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Found 10 results

  1. Digger of Bricks

    Pacific Rim

    This is a discussion topic for Guillermo del Toro's 2013 film Pacific Rim, its 2018 sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising, and the franchise's potential future. Here is the official synopsis for the 2018 sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising: EW has released four exclusive stills from the film ahead of the trailer's release in this article: Exclusive: Pacific Rim: Uprising Photos Offer First Look at John Boyega Preparing to Stomp Monsters Edit: The trailer has premiered!
  2. Hi all, back with another mech moc. This time round its a cross over between ninjago and pacific rim's Crimson Typhoon ^^ Kai's Crimson Kaiphoon by Kelvin Low, on Flickr Kai's Crimson Kaiphoon by Kelvin Low, on Flickr Kai's Crimson Kaiphoon by Kelvin Low, on Flickr Kai's Crimson Kaiphoon by Kelvin Low, on Flickr
  3. xf45c7r2

    Pacific Rim - Wip's page

    This page will contain all next projects wip about pacific rim, including kaiju and jaegers, at the same (or realy close) scale than My Gipsy (linked # and for the now this is one image of the current project, sugestions, critiques and ideas are all welcome, thanks for attention
  4. The Mugbearer

    [Micro/LDD] Pacific Rim - Cherno Alpha

    I saw on Flickr a MOC that featured that Hero Factory shell as it's face. And it sparked my imagination, so after two days and one deleted attempt, here it is. Cherno Alpha Mini Cherno Alpha by The Mugbearer, on Flickr I hope you like it. =)
  5. The Mugbearer

    [Micro/LDD] Mini Gipsy Danger

    After sudden success of my Cherno Alpha I literally couldn't stop myself. So here's another Jaeger in the same micro scale. Gipsy Danger Mini Gipsy Danger by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Wrist saw blades are included! Mini Gipsy Danger - Blades included! by The Mugbearer, on Flickr And to proof that Gipsy and Cherno are in the same scale, here's them in one picture: Tag Team Jaegers by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Can't decide what to do next. Probably will make a Knifehead for those two to fight. Or maybe get on Strike Eureka or Coyote Tango. Enjoy!
  6. xf45c7r2

    Pacific Rim LDD Gipsy Danger

    First of all, thanks to all you that rate, like and helped to build it. the previous wip is now finished: At the sideshow statue pose. Front view Side Back Face one kaiju is easy Elbow rocket go web, go Trying mimick the blu-ray cover pose It's size compared to the previous striker. please keep rating and commenting, critics are welcome.
  7. Here Again, now in a just scale to a Jaeger or kaiju, current stated as work in progress, suggestions are totally welcome Conn-pod with a trophy to comparison . if could you suggest some idea to the around neck armour ...
  8. My version of Striker Eureka Some designs were based in previous striker eureka's mocs, like moko's one. This photo have an alternate color In Action Pose Brass Knuckles Striker's back with the attached bomb legs close-up Size comparison with the azure omega (smaller mech)
  9. Mask_of_Death

    [MOC] Firestar Streaker

    Fire Starstreaker Fire Starstreaker is a Mk-II Jaeger built in the year 2016. It uses two dual-wielded energy pistols with dual electrical exhibitor attachments for close-quarter combat. It is stationed at the Los Angeles Shatterdome. It is piloted by Rawst and Rory Oran, two twin brothers. Skewerclaw Skewerclaw is a Category 3 Kaiju. Smaller than Knifehead and Yamarashi, it is lightly armorered everywhere except for its thickly armored neck and forearm armor, which it uses to absorb attacks. It has 4 powerful claws ending sharp Jaeger stabbing spikes, similar to the one on Knifehead. It can also launch large amounts of Kaiju blue from it's mouth to terrorize populated areas. It has 4 powerful weapons, but is severely limited by its weak armor.
  10. SteampunkDoc

    MOC-WIP Pacific Rim Jaeger Cockpit

    'Pacific Rim' Jaeger Cockpit-WIP OK, I haven't seen Pacific Rim, and don't know about any objectionable content. I just know that the Jaeger cockpits look stinkin' amazing and I wanted to build me one...So I did. Well, am. It's still being worked on. This is just Mark I. There's no back yet, I'd like to get smoother joints in the harnesses, and obviously the red pillars will be hidden later, but otherwise I think it's pretty neat. I'm not necessarily going off one Jaeger design over another, but is my main reference.Comments/feedback are always highly desired, and feel free to ask about close-ups/other angles. Not sure when the next update will be, but hopefully things will be more complete at that time. Thanks for looking!