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Found 4 results

  1. Ep. 3 Laesonar Episode 4 The Paladin of Emptiness Laesonar checked the situation from his hidden position. “So, they took up residence in that building, or?” Helga frowned and her face darkened. “Not quite. This used to be a sort of guarded inn on the trading route between Weastioven and Laelariel. They’ve been using it to make their prisoners rot before executing them in Weastioven. When the moment arrives, they come and pick them up. It seems today is one of those days; the chieftain in person is here with his lieutenants and captains. Can you see the chieftain’s personal guard? He’s the man who killed my brother!” Krisly almost stood up, trying to get a better look. “So they must be important prisoners. Who are they? Is that guy an orc? I can spot a lot of blood!” Laesonar answered promptly: “SHE is a HALF-orc, and yes, she must’ve been tortured. The old man looks like a merchant. As for the third, we should set him free. I can sense there’s definitely something interesting about him.” Elysande, silent so far, finally spoke up: “But, Laesonar, they are so many! We need a good plan.” “Sure, sure. Helga, the bodyguard is all yours. And Krisly, I’d like your first arrow directly on the chieftain, can you do that?” Krisly was right about to express her concern, when Laesonar suddenly sprang out of the bushes, katanas in hand, reaching quickly for the first guard. The surprise effect played against the latter, whose head dropped down in a matter of seconds. However, the clang of the helmet hitting a stone attracted everyone’s attention. Laesonar’s path got blocked by two bandits, his katana clanged on the shield of the first one. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw an arrow flying up and landing at the chieftain’s feet, missing its target. But he also saw a second arrow plunging right into the chieftain’s throat immediately after. He was taken aback. “That arrow came from a different direction, it cannot have been Krisly’s… ?!” Helga took her chance. With a shout, she ran towards the chieftain’s personal guard, who was checking on his dead master. Wisely enough, she didn’t wait for the man to confront her. Instead, she threw her axe from a distance, ripping up the man’s leg, who shouted in pain. A war horn echoed loud in the air while she quickly reached her target, landing him the fatal blow. “This is for you, my beloved brother! May you rest in peace!” Still busy with his fight, Laesonar checked the situation around. The sound of the horn had summoned more bandits who were now pouring into the courtyard from the inside of the building as well as the back of it. “Well done, Helga! Now get the keys. Set that prisoner free!” Elysande suddenly appeared at the back of one of his opponents, cutting his throat with her short sword. The prisoner was freed from his chains. He stood up, picked up a long sword and finally spoke up with a calm, soothing voice: “I am very much in debt for your assistance, Ladies and Gentlemen. But please, the man with the horn is mine! Now let’s get done with this!” He pointed his sword towards the sky, reciting mysterious words and performing a circular gesture with his left hand. Before long, the effect of the spell was in place. All of the bandits looked confused, one of them even fell on his knees. Laesonar took advantage of the confusion and got rid of his heavy armoured opponent with a precise hit. Elysande felt weird. “Wh… What’s going on? I feel so good!” Laesonar felt like never before. A powerful energy quickly filled up his entire body, renovating his strength, sharpening his intellect, nourishing his vital spirit. He decided not to control it and instead let go. With a shout, he literally jumped above and into a group of enemies. “YYiiii-hhaaaaaaa!” The freed prisoner was astonished, then grinned. “Whoa! Your friend has got quite the agility! Let’s get at it, everyone, it won’t last for long!” Arrows started raining down from Krisly’s direction, while everyone got into the fight. The battle that had initially looked so tough was actually over in a matter of minutes. Helga looked at the ex-prisoner while catching her breath. “So what did you do? Which kind of spell was that? Are you a wizard?” Laesonar was piercing the corpses of the bandits to make sure they were dead while picking up any gold he could find on them. “He’s a paladin. And he’s just casted the most powerful and enjoyable Bless I’ve ever experienced.” The man smiled proudly: “Your