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Found 2 results

  1. Commander Beltar

    [K - A04] Some Old Friends...

    Location: A04 Myndernis Tags: Spying (PauL is…), Building (Kind of...) ============================================================================================================================ Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part 013 Beltar: Ugh, really computer? This contact better be worth it….The smell is getting to me. Computer: Well, you have met them before. Jebadiah: Are you sure the man is coming? Robin: He will my friend! *Loud Noise* Beltar: *Cough* COMPUTER! THESE ARE YOUR CONTACTS! REALLY! I UNDERSTAND ROBIN, BUT HIM AGAIN! Beltar: So just how did you guys host this escape? Jeb: Your computer contacted me, and told me to contact Robinhood here. We then had some…inside…help. Robin: That is mostly correct! Beltar: There we go. Little trace. Computer: Wait. Beltar: Huh? Jeb: ? Robin what iz it robot! Computer: Wait. Computer: I’m getting 2 AIs’ in the vicinity. One is deactivated. But… Beltar: WHAT? Are you certain it isn't you? Computer: Affirmative. The other one One is active. Standard protocols mean that they should be deactivated before being thrown into the recycling plant. *Random Noise* PauL: Ksskkzzz…Orders Revived. Beltar: WOAH, PAUL? WHAT? WHO OPENED THOSE? *All say not them…* PauL: Hello there. *Random magnet clicking and coming from the trash on the other side* PauL: My designation is aPauLo-14. You killed my cousin. Prepare to be caught. (Or Die) Beltar: What. The. Absolute. H*ll. Computer: I think we should leave. Robin: Agreed. Jeb: Agreed. Robin: I will hold him off. Go my friends! Beltar: But.. Robin: GO! PauL: You are very brave archer. Foolish. But brave. Robin: Ahaha! PauL: Surrender. Robin: Never. PauL: Very well then. Such a waste of a possible asset. Robin: … PauL: Eliminate Him. Madame Kawashita commands it. Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 013 ============================================================================================================================ Thanks for reading this installment in Beltar’s story! Hope you like the build and story! Oh no! What will happen to Robin? Anyways, I spent the extra week working on SoNE and the PTV Contest, so this isn't as great as I had planned...And the story was more of a filler for what was going to be "Alone Against K.A.W.A.S.H.I.T.A.". And as always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  2. Commander Beltar

    [K - A04] 'Stranded'

    Location: A04, Myndernis Tags: Military, Spaceship, Land Veichle ============================================================================================================================ Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part: 009: “THAT BACKSATABIN’ IDIOT! Paul: Sir, We are breaching the upper atmosphere, the windshield cannot withstand this amount of pressure at the speed we are coming in. Also, some form of acid is melting off the grey plating. We have got to pull up! B: I can land this hunk of junk. I gotta. She’ll hold together. YOU’D BETTER HOLD TOGETHER! PauL: The windshield is cracking. Sir! SIR! B: Ah SHUT UP AND LET ME FLY THIS THING … PauL: SIR, PULL UP! *Boom* *The cockpit of the Heart of Aesomnium slides across the rugged terrain on Myndernis* B: Ughh---That. Was fun. Really reminded me of the old days. BUT SERIOUSLY, WHY DID WE END UP HERE? PauL: I…kzkkk..don’t know. B: So, we gotta pass the time somehow. How are you today? PauL: Sir, I’m ‘jammed’, I can’t get out of the socket. B: That’s..great…Ship Status Report? PauL: Engine is shot black, almost out of reserve power, 96.4% of the controls are broken, and a lot of other functions are broken. B: Wonderful. Any idea when rescue is coming? PauL: Assuming they have a base on this planet, within the next 24 Hours. B: Okay. Wait. One sec, I gotta move. B: Alright, all better now. PauL: Sir, I would not advise sitting on that ground. B: I’LL BE FINE! GOT IT? PauL: Siryessir. Mysterious Figure: Oh ho! What iz zis? A fine specimen! B: WHO ARE YOU, GET LOST, AWAY YOU MANTIS SCUM? Mysterious figure: Oh nono! I am none of this Mantis thou speak off! B: WHAT DO YOU WANT? Mysterious figure: Allow me to introduz myzelf firzt! Robinhood: I. Am ze Robinhood! Beltar: What. The. H*** You’re a…fairy tale character? Aren’t you? Robinhood: Oh no no! I was one of the original astronauts sent to map this galaxy, but I went missing on purpose due to the lack of thou fair pay! And you can call me Robin! B: Then what do you even want? Robinhood: Well, stuff! Iz rare to find good free ztuff around! B: Let me see what I have around. B: Alright, this is all I got, a sword and a drill. Robinhood: Oh, thank you! Not that nice little robot though? B: Well. He’s mine, and he’s ‘jammed’. Robinhood: Oh PauL: Sir, I’m not ‘jammed’ but I really am jammed! B: Yeah yeah yeah. Hey Robin, isn’t that a Kawashita cycle? Robin: That? Oh no no! I got this…Awhile…ago…From a group of people that gave it to me. B: Alright. Leave. Now. Robinhood: Alright thou friend! Beltar Wait. Where was that settlement that you got it from? Robinhood: Oh, about 4 clicks north! Bye now! B: WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT! Robinhood: Till we meet again friend! I will always take stuff to give to the aliens! B: F*** This is even better PauL: That cycle was clearly Kawashita property sir. B: I know I know, I didn’t wanna fight a real Robinhood. After that crash. I’ve probably got a broken rib right now, and a couple others. B: Alright, let’s get you unjammed. PauL: Wait. Sir. That’s not- PauL: Necessary…If I was a human. That would’ve really hurt. B: Why? PauL: I find this form very…demeaning. It’s too small. And well, I quite liked it in there because I didn’t have to worry about the…lava. PauL: Alright. Now let’s just sit here. B: You got it. PauL: You know this reminds me of a mission I did for the company I worked for before Kawash- That’s not a…very…..interesting story. Beltar thought: “Wow. He’s lying for once…” B: Alright. You gotta tell me about it later though. If later means in the afterlife. Cause I don’t…see..any ship coming for..miles… Epilogue: Pilot: This is Rouge Four, I’ve found them. I repeat this is Rouge Four, I’ve found them. Pilot: This is Rouge Four coming in for a landing. Beltar: Iss…that… PauL: Rescue. Pilot: Come on in, you’ll be taken to a hostpital for a short while. Then redeployed. Beltar: Fuunnn.. PauL: I really need a recharge. Beltar: Lets go…’home’…PauL.. PauL: Si-? Pilot: By the way, friends, out scavengers will be here shortly, so fear not, we have not lost all of the HoA! Medical Record: Dr. SF: Oh wow, again. At least its not Project Paradise again. Hm…Not bad. He should be ready for redeployment in…less than 24 Hours. PauL: To where? Dr.SF: First, to help our dear Koro, then he will be placed on Terrial Major for the rest of the week. While you receive repairs and get transferred back into your normal body. Beltar: Thh—eee--_Fiileesss____ Dr.SF: What is he saying? PauL: Probably…something. ‘random’ Dr.SF: What’s your truth setting? PauL: ‘98%‘ And of course. That was a lie. Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 009 ============================================================================================================================ More pictures in the spoiler! (Because I take too many! ) Thanks for reading this chapter in Beltar’s story! How many times did PauL lie? And should I bring back Robin in future builds? Yes, this was a very large story set up build if people think that I should continue with those. Hope you enjoyed! C and C welcome! ~Beltar Edit: Also this is the prequel to Koro's and Mediumsnowman's build.