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  1. Turmoil in Camp Carakath [Nocturnus Civil War] Ambush in the Rakath [Nocturnus Civil War] Onwards, to the Moruth Highlands! The Civil War of Nocturnus was yet to reach its climax. Lord Raavage had moved into the Rakath Mountains to retrieve the Necromancer's Helm, pursued by the 1st Corps of the Zotharian army, which was moving at a strenuous pace, beyond the front line, into unconquered territory. The 2nd Corps was assigned to fend off any attacks on the city of Zotharith and the surrounding area. Meanwhile, a division had been stationed at Carakath, a miners town in the Rakath southwest from Zotharith. The division was led by Vauranglir Merehgrim, 2nd mage in the Order of Zotharith. After defeating the Spire squadron that initially had the town's surface in control - underground, the dwarves defences were holding out - no attempts had been made to retake the town from the Resistence, and life was actually relatively peaceful. One morning however, Camp Carakath woke up to a baffling sight... Contrary to popular belief perhaps, skeletons are one of the toughest enemies for humans to face. Due to the lack of flesh, they are obviously invulnerable to flesh wounds and virtually invulnerable to arrows. It also makes them incredibly light and swift. Additionally, they are maintained by magic, which means they don't need to eat, drink or rest, and they can't drown. While it is true that they only have a very faint perception of physical world around them, their souls see the underlying spiritual world much better than humans can, enabling them to track down their enemies in complete darkness and regardless of obstacles. It goes without saying that the fact that a pile of them, plus a mage, lay lifelessly in the middle of the camp, seemingly without any witnesses of what happened, gave rise to great confusion. All that could be done was wait in suspense for the moment Vauranglir would step out his tent and lay his eyes on the bizarre scene. The previous night... It was the middle of the night. Vauranglir couldn't sleep. The bed he had been provided with was too soft and comfortable to his taste, thus got up and sat down in front of his tent. The two guards in the little trade hall were craving for sleep, so it seemed, and it didn't take much to have them both drop to the floor, fast asleep, before they had even noticed their commander. He'd take over the nightwatch, but to keep him occupied he started working out a spell that he had had in his mind for a while. The hours slipped by unnoticibly. Suddenly, he sensed something was approaching. He blew out the candle. For a moment, the thought of waking up the guards and soldiers crossed his mind, which he quickly rejected it. Too much of a hassle. He would treat himself to some nightly fun. Skeletons, several of them, charging towards him. Vauranglir was quite amused. Time for some exorcism... He slayed them one by one, and then their master showed up. He strengthened the sleeping magic for the whole camp, as he felt things could get a little rougher from here. Mage "Surrender yourself to the Spire and I will leave your comrades alive!" Vauranglir "You have me absolutely terrified. Come on, Spire lord, show me some magic!" Mage "Not a step closer, I will..." Vauranglir "An advanced targeting spell, excellent choice, very impressive! Though it feels like I've seen it somewhere before... oh wait, I DEVISED IT! Guess what, boy? I also know how to break it!" And thus, the unfortunate lad was done for, and Vauranglir could finally rest as well, though in a more temporary way. The morning would surely bring turmoil, but whatever... Hi, I'm back. I spent my (whole) weekend on setting up the scenes, experimenting with nighttime photography and editing. So, I spent quite a few hours in the dark, and right now it's past 2:00 AM here, so I guess I'm starting to turn nocturnal, just like Vauranglir. Now, let's hope someone will actually read all of this. I'm off to bed, lol.
  2. Somewhere high in the Rakath mountains... Orc (crossbow) What's that sound? Orc (axe) Aye, what? Orc (crossbow) Rustle of the air, round the back of the mountain. ... It's getting louder, better check the pass! Orc (axe) Aye, gonna look, boss. ... Aye, something fly'nour way, kinda fas.... At that moment, a knight of steel shot past the mountain ridge at incredible speed, and leaving behind a blazing trail of deep blue flames... Zotharith's research institute recently developed a flying magical device, powered by exceptionally durable blue arcane crystals. Damascian of My'athar, a cunning, skillful knight, was entrusted with it, to carry out an important mission: calling all wandering wizards to return to Zotharith. His target being in some town in the Rod's Peaks, a long period of continuous flight ahead, Damascian was killing some time by doing nose dives and scaring a few mountain orcs out of their wits... Damascian Spire or not, these guys are just too much fun to mess with! ------------------------------ Hello guys, here's my Cat. A entry, for the Resistance! I hope you like it! I designed Damascian way back in April 2016, but I never really knew how to introduce this character or what his role would be, until this challenge came around. Also, I had been playing with the idea of a mountain ridge outpost for a very long time, so it was great to finally have a go at it (though maybe I got a little carried away with that part, given the catagory). I wanted to make the most of the 256 stud area, so I didn't go with the standard configuration. Extra images: Area is 217 studs, counted from the ground up to the third layer of plates. The original design for Damascian. Thank you for looking, C&C appreciated, as always!
