive-train works differently; the real EV1 has 1 motor with a clutch system in the rear differential to power the tracks from the rear alone, which i did try to replicate by adding the fake V8 and rear diff, which does function, but i disconnect it most of the time while drive outside because it has a habit of getting jammed by leaves, rocks and twigs, the gears used to connect to the fake V8 are all exposed. Here the sprockets are powered in the front and rear and each is connected directly to the slower output of 2 buggy motors, giving this thing crazy speed and torque. The suspension is set up like the real EV1 and works fine, but does require a track tension system, the real thing has a suspended front sprocket to keep tension on the tracks, in this case it would mean loosely suspended buggy motors, an idea i did not like and did not try, yet. I am using a simple lever, spring and wheels to keep tension on the track but it works fine and looks ok. For the body i tried to capture the look and feel of the real thing, using as little as possible panels and using beams for the boxy look with just the exposed framework seemed the right thing to do, i am sure it is filled with illegal connections, i go by the rule: "if it fits without force, it fits". The body is surprisingly solid, it can be lifted from several positions and it can take some abuse from driving, and abused it, i have.. The are 2 seat for Technic figures and the electrical wiring functions nicely as a seat-belt for them. I have added 2 sets of LED's on the top bar, i do not think the real EV1 had that, but it seemed the most "natural" position to me and it works nicely since they are aimed down a bit. And here you can see it in action! please leave a like if you can and help out my tiny channel: I hope you like it!
  2. Simple model of a ripsaw controlled by BuWizz. Features drive with 2 RC motors, suspension, and a dual-missile turret that can be elevated and lowered. Functions/features: Drive (2x RC motors, 1 per track) Suspension Dual-missile turret Turret elevation It's been several months without publishing any new MOCs, and this is largely due to me working on my huge New Flyer XD60 articulated bus model. I placed two major orders of pieces directly from LEGO back in August, and as their parts take several weeks to ship I decided to work on a smaller project in the meantime. Since my Azure Racer XL I wanted to create another MOC using RC motors and BuWizz, so I decided to go with a tracked vehicle this time. However, I did not want it to be just another boring tracked vehicle with drive only (like my Lime Tracker from 2017), and I realized a ripsaw would be just big enough to house a turret that can be elevated and lowered. The building process actually started out with the body instead of the tracks. The model has a rather modular build, with individual parts (tracks, chassis, body) built separately and joined together. The turret mechanism was built in the rear of the body, and it is elevated by two small LAs. To reduce complexity, the turret motor is attached directly to the turret and moves with it when elevating. This however required more space in the chassis to allow it room to move. Both the turret elevation and missile firing are driven by PF M motors, and the turret consists of the new spring-loaded turret in a brick housing from the 51515 set. The missile firing motor has a 2L liftarm attached to it that hits the release button on the left/right missiles depending on the direction it turns. Overall, both turret functions worked well. As for the tracks, they have a suspension system with bogies attached to arms with shock absorbers. This part was a challenge, as the tracks needed to sit high but also be reinforced enough to resist the forces from turning. After several attempts with the tracks falling off, I was able to create a setup with the optimal tension in the tracks to prevent them from falling off during serious driving but also not too tight as to add excessive friction. I was initially worried that driving the tracks straight from the RC motors' outer outputs wouldn't be enough torque, but it looks like the finished model performed fine. In the end, the model performed well other than being a little bit top-heavy, but I feel like I could've modeled the shape better to make it resemble a real ripsaw more. I tried to be loose with the design, using curved panels over flat panels and stacked liftarms wherever possible, but still I feel like it can be improved. And as for the color, I think DBG would work best for a ripsaw like this (a Google search for "ripsaw" would show several dark gray ripsaws), but given all the pieces I'm ordering for my New Flyer XD60 model I didn't want to spend anymore on pieces for a side project, so I went with white for the model. Photos: Video:
  3. Hey guys, I'm starting a smaller project here with the aim of maximum playability. Currently I'm waiting for a huge Pick-A-Brick order to arrive for my New Flyer XD60 project, so I've decided to do a small project in the meantime, especially since I haven't published anything since January. This will be a small and simple ripsaw model equipped with a two-missile turret, using new missile elements from the Robot Inventor set. The model will probably be modular, with the body and chassis largely built modularly and connected together when finished. Currently I have the turret and some of the body built. The turret can also raise and lower, but unfortunately cannot rotate as the BuWizz unit only has 4 ports (and two will be taken by the drive motors). As for the drive motors, I plan to use 4 L motors with one connected to each sprocket, although I might also go with one RC motor per track. Overall, I see this model as an upgrade from my Lime Tracker of 2017, as this one will be driven by the more powerful L motor and feature BuWizz. I think this will be a fun little MOC to drive around. It's nice to build something else after months of work on a single project, and it'll be a great way to pass the time as I wait for parts to arrive for that project. Photos:
  4. Hi! A few weeks ago I started doing some prototypes on a tracked trial vehicle. It will probably have 2 long tracks with pins in them, skid steering using 2 L or XL motors and one BB. Goals: find a soft and smooth suspension, have a bodywork wich looks kinda like a ripsaw(not EV2), be able to climb some not really steep hills and descend them as well, float on/over the snow. Acheived goals: find a soft and smooth suspension, I will come back with some photos of a smaller prototype to get the idea.