friend is correct, my lady. I am Armin Mainardus. At your service.” Helga was pleasantly surprised. “A paladin?! Which sort of? Which God do you worship?” Armin frowned and turned serious. “My lady, in the path of Mother Nature I could find no God to worship, as the supreme forces of Love and Death fight an endless battle bound to have no winner. My devotion have I found by looking beyond that battle, where those forces merge and are one, in balance. It is contact, it is paradox, it is supreme Emptiness born from the All coming together. It is sheer, untouched vital spirit.” A moment of silence followed. Laesonar grinned, the three girls were perplexed. Elysande broke the silence first: “Oh my! You do sound exactly like Laesonar!” “And who would this Laesonar be?” “That would be me. I must confess, master paladin, I had lost hope of hearing such wise words in this crazy world. It is nice to meet you. And say, where is your shield?” Armin was surprised and quite intrigued. He looked at Laesonar coming towards him, then smiled deeply and shook his hand. “Well met, Laesonar. As for my shield, it must be inside with my other things.” A raspy voice joined the conversation from the middle of the courtyard. “I wouldn’t want to interrupt, but my wrists would be grateful if you could free them from their chains too. I’d also respectfully suggest to leave the presentations for later and get away from here as quickly as possible. Finally, if master paladin can also heal wounds, I reckon the ‘lady’ here could do with some help.” Armin looked at the half-orc in her paddle of blood. “I might have enough power to stop the bleeding, but then I’ll need to recover. Do you know any safe place nearby? We could all do with a bit of rest.” Krisly pointed at the forest. “We know the woods around here pretty well, we could camp somewhere for the night.” Armin checked on the half-orc. “She isn’t bleeding anymore. I need to collect my things inside. Oh and those shields with the bear heraldry, we should take them with us. I’ll explain later.” Laesonar was quick to answer. “I’ll take care of that. Everyone else, please go with Armin and check the inside of the building for any food we can take with us.” Finally alone, he approached the chieftain’s corpse to inspect the arrow that killed him. He recalled the scene in his mind: “No one seems to have noticed. Could I have been the only one seeing that second arrow? Or was it just my imagination? Here, I was right. This one is different from Krisly’s.” Had his memory not failed once more, he could’ve recognised the mysterious arrow. “Damn my memory! I’m sure I’ve seen this craft-work before… !” He hid it under the chieftain’s corpse as he heard the others coming back. Elysande’s voice reached him: “We’ve found bread and dry meat, as well as everyone’s possessions!” “All right then. Let’s get out of here.” ------------------------------------ Dear diary, Laesonar is as reckless as ever. Today he literally charged into a bunch of armoured men! What is worse, I had to help and he definitely noticed something! How I wish he would think about his actions in advance for once! Love, L. Extra shots: whole MOC before story events (the right corner is cut, I know, I couldn't do any better ) whole MOC after story events: figs - check Flickr for short description: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hey everyone, sorry for the wait! I do have a million comments and details, but I reckon you guys have already read enough so far so, just quickly: I got half my collection (greys, greens, yellows, ...) back over Christmas and couldn't wait to go for a grey wall , which, by the way, I'm not totally satisfied with. On the contrary, I was pleasantly surprised by how well normal green and sand green go together. My main problem this time was photography - given the MOC's size, lightning ect. but even just framing were a real hassle! I have hence went for a first attempt at editing (main pics only), which I think improved things, though the final main pic is still missing a corner and it's a tad too bright, probably? As for the story, it's still too long, but I think it flows a bit better now that I've followed @Exetrius's example and implemented @MassEditor's advice (cutting off the speakers' names) - thanks for that, guys Any other comment I'll leave for now. C&C most welcome as usual. Thanks for reading/watching! ^^ Ep. 5
