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Found 7 results

  1. Captain Flint

    Rorroth Swamp

    Eric is on a dangerous journey, breaking through the swamp Rorroth. The path through the swamp is in poor condition, the bridge is practically destroyed and Eric has a lot of trouble to break through a dangerous swamp. If he manages to break through, every effort will be rewarded, because nearby is warm inn and Reina, a woman who was expecting him... Now you know what will be my next build...
  2. Captain Flint

    The Witches of Warmorlor

    In darklands is a bad day for witches. Witch-hunters hunted witches all over the country to end witchcraft. After a very long time, finally something...
  3. Captain Flint

    Mouldor Chapel

    In Moruth swamplands stands Mouldor Chapel, a holy place that offers the mysterious rites. This is my new freebuild and the first work this year. I hope you like it.
  4. Captain Flint

    A day at the old windmill

    Built for this year's CCCXI for A Child's Life category and my second freebuild for Nocturnus. This old windmill is owned by the father Erald. The landscape is pretty grim and not much fertile. Growing wheat and making flour is not easy. Erald, together with his two sons trying to survive in this anything but friendly land which frightens sons.
  5. Captain Flint

    Drunnlor temple

    There is a temple in the darklands, a very mysterious place, quite marshy and full of mysterious poisonous plants used by the dark wizard Worgiss for evil rituals. Built before I joined, but it fits nice in Nocturnus. I also hope that find time to participate in challenges.
  6. Dotted throughout Nocturnus are shrines to various fell warriors and creatures. Praying and giving offerings at these is said to bestow dark blessings upon the individual that does so. Lord Vladivus has come across one such shrine in his travels- a shrine to a dark knight, hewn from black obsidian. Some other views, without minifigures: Note the offerings of gold, and a heart. And the skull of an Avalonian, or so I hear... Cheers for looking, just a quick one really, mostly wanted to try out the technique for steps. EDIT: I've altered the shrine, removing the tree, and centering the shrine itself, so it's the focus of the build, hopefully making it less cluttered. I've also tried to improve on the stairs, instead of the slopes, I've used 1x1 rounds as a wall. I also added the cheese slopes as a sort of guard. C+C welcome!
  7. After the eggs of dragons hatch, the Dreeders quickly sort them into the different types and, like every professional breeder, immediately sort out those with too aggravating features illnesses that prevent life. Unlike for most other species, though, not much counts as too grave: Having a second head? Great, firepower of two for the price of one. Additional, symmetrical wings? Superb, since those give additional flying speed. Being a herbivorous dragon, though, when the parents are carnivors? REALLY bad, as the Dragonpeaks aren't known for their huge fields of corn and wheat and have enough problems to sustain the small population of originally herbivorous breeds. Although the Dragonpeaks are vast and loaded with cliffs and steep precipices, just like most of the rest of the Rakath Mountains, finding a location where you can raise lots of dragons during the early years is a bit tricky, though. It should be a sparse area, well-enclosed by mountains so that the drakes can't escape get lost and hidden from evil eyes (as those creatures love to dine on young dragon). Further, you should build a small shack for the guards Dreeders. No need to make it too comfortable, they're supposed to work and not idle by Ever so often, Thror III. visits the nurseries to make sure his subjects raise the offspring of their benefactors to the best of their knowledge. Not only does he need to make sure that his military strength doesn't decrease due to mistakes done in the childhood of the dragons. No, even though the adult ones didn't really care all that much for them before, now that the have someone raising their children, they have become A LOT more protective once their babies are deemed worthy to grow to adulthood. And, as the Drow learned the hard way, you don't want to make a dragon come after you because of such a reason. So, today Thror, getting accompanied by his trusted general Mablung, travelled to a nursery that opened only recently, partly to make up for the ones lost in the fight against Victor: Thror: "Say, Mablung, why was it again that you have brown, pointy ears?" Mablung: "You know, Sire, there once was a Drow seeking refuge in the Fairy Forest. Seems like back then the elves weren't quite as hostile to their kin as they are today. And now, centuries later, here I am. But, my liege, I have told you this back when I fled from Avalonia and got accepted among your ranks, already." Thror: "True, but it never gets old. Anyway, let us begin with the inspection, shall we? This is not the only nursery we are going to visit until the sun sets. Onwards, call the foreman!" Mablung: "As you wish, my Lord." Thor: "I see, everything is still fresh and in nice shape. And the drakes are having a feast today, it seems?" Gold-Toothy: "Yes, me'Lord, w're ord'red ta feed a fatt pig an' a goat thus week. Tha pig went down a'right, but tha goat struggled a heckuva lot an' broke tha bar o' tha crane just a momen' 'go." Thror: "Well done, now back to work with you. Get this goat down there! And I want this crane repaired before I leave!" Grumpy Foreman: "It shall be done at once, my Lord." Mablung: "If you allow, Sire, the Dreeders do not quite live up to the glorious and proud men they are supposed to be according to your tales. Rather, to me they look more like your average thug unworthy to carry arms." Thror: "Like everything recently, they have been in decline, my good Mablung. See that foreman, he is a quiet man of work, unlike his two companions he is forced to live around." Mablung: "This may well be the case, Sire, but that bumpling crook down there may set a false ideal into new recruits if he were to be seen." Thror: "Nothing we cannot change immediately. Why else do you think no spy ever managed to escape our grasp? Definitely not because we have a lot of prisons. Rather, because the nurseries such as this one here serve just as good as executional grounds!" Mablung: "No wonder I had never heard of your people outside from legends, if not even the best spies of the AAG could make it out alive. Truly, a marvellous idea, Sire." Thor: "And as an aside, it also helps to make the drakes as ferocious on the battlefield as we want them." Bumbling Drunkard: "Aaaaaaaaaah!!!" *crunch* *snap* *munch* Thror: "Now that this matter is dealed with, we should move onwards to the next. And make haste, I do not want to have supper in the middle of the mountains!" Mablung: "Yes, my Lord. I shall call for our steeds without delay." As always, C&C are most welcome and more can be found on Flickr