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Found 3 results

  1. The Henri had dropped anchor in Pontelli some time before - plenty of time for Alberto da Pontelli, at least to have some rather noticeable experiments which quite justified de Chauncourtois' opinion to most of the crew - when Myles and Dirk (the second mate) discovered that a printer had set up shop in the town, and went in to take a look. They found that enterprising worthy working away furiously at his press - so much so, in fact, that his two apprentices found it rather difficult to keep up with him - and muttering a heap of things about fountains and journals and gold and fortune, about fortune and gold and journals and fountains - and so on. Dirk winked at the first mate with a grin and laughed, and Myles went down to see what was up with the eccentric printer. "My dear sir!" began the printer on seeing Myles in front of him, lifting up the sheet he had just removed from his press and trying to catch his breath, "Look at this! All of Nova Terra will soon be scrambling! Not to mention that it will be the making of my own fortune in selling all of these!" "Ha ha!" he went on, handing a sheet to Myles, "I knew that Rhys Thompson would be the making of me!" Myles glanced down at the paper. "The journal of Father Tholeau, and the Quest for the Fountain of Youth" ... A few more shots: The last part of the collab, but not of the storyline! Stay tuned for more soon! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  2. "Set course to engage the vessel!" bellowed Calrelli, pacing the deck of his ship furiously (he liked pacing, as you may have noticed). The coast of Nellisa, which Cato had just encircled before he had set out on his return voyage to Eslandola, had not yet faded astern, when the lookout had spotted a small speck on the horizon. Afraid lest some foreign explorer had found out Eslandola’s secret, Calrelli boldly set out to engage the vessel. Lifting his telescope to his eye again, Captain Calrelli squinted in surprise. It was his captain’s boat, empty except for some clothing and, aha! - a journal. On the 15th night of the journey, the priest of Zeus, Father Tholeau, had snuck inside the captain’s boat and lowered her to the sea. Once detached from the fleet, he had set sail in the small skiff. The crew had had no idea what had happened to the priest, but Calrelli had continued with his expedition without him. Here was the boat again - but there was no sign of Tholeau. Later, in his cabin, Calrelli perused the journal, and discovered that the priest had been obsessed with an ancient manuscript that stated that the Fountain of Youth lay on an island to the East of Halos. The journal detailed Tholeau's recent escapade and his discovery of three islands. On the third of those islands he found what he was looking for – the Fountain of Youth. Knowing he did not have enough supplies to try to follow Tholeau's poorly noted nautical directions, Calrelli reluctantly decided to return home to resupply. Unfortunately for him, Cato was caught by a hurricane on his way back, which wrecked him and his fleet on the shores of Terraversa, and, since then, he has been unable to get permission for another expedition. But! - More to come soon! The ship's rail is inspired (once again!) by awesome Koen's De Ruyter Frigate. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  3. Cato restlessly paced the courtyard, awaiting the coming of the Oleander priest with whom he was to meet up there. The deal was too good of a one to pass up, and taking a crazy Oleander priest on board could hardly get him into any trouble. Still, it was decidedly annoying to be kept waiting by someone of that sort. There, finally! The priest rounded the corner and came into view, producing the price for the passage - and a little extra - at the same time. He held a scroll in his other hand. All in all, that Oleander priest's was a rather mysterious personality, but Cato Calrelli was not one to ask too many questions if he was paid enough. "Bon voyage, sir," he exclaimed, taking the money, "and I hope that you - that is, of course, we - may have a prosperous voyage to Terra Nova!" An overview on blue: Built for- well, wait and see, for there's more to come soon! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!