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Found 8 results

  1. Nearly two years ago, I built this model in real bricks. I then promptly forgot to take pictures of it. Oh well, better late than never! This building provides a station for my LEGO versions of the rail-based Thomas the Tank Engine characters, and a place to put Bertie thus bus. The station was inspired by either a old Railbricks or an early Brick Journal article. (I can't remember which!) Here is the track side view, with a mail box on the platform. I named the station 'Davis' for two reasons: 1) It sounds British-like 2) I had the printed tiles lying around and wanted to use them somewhere. This MOC provided me a perfect opportunity! The street entrance has a small staircase to the station building, with the ramp allowing freight to get to the platform level. The inside features two rooms: the ticket office with stove (on left) and the quite small waiting room (right side). Three chairs are inside the public area, with more waiting space is outside on the platform. The model is modular, with two different size platform extensions, main building, and the roof. That's all I have on this one... Thoughts greatly appreciated!
  2. This loco is basically an updated 2017 version of the Railbricks Fairbanks Morse H10-44 engine that was built by Jeramy Spurgeon back in 2007 for the Hobby train set number 10183. (It didn't make it into the final set but was considered for it) I was also inspired by this topic here on Eurobricks by user dx0. I wanted to make it in orange like his model, but decided on yellow after looking at the Technic 1 x 4 brick, which doesn't come in that color. The elongated model features a new slope brick that actually very closely mirrors the real loco, along with space for railways initial tiles and printed numbers. I am going to name this loco WFP number 7004. (WFP stands for Wabash Frisco & Pacific, which is the name of a 12 inch gauge ride-on railway in St. Louis, MO. They really have a Fairbanks Morse-like loco there numbered 704, so this engine is partially inspired by that!) The rear of the loco features the cab door and the tail-light. The LDD file is available here if anyone wants it. (UPDATE: I revised the underside of the engine to be beefier, along with a bunch of other small modifications. The LDD file and pictures are updated as of 1/24/17. Comments, questions and complaints are always welcome!
  3. BMR Boxcar 003 by Cale Leiphart, on Flickr BMR has a successful first week! Today, January 6th 2017, marks our first official week at Brick Model Railroader. And we have to say that the response so far has been awesome! We can’t thank you readers enough. It is for you and the LEGO® train community that we wanted to start BMR. You have all been wonderfully supportive of us as we get this project off the ground. In our first week of BMR being online we’ve had 5,500 views to our site, 64 registered users, 15 published articles, and 275 likes to our Facebook page. And this is only just the start. We look forward to growing and serving the LEGO train hobby for a long time to come. But in the meantime, to celebrate our first week we have something special for you, our readers. RAILBRICKS Issue 12 front cover RAILBRICKS Magaizine now available for download through Brick Model Railroader RAILBRICKS was a LEGO® train fan magazine produced from 2008 to 2014. 15 issues were produced in total. Several of the staff here at BMR were contributors to RAILBRICKS. While we were all sad to see the magazine fade away, we are proud of the issues produced, and the legacy that the magazine left behind. Without RAILBRICKS, BMR may not even be here today. The RAILBRICKS issues themselves still hold up amazingly well and contain a treasure trove of information for the LEGO train hobbyist. So we are very pleased that we can now offer the entire run of RAILBRICKS magazine, through Brick Model Railroader, free for download. Download RAILBRICKS Magazine So thank you for reading Brick Model Railroader. We hope you like what we’re doing and will keep coming back. We will continue to be a LEGO train news and hobby resource, and we will continue to keep growing and serving the hobby for many years to come. Visit Brick Model Railroader Cale Leiphart
  4. Hanso

    What happened to Railbricks?

