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Found 31 results

  1. Always loved the unique design of the Arwings from Starfox. Many cool Arwing MOCs already out there but with this I especially aimed for the classic blocky design from the original game (which is the best, imo) and I tried to keep it as small and simple but also as recognizable and playable as possible. Now that Lego has partnered with Nintendo a Lego Starfox franchise might be a thing?!?
  2. Here is my video review on the new 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System: THE GOOD: Great building experience for both the NES and TV. The console really captures the look of the NES. The TV is definitely one of the best build so far this year in my opinion. The TV action showing Mario jumping around is great. Printed pieces. There are only 3 stickers in this set. Works ever so well with LEGO Super Mario. The little easter egg added to the NES is nice little touch. THE NOT SO GOOD (Really nip picking here): TV is more interesting than the console :P The game pak eject mechanism can be improved. Missing AC adaptor and actual connection from the console to the TV ... lol Overall, I love this set. The building experience was great and the end result is very very good. I'm surprised how well the Super Mario level works. Although it's one hell of a mission to align all those 1x1 tiles. There are so much packed into the TV. The console is also great, it's realistic and the way you are able to interact with the game pak and controller are great. Also, all those printed pieces!!! It's also interesting how the TV is designed, it's quite easy to switch the moving parts. I wonder if LEGO is planning to add expansion to this. (e.g. different game pak different game on screen?) Totally recommend this and definitely adding the LEGO Super Mario adds more fun to this.
  3. PenPlays

    Nintendo Discussion

    I think (as well a some of you probably) would agree that it is high time for a full on discussion thread solely devoted to anything Nintendo. Discussions can include (but aren't limited to) new software and console news, personal experiences and suggestions for games, etc. Sharing 3DS friend codes is also a wonderful idea. NOTE: Plenty of discussion on Super Smash Bros. has already gone underway here. Feel free to leave more intense Super Smash Bros. discussing there.
  4. TimeCruiser

    [MOC] Nintendo Switch

    I have built a scale model of the Nintendo Switch video game console, featuring controllers that are detachable in a realistic manner, and the ability for the screen to be built in either direction. I have shown it at my local LEGO convention before, but have more recently built the red controllers and alternate tile screen option. Above is a version of the screen built with studs toward the top of the Switch, depicting Link climbing a mountain against a backdrop of a sunset over Hyrule, from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Below is a version of the screen built with studs toward the face of the Switch, but using 1x1 tiles to maintain a smooth pixelated surface for the screen, depicting the Master Sword in its pedestal in the Lost Woods, also from The Legend of Zelda. The controller attachment uses a combination of parts 30586 (Plate 2 x 8 with Door Rail) and 60478 (Plate 1 x 2 with Handle on End), which allows the controllers to slide unidirectionally in a method that I have not seen used in a set, though I have not verified that it has never been done before. Instead of the typical use as a hinge, I have used parts 3937 and 3938 for providing a slight indent to accommodate the rail, without the loss of structural stability that would occur from just having a gap or using a 1x2 panel. I have not yet built a controller grip for the "Joy-Con" controllers to attach to when separated from the screen, but the sliding mechanism is compact enough to not pose a problem. I have only built the controllers out of red and dark bluish gray / medium stone due to limited availability of the curved parts 30357, 30565, and 85080 (or 3063). To facilitate the screen being built at a consistent depth in either direction I have used 2x2 jumper plates, since the hollow studs provide a half-plate depth against the face of a plate or brick, but get covered by the tubes of 2x plates beneath the tiles. The console (excluding screen) contains 94 or 96 parts, depending on which screen style is attached. Each "Joy-Con" controller contains 47 parts, thus 94 parts for one pair of controllers. The screen with studs toward the top of the Switch contains 203 parts as shown, but is quite variable upon the design. The tile screen contains 180 tiles supported by 10 plates. Below are the separated sections of the build, for which the total part count of what is shown comes to 679 (92+2+4+94+94+203+180+10). I have submitted the idea on the LEGO Ideas website, and if anyone is inclined to support the product idea, that would be appreciated. If anyone has questions or feedback, feel free to comment below.
  5. I'm not entirely sure this is the right forum section, but I couldn't think of a better one :) So, here's a little contraption I've built with two goals: 1. Take NES console and make it 100% portable and 2. Make it feel like you're playing on an arcade cabinet. I hope NES Classic Mini owners will like that.
  6. kreimkoek