  3. Resistance sympathizer King Zalgel has sent Urkan, his chief general, from his city of Griznâg in the depths of the Enchanted Forest of Avalonia to join with his royal cousin, Frykka the Brown, in Nocturnus in battle against the traitorous Black Spire. To get there, the band of orcish soldiers has had to brave many hazards, from fierce-eyed Elvish hunters, roaming human cavalry patrols, deserts, fell beasts, and now, at last, the towering Rakath Mountains. On the eastern side of those lofty peaks runs a river, red as freshly spilled human blood, called the Sayn Gwinos River by those who have made the maps. A single bridge crosses the that crimson stream, passing through the ensnaring webs of many deadly spiders. Will the orcs make it to Frykka's warband alive, to swell the ranks of the Resistance against Raavage's tyrannical reign, or will they perish in the mountains, struck down by noxious rivers and venomous arachnids? Time alone will tell... ___________________________________________________ ...................................................................................................... Introducing my second build for the Nocturnian Minichallenges. The photography hopefully looks quite a bit better for this one as I took some advice I was given and took the pictures outside in a shady spot with my old point-and-shoot digital camera. All the grey for the rocks makes me appreciate LittleJohn's Nordheim Fjall that much more...
  4. A silent night, in the Rakath Mountains. Just moments after midnight. Three soldier from the Resistance waiting for a meeting, in a canyon, not far from the main road. - Damn those humans! -grumbled the goblin- They are late! I would give them three more minutes, and then leave! - We have our orders. -said the centaur calmly, then looked to the third one: -right sargeant? The third soldier slowly turned around. A werewolf, he looked to the others with his yellow eyes: - Sure we have... General Grimm ordered us, to wait here, and meet the leader of the Avalonian mercenaries, to discuss their side, in our civil war. If one of us, leaves his post, that counts as desertion. I'm I clear? - Yes sargeant Farkas... -said the goblin. - Speaking of them, I think they have arrived. -said the centaur, and pointed down on the road. The two others looked to the way, where the centaur pointed. A small torch just appeard, not far from them, and moved towards them. Four cloacked men arrived, the flag and their armors were black and red. Just as the members of the Wolf Brigade. - You are late! -said Farkas. - this is lack of discipline, for a soldier. - Sorry, it was hard, to find the right path. -said the archer. - Bah.. then we are lucky, to not set this meeting in The Kelra Labyrinths. -the grim look of the werewolf face turned to a smile for a second - But we are here todo business. I'm sargeant Farkas, I was tasked to meet the leader of the Avalonian mercenaries, to discuss their role, in the upcomming conflict. You are the one, who calls himself, Conrad the Sly? - No, but I'm here to speak on behalf his name, you can call me Zan, the Black Arrow. The werewolf raised his eyebrows. - Whats more important to your leader, then this meeting right now? - Like, prepearing to help you, in your civil war, for the Darklands? -asked back Zan with sarcasm in his voice. - So... The Wolfs of Avalonia will help us? - For the right price. -said Zan, with a smile on his face. - And it depends, what help you require from us? - Ah.. Almost forgot the fact, that you are mercenaries... Luckily, General Grimm gave me this pouch of gold, as payment. We will pay more, if you keep your part of the bargain. - Sounds good for us. So what do you require? Supplies, weapons, soldiers? Or taking out targets? - First we need is the manpower, like sword-arms and craftsman. - Right - nod whit his head Zan. - I will take the payment, and return to Conrad with the news. Pleasure doing business with you. Zan reached out, to take the gold. But Farkas stopped for a second to sniff in the air. - *Sniff* *Sniff*... Darn! - What is it? - Drows! - said the seargent and reached for his axe. As the two groups picked up their weapons, three dark figure appeared from the shadows. One of them bears the flag of the Black Spire. - Put down your arms - said their leader, as he put down a large sack, next to him. -there is no need for bloodshed. - Then what do you want? - asked Farkas with anger. - Don't be so rude seargent. This is the way of the Resistance, to greet the guest in the Darklands? Let me show you, how we do it: I'm ambassador Ilrune, from the Black Spire. Let me welcome you, Wolfs of Avalonia, in the Rakath Mountains, Can I offer you some wine, from the Spires deepes cellar? - Be gone! - screamed angrily the werewolf. - They are here to do business with us, not drink with you. - Make no mistake sargeant, I'm here to do bussines too. - said Ilrune calm in his voice. - Lord Raavage needs the Wolf Brigades help too. Oh... And he didn't forget the payment. As he completed his sentence, he grabbed the sack and throwed it between Farkas and Zan. Afther the impact, gold scattered all over on the ground. Farkas looked to Zan with anger in his eyes: -Don't you dare touch that gold, or I will split you in half! -raised his axe. Zan calmly reached for and arrow, and turned to the sargeant with a smile: - Taking the money from a dead elf is a problem for you, partner? The angry grim on the werewolfs face turned in to a smile once more. - I like, the way you think... Moments later, the mountain become silent once more... I made this, for the Resistance.