    Hi all, Does anybody know what happened to Railbricks ( My team and I wrote an article about our fully automated train layout, send it to the editor in November. He promised to published it somewhere around January. Contacted him now and then and he promised each time that it would be published 'soon'. On my latest email, he didn't respond. Does anybody know how he is doing? /Hans
  5. RAILBRICKS SET DESIGN CONTEST! Still don't have a copy of the 2014 LEGO City train sets? The LEGO® Group and RAILBRICKS are teaming up to help you complete your collection! From now until December 15th, submit your best set designs for diesel locomotives, steam locomotives, or track-side structures for a chance to win one (1) copy of one of the 2014 sets! Prizes for this contest are being generously donated by The LEGO Group and RAILBRICKS. There will be three prizes awarded in each category, with three categories for builders to choose from. Categories: Diesel & Freight: Show us your idea for a diesel locomotive or freight car set! The set should be able to be built by a target age group of 6-12 years old, use current parts, and encourage the values of play and imagination. The set design should work with standard LEGO track. If creating a locomotive, the model can be either powered by Power Functions elements, or left unpowered as a push-along toy. Freight car sets should be able to be coupled to existing trains that have been produced by The LEGO Group in the past. Steam & Passenger: Create a steam locomotive or passenger car set! The set should be able to be built by a target age group of 6-12 years old, use current parts, and encourage the values of play and imagination. The set design should work with standard LEGO track. If creating a locomotive, the model can be either powered by Power Functions elements, or left unpowered as a push-along toy. Passenger car sets should be able to be coupled to existing trains that have been produced by The LEGO Group in the past. Track-side Structure: Build a structure that would be seen along a railway's right-of-way. Buildings could include storage sheds, passenger stations, or maintenance buildings. The set should be able to be built by a target age group of 6-12 years old, use current parts, and encourage the values of play and imagination. The set design should be able to fit within the space of a standard 32x32-stud baseplate, including any track that may be part of the design. Prizes: There will be three winners in each category. Winners will receive the following: 1stPlace Prize: A new LEGO City train set, provided by The LEGO Group. Winner of the Diesel & Freight category will receive one (1) copy of 60052 Cargo Train (a $200 value). Winner of the Steam & Passenger category will receive one (1) copy of 60051 High-Speed Passenger Train (a $150 value). Winner of the Track-side Structure category will receive one (1) copy of 60050 Train Station (a $65 value). 2ndPlace Prize: Each 2nd Place winner will receive a custom-made set of instructions for your set, courtesy of RAILBRICKS. RAILBRICKS volunteers will work with you to turn you design into a printed set of instructions. 3rdPlace Prize: Each 3rd Place winner will receive a RAILBRICKS t-shirt! Photos of the winning entries will be published in an upcoming issue of RAILBRICKS magazine. How to enter: Between now and December 15, 2014, upload images of your set idea to the RAILBRICKS Flickr group Photos of physical builds or images of LDD or LDraw designs are acceptable. Please submit no more than 5 images in each category. Images should show the playability and originality of the set, as well as any special building techniques. You may enter in more than one category, but please limit entries to a single design per category. Contest is open to all RAILBRICKS readers, and is being administered by RAILBRICKS volunteers. By entering the contest, you are agreeing to allow RAILBRICKS to publish your designs online and/or within the RAILBRICKS magazine. All designs, however, remain the property of the designers. Judging will be done by popular vote of current RAILBRICKS volunteers (those folks you see listed on the magazine's masthead). RAILBRICKS volunteers may enter the contest, but will be ineligible for winning a prize. Physical prizes will be mailed as soon as possible after the contest ends. Members of the RAILBRICKS volunteer staff will work with the winning designers to create the instruction sets.
  6. detjensrobert

    What happened to Railbricks?

    It seems that railbricks has dissapeared for a while. Are they just inbetween issues or are the out for good?
  7. Hi all, I just wanted to remind folks that the deadline for submitting articles for the next RAILBRICKS is January 6th. If there isn't enough content by that point, we'll likely skip the Winter 2014 issue and move what we have to a Spring issue. You can submit articles by emailing them directly to me at editor(a) I also wanted to let everyone know that the Container Swap hasn't been forgotten about. Feedback from the Eurobricks Train community was incredibly helpful. I'm a bit swamped with my day job at this time of year, so we will likely put the swap on hold until after the holidays. -Elroy
  8. Hello, I came across this and saw it wasn't posted her yet so it might be interesting. To me it looks like a great Idea to revive this concept. Note: I'm not a member of the railbricks staff, I just like the Idea.