    [MOC] 8-bit Mario

    Hi there, I made a Mario 8-bit based on the 30th anniversary Amiibo. I had to change to reddish brown for the torso part because my dark tan was depleted. :p More pictures on my Flickr page Have a good Sunday!
  7. Here is a second built made for french exhibition Brick A Dole 2017. It's a mix between a mosaïc and a brick built scene of a famous game of the 80's on Nintendo NES Castlevania. The mosaïc represents the introduction logo of the 1986 game. The scene tries to reproduce most of the game features : pot roast in the wall, skeletons throwing bones, zombies and torches. Both are clutched on a 48x48 baseplate placed in a vertical position. Hope you will enjoy it ! castlevania by 7857 Fabien, sur Flickr
  8. Ready to go back in time to the 80's? Dust off that NES and controllers and join me in bringing these blasts from the past back to life! i created a small project that features two of my favorite nes games metriod and megaman project includes: 2 NES game cartridges and stands (this are built to the same size as the real games) 2 stickers for the game lables to make this dispay authentic 4 minifigures with 100% exclusive printing these figures include: -Megaman -Protoman and -Samus -Zero Suit Samus sorry about all the stuff covering it, i just have a lot of my work stolen so im trying to cover myself anyway hope you like my work so far, ive submitted it to lego ideas so hopefully that goes well
  9. Some time ago, I built my own versions of The Three Dragons from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are Naydra, Farosh and Dinraal. Naydra by Flickshot30, on Flickr Farosh by Flickshot30, on Flickr Dinraal by Flickshot30, on Flickr Bit of a spoiler alert: Naydra is based on Nayru, goddess of wisdom; Farosh, on Farore the goddess of courage; and Dinraal, on Din the goddess of power. The dragons could be found in the Lanayru, Faron and Eldin regions of Hyrule, respectively. Anyways, each dragon has fully articulated bodies, heads, claws and tails, and can be posed in whatever pose one would like. Though special notice must be made about the legs; they may not articulate the right way the first time so some fiddling is in order. The LXF files are on my Bricksafe page for downloading. That's all for now. Se ya soon!
  10. This is the first MOC I present here on EB. It's a large scale figure of Link from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time measuring around 1 foot/ 30 cm tall. He has 14 joints of articulation so he can be posed in several positions. This is also the first time that I have submitted a model to LEGO Ideas and it would be much appreciated if you could support and share if you like this model. Here's the link (no pun intended) to the project: Link to Ideas
  11. Hi everyone. I have just summited this Donkey Kong on Lego Ideas few days ago. I have showed many photos about my Donkey Kong Lego Ideas on the following links. Check it out. Many thanks.
  12. BrickWild

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone looking forward to getting their hands on the new Nintendo Switch? I'd say it's a very ingenious device with detachable controllers!
  13. Pate-keetongu

    [MOC] Samus Aran

    I've built Samus Aran of Metroid game series couple of times before, in Power Suit and Zero Suit, but never in correct orangeshade. Now I felt I had hoarded enough of it and gave a try. Samus is cool as she has so brightly coloured armor compared to many grippy game heroes. More on Cyclopic Bricks.
  14. Swan Dutchman