  5. Previous part: Into the Valley of the Warlocks by SkaForHire "How the Nocturnus will we find a Warriors Heart?" Kylee wondered... "There must be something about it in the Journal" Merith replied. "Everything in our quest is related to the journal, so probably this as well! Let's see" And after some searching they found a story written by Dugal: ~~~~ Right before Lord Dugal Maclean finally would be able to leave the Outpost of Everlast, Lord Max Samu said he wanted to show his good friend one more thing. So it was that our 2 heroes walked in the middle of the night out of the Gates, into the darkness of the Rakath Mountains. They were accompanied by some Samurai's to guard them and also a girl, known as 'The Red Lady'. "It is a full moon" Lord Dugal said. "Yes indeed, time for you to see how a Undead Rider is recruited" Lord Max smiled "Where are we going to???" "Let me tell you a legend. Not that old as it happened in the beginning of the Drow Rebellion" "Everlast was supporting the Drow by financing their war campaign and trading weapons and armor to them. Ofcourse the enemies of the Drow weren't happy with this, so a mighty Avalonian Warlord decided to lead an army of hundreds of Avalonian Warriors to capture Everlast. In an excellent mood they started their journey and thanks to the information of the Avalonian Assassins Guild they found theirself very quickly deep inside the Rakath Mountains. Not far from Everlast, but they just could not find it. The warriors started to become restless as they all started believing that the Legend of Everlast would be true: 'You don't find Everlast, it finds you'. But right before they would decide to just return home, they saw a black gate in the rays of the full moon. They only had to cross a dall and then they would finally be able to siege it! They started running towards it and it was then, when they were located at the deepest point of the dall that out of nowhere water started flooding out of the mountains. The water was faster than a Tsunami and within seconds they all started drowning. The last thing they saw before sinking was a lady in red laughing really loud. Even the newly created Lake is not that deep, their feets would never touch the ground, just like somehow they never will die. They were trapped for ever! Every full moon, the Red Lady comes back with an Undead Rider (mostly their leader) and she will choose one Trapped Warrior who can fight for his death. If he wins, he will finally be able to die, if he loses his heart will be given to the Red Lady and he will become an Undead Rider..." A while later, they arrived at the Lake of the Trapped Warriors. He saw hundreds trapped Avalonians trying to rescue themself and he started feeling bad. Suddenly he feeled someone pulling his arm so he and Lord Max Samu stepped back and the Red Lady stepped forwards, raising her staff and pointing to one of the Trapped Warriors. The choosen Warrior stepped out of the water, heading to Dugal while suddenly the Undead Rider stopped him. The two undeads started fighting for almost half an hour and just when the fight started to look boring for Dugal, the Undead Rider jumped under the Trapped Warrior and ripped his Heart out with his hands. He gave it to the Red Lady who pointed her staff once again to the chosen Trapped Warrior who bowed now for his new master. "Quite a bit of a shock the first time, isn't it?" "Wow, indeed Max!" Lord Dugal responded. "Am I the only one who finds this cruel?" "No, but don't think they would have had mercy with us if they found Everlast. We never have been popular in Avalonia so we needed something to avoid a second warcampaign against us" Just after we left the Lake of the Trapped Warriors, Dugal turned around. To his big surprise the Lake was completely gone and he was looking to a dark forest... ~~~~ "Great, now we only have to find a Lake that can hide itself" said Kylee a bit sarcastic. "Don't worry my dear, I got the feeling that we will find it ourself" And indeed, 2 weeks later they found the Lake together with a really dark atmosphere and a full moon. Silently Lady Merith started praying for some guidance when suddenly they saw a Trapped Warrior coming out of the water! Merith was completely surprised as normally they could only come out of the Lake if they were chosen by the Red Lady! The 2 girls stepped back foot by foot. When out of nowhere... A dark shadow stood between them and the Trapped Warrior. He challenged him and they started fighting. Again the fight lasted for an eternity in the eyes of Lady