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Found 11 results

  1. Wolfman122

    Small Ticket Office [WIP]

    Although I've been a fan of Lego since I was young, I've never really been one for more than just build from instructions. Well the Wife got me the powered-up passenger train for Christmas so I thought I would take the opportunity to force myself to learn to model from scratch. I figure the best way is to get feedback early on things before I get too far into it so I can learn as much as I can as soon as possible. This is the very first building I have designed, and its the first time I've used digital Lego cad software. So here is my work in progress small ticket office. The idea is to build a modular station system as it will need to be packed up and put away when not in use, and so that it can be different every time as I have a 6 year old who will want to play with it lots! As its a WIP, the interior of the ticket office has not been done, nor have I yet designed extended platform pieces, but as I say, early feedback is what I want! Its loosely based on small quaint English stations built with sandstone on top of concrete & tarmac platforms - I commute every day on the train so I figure its best to start with what you know! There are a couple more images in an album here. I know this is not as good as some of the awesome things on this site but you gotta start somewhere! Critical feedback and improvement suggestions of any kind welcome! Thanks, -wolfman UPDATE: I will collate all generic feedback here so that it can be a mini resource of tips for new modellers: Being new to modelling can be intimidating, start small and use familiar objects and buildings in your own life for inspiration. Look for opportunities to add masonry bricks instead of plain bricks. Beware that masonry bricks only have the pattern on two sides so you may want to avoid having the ends exposed. Suggestions list for incidental objects to add detail: Chairs, trash cans, lights & light posts. It is usual to design modular buildings in multiples of 16 studs, but not required.
  2. HeraldicBanner

    Hello! I'm HeraldicBanner!

    Hello! I'm HeraldicBanner (that's my screen name, I obviously don't go by that in real life.) One of my few real-life friends, @TechnicRCRacer, reccomended I take a look at this forum. I did, and I decided to create a new account. I've been told that the "Hello, my name is..." is to introduce ourselves briefly, so here goes; -I'm a huge Tolkien nerd, as you can probably tell from my profile. -I'm also a huge history nerd; I'm mostly interested in the Dark Ages - Late Middle Ages. -I also read a lot of science fiction -- I greatly enjoy Asimov's works, Dune, Warhammer 40k (though I can't afford to play; seriously, Games Workshop, $1,300 for a model? Are you kidding me?) -I've done quite a bit of Lego (though not nearly as much as most members on this forum), but mostly just from sets and instructions. I don't really have enough money to buy the largest sets, nor do I have enough to purchase shipping from Europe, which is where most of the pieces originate from. I like the new Saturn V set, and generally enjoy Lego's realisic space sets. I like Technic and I think that most of the larger Creator sets are really good.
  3. Hello! I'm Hank, from Florida. I mostly collect Star Wars, but I'm working towards collection all the LotR/Hobbit sets. I have all the alien conquest sets, and I've dabbled in collecting Monster Fighters, City, Pirates, and the LEGO movie, but in general I limit myself to Star Wars. According to Brickset, I have 304 sets, 936 minifigures, and 81734 pieces. I'm no expert at MOC-ing, but I've tried my hand at it before and built a TIE Interdictor. (You can see an LDD picture here, but I also built it physically.) It's not perfect, but it's much better than I expected for a first attempt. Sadly, I'm generally too busy to get much of a chance to design things. Outside of the LEGO world, I'm a big fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Tolkien, and other such franchises. I'm a student. I only collect post-2005 LEGO Star Wars sets, as the earlier ones look awful to me (and no one wants licensed yellow figures). My goal (which is unlikely to ever be realized) is to collect a minifigure-scale set of every distinct vehicle/building ever released. To reduce the number of sets this entails and make things easier on my wallet, I am somewhat selective. For example, I only need one version of the Millennium Falcon (much as I'd like more). Also, some vehicles simply aren't unique. I feel I don't need to get every single Jedi Starfighter, as they are pretty much the same, except in different colors and with minor improvements as the years go by. I do try to get every unique (flesh-colored) character, but I don't bother with different versions of the same character. I'm a purist for the most part. I don't add custom decals to sets, paint bricks, or buy brickarms. When I make a custom minifigure, I use official LEGO bricks in their original form. I'm pretty excited for Star Wars Episode VII and the sets that will accompany it.
  4. Please Help me! I am making a LEGO truck, and I was wondering whether it is possible to build a vehicle with two suspensions like this. : 1. 2. Firstly, would it work if I have two of these style of suspensions and; Secondly, would it work if i have them without shock absorbers to return the wheels level in reference to the vehicle. Thanks, BuildSnapPost.
  5. Hey! Dannylonglegs here! I have never used LDD before, but circumstances have arisen so that I believe I may need to finally download it. So, my question is: Where do I get it? When I do get it, it sounds fairly straightforward to use, but how much space does it take up? After I make a digi-moc, what do I do next? How do I show it or share it? Anyone know answers to my nooby questions? ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  6. pittpenguin123