  2. [banner Pending as always] Four heroes make their way to the Temple of Ennoc. "Greetings and salutations," says the woman in a soft voice. "I am High Priestess Alisameth. How may I be of assistance, my children?" The Party Nerwen Calmcacil (played by Chromeknight) *Party Leader* 264 year old female Elven Minstrel Level 34 2/4 *2x XP**Counterstriking**immune to sealed* Power bonus:,+8 (quest #102) Defence: 2 (Leather armour 1 +lesser etherial cloak 1) Health: 49/49 (Base Cleric 9 +Level bonus 34 -Quest #102 5 +Minstrel Bonus 11) Ether: 47/47 (Base Cleric 5 +Level bonus 34 +Minstrel Bonus 4 +zoot cookie #102 1 +Lesser Etherial cloak 3) Gold: 349 Equipment: Nocturne Flute (WP:6, causes asleep-effect, instrument), Lesser etherial cloak (SP:1, Max. ether +3, immune to sealed; backwear), Leather armour (SP:1; Bodywear), Medal of Valor (Double experience from battles; accessory), Counterstrike Gloves. Inventory: Mutt's Flute (WP:10, inflicts Weakened-effect, instrument), Party Maracas (WP:4, user is hastened, instrument), Battered wooden flute (WP:6, Darkness-elemental), Sword of the Warrior of the Light (WP: 14, Light-Elemental, Meditate becomes hits, longsword), Mourning Star (WP: 10; Fire-elemental; inflicts Fragile-effect; mace), Bent Crowbar (WP: 8; 3x damage to Mechanic enemies; hammer), Axe of the Minotaur Champion (WP: 30; user is Slowed and Immune to Hastened; cannot be equipped at the same time as a shield; axe), Smith’s Katana (WP:10, Darkness elemental), longsword, Shield of the Red Lizard (SP: 2, Immune to Blind), Shield (SP: 5), •Seal of the Warrior Priestess (At the beginning of the battle the user has a 1/6 chance to be Transcended, a 1/6 chance to be Blessed, and a 1/6 chance to be Inspired, Accessory, Suitable for Paladins), Helm of the Lord of Light (Headwear, Immunity to Light and Jinxed, Suitable for Knights), Sylvania's Cowl (Permits Animal Talk, Headwear), Nordic Stomach Guard (SP: 3, Immunity to Ice and Water, Bodywear, Suitable for Barbarians, Regulators, and Beast Warriors) •Opal (2), Topaz (2), Diamond, Garnet, Sapphire, Emerald,Aquamarine, Ruby, Amethyst • Scroll of Sleep, Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Weakening, Scroll of Fragile, Scroll of Confusion, Hundred Hero Hymn (Inspired-effect to all allies for 10 ether, song), •Grand Tonics (3), Potions (7), Elixirs (2), Remedies (7), Nostrum, Tiger Balm, Essence of Sorrow (50% assassination chance on non-immune target), Venom (4), Fire Bomb, Ice Bombs (2), Lightning Bomb, Water Bombs (2), Dirt Bombs (2), Air Bomb, Bone, Milk (restores 15 HP and 15 Ether), Ether Core(2), Grand potion(2), Ambrosia (4), Health Core, Phoenix essence, •Shovel, Bedroll, Magnifying Glass, Telescope Monk Pretzel and His 99 Pieces, the Super Sleuth (Played by Palathadric) 463-year-old male "hermit" Artisan *reinforced* Level: 32 1/4 Power: 39 32 + 7 Defense: 22 Health: 60/60 9 + 15 + 31 + 3 + 2* Gold: 1380 Equipment: Dual Staff (WP: 7, Ice, Lightning, Fire, Wind, Light; dual strike; staff), Darksteel Armour (SP:6, Max. Health +3; bodywear), Heavy Armour (SP:5, Immune to Fragile), Marauder’s Mantle (Grants permanent reinforced-effect; suitable to marauders; backwear), Soul Link Chain (Allows the user to pair up with another party member, each of them gaining all the effects that the other has. The partner has to equip the chain as well (ie. one chain can be shared by two people); accessory) Inventory: Weapons and Shields: Flying Cross (WP: 9, Darkness; broomstick), Splinter Broom (WP:8; broomstick; defies SP), Whip of Savage Overlords (WP: 9; ⅙ chance of inflicting the Slowed-effect; Whip), Steak (WP: 1, instantly kills vampires on successful hits; suitable for all), Staff of the Necromancer (WP: 12; damages Undead; +1 Level to raised Undead; Staff), Shadeaux Mace (WP:9; deals fragile effect), Heavy Flail (WP: 5, causes fragile; mace), Anointed Gladius (WP: 8, damages Undead; greatsword), Mythril Shield (SP: 20), Crescent Shield (SP: 5, halved damage from elemental attacks) Artifacts: Strategist's Shako (+5 power while in the front row, +5 SP while in the back; headwear), Armour of Dark Arts (Takes up: Bodywear, Handwear, Footwear slots; counts as one artifact; SP:10; Suitable to Knight classes, Dragoons, Skirmishers), Cloak of the Barbaric Runecaster (SP: 3; wearer creates and deploys a Skeleton Decoy at the start of every battle; suitable for Battle Mages, Necromancers, and Scholars; backwear), Duplovian Helmet (SP:2, immune to Magic and Healing; headwear), Bumble Fanshirt (SP:1, Vermin with level less than half of the wearers are scared and won't directly attack the wearer; bodywear), Ethereal Cloak (SP:2, Max Ether +4; backwear), Cloak