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Found 13 results

  1. xadrian

    B-Wing Microfighter

    Greetings all. One of the Microfighters I hadn't done was a B-Wing. I found a few online that were great, but decided I didn't want to just build someone else's. The cockpit rotates laterally a little which I don't like, but I think it looks good. Hopefully posting more now that I got recruited into Factions. Got a lot more of these that I haven't posted since last time.
  2. xadrian

    Custom Microfighters

    Greetings all. A while back I posted a Home One microfighter I'd done. Since then I've designed about 100 more. It's been a fun ride and I'm slowly getting the parts to build them all out. These are mostly Legends ships as a lot of canon stuff has already been done. I'm still working on them and may stop when I run out of material. I also have a Google Drive with all the files. This also includes about 30 or so designs that I've reverse engineered or downloaded from here, Flickr, BrickLink, or other places . I haven't got all the wanted list xml's uploaded yet but I'll get to it. I hope you enjoy them and try building some of them. I only have instructions for a couple but could be persuaded to do more. They're pretty small, so having the .io file should work in most cases.
  3. ShadowraithXI

    (MOC) Shadow Squadron Microfighters

    Hi All, First post here, so forgive me if this is in the wrong place, etc. I read through the 'READ THIS FIRST' posts and looked around a bit, so I think this is the correct place for these! I spent the last couple weeks on and off working on a set of Star Wars Micofighers, building, rebuilding, changing, stripping, rebuilding, tweaking, etc. After building several of them, I decided to create a custom set with unique color schemes and call them the "Shadow Squadron." (Also considered "Wraith Squadron" and "Stealth Squadron", but according to Wookieepedia, both of those were alternate names for Wedge Antilles' "Gray Squadron") Beyond that, I actually put a lot of thought into the types of weapons I had on each one as well. I have hyperlinks to Wookieepedia with explanations for each specific weapon. If you really want to read about them, feel free to do so! If not, by all means ignore the links =) At the very bottom of the post, I put an index of the specific piece and the corresponding weapon I imagined it to be. Sorry for this being a HUGELY long post. Wanted to get enough pics in to show it all! My internal goals were to have the following items factor into each: Must be able to hold a mini-figure Mostly Blue and Black color schemes Highlights in transparent red Place for two lightsabers to attach on each vehicle Blue or Clear wedge piece for the windshield Keep the same overall structure as the original Star Wars ships but modify the weaponry Regarding weapons, have a CONSISTENT rationale for why I used a specific piece for a weapon and keep them consistent across ships (What piece = a laser canon vs ion cannon vs turbo laser, etc) If possible, customize the design so it's not just copying an existing LEGO set with different colors Overall the squad consists of: Millennium Falcon (Custom design with lots of different features and weapons) X-Wing (Custom design and modified weapons; I tried to make it significantly different than the current X-Wing Microfighters available.) Tie Silencer (Heavily Modified version of Kylo Ren's Microfighter [Set 75196] with custom weapons) Tie Bomber (Custom design with slightly modified weapons) A-Wing (Least modified of the bunch, based on the A-Wing Microfighter [Set 75196], just updated colors and guns a bit) AT-ST with a Tiny Tie Fighter and Tie Advanced escort drones (AT-ST similar to [Set 30054], Tie Fighter similar to [Set 3219], Custom Tie Advanced) Here's the the Stealth Squadron on a stand that I put together. Individual pictures of each ship along with design/weapon details are also below. Fighter #1: Millennium Falcon Completely custom design Instead of the main Quad Laser Cannon, it has a modified Compact Superlaser turret One Laser-Beam Cannon on each side of the main turret (Sustained beams of energy instead of just bolts) Two front mounted ion