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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone! It is a Lightsaber contest on Russian Fan Forum of LEGO. While my house is in grand repair and all my bricks and parts are beyond my reach. Suddenly my eyes fell on Darth Vader (75111) standing on my table. I took it in hand, twisted and then it hit me: I can make a great Lightsaber from it! I took it, dismantled, laid parts on the table and was "thought to think"... In General, in a couple hours everything was ready. I twisted-twirled a nameless Lightsaber in my hands. It was excellent. And then I remembered one famous meme! Now I'll show it to You! Oscar! I'll call a Lightsaber Oscar! And then there's the parts left for the stand. Like This. Look! From different angles and sides: Form is very unusual: Top "flat right-left". And on the contrary the bottom "back and forth" The entire body is decorated with intricate "imitation of rough metal": On the back side of Oscar is specific asymmetric control unit: I put it on the stand. He looks like "stepped one leg front": And so is like a rocket at the start: Let's take a closer look: "Oscar's face"! The power button is located in the recess above the thumb. On the reverse side is the wheel controller for the power of the beam. Oscar looks "in hand". And so is on the reverse side: The emitter (which is similar to the famous head statues): The battery part is located in the base of the lower part. By the way, after Assembly there are very few "unused" parts. Let the Pikachu Force be with You! Thank You All, Your Pikachu.
  2. Hi All~! It is the life size "Pikachu" sculpture. It is made with yellow,brown,black lego system bricks. For hugable, I built it in life size and make the tails, backside look better. Do you like this cute? please hug! "Pika~Pika~Chu~~~!!!" And it is my another small one : LEGO Pikachu Pokemon Builder : Alanboar Cheung Size : 35cm (L) x 25cm(W) x 40cm(H) Pieces : 3000 pcs Flickr : Creator : Alanboar
  3. Hello fellow Eurobrick-ers, Ash & Pikachu from Combee!, on Flickr. I started working on this last fall but took a long break and just recently finished it up. Originally I was pretty happy about using the new Mixel ball joints on him but, after having built him, they make him pretty unstable. Thank you for looking!
  4. Pikachu

    MOC: Excalibur

    Work got fifth place (of the thirty seven) in a contest "Steampunk Machine", at Bricker.Ru site (in 2013 year). You can look for other works by this link. Text is taken from the contest: Ladies and Gentlemen! Mesdames et Messieurs! Herr und Frau! Tovarischi! Come closer!!! Only today you can see by your own eyes New, Fantastic, Practical & Efficient self-moving vehicle Excalibur!!! Let me introduce the Inventor: Mister Fines Moriarty... What can you tell us about your creation? - First of all it is: - Three-axle vehicle of cross-country ability. - Aggressive appearance helps to scare away the bad ghosts & silly pedestrians. - Excellent colors! Noble bronze & yew. - Equipped with the newest steam boiler. - Two exhaust pipes helps to control temperature in boiler! - On both sides of cabin there are wide convenient doors. And good rear-view mirrors. -Capacious cargo bay. - I will not show you what is inside ;) - Two headlights. - System of steam-cylinders are FIRST TIME-made in one case! - Windscreen wiper. On the upper side you can see inlet of the: - Air Injection System. Also we can see fire-box-door. It can be feed by wood or coal of other fuel. - Steering-wheel provides precious steering control. Or you can buy it, or it will follow you in your nightmares… You to choose... ;) I hope you liked it. Thanks for watching! Yours, Pikachu... P.S. If you find mistakes - please write to me & i'll correct them.