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Found 1 result

  1. Evening kiddies. Got bored a little while back and chucked a few more alterations on 8868. Couple of pics and two short videos should be self explanatory of the bulk of it. First off, a question. I've tried to measure it and i'm getting a ratio for the half width bush groove vs the 6 hole pulley of 3 1/2 to one, and for the large two holed older steering wheel pulley of 5 1/4 to one. Any one got any definitive figures on these perhaps? Thanks in advance. I have added a simple 2 ratio set of gears at the front with a 12/20 or 16/16 combo which when used with the two variable pulley setups i put in place of 1:1 and it seems 3.5:1 make ratios of crankshaft to rear wheel of 3.33:1, 2:1, and an overdrive of 0.95 or 0.57:1 available. No need for any gearbox of course but thought why not. Theres a triangle liftarm as a floating brace to help stop gearshaft spread as i have no three full hole half width liftarm to go there. The 12/20 is reversed from my last build of the set as now instead of my wanting a less loaded drivetrain vs the original, the other pulley setups meant i could magnify the gearing this time round and it handles it fine. Popping the belt over from the big-small combo to the all small with two idler setup and back is a little fiddly with everything in situ but i've done it a few times. 2.77 and 1.67:1 are possible according to a rendering i did in LDD with a 20 driving a 24 tooth gear pair in place of the belt but the twenty in practice skims against the axle beneath it that drives the pinion on the steering rack. I may pare down the cross on one of my damaged axles to give clearance one of these days but for now i'm comfy with the belt. The six hole belt wheel fouls said axle more thoroughly so the highly underdriven crank ratios of the original aren't possible without further alterations that i don't deem acceptable: technic sets i try to only utilise or add to the original frame which rules out external dimension, wheelbase, height, and length changes. Suspension height/travel ,and wheel track i'm content to screw with but i like what once was, to stay looking like once was. I've obviated the belt drive to the compressor taking the drive ratio of 5.25:1 down to a faster 5:1 and triple the stroke on the compressor is via an 8 tooth onto a 40 using a 36 tooth as the other side flywheel which as luck would have it clears the passenger seat. It's handling it fine and the new pivot was well within range of the extension of the standard length clear pressure tube. Pump seems a tad more efficient now and even with half flat batteries isn't unduly loading up/stalling the electrics and i'm not gonna bugger around tracking down airtanks, they seem superfluous. As the steering gears moved back to accomodate the motor now taking drive from behind, the two sixteens didn't fit above the axle that keeps the tube manifolding that runs to the switches out of harms way. A half bush is now on the back end of said axle and the full bush at the front is shifted back a stud but could be eliminated entirely. I'm just lazy, and it's there if i want to return it to standard. The room its moving leaves gives space for a 12/20 combo that overdrives the hand of god a little but the 14 tooth bevels are handling it with no stress and its still playable. Theres all the driveshaft and diff bracing still in place from last time i delved it so no real need to re-show that i figure. Not totally happy with the fan now sitting external which may see me just leave it off but dealing with guilt fine for now. Grey grille/radiator shouldn't have an engine driven fan feeding through it and not finalized on the shape of grille still but it got a few of the bits i needed to move to alter the front engine mounting retained on the model so i can, once again, find them if i want to build it back to stock. Yes i've made an ugly duckling out of a beautiful swan but let me know what you think. Certainly happier that the pneumatics work better and the somewhat "komische vögel" use of a V6 in an application that should generally be inline or a bent eight is dealt with. (First two thumbnails are links to the videos)