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Found 8 results

  1. I've designed the below GBC called Rainbow Wave. It has 38 Lego colors and about 1150 moving parts. It is powered by a single motor, with each of the colored pistons sitting on an 8-tooth gear. Each piston’s gear is exactly 1 tooth offset from its neighbors making one wave 8 colors. The GBC is level so the balls are moved by the waving surface. Free building instruction for version 2 and parts list is available on Rebrickable with a thank you @Courbet for the improvements and creating the digital model!
  2. I wasn't planning on building a Liebherr excavator in a rainbow colour scheme (really wanted to do the Sian instead), but got a donor set at the end of last year for a pretty good deal, so could not say no. I started at the beginning of the December holidays disassembling the Land Rover and some other models to have enough parts to build this behemoth, which was finished this week (yay!). The build was amazing - even with the frustration of rebuilding sub-assemblies multiple times to make the colours work. As always, I tried to stay away from grey and black where possible, and not let any identical colours be adjacent to each other. For a bit of added details, I chose printed tiles for all tiles up to 2x2 in size. The front bucket is really boring in one solid piece of grey, so I will display it holding some Bionicle Zamor spheres to add a bit of colour. Shot on an iPhone X in the park outside my house, it's just too big to photograph it with my regular white backdrop.
  3. Hello again! After The LEGO Group published my previous rainbow Technic models on their Instagram post, I decided to spend some time and build a rainbow Chiron, or as someone on Facebook called it, a Rainbowgatti. Thanks to @jb70 for the V1.2 instructions, which I got from Here's some photos of the build, as well as the final product. Lastly, here's a timelapse video of the build (10 minutes video, 25 sittings, about 9 hours of total build time)
  4. jamesuniverse

    [MOC] The Scarlet's Perch

    This LEGO Model is of a Scarlet Macaw currently being displayed at the Dallas Zoo in relations with the "Nature Connects" exhibit by Sean Kenney. This model will be on display until April 10th 2016. This model is just under 12 inches tall and features a "tree stand" for displaying. It was an interesting challenge to get the curves of the bird with correct proportions to the real bird, but all pieces are connected and it is quite sturdy. Thanks for looking! ~JU
  5. For a display my husband are participating in shortly (strathpine, Queensland, Australia), I decided to build a Friends street. Lego Friends street by tikitikitembo, on Flickr It started with me building a modular style building based on the Lego movie ice-cream truck. Lego modular ice-cream shop by tikitikitembo, on Flickr And it grew from there. The friends cafe: Friends cafe modular - first floor by tikitikitembo, on Flickr The friends school: Modular Friends school by tikitikitembo, on Flickr The friends vet: Lego Friends modular vet by tikitikitembo, on Flickr Add the modified juice shop, beach house, modified bus, brick built road, a bit of a garden and it is done. Lego Friends street by tikitikitembo, on Flickr Thanks for looking :)
  6. I was building a steinwinter truck and I realised that the whole underside was a mix of blue,red,grey,white,black while the whole model is yellow. I'm realising that I'm using rainbow colours when you won't see it. Is this my own building techic or do more people use this?
  7. Hi guys, Finally worked out how to make a rainbow ! And incorporated it into my former MOC, Uni-Kitty's enchanted castle. Be ready for Built-Of-Lots-Of-Colours glory !! (The original thread's here.) (larger here ) (larger here)
  8. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Bifröst Battle

    A simple creation depicting the Bifröst Battle at the end of the movie Thor. I rather like how the rainbow turned out, and I think it's the coolest part. “What you seek is a bridge.” “Like, like an Einstein-Rosen Bridge?” “More like a rainbow bridge.” Enjoy ~Nemo