Kylee and once again just when they started losing their concentration, the dark shadow ripped the Heart of the Warrior out of its body! With the heart in his hands, he turned around and gave it to Merith. Merith was still looking for the right words when a loud laugh interrupted her thoughts. "Congratulations Lady Merith, you got yourself an Undead Rider. He will accompany you in your Quest for Reviving Dugal! You only have to give him a name and yells his name when you need him!" said a voice behind the back of Merith. When she turned around, she saw the Red Lady. "You must be the notorious Red Lady?" "Some call me the Red Lady, some others call me a Seer, a Witch, a Demon, ... . In fact, I am just a server of the Virgin Godess!" "We had to meet you in front of Everlast with the Heart of a Warrior. But we can't find Everlast itself!" "Look to the other side of the Lake my dear... We will meet there again in one month. But if you want to coninue retracing the steps of Dugal, you will need a Tongue of a Bandit first before we will enter Everlast!" Lady Merith looked to the opposite side of the Lake and clearly saw a black gate. She could have sworn that wasn't there when they arrived at the Lake... And so the Story continues... (it is up to NiceMarmot now to find a Tongue of a Bandit)
  6. Prelude: Chapter I After Chapter I, the Alleenridders dismounted from their horses when they arrived at the Rakath Mountains, to continue their quest by foot. The scouts of the I.A.M.S. marked the path so they could easily find the entrance, which let to the deepest places of Historica. From here on off, the Alleenridders had to be carefull, as the smallest mistake could mean the end of the quest… Somewhere where Lord Damaximus was sure nobody could watch it, he revealed to Lord Max Samu and Sir Emehci Ssdowa his plans to kill Lloth for eternity. To ensure the success of the plan, the other Alleenridders were left clueless. Chapter II of the Quest of the Alleenridders to eliminate Lloth and Valsharess After weeks of wandering deep inside the Rakath Mountains, hundreds of meters below the sea-level, the Alleenridders finally arrived at the place from where Lloth rules the underground and the undead people living there. Luckily for our heroes, the place was lit by a gigantic stream of lava traversing the enormous cave. The only way to reach the other side were some small cobblestones in the river of fire. Looking around, they could figure out that there was a kind of a fortress integrated into the cave, with a big entrance guarded by 2 heavy armoured skeletons. There were also some ghosts flying around, giving the whole place a very creepy atmosphere… Suddenly, a loud, female voice breaks the silence: “Hahahaha Damaximus, I couldn’t believe my ears when my spies told me that you were coming!!! I always found you a fool, but I never could imagine that you were stupid enough to face me a second time! How did you found me in this labyrinth?” (Lord Damaximus) “First of all Lloth, it’s still Lord Damaximus, as long as I still live. Second: thanks to Sir Abdu who is a Drow, so he has their special gift to navigate under the ground. And at last: Hi! ” Lloth looked around for a minute, still smiling (or something that supposed to be smiling) “Allright Lord Damaximus then, maybe the last time you’ll ever hear that! I see some other faces I have seen the last time we met. Are they all reckoning for revenge as well for the lost of their buddies? What a shame, they will all die together with you. Max Samu, or do I have to call you Lord Samu as well, I know you’re a clever guy, how could you have forgotten that I can’t be killed by an human being???” (Lord Samu): “Oh crap, I knew we forgot something Lord Damaximus! Well that’s that let’s go home…” (Lord Damaximus): “Wait… Where is Valsharess?” Lloth started to laugh hysterically. After some long minutes… “I am just an army dealer for her… Or better was, because she is gone. She left the Rakath Mountains with a huge army the moment you entered them… Now she is plundering every village south of Qarkyr on her way to Mpya Stedor.” (Lord Damaximus): “Hold on! She is going to Mpya Stedor???” (Lloth) “Oh yeah… And every day her forces are growing bigger and bigger and the places she has conquered are now all having the Banner of King Revolword the First! It’s just a matter of time before she will conquer one of the most invincible cities of Historica. The moment that city has been raized and destroyed, all other cities will be smart enough to surrender to Valsharess, who will