    [MOC] Koopa Troopa

    A Koopa Troopa is a common enemy in Nintendo’s Mario games, although sometimes the turtle-like creature can be Mario’s ally. They have removable shells in different colours with red and green being the most common. The shells are very popular in the Mario series because of their many uses. Koopa Troopa looks so cute I just had to build him with LEGO. As you can see he is quite posable.
  15. Its finally here! After more than two years of blood sweat and tears I bring you Hyrule Castle! This MOC has been completed for a few months but I neglected to post it here. Hope you all enjoy. More pics on my flickr!
  16. A wiggler is a caterpillar-like creature in Nintendo’s Mario games. They are typically yellow, but turn red when angered. Wigglers are depicted as normally being calm and happy, but when angered, become dangerous and run frantically. But hey... wouldn’t you turn mad when someone jumps on you like Mario does?
  17. It's Metroid's 30th anniversary, so I'm doing a few builds to celebrate! This one is the big green, mean dinosaur boss Kraid! Back: Metroid, Samus and all related names, images, etc. are property of Nintendo Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. View it on flickr!
  18. Pate-keetongu

    MOC: Palutena

    Today's character build is Palutena, a goddess of Light from Nintendo's Kid Icarus games... Though my insipiration comes from Smash Brothers, obviously. This MOC was rather tricky, especially the arms; It's hard to make them sturdy yet flexible in tan. There is more photos on my blog Cyclopic Bricks. Enjoy.
  19. Pate-keetongu

    MOC: King Dedede

    My newest creation: King Dedede from Nintendo's Kirby and Super Smas Bros. games! King Dedede is Kirby's nemesis and a vert fat Penquin. Dedede's round shapes and pattern were rather challenging. I also took some liberties with the head to make is look funnier and slightly sillier. It was also nice to work with bright colors, as my creations often tend to use lot of brown and greys. There are more pictures&talk on my blog, as always. Enjoy!
  20. Cecilie

    Koopaling's airship

    I built this airship, in the style of the newer Mario games, to showcase my Koopalings at Brickworld Koopalings' airship by Cecilie Fritzvold, on Flickr
  21. Swan Dutchman

    MOC: Kirby

    Hi everyone, I wanted to show my latest build. It's Kirby, one of my most favourite Nintendo characters. You can find a HD image on my Flickr-page:
  22. Swan Dutchman

    [MOC] Rayman and Teensies

    Hello fellow members, The last couple of days I posted a little series of figures from the Rayman games on Flickr. Today, I finished my Rayman project with a group shot of Rayman and the little helpers called Teensies. It's been a lot of fun designing and building them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do Greetz, swan dutchman
  23. This was also one of my builds for the Dual of Pirates over at, with the dark tan ladder seed piece. I initially just built the 7 Koopalings, but then I also added Bowser Jr. after I lost the duel, and made him the trophy for Fujiia For those who don't know who the Koopalings are (shame on you!) they are the original 7 world-bosses from Super Mario Bros. 3 (for NES). They have since had a long break, before having been revived as bosses in some of the New Super Mario Bros games. Bowser Jr. was originally introduced in Super Mario Sunshine, but has since had much more screen time than the Koopalings. Original artwork: Their current design: My original picture of them somewhat mimicked their poses in the picture above: The Koopalings by cecilihf, on Flickr But I have since taken individual pictures of them all. Roy and Morton are quite similarly built, but differently colored. Roy was the one I built first of all of them. Larry and Lemmy are the smallest ones. And yes, Lemmy can actually balance on the ball without any supports. But it is very hard to find the exact spot where he is in balance, and get him to stay there Wendy is the only female Koopaling, and is the most different design compared to the others. Ludwig's hair was the hardest to figure out how to do. Iggy's head is a bit top heavy, so it doesn't stay very well in place . Bowser Jr. has a bigger nose than the others, so I tried to make his face a bit different to emphasize his nose. And finally, a picture of the trophy with Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. - DoP trophy by cecilihf, on Flickr
  24. Hello fellow Eurobrick-ers, Ash & Pikachu from Combee!, on Flickr. I started working on this last fall but took a long break and just recently finished it up. Originally I was pretty happy about using the new Mixel ball joints on him but, after having built him, they make him pretty unstable. Thank you for looking!
  25. Hi, all. I just finished another movie. It is a first in a new series. Enjoy!