of Necrotic Shielding (SP:3, provides Special Guard against Undead enemies; backwear), Rock Gauntlets (Suitable for anyone, grants the wearer Iron Fist at no ether cost, handwear), Counterstrike Gloves (handwear), Soothing Slippers (meditation restores 5 ether; footwear), Magic Viper Skin (heals 1 health to wearer each round of battle unless knocked out; accessory), Shackles of War (accessory) Gems: 2 Amethysts, Emerald, Garnet, 2 Aquamarines, Ruby Scrolls: Scroll of Sealing, Scroll of Blinding, Scroll of Arc Sleep Consumables: 2 Potions, 13 Grand Potions, Cherry (Restores 1 ether), 4 Tonics, 2 Ether Cores, 7 Remedies, Neutralizer, Grand Elixir (Restores full health and ether to target and remedies all negative effects), 2 Phoenix Incenses, 5 Phoenix Essences, 3 Meads, 2 Smelling Salts, 2 Nostrums, 5 Venoms, 5 Deadly Venoms, 2 Paralyzing Venoms, 2 Jinxy Juices, 3 Smoke Bombs, 2 Fire Bombs, Holy Bomb, Military Grade Fire Bomb, 2 Blind Bombs, 2 Seal Bombs, 2 Sleep Bombs, Demeter Bomb, 13 Bones, Raw Meat (+5 max. health upon consumption), Crimson Haze (Causes a weapon to deal the poisoned by 7 and cursed effects permanently), Level-Up Mushroom Tools: Bedroll, Pickaxe, Magnifying Glass, Telescope, Shovel, Magic Compass, Magic Shovel (will always find something when used, limited to three uses per quest) Grimwald Gjinko 69 year old male gnome Sage Level: 19.5 Power Bonus: +1 permanent, +5 spells SP: 0 Health: 32/32 Ether: 28/28 Gold: 735 (Owes Nerwen 300, owed 38 by Benji) Glory Points: 8 Equipment: Magical Staff (WP:15; Staff), Spellbound Gloves (Increases the power of spells by 5, doubled if the enemy is weak to the element), Robes of the Disciple of Ennoc (+5 max. health, +5 max. ether, meditation restores 2 ether, body-wear) Inventory: • Spellbound hood (SP: 2, Increases the power of spells by 3, doubled if the enemy is weak to the element, headwear, suitable for Mages, Clerics and Necromancers) • Shovel, Pickaxe, Bedroll • Opal, Amethyst, Diamond, Topaz • Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Sleep • Potion x7, Tonic x7, Grand Tonic x4, Sushi (restores 5 HP and 5 Ether) x2, Remedy x2, Elixir x4, Neutralizer, Phoenix Essence, Mead x4, Nostrum x3, Smelling Salts x4, Mulled Wine x2, Ambrosia, Bone x5, Ice Bomb, Root Beer (Restores 10 health, or can be used as a bomb against Undead enemies for 20 damage (Does not affect non-Undead enemies)), Plague Venom, Health Core, Neptune Bomb Kiray Nastayo (KingoftheZempk), A Hero Who Is Actually Worth Something *Absorbs Water* *Immune to Fire* 24 year old female human Level 12.5 Knight Power Bonus: 6 Defense: 17 Health: 20/20 Gold: 167 Equipment: Fishy Scale Mail (SP: 6, wearer absorbs water-elemental damage as health, immune to Fire; suitable for knights, dragoons, skirmishers, and regulators, bodywear), Orcish Barbed Shield (SP:11; shield), Sanctified Rito Longsword (WP:6, doubled against Flying enemies; longsword), Inventory: - x3 Potion, Banana (Restores full health when eaten), Remedy, 3x Nostrum, Ambrosia, 2x Mead, Smelling Salts, Mediocre Pongcanis Brew (Encouraged + Enraged), 5 Bones - Bedroll, Everlasting Venom (Adds the poisoned by 10-effect to one weapon permanently), Dragon Scale, x3 Fire Bomb, x4 Venom -Flameproof Armor (SP:1, no longer flameproof; bodywear, suitable for anyone), Inert Blade (Greatsword, WP 5)
  3. When darkness sweeps across the land, Choking life with blight Come forth from fabled Angel's Peak A hero of the light. Born a mortal, child of dwarf, Clad in shining faith, With heaven's hosts by his side, He'll vanquish evil's wraiths. As foretold by the prophecy of old, Nivre was born a dwarf, but that remains all he knows of his heritage. Ever since he could remember, he'd been raised in Angel's Peak, a sacred temple of light hidden high in the mountains, mentored by 3 of the greatest paladins of the era. One night, he'd awoken having dreamt of wandering in a world shrouded in darkness. When he had told his mentors, they'd exchanged knowing looks and told him of the prophecy. Within a month, he'd made ready to leave Angel's Peak to seek out his destiny.. I've been a lurking in these forums for a long time, having only really gotten out of my dark ages not too long ago. I've been in awe of many of the awesome mocs i've seen here and I'd love to be part of it all. As it is, I'm still deciding on a guild to join, what's holding me back's a low brick count (what you see here is about 95% of my usable bricks as it is). This is also my first real moc (rainbow castles almost 20 years ago aside ).