  5. Hello My ripsaw, inspired by Fast Furious 8 (but not a copy). Since Buwizz can handle 2x Buggy motors, I decided to build light and powerful tracked vehicle for snow. Vehicle for fun! Movie was filmed 3 month ago. We have summer now. TURN ON ENGLISH SUBTITLES I am not the first here with such powerful tracked vehicle. I can confrim that it is useless toy and hard to control. Thing for fun:) more photos Thank you for watching!
  6. Hi everyone This is a model i built a while ago, but only now had the time and eqiupment to showcase. I was asked to build a Buwizz showcase model for a toy fair in Boogna, italy. After some thought I decided to combine the rare dark blue panels from 41999 with tracks and a couple of RC motors. The finished model has following features: 2 RC models for drive Spring supported pendular suspension Two working fake V8 engines - hence the V16 Rollcage reinforced interrior with 4 seats Openable 70's muscle car style openable bodywork A working winch LED bar powereed by a total of 10 LEDs So lets start with a 360 view of the model: As you can see the body is inspired by 70's muscle car styling with large chromed grill Detailed view of the grill with the cute bunny: Lifting up the body exposes the internal rollcage and the two massive engines: Further the rollcage can be lifted by pulling out the two red pins, showing the 4 identical seats, making this a perfect family car The two V8's are powered by the RC motor's faster output: The power passes via cardan axles under the seats and up the gears: In case the model ever gets stuck there is also a functional winch powered by an M motor via 1:5 gearing ratio: The suspension is highly flexible: And here is the most important photo of any technic model : And to finish up with a bang here's a video of the Ripster in action: A quick summary of my thoughts regarding this model: Because the tracks are powered by the RC motors directly this is THE fastest tracked model I ever had the pleasure of building. But that speed comes with a price, the model has problems steering on spot on surfaces with high friction such as carpets. Sudden acceleration on such surfaces with quite a heavy model like this (1,5 kg) can cause problems with tracks coming apart. For that reason this is a perfect vehicle for smooth surfaces or ice. It is also very good at drifting, though it takes a lot of coordination to control a tracked vehicle like this. Suspension is extremely durable, the wheels were originally held with frictionless pins, but that proved insufficient, so they were replaced by axles 5 with stops. After that upgrade I had zero issues with suspension and it proved to be very flexible, yet reliable. Biggest problem with the model is the cosmetic stuff, the V8 chains tend to slide off after a while at such high RPMs, the bunny likes to jump into oblivion and the front grill can fall apart when crashing into stuff. Oh and one last thing, ITS LOUD. Driving this on my floor sounds like machine gun fire, so I hope my neighbours wont file a complaint . At the end of the day even with its positives and negatives its a very fun model to drive around and that is all that matters.
  7. Well the start of yet another Mad Max related MOC.. maybe a cool idea for the next contest... During the viewing of the latest film of Mad Max Fury Road I kept thinking of Doc_Brown's Monster truck (Known as Bigfoot in the film) and when I first saw the Peacemaker pull up into the recently blocked valley pass , I was... well awestruck by the idea of putting a car chassis on a Ripsaw. After the completion of the film, I was amazed by all of the vehicles in the film, my first thoughts were of building the War Rig, but I realized that I lacked the proper tires for that (though seeing one of those with Unimog tires ... maybe in the far future, like all of the models that I dream of building, but lack the funds for. ) So I came to the idea of building a smaller model that I know I have the parts to build... and I have to do this by the end of the week, as I would like to have a couple models to display during my graduation party. Over saturday, I began to design the suspension and side rails for the return rollers. Today I returned to the project and finished up the Ripsaw's chassis, now I have to build the body for the Challenger that sits on top of the Ripsaw's roll cage. This model seems to perform well with a soft suspension and two L motors with no reduction to the drive sprockets. There is a differential between the drive shafts to the sprockets, this is used to power a V6 motor in the center of the vehicle. Though It prefers to be driven forwards, rather than reverse, as it has some issues with friction causing the last bogie to be flicked upwards away from the drive sprocket. Anyways, I present the progress so far, I plan to make a body for it, In the film it is a shade of yellow mixed with rust, I may change the yellow to red, and use brow to replicate some rust, as I have more red tiles than yellow, or light bluish grey is also a option... Mad Max Fury Road Peacemaker by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Here's the vehicle in the same state as mine, it lacks the body of the Challenger on it Lego Mad Max Fury Road Peacemaker (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego Mad Max Fury Road Peacemaker (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego Mad Max Fury Road Peacemaker (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego Mad Max Fury Road Peacemaker (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego Mad Max Fury Road Peacemaker (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr
  8. This is my WIP Topic since I've figured out all my questions about the build. This is my first tank build and I think it's going pretty well! It is based off the Ripsaw, but has some differences: ^I had to use some interesting techniques to connect both the studded and studless construction. ^My table's pretty messy during builds I need to brace the structure in the rear and make a simple lightweight connection from front to back to place the electronics box and battery on. Hope you like it!