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Found 2 results

  1. Like I said in my last topic, I’m a big fan of Japanese cars. Today I’m bringing you a new MOC based on a popular off-roader. Inspiration & Goals This MOC was inspired by the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado series. I didn’t want to make an exact copy of the original car, but focused on the chassis and drivetrain. Also it should have a full-length body with five openable doors. Specs / Features / Functions Dimensions: 420mm(L) x 210mm(W) x 190mm(H) Weight: 2.1Kg Parts count: 2700 pcs Propulsion: PF XL motor x 2 2-speed gearbox Working steering wheel / headlights / taillights Rear alxe: live axle with diff lock Front axle has independent suspensions with positive caster angle. More Details Compromises & Inperfections 1. The model has about 2700 parts. Given the functions that I achieved, that’s a huge number. I was expecting it to be around 2000. 2. It is WIDE. Even with those beveled window frames it looks wide. (It is wide. The body covers the whole tyres from top view) 3. Gear ratios are 5:1 at 1st gear and 5:3 at 2nd gear(differentials not included). Safety fuse kicks in quite often when steering at full speed on 2nd gear(As shown at the end of the video). I have to use 9V AA battery pack instead of Li-Po and stick to 1st gear most of the time. 4. A real Land Cruiser Prado has central differential & central diff lock. They were on my prototype. Rear diff lock and central diff lock work simultaneously. But they are quite unreliable. 12-teeth half bevel gears inside the central diff got damaged after only a very short period of test drive. I have no choice but to remove them from the drivetrain. A short video showing the prototype: Anyway, I’m basically satisfied with the overall performance and looking. Building instructions will be ready in a while. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Hello! After some weeks there is my newest publication, a Land Rover Series I model. I'm planned to make a real off-roader long ago, with this I wanted to build a realistic one with realistic looking chassis. It could be another famous off-roader, but this is the first Land Rover, and it matters me a lot. So the moc: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=531411 Wheels, motor, gearbox: This wheels are made from the 81,6 mm tyre and from the 56 mm wheel. This is enough narrow yet to make this model with it. The model has the standard four speed gearbox with my definite control (see my other topic for more). This model was built a few month ago, that time I didn't have my improved gearbox with the same function, but this also did it's job, at last it didn't came so much load, there is a gearing after the gearbox. One RC buggy motor is there for propulsion (the noise is it's noise - don't ask me about that, this is the standard noise of this high rpm motor). I used that because of it's high rpm, there is a lot of gearing after that including the low gear/high gear gearbox. In this model, my goal was to make a realistic looking car with a realistic looking chassis and technic, performance was secondary. With the secondary gearbox there is in all 6 speed (two is the same). Sometimes in low gear, but it goes everywhere. Chassis, suspension: The chassis is a single ladder type one, with strenghtening beams an plates. The chassis itself contains every working mechanism: The suspension is made from technic axles, to be like leaf springs, and it works like that. There are positioning links to hold in the right place the axles. A small 6 L link holds transversely the front axle. I made the housing of the differential in the rear axle: http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=5898328 The steering, as in the real one isn't made with gear rack, but with a linkage-like machanism. The suspension performed surprisingly good on terrain. Has handbrake, it prevents roll down in forward direction. All function is remote controlled, the on/off switching of the low gear and winch also, by two micromotors. Under the hood I placed a 4L "fake" engine: http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=5898334 Body, etc.: Basically the body is a simple plate body with some liftarms and bricks. Of course, the front part was the hardest section. This front look means the Land Rover itself, very easy to recognize. I tried to add many details to the body, like mirros in the left side, turning lights, number plate, door handle to be less monotonous. Inside there is a big cover from a western set, we can find under that cables and technical parts. The steering wheel works, with these old bushes: It has an advantage: the turning is smoother than U-joint drive. Except this it's only an interesting technique, typically for applications which aren't require much torque. Video: (intro is also off roader-like, I didn't find a flat surface) Main specifications: Weight: 1555 g Speed: high gear: 1: 0,50 km/h 2: 0,82 km/h 3: 1,25 km/h 4: 1,67 km/h low gear: 1: 0,19 km/h 2: 0,32 km/h 3: 0,56 km/h 4: 0,92 km/h Length: 387 mm Width: 192 mm Height: 198 mm Scale: 1:9