  4. Three well-experienced heroes walks through the city of Eurbric in the early morning, an elf, an orc and a human. Together they approach the Temple of Ennoc and is shown inside to meet with the High Priestess Alisameth, the spiritual leader of the Paladin Order. The famous heroes are: Alexis Fenral (Played by Masked Builder) 19 years old female elven Evoker Level 23 *Hastened* *Immune to Fragile* Power: 36 (23+13) Defense: 3 Health: 36/36 (6+23+3+5) Ether: 24/24 (23+1) Gold: 142 GP: 3 Equipment: Mockthril Longbow (WP:13, ranged), Quickdraw Quiver (permanent hastened-effect), Lieutenant's Helmet (SP:3, protects from fragile) Inventory: Flute of the Magi (WP:3, asleep-effect), Cat-o'-Nine-Tails (WP:9, damage divided between all enemies, Suitable For Rouges), Healing Staff (WP: 5; healing effect), Staff of Ennon - (WP: 5, Light Elemental, Restores 2 ether on a roll of 2, 3, or 4), Opal (Ice), Topaz (Lightning), Ruby (Fire), Aquamarine (Water), Amethyst (Darkness), Diamond (Light), Tonic, Grand Tonic, Milk, 2 Meads, 2 Nostrums, Venom, Smoke Bomb, Fire Bomb, Lightning Bomb, Pickaxe, Shovel, Bedroll, Magic Compass, Magnifying Glass, Potion, Holy Bomb, 2 Remedies, 2 Somas, Phoenix Essence Spirits: Skorpios (Amethyst), Ocven the Ice Dragon (Opal), Shalma the Thunderbird (Topaz), Sarp Zarra (Aquamarine), Mandy (Ruby), ????? (Diamond) Haldor Skovgaard (Played by Scorpiox) Level 20 Shaman, 33 year old male human Nord. *Immune to Weakened, Fragile and Blinded* Power: 34 (Level 20, +12 WP, +2 from Pugilist's Gloves) Defense: 7 (+2 from Ethereal Cloak, +5 from Heavy Armour) Health: 37/37 (Base 9, +19 Level Increase, +9 Additional) Ether: 28/28 (Base 5, +19 Level Increase, +1 Additional, +4 from Ethereal Cloak) Gold: 130 Equipment: Heavy Metal Rod (WP:12, Light and Water elemental), Ethereal Cloak (SP:+2, +4 Ether, Blindness Immunity), Pugilist's Gloves (+2 Power, Weakened Immunity), Heavy Armour (SP:+5, Fragile Immunity). Inventory: Bear Claw Gloves (WP:8, SP:+2), Paper Doll (Hexed immunity), Shovel, Pickaxe, Bedroll, Bluehood's Aquamarine, Emerald Lamp of Summoning, Health Core, Potion (x3), Remedy (x2), Mead, Nostrum (x2), Smelling Salts, Soma, Pheonix Esscence, Zoot's Plaything. Cronk (Played by CorneliusMurdock) Level 24 Paladin *Blessed* Power: 36 Defense: 14 Health: 44/44 Ether: 27/27 Gold: 15 Equipment:Zoot's Bane (Suitable only for Cronk; WP: 12, Light), Ennoc's Blessing (Shield, SP: 8), Elaborate Helmet (SP: 2), Paladin's Armour (Suitable for Paladins, +4 SP, +2 Max Ether), Ennoc's Gratitude (Artifact, Accessory, User Perma-Blessed, Requires Light Weapon) Inventory: Twin Broadswords (WP:20, user can attacks 2 enemies in the same turn, user is unable to use a shield), Beast Skewer (Lance; WP: 12), Sword of Bashing (Longsword; WP:5), Blacksmith Writ, Bedroll, Holy Bomb, Phoenix Essence "Welcome heroes of Heroica! May the Light shine upon you. It is good to see you again Cronk, and it's a pleasure to meet you, Man from the North and Lady of the Elven race. I can see that you all have much routine from different quests and that you are all well prepared, I appreciate that. Your mission might seem trivial but I assure you, it has great importance and needs to be handled with subtlety and carefulness. I have here a letter that is to be delivered to the priestess of the House of Ennoc's Children, a convent for novices training to become clerics in the Order. The convent is located a few miles north of Bric'lin trading post here on the island of Uland. The priestess name is Mandrea Melifano and it is of greatest importance that the letter does reach her and no one else. That is your main mission. Once the letter is delivered you might be needed for assistance at the convent, but that depends on the situation there and I can't give you any further details about that. When you are finished at the convent, you may return here to claim your reward. Here is the letter, who will take responsibility of carrying it? Do you have any questions, heroes?" Letter to priestess Mandra Melifano. QM note: Please check your stats to see if they are OK.