marry King Revolword and become once again a Queen!” (Sir Ereh Ahn Roblaw): “Mpya Stedor will never fall! No human being can conquer it as its strongest defence is the desert and the bay!” (Lord Damaximus): “That’s indeed true and that’s why Valsharess came to here. For undead beings the desert is just the same as grass, snow, swamps, forests, everything else… They can walk through it and can carry the siege-machinery that humans can’t transport through the desert. I fear we have no time to lose if we want to rescue our city!” (Lloth) “You keep surprising me Lord Damaximus, but this time in a good way! As a show of my gratitude, I will let you and your knights die in an honourfull battle! And you have the honour to be my victim!” (Lord Damaximus) “Very well!! Sir Ssdowa, let’s switch weapons!” And so the battle started, being outnumbered, the Alleenridders had their hands full with skeletons and ghosts… But fear was not yet introduced to them, so they fought like lions… Lloth was striking magic missiles after magic missiles, but somehow they were always absorbed by the shield that the guy who was representing Lord Damaximus was holding. Indeed, the guy who was representing Lord Damaximus… Because suddenly he jumped aside, piercing his Ximian Spear into Lloth… (Lloth) “How is this possible, I feel pain! How can you hurt me!! Tell me!!” The undeads looked stunned before they flew into the darkness. Sir Ssdowa opened the helmet of Lord Damaximus he was wearing… (Sir Ssdowa) “Because I am not completely an human! I am Emehci Ssdowa, son of your ex-husband, the demon Doliziss of Amenor and the human lady once called Vahn Ssdowa” Lord Damaximus (in the black armour of Sir Ssdowa) came closer and continued where Sir Ssdowa stopped: “You remember Vahn Ssdowa, don’t you Lloth? She was the reason we first met, already 16 years ago. You were furious when you heard your husband had betrayed you with an human being. And I was indeed a young man back then and our try to save her and the village she was living in was the greatest lost we ever would have. It was a disaster. We lost numerous brave knights. But without you noticed it, we had one small victory. We saved the child of Lady Vahn and teached him to become a famous gladiator so he could kill you slowly. Only Lord Max Samu and me knew who he really was… And we waited patiently for 16 long years to take revenge on you!” (Lloth) “And I just thought you were a fool….” (Lord Damaximus) “I’ll take your Golden Shield with me, I think I gonna need it in the upcoming battle to rescue my city! Knights, let’s get the hell out of here!” (Lord Kalores) “Lord Damaximus, on our way to here I saw a lot of interesting sculptures and wall paintings of mythically almost forgotten beasts and races. I want to stay some longer in here in the hope to discover more about them.” (Lord Damaximus) “Is no problem Lord Kalores, you are an Alleenridder now, so I have to give you this magic stone. Thanks to this, you can communicate with every other Alleenridder, where-ever you are! Please accept also 4 I.A.M.S.-members to accompany you and defend you in your search. Good luck!” (Lord Kalores) “Thank you! I hope to see you back in the future, so good luck with the rescue of your city!” (Lord Max Samu) “I hereby officially declare that Lord Mikel Kalores is the new master of Glax, Fleh, Zhax & Steefth Amenorslahv, now called Kaloreslahv. They will obey only you, fight for you and die for you as long as you live. If you die before them, they will belong to the House of Kalores till the end of their days. I also can tell you that honour and duty are the biggest achievements in their lives, so they will never try to betray you and you would disrespect them by offering them freedom. Good luck with them, they are one of the best members the I.A.M.S. has!” And so ended Chapter II of this Quest… To be continued with the final Chapter III – The battle of Mpya Stedor, also the prelude of Challenge VI – The End Notes: - Click here to see all the pictures that are left out, also 2 pictures of the MOC with only one minifig on it: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=509908 - You can also see the names of the heroes in that map - And for those who really looked to the folder and wonder how it comes that some of the knights are missing in the scene, that's because I worked with the minifigs I first found. If I put them all in it, it would become overly crowded - For more information about the Alleenridders (and that magical stone for example, check the GoH Wikia: C&C much welcome!