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Found 6 results

  1. Port Wilks, June, 621 It has been some time since we've seen our young first mate - now captain of the Fog-Breaker - Myles Bowditch, but in the last few years he managed to build up a little fortune in trading both for himself and for the ETWC, and now with a part of that - inspired, possibly, by the activity around the new ETWC agent just arrived in the area - he had just built and outfitted a new flour mill on the river that skirts the Port Wilks settlement. It was bright and early one morning soon after the mill had been fitted out and begun to run that Myles stood awaiting the arrival of a certain well-known and eccentric Eslandolan captain, and as the sound of a coach's wheels rattling along the path met his ears he looked up to see Captain Whiffo rolling up in a carriage that probably belonged to the mayor (if you know why then kudos for following the storyline and having a crazy good memory! ). "Well, Captain Bowditch - so things have been sailing fairly with you, mate?" inquired Captain Whiffo after the first cordialities were dispensed with. "Excellently indeed, captain," reply our hero, "but I'm afraid the sinking of our one company's ship seems to have been a bit of a damper on the general spirits." "Oh right - the WSWHPTOE. 'Twas a most unfortunate turn for it to go down on its first expedition," Captain Whiffo stroked his chin thoughtfully. "I think it was the WDTPTOE?" "Right," replied Captain Whiffo, shaking his head - "the WDTSTOP. At any rate, whatever they named it we really ought to sistership it promptly, and the Henri as well. Arr, but have I been out of a ship for too long!" "Indeed," replied Myles pensively (thinking, perhaps, about how difficult it would be to spell the WDTPTOE II - of was it the WDTSTOE II?) "I heard you bought some tulips recently, Capt'n?" "Oh yes, quite the rage," replied Captain Whiffo contentedly, quite happy to hear that the news had got about. "Now there is a notion for the cargo of the WDTPTOS II!" "Not a bad idea at all," Myles answered, beginning to pace up and down, "I might have to buy a cargo hold of it for the Fog-Breaker's next voyage as well." "A capital idea," and Captain Whiffo began to clang his saber in his hook, as he always did when excited upon the subject of capital, "just the thing once we get the ETWC once more to its rightful place plying the trading seas!" "Have you heard of the new currency in Corrington?" asked Captain Bowditch after some more details had been satisfactorily settled. "No." "You wouldn't like to," laughed Myles, his mind running on schillings and six-pnence. The clanging stopped and Captain Whiffo's face grew serious, for the topic of money always was extraordinarily important to him - but ask as he would he could get no more out of Myles about it, for the young captain had decided he'd rather not be around when that explosion took place. A few more details later the two parted ways amiably, the one to prepare his vessel for its next voyage and the other to ask everyone he met about the new currency until he had gotten to the bottom of it. But unbeknownst to them, a small, unseen pair of ears had been listening carefully all this while. "Pieces of eight!" ejaculated Captain Nordau's parrot softly in surprise, with a low whistle... Hey y'all! Another build from me - I really wanted to use this waterwheel for BoBS after building it for the Summer Joust and am really happy with how the scene came together! So fun to use a bunch of Kai's yellow leaves as well! Otherwise just a medium mill for Port Wilks and a list of all the stuff I need to build for my convenience (and to help me remember)! - and a sistership build for the Henri (now the Whiffo's Riposte). Haven't forgot about Captain Whiffo's duel storyline either, but it's about time that one way or another we finally get our captain back on the seas! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  2. Having seen things satisfactorily settled for the present in Terreli, much to his delight and the amusement of all others, Captain Whiffo had sent Myles off with the Second Mate to the shipwrights of the Capital to commission the preparation of a new ETWC sloop at the shortest notice possible... and, finding that "the shortest notice possible" exceeded his own ideas of propriety (which were quite unique, by the way), he sailed off instantly to return to the New World, leaving a letter behind him at the hotel to let his mates know what was up. But, as the reader has probably guessed, it wasn't very elucidating - yet notwithstanding, our ingenious First Mate got as much out of it as practicable, and proceeded to take temporary command of the Fog-Breaker, to go and attempt to find his eccentric Captain somewhere to the east of Terraversa... Fair skies and fair winds soon saw them off in the direction of Pontelli... Our randomly promoted (at least for now) First Mate: And, the Second Mate by the wheel: The newest addition to the ETWC Eslandolan fleet, the Fog-Breaker is a fast trading sloop, built strong enough to weather the toughest gale, and yet sleek enough to cut through the water far faster than most of its possible enemies. Notwithstanding, it is armed with an 18 pounder in the bow, and the crew have weapons enough to be armed to the teeth. Like my other ship, as well, it has a full interior, accessible by the removable deck - which, unlike last time, note, is actually easily removable! Instead of studs-up I went for an entirely SNOTted deck that sits inside the hull connected by the stud on the bottom half of the mast, and the rigging was designed with the removable deck in view (also unlike