    My first Decal

    any way here is my attempt at making a decal its the timer from the TV show sliders i hope you guys think i did good
  7. Cosmonaut King

    Hello! I am from the space

    Nah! Actually I am from Brazil... My name is Davi Trombela, 30yo, and dispite checking Eurobricks from time to time for a while now, I am new here. I've been into Lego since I was 4, and it's a big deal and a big part of my personal identity to me! Currently I am very into space stuff (the classic and my own things. Not Star Wars, dispite being a fan of the movies); Knight Kingdom and Castle (being a D&D player); and I am getting into trains. As many, I have the dream of building my own Lego City, but as I am far busy right now, working and finishing post graduation, I am just warming the engines. Oh, also, I am more of a LDD player (at Linux), loving the possibilities it gives. That's it, nice to be here!
  8. Aqualords

    Hey new here!

    My name is Aqualords and i have a blog I collect LXF files from difrent MOC some make great LEGO models. Like: StarWars LEGO model LEGO orginal model War LEGO model Fantasy LEGO model All great models can you see on my blog i are a big fan of LEGO like, IF you make LEGO model send them to me if them are great i put them on my blog :) GREATEST Aqualords
  9. Gilbert Despathens

    My First Steps Into a Brave New World

    A little about me - I'm a young AFOL, my favorite pastimes are Lego building and constructing falsehoods (whether writing or playing tricks), I love castles and I'm ready to go beyond simply watching the excellent builders here and start joining in the fun. To share a little more about myself, I've chosen some of the pictures that best display my tastes and building style (or lack thereof...). IMAG3080 by Gilbert Despathens, on Flickr This is my latest project, an experiment in economical tan stonework and landscaping. More details are available here: image by Gilbert Despathens, on Flickr This is my icon (or it would be if the system wasn't fighting back): Gilbert Despathens, a one-eyed vagabond in a pith hat. This might be a good time to mention that I use a pseudonym for my Lego building. IMAG0225 by Gilbert Despathens, on Flickr IMAG0228 by Gilbert Despathens, on Flickr These are partial images of my favorite MOC to date, a tavern interior. Again, find a complete overview on MOCpages: IMAG0175 by Gilbert Despathens, on Flickr IMAG0162 by Gilbert Despathens, on Flickr This scene and figure were inspired by the 2013 Tomb Raider game and tied for first place in their bracket of a minifigure contest. This build also includes (closer to the bottom) my original sloped-rock technique. IMAG0123 by Gilbert Despathens, on Flickr IMAG0107-1 by Gilbert Despathens, on Flickr The space pirate and his ship were the top choice in another bracket of the contest. The archer, however, was the winner overall - and she used only purist parts. IMAG3018 by Gilbert Despathens, on Flickr This was an experiment in landscaping. I have a lot more on MOCpages, but there is plenty to come in the future and I intend to start sharing it here. Until next time, keep building!
  10. Hi, this is my first project, a Drill rig B80, mounted on a 6 x 6 Cargo Truck (G-744) Lego version: has the foolowing features: 1 M motor for steering 1 L motor for driving and rig up/rig down mast 4 pneumatic cylinder like stabilizers I am really happy with my result, but I need some help with 2 issues, first I would like to move the rotary head over the mast, like the real one (cylinder and chain system) but do not know how to solve the space problem the figure with the rim has to go up and down over the mast and two I have problem to keep straight the cylinders, I have 2 new model so they spin around, and do not know how hold it this hose are third party the bend ratios is high and dont let me fit the plate :S I'll appreciate your advises and help
  11. Greetings from every one, My name is Selwins, I am 32 Years old, I am a noob in Lego, here in my Country is unusual Technic line in LEGO so my dark age last 30 years so I am here for learning skills to develop my own creations, you have a new friend and I will appreciate your collaboration and support. Cheers, SeL