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Found 1 result

  1. Exetrius Saga 1: Fallen leaf 2: Message in Kyrrath Episode 3: Equipment Upgrade Ever since he departed from Kyrrath, Exetrius had been thinking about the message from his father. It raised all sorts of questions; why did his father want him to stay away from the business in the North? The Algus were being defeated throughout Historica, did they really still pose a threat? Was the great Onicius severely underestimating the power of his own son? Or was there something else going on in the North... something so important, secret and dangerous that this was a protective, fatherly measure? The letter raised questions, but didn't contain a single clue, so it seemed. He had wondered what the right course of action should be. Along the way, he realized that his father had never prevented him from going somewhere after he had reached adulthood. His father wasn't the type of person to joke around, so he probably had good reasons for this. Besides, an unprepared adventure to Mitgardia and the Frozen Beyond would most likely result in death. Even if he were well-prepared (i.e. with enough food, winter-proof clothing, good battle equipment, a traveling companion), it would take take days or weeks to get there, while his father might have already finished the job and returned home. Despite his burning desire to seek for the truth, Exetrius had decided that it would be wisest to return to headquarters in Zotharith. While crossing the Moruth Swamplands, he encountered a hut that appeared to be a potion shop, as far as he could tell from the sign above the door. It looked vaguely familiar. If the owner could make a living of selling his wares in this wilderness, that should mean the offered goods are of great quality, he reasoned. Time to have a closer inspection! As he walked up to the door, a creaky voice cried: "Only good stuff! Come in! Rraah!" Slightly reticent, he entered. A smile of relief came to his face: it was only a parrot. From somewhere behind a curtain in the back of the hut, a dark voice muttered and footsteps neared. Yoba "Ah Chico, we have another one! Let's hope he brings us a bag of money.. Welcome to Yoba's Shop, traveler! Looking for somth...? A small head stared a him in silence for a moment, glanced back at something behind the curtain and then again at Exetrius. Yoba "I can't believe my eyes... It's.. our lucky day, Chico!" Exetrius "Uhm.. Pleased to meet you, I think?" Yoba "There is no doubt, you must be the son of Onicius! I am sincerely honored with your visit, sir! Is there something particular with which I can be at your service?" Exetrius "Well, actually I was just looking around for a little... but I don't have much to..." Yoba "I can offer runes, potions, weapons.. enchantments, eh armour, also!" Exetrius "Ah, I'd like to see what kind of armour you have in store." Yoba "But right away, m'lord! I will be back in a moment." He disappeared behind the curtain again. Funny guy... little old Yoba, Exetrius thought to himself. He looked around in the shop. Interesting stuff... The labels weren't all that trustworthy to his eye, though. Suddenly, someone tapped him on his shoulder. He turned around and found his sister, smiling brightly, right in front of his nose. It was bewildering to find her here! He hadn't seen her for a while, since she had been doing an intensive training on martial arts and assassinations with the 'Black taskforce', somewhere outside headquarters. Some small talk followed, and then he informed her about the letter. She happened to know that there was nothing unusual to remark in Zotharith, a few days back... strange! Yoba returned. He had clearly heard the conversation, as he carried a whole pile of goods with him; armour of different types, weapons, cloakes, gloves, everything helpful to survive an ice age in the North of the Beyond; it was a rather comic sight. In the end, Exetrius left in a new attire (not sure if it was useful or not, but hey.. it was a bargain!), with a handful of runes and an upgraded staff from some special type of wood, and his sister with a kind of hammer that he offered her at the last minute. They waved him goodbye and together they continued on their way to Zotharith. To be continued.... in the next episode: Subjection of a legend Hello folks, I'm back with a build! My first swamp build, mostly inspired by of my fellow Nocty guild members. C&C very much appreciated!