cannons just above the jaws Diamond Boron Missile Launchers between the jaws Cluster Bomb Launchers on the front and rear (Clear round studs) Two Distortion Field Emitters on each side jaw Modified satellite dish with an Ion Cluster Bomb launcher (Clear blue round stud) Side mounted Turbo Laser and twin Chainguns concealed inside the doors (Used especially for ground support while circling a target - Think AC-130 style) Side mounted twin Laser Cannons just above the Turbo Laser Heavy Shield generator Concussion missile in front of the cockpit Diamond Boron Missile launcher with a Void-7 Seismic Charge attached, mounted on the back of the main turret. It can rotate to be launched forward as well. Repulsorlifts on the bottom for hovering Opening Bay Door with a Drone inside (Drone equipped with Laser Cannons and a Proton Beam Cannon) Detachable cockpit that can be flown independently (Equipped with two Laser Cannons, a Concussion missile launcher, cloaking device, and shield) Hyperdrive and sub-light engine as well as an Afterburner for sub-light speed boosts Four 90-degree swivel Laser Cannons on the rear corners Side doors open to reveal the two Chainguns used mainly for infantry support Opening the Bay Door to let the drone out Detachable cockpit turns into a speeder Fighter #2: X-Wing Custom Design Design, I tried to make is significantly different than other Microfighter X-Wing models A Turbo Laser Cannon underneath the front of the ship Two Laser Cannons just in front of the cockpit on the sides Ion Cluster Bomb launcher on each side of the cockpit Two front-facing laser cannons close to the body on the lower wings Two rear-facing laser cannons close to the body on the lower wings Instead of standard Laser Cannons at the end of each wing, it's using experimental Turbo Laser-Beam Cannon (I made these up, but basically think Turbo Laser with a sustained beam) Hyperdrive and sub-light engines as well as an Afterburner for sub-light speed boosts Two rear-facing laser cannons above the Afterburner Cloaking Device Heavy Shield Generator (Underneath) Hyperdrive and sub-light engine Attack Position Cruise Position Showing the adjustable Turbo Laser Cannon Fighter #3: Tie Silencer Modified version of Kylo Ren's Microfighter [Set 75196] Adjustable wings with multiple attack positions depending on the situation Experimental Turbo-Laser Chaingun (Front Center, yes I made this one up too) Two Proton Torpedo launchers (Flanking the chaingun) Two Turbo Lasers (Flanking the torpedo launchers) Two Ion Cannons (above the turbo lasers) Two Laser Cannons (Next to the cockpit Two Adjustable Turbo Lasers which also have modified Diamond Boron Missile launchers and are fully adjustable to fire up/down/sideways/backwards Four rear-facing Laser Cannons on the back tip of each wing Cloaking Device Hyperdrive and sub-light engine Repulsorlifts on the bottom for hovering Wings Adjusted to alternate attack position Adjustable Turbo Laser Cannons showing that they can shoot sideways if necessary Fighter #4: Tie Bomber Custom Design Twin Laser Cannons with Concussion Missile Launchers One additional Laser Cannon directly in front of the cockpit Standard Proton Bombs Heavy Shield Generator Fighter #5: A-Wing Slightly Modified design of the A-Wing Microfighter [Set 75196] Upgraded Turbo-Laser Cannons with Flash suppressors Proton Bomb in the back Swivel droid head =D Other than that, it's a pretty standard A-Wing Fighter #6: AT-ST with Tiny Tie Fighter and Tie Advanced escort drones Inspiration for the AT-ST [Set 30054], Tie Fighter [Set 3219], and custom Tie Advance AT-ST has Twin Turbo Laser Cannons with Flash suppressors Ion Cannon Dual Thermal Detonator Launcher Distortion Field Emitter Cluster Bomb Launcher Compact Superlaser turret Red Power Crystal Tie Fighter and Tie Advance Escorts equipped with dual mini Laser Cannons, rear-facing dual Thermal Detonator Launcher, and a rear-facing Laser Cannon, as well as heavy shield generators for ground troop support Weapon Index Compact Superlaser turret = Piece that looks like a Blaster/Drill Laser-Beam Cannon = Walkie-Talkies Ion Cannons= Lego Levers/Antennas Diamond Boron Missile = Black Cone Cluster Bomb Launchers = Clear