last time! ) The ship's-cook (those guys always seem to have a difficult life, for some reason ) And the cabin. Given the raised quarterdeck, the two parts came off separately - and thankfully the quarterdeck didn't have any rigging in the way! The bow and cannon: And a few random rigging shots which I thought were too cool to do away with! The fighting-top: And a top-down view: And, wrapping up with a couple of overviews: And the crew - left to right, the ship's cook, a nondescript sailor, the Second Mate, the First Mate (previously Second Mate of the Henri), and Myles Bowditch, temporary Captain: And lastly the classic shot (just leaving Terreli - at least, that's my excuse for my photo-setup being surrounded by trees, ) Well, well, about this ship - This was supposed to be an experiment to find out how quickly I could build a ship, but as I got distracted about the middle of the building process and took a break to build my large-ish Weyworth Keep which swallowed up about two months, I'm afraid it ended up taking even longer than my last! Nevertheless, it's been sitting around (the pictures, that is - the rest didn't last very long! ) for about a month or so waiting for me to get around to editing them. But that said, here it is, so enjoy! On another note, I'm rather wondering what I ought to licence this as, so suggestions are quite welcome! I was planning on building a 2F for my free licence, but it ended up getting a bit out of hand, and Kai says she'd probably make it a 4 (Note that the full-scale sails do seem to dwarf it, so you'll have to scale it by the minifigs on deck ). I'm thinking a 3F would probably be the best fit... And, as I mentioned for the next time I used it, I've got a tutorial for the cannon design ready (though I don't think it's all that complicated or too original ), but I'm not quite sure if I should dedicate an entire new topic to it or if that (probably) is a bit much... Regardless, anyhow, thanks for viewing, C&C are always more than welcome!
  3. The Henri had dropped anchor in Pontelli some time before - plenty of time for Alberto da Pontelli, at least to have some rather noticeable experiments which quite justified de Chauncourtois' opinion to most of the crew - when Myles and Dirk (the second mate) discovered that a printer had set up shop in the town, and went in to take a look. They found that enterprising worthy working away furiously at his press - so much so, in fact, that his two apprentices found it rather difficult to keep up with him - and muttering a heap of things about fountains and journals and gold and fortune, about fortune and gold and journals and fountains - and so on. Dirk winked at the first mate with a grin and laughed, and Myles went down to see what was up with the eccentric printer. "My dear sir!" began the printer on seeing Myles in front of him, lifting up the sheet he had just removed from his press and trying to catch his breath, "Look at this! All of Nova Terra will soon be scrambling! Not to mention that it will be the making of my own fortune in selling all of these!" "Ha ha!" he went on, handing a sheet to Myles, "I knew that Rhys Thompson would be the making of me!" Myles glanced down at the paper. "The journal of Father Tholeau, and the Quest for the Fountain of Youth" ... A few more shots: The last part of the collab, but not of the storyline! Stay tuned for more soon! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  4. Garmadon

    Off to Pontelli!

    The next morning Captain Whiffo and his first and second mate strode into the ship builders office again. "Sir," exclaimed the director, still elated by the events of the preceding evening, "there she be, ratlines and rigging tight, and all in all quite seaworthy!" "Haha!" replied the Captain, and, turning to the mates, he exclaimed, "prepare the crew by high tide, and we shall be off at once!" "Uh, Cap'in," replied the second mate, "you do know you've given us exactly five minutes?" "Pshaw!" responded the captain, "well, then make it five and a half. We're off to Pontelli, me hearties!" Five and a half minutes later the anchor was up, and the Henri sailed out into the uncharted waters of adventure. A few hours later, as the first watch went below, Captain Whiffo sent for his first mate in his cabin. "Mr. Bowditch, sir," he began, "as you can see, we be hear, and need to get somewhere over there to Pontelli." That was now taken care of. "Before we left, by the by," went on the Captain, "I went over to see Wilkinson, and he informed me that he had settled the whole mayor thing, and I have his letter to Alberto de Pontelli right here. Let's see," he cleared his throat. To Alberto de Pontelli Terreli, 23rd of April, 616 As mentioned earlier, your experiments in the area of using the phlogiston extracted from Oleonish wine to lift pieces of cloth with other various oddities of a round and brownish hue - in short, with coconuts - into the air, convinced me that your worthy self would make a most excellent mayor for the settlement of Pontelli - though, also, as mentioned previously, either Colonel Brickinson or some other person willing (or not) would be the one who would have to do all the work involved in the post. I give you, sir, my congratulations, and hope that you may have a long and prosperous life (at least as long as may be reasonably expected, given one with your own occupation), and that you will avoid blowing up (or down) more houses in the settlement than necessary for the pursuit of science. I sincerely hope that this letter reaches you in good health - in short, in a pre-poisoned, exploded, burst, or other uncomfortable condition, and that you will enjoy and make