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Found 3 results

  1. Hi ! Here is my WIP for the TC6 contest. It's a transport truck with a palfinger crane on the back. My model have 4 powered motors. I use a gearbox, so i have 7 functions motorised. - Selection of operating mode (M-motor) Driving : - Drive (XL-motor) - Steer (M-motor) - Outriggers (M-motor) Handling : - UP arm (XL-motor) - Rotate arm (M-motor) - Open arm (M-motor) + fake engine and suspension When the gearbox is in neutral, it is possible to drive in hand with HOG. And small render with LDD. Very far from the quality of Blackbird.
  2. Hello, I don't know if it was discussed here, but I made a small discovery. I just came from dark age :D and I'am working on my Lego Technic RC Supercar, so remote controlled. The car is based on real car and I want to integrate as much real details as it is possible but on the other hand I want to play with it and make the car as fast as possible. I have tried some PF Motors Setups and Combinations, 2x XL Motors, 4x XL Motors etc, that were either directly coupled per gears in Drivetrain or per Differentials etc... When I had a combination with 4 XL Motors I didn't become more performance as with 2 XL Motors, probably due to little Differencies in Motors Speed (Revolutions) and slower Motors had slowed and braked the faster ones. Because I did good Results with 2 XL Motors I decided to disconnect 2 XL Motors from Drivetrain but I let them connected to PF IR Received so they remained driven... And here is my little discovery... On the flat ground the car has accelerated quite good also with 2 XL Motors in Drivetrain but as soon as the car reached worser ground with more resistance, the Motors were under higher load and the car slowed down. It was normal, something what I expected. But what I not expected was, that speed of 2 other XL Motors that were out of drivetrain has been also reduced! I had a feeling as they were automatically reduced by PF IR Received or internal communication between Motors... Is it possible that the Motors internally communicate between each other or they communicate with PF IR Receiver, that controls all connected Motors/Devices? My configuration was Battery Box -> IR Receiver (v2) -> 4 XL Motors I tried also configuration when I used 2 IR Receivers set on the same communications channel and on each Receiver I have connected 2 XL Motors. Now I'm using only 2 XL Motors in my Supercar and each is connected to own PF IR Receiver and I have Feeling that the Motors are not affected between each other and on the output I have oustanding Performance better than as they were controlled by 1 IR Receiver and also better then with 4 XL Motors. I haven't tried combination 4x IR Receiver and 4 XL Motors, but someone other could... Anyone with same experience ????? My Drivetrain consists of: - 2 XL Motors coupled per -> 24 teeth Gears -> -> Reduction geared up 20 -> 12 (0,6:1) -> Reduction geared up 20 -> 12 (0,6:1) -> Reduction geared down 20 -> 28 teeth Differential (1,4:1) Final gear ratio: 0,6 x 0,6 x 1,4 = 0,504 So when I'm good counting I have the Final Gear Ratio ca. 0,5:1 so I gained 2x speed and lost 2x Torque.... Max
  3. Hanso

    Modular Switch Drive

    Hi all, I have designed a modular switch drive. The powering can be either by a PF motor, a Mindstorms NXT, a Mindstorms EV3 L motor or Mindstorms EV3 M motor. To overcome the friction of the 'click' in the switch, I have to confess that the switched need to be adapted to remove the 'click'. If you're interested, please let me know (I can send you the LDD file). Best /Hans