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Found 4 results

  1. Hello and welcome in 2024! Today after quite a break (due to moving to a new house) I present you... Well, it does not have a name yet. Although it is kinda based on real car - Ford Probe II (which I own myself). The idea was to create a version of mentioned real car, but with rear wheels drive so it would be able to drift. After some time spent in the building process I convinced myself that I will simply go with the flow regarding body and just slightly base on Ford Probe II. Features Locked 2WD (rear wheels) Double-wishbone suspension Camber (provide less tire contact with the surface and helps drifting) V6 fake engine Regular Lego 56mm wheels (56908+41897) Manual pop-up headlights Powered by RC setup (with gyro function - helps counter-steer) Design The initial idea was to create a car in roughly 1:12 / 1:10 scale that is able to drift with rubber tires. To help achieving this I immediately knew that I need a camber in the car (this section was heavily inspired by plastic gear YT channel). For differential I went with an old 28-tooth one, because this is the only one (I believe) that can be locked. I also wanted to finally have fake V6 engine in my MOC, so by placing another 20-tooth gear in the back of the frame it not only helped transfer rotation to V6 section, but also secured differential, so it cannot skip gears. Source of power comes from A2212 BL motor, it is then transfered to Lego system using slight modification in its shaft (I explained this topic a little bit in one of my previous posts. If you want me to elaborate it deeply, please let me know :). I then gained torque but decreased speed using 46490 wheel hub as transmission. The steering is done by geek-servo, although I have a problem with those, because in fact they are not fully rotating +90/-90 degree, so I needed to put 20-tooth gear first and follow it by 12-tooth so it rotates slightly more than +/- 90 degrees. This solution provides a massive steering angle, which cost me giving up on regular wheel panel arches. So does it drift, that is the question. Answer is yes and no, what I mean by that is that without a body it does have a perfect 50/50 front/rear balance and tuning the gyro helps even further with drifting. I recently started to work on a body and sometimes I do test-drives and I can see heavy impact of that extra bricks. With the body now placed mainly in the front of the car it is a lot harder to handle and it mostly spins like most of lego "drift" cars. We will need to wait for final results after I finish the whole body and tweak everything. The video will be for sure, but not yet (need to learn properly how to drive it and build body ). Time for some renders and pictures Legend (explanation on bricks presented in the topic) 4x yellow stacked 28-tooth gears are in fact a A2212 motor Red bricks shaped in 5x3x3 are in fact a geek-servo Gloss 11x3 panels with some other bricks that are in two 5x7 technic frames are in fact a battery Front axle close-up Rear axle close-up Built MOC Partly finished body Non-Lego parts usage RC setup (DumboRC X6FG, 35 ESC SurpassHobby, GensAce LiPo 1800mah 11.1V, A2212 1000kv brushless motor, geek-servo, Lucas Oil for lubrication) 2x 3L axle cut to 2,5L (used in driveshaft in each wheel, because of non-standard length) 2x half bush cut in half, so it is 0.25 stud long (used in driveshaft in each wheel, because of non-standard length) 2x metal U-joints Mass (without body) 706g Dimensions (without body) 21.3 x 33.6 x 8.5 cm Scale around 1:11 Gallery
  2. Based on "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis. Enter the brick-built world of Narnia! If you like it, please support this project at Lego Ideas: WATCH THE MOVIE: More pictures on my flickr Let the imagination (and Aslan) win!
  3. 74louloute

    Medieval Pop-up book

    Hi Eurobrickers, Here is my latest MOC depicting the Château de Lunéville, in Lorraine, France. On the cover of the book, you can find the heraldry of Freistroff : the left part is the blazon of Lorraine, and in the right the blazon of family Valcourt-Freistroff. Inside the Château, you can find the Duc Stanislas Leszczyński, in its bed. He died in an accident at the age of 88 years old. His bed burned while he was sleeping. A little maid saved him from the fire but he died several days later. The MOC is made for the L13 contest on where you have to build something related to Lorraine, France. Medieval Pop-up book by 74louloute, on Flickr Medieval Pop-up book by 74louloute, on Flickr Medieval Pop-up book by 74louloute, on Flickr Here is a video to show you how this works : ----------------------------------- I hope you will like it, and I can't wait to read what you think of it.
  4. With summer fast approaching "Down Under", AussieBJ05 posted several YouTube videos of his Lego Technic 4WD vehicle with folding pop-up camper trailer. : Demonstrating the folding mechanisms: : Showing how the camping trailer opens (pops up):