the most of your new and honorable position. Yours, E. T. Wilkinson de Chauncourtois "Well, well," continued the Captain, "there is a fine end to that business. That is all!" The second mate soon after came down and called on the Captain. "Compliments, sir," he declared, saluting, "the weather looks fine, sir, and Terreli has just faded astern." "Very well then sir," replied Captain Whiffo, "I shall go topside then and see what's up with that Oleon passenger guy." Meanwhile Myles had checked that all the cannon, powder, and balls were prepared for any time at which they might be needed. Pirates and other enemies (well, for all practical purposes they were pirates too...) swarmed the seas, and though the Henri could easily outrun most of the other ships east of Terraversa, it were always best to be prepared. Off they were to sea, at last, and to the Pontelli - the first mate smiled a bit as he thought of de Chauncourtois' letter, and though he likewise did hope that they would arrive to find the new mayor (well, soon to be, that is) in a pre-exploded state, it was undoubtedly just a tad eccentric to actually declare as much. The second mate: The interior: I was quite surprised to find how little interior room (comparatively speaking) there was in such a large-ish ship, but I tried to make the most of what I had! The cook: And a couple of unedited overview shots: The crew (well, most of the crew was actually below deck when I took the first pictures, and above when I took the interior shots, so they don't show up here - at least, that was the excuse they gave! ): It's finally ready! The Henri took a little over one month to build, and a little less than that to edit (I did have a lot of other things to do, btw!) A fast trading ship (I'm think Class 7 or 8F, but I won't be licencing it for a while yet), the Henri has a complete interior, an armament broadside of three 18 pounders, and a very exhausting amount of rigging! She is owned and commanded by Captain Whiffo, a high ranking member of the ETWC. Myles Bowditch (my sig-fig) is the first mate and navigator, and the second mate is the guy behind the wheel (if the story didn't make that clear!). The Henri was greatly inspired by the Putnam and Koen's awesome De Ruyer Frigate, which was a lot of help, especially with the rigging - which, by the way, I believe I only had to redo completely once, due to the wind (it was blowing a hurricane when I went out to take pictures!) blowing the white posterboard down on it from above (when I discovered the 17-18th century ships were apparently not rigged with such a possibilty in mind!) Thanks for viewing, C&C are always welcome!
  5. Yawn! The director of one of Terreli's best shipyards leaned back in his armchair and was drowsily fighting off an overwhelming sensation that sleep would, just then, be a highly desirable thing. However, just as he had really decided that there was no point fighting it any longer, the door burst open and another customer strode in. Siting up with an effort, the director observed an ETWC captain with a huge hat and quite a uniform standing before him. Humph. "Sir," exclaimed the Captain, "I must say that this is becoming absolutely ridiculous! Simply because I ordered the fastest ship yet to sail to the opposite side of the Sea of Storms is no reason whatsoever that it should take such an incredibly lengthy time to build it! Two months, I'll say! One to build the thing, and the other to go through whatever rest of the process you people do. I said on the double, sir! Absolutely ridiculous!" "I am quite sorry for the delay sir," replied the ship builder with affected meekness, "but I am afraid that, even on the double, there is no conceivable way such a vessel could be prepared in less than one month more. You know the saying," he looked up an grinned, "the tide and the ship builder hurry for no man." "I know nothing of the sort!" replied the Captain, "you made that saying up yourself but five seconds ago!" And with that he emptied a pile of gold coins onto the table. "Why in that case," replied the other, "In that case there shall be no problem whatever! Your ship shall be ready tomorrow!" "Eslandolan ship builders!" laughed the Captain on his way out, "Humph!" The clock and desk: Seems like I've finally got this started, phew! This was a quick and fun little build, but I hope to get that ship which I worked on for a lot longer up soon! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  6. Myles Bowditch strode down the crowded street of Eslandola's capital, Terreli, the world's largest port as well as its wealthiest city. Eslandola had grown rapidly during the last few years, and its merchants sailed around the far and wide - and the East Trade Wind Company, headquartered in the capital, had grown along with it. Strolling along he spotted the city's traders, merchants, sailors, and nobles, along with a visitor or two from Oleon and Corrington. There was that rascally Guy Wyndzon as well, the young leader of the Merchant's Colonial Trading Company. Myles had nothing personally against him, and in fact was rather glad that he had showed up, prompting Sir E. T. Wilkinson de Chauncourtois, the head of the ETWC, to more drastic measures about trading in the newly discovered islands. Yes, it was undoubtedly a good thing that Wyndzon had stepped up when he did, for thanks to him Myles Bowditch was setting out as first mate of an ETWC ship to the new islands even sooner than he had hoped for. He was headed out for adventure and discovery, for gold and country! - and the East Trade Wind Company. A build for Eslandola's introduction thread, thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!