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Found 6 results

  1. ~o☼o~ Swamp Faeries ~o☼o~ The Swamp Faeries (or "Forested Wet Land" Faeries if you prefer) live in family groups throughout the Moruth Swamplands, and make their homes out of the hollows of dead trees. They are quite shy, and are rarely seen except by those unfortunate enough to have their hands or feet bitten off by their double row of razor sharp teeth (they love the crunch of little bones). A picture of the swamp by itself: I thought I'd give a swamp moc a try...
  2. "The Ungolian are ancient, immortal creatures. They are named after the first of their kind, Queen Ungoliant of Underverse. She existed in a time when the continents occupied different positions, and humans, elves and dwarves had yet to exist. The Ungolians are creatures of incalculable malice, and their plans stretch on for millenia. To cross one is to entertain misery for all of your bloodline that follow after. Their carapace is incredibly tough, and only their eyes represent a weak spot, and coupled with their immortality, they are tough to kill, and many that exist today can remember their Queen as she was in her heyday before the coming of humans, elves and dwarves. Fortunately for Historica, Ungoliant herself perished when the first mages of the world banded together and tore her spirit from her body. She was the only female of her species, so numbers of Ungolians are few, and they largely stick to their homes atop the northern Rakath Mountains, preying on unwary travellers. They are possessed of eight limbs, which end in vicious claws, and their prehensile tails end in a barb that renders a victim utterly paralysed. There is no known cure, and the victims body cannot be moved from the position in which it is struck. Strangely, death seems to completely remove the toxins causing the paralysis, and limbs can be moved again after this. If a female Unglolian were ever to be found, it would spell certain doom for the world. For now, most remain blissfully ignorant." This is my third tribe, and first (and likely only) entry for the seocnd Nocturnus Tribes challenge. I didn't have as much time as I wanted to spend on it, as I had to go and teach Geography a hundred miles away from my bricks. I wanted to do a non-humanoid tribe, and I liked the idea of a giant arachniform. It's also my first go at putting snow in a MOC (see spoiler). I'm not too sure on the landscaping, but it'll have to do. Edit: yep, I stole the name from Tolkein. Edit 2: realised a bit of the story didn't make sense. C+C welcome Cheers!
  3. NiceMarmot

    Nocturnus Tribes: Blents

    The Nocturnus Black Ent, aka Blent, is a rare derivative of the common Ent. Once widespread, they are currently found mostly in Nocturnian forests, although a small tribe lives deep in the coastal forests of northeast Kaliphlin. The Blent is rarely seen, although it is extremely difficult to tell a sleeping Blent from a common Nocturnian evil tree, and Blents can sleep for years. Nocturnus Black Ent (Blent), by nice.marmot, on Flickr Blents have sparse foliage, and supplement photosynthesis with animals that they catch as they wander through the forest. They spend their lives (which can be thousands of years) tending to their patches of evil Nocturnian forest, which are shepherded to provide a supply of food in the form of forest animals. Thus woe to the ignorant Nocturnian who unknowingly cuts down trees in a forest with a Blent. Very few have survived an encounter with a hungry Blent bent on revenge. With amazingly strong limbs, extremely thick, tough bark, and an ironwood like interior, very little can harm a Blent, except a serious, large forest fire. For this reason, fire dragons are the Blents' worst enemy, and they have been known to gang up and hunt down dragons that move into their area. In general though, they tend to stay out of the affairs of other species, caring only about the health of their forest. Blents have an ancient culture, mostly made up of long, florid, epic poetry, which can take decades to recite. Although capable of modern speech, they usually communicate in their own tongue, which mostly consists of slow, deep subsonic rumblings that can propagate through the earth for miles.
  4. Lord Vladivus

    Nocturnus Tribes: The Caniban

    "The Caniban are a tribe of part-human cannibals. Rumour has it that their ancestors were bred with demons, and the tribe themselves do nothing to dissuade this notion. Their skin is a natural jet black, and they tattoo themselves with brightly coloured inks to distinguish their role within the tribe. The warrior caste are represented by red, the colour of the blood they spill, whilst the priests are represented by yellow, the colur of the poison they coat their sacrificial daggers with. The tribe's village is located at the base of the Rakath Mountains, on the Eastern side, level with the southernmost point of the Kelra Labyrinths. Here we can see a priest, guarded by a warrior, about to perform a sacrifice in the ruins of an ancient temple- the victim is a poor nomadic caveman from the Rakath Mountains. Left, Priest, and right, Warrior." Extra views: This is my second entry to the Nocturnus Tribes. C+C welcome! Cheers!
  5. Deep down below nocturnus, in the vast caverns, lies the realm of the house Baen'und. From time to time, they send their war parties to get wealth, slaves and glory. The torsos and faces are made with waterslide decals. The faces are based on original work from: "thepyromaster" (flickr), "redbean" (MCN) and "Capt. 5p8c3" (flickr), the torsos are various official parts recombined. The spider necklace is from redbean on MCN.
  6. "This particular tribe are named the Shkcklyk in their own tongue. Their species are more commonly referred to by the denizens of Historica as "Swamp People". Researchers from the University of Petrea have designated their species as Homo Swampius. They are distantly related to humans, and it is thought that they represent a divergent evolution millenia ago. Their diet is one of mainly fish, although, their digestive system can handle tough roots, and other meats. They live in the Moruth Swamps, and their dwellings are often hard to spot, as they utilise nature to it's fullest extent, using dank, dark caves. They rarely gather together, being predominantly solitary, and as such, there are no villages to come across, simply single houses. However, in times of peril, the tribe gathers together, and it is rumoured that the swamps themselves come alive at their command, and travellers and enemies alike vanish in the thick cloying liquid mud that makes up much of the Moruth Swamps. Despite their nature, they form a vital part of the swamp ecosystem, as they herd many of the dangerous creatures away from the few trade routes through the Swamp, a fact that the local Lords and Tyrants often fail to recognise." This is my first (possibly only, I have a couple of other ideas, need to see if I can do them justice) entry for the Nocturnus Tribes. C+C welcome!