round studs Distortion Field Emitters = Hinge Piece with single finger Turbo Laser = Round "Pin" Technic piece Chainguns = Axel "+" Technic Piece Laser Cannons = Tube connector Ion Cluster Bomb launcher = Clear Light Blue round stud Heavy Shield generator = Clear Dish Concussion missile = Black Cone Void-7 Seismic Charge = Clear Blue Cylinder Repulsorlifts = Flat Round Slider pieces Proton Beam Cannon = Lego Brick Gun with studs on the side Cloaking device = Clear Dark Blue 1x2 flat piece Experimental Turbo Laser-Beam Cannon = Long Lego Antenna Afterburner = Socket side of the Ball and Socket joints Proton Torpedo launchers = Clear Red round studs Modified Diamond Boron Missile launchers = Clear Red light covers Proton Bombs = Black Cylinders Thermal Detonator Launcher = Big side of the binoculars Red Power Crystal = Red Crystal Mini Laser Cannons = Small side of the binoculars Whew - Ok, I'd welcome your thoughts/comments!
  4. As a kid, I grew up with Star Wars, and I always knew that Space Dart I WAS the X-Wing Fighter, despite the blue spaceman, the missing canopy and the wrong arrangement of engines. I still stop every time at the Star Wars section in LEGO shops and I'm conjuring up clever schemes to persuade my wife that the 75192 UCS Millenium Falcon is actually a very wise investment but, call me odd, the thing that really got me was the Microfighter series. When I first saw them I thought "Wow, if there ever was a Star Wars-themed amusement park carousel, those little kids riding it would look just exactly like these sets", and I saw my son riding around in circles on top of a very stubby, very fat, open-cockpit Millenium Falcon. I fell for the series immediately. Of course, I bought the MF, the X-wing, the Star destroyer, the snowspeeder with the AT-AT, but I was a bit disappointed to realise that although we had the TIE Interceptor, the TIE Advanced Prototype (now even the TIE Striker) for some reason there never was a true TIE Fighter in the series. So, I decided to break down my TIE Advanced, which didn't have Vader anyway, and rebuild it in true, wholesome TIE Fighter fashion. Here's the result: It only took a few extra pieces, so I decided I might as well try some more. Like the Y-Wing, that I built long before the official version came out (which, by the way, turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment, too): I'm rather proud of those engines, even though they always turn the wrong way. Another vehicle I always loved and built many versions of over the years is Luke's landspeeder. Strictly speaking, it stands off the line a bit as it is not a fighter but a civilian vehicle, it doesn't even feature the series' trademark workable rockets, but it coincided so well with my other line of interest (4-wide classic town vehicles) that I just built it anyway. When The Force Awakens came out, the inevitable was Poe's orange and black X-Wing, which I rebuilt so many times that I don't even have a current photo of it, and then, of course, Rey's speeder: and after Rogue One I rushed to buy the U-Wing fighter, which again turned out to be a very great disappointment, so I tore it down and used many of the pieces to build this: Now I can't wait to see The Last Jedi and what Microfighters LEGO brings along (or what ideas in it I can use for customisation). I hope you enjoyed looking at my little sets as much as I did building them, if you want, please leave a comment below.
  5. Resistance Bomber - B/SF-17 Heavy Bomber Here I want to present you my newest MOC. After the minifig-scale Jedha MOC I have to come back to the Microfighters. An so I present you my version of the B/SF-17 Heavy Bomber (aka Resistance Bomber). As always bigger but much more detailed as the original Microfighters from LEGO. I hope you like it. Boba1980
  6. CrashHelmets

    [MOC] Elite: Dangerous Microfighters

    Three of my favourite spaceships from the video game Elite: Dangerous! They seat a mini figure each, but can also be easily modified to have no mini figure seat. Kind of like the Starwars Micro fighter range. They are the Cobra Mk3, The Imperial Courier and the Asp Explorer. Plus mini figures in Remlok suits. Photos on flickr. It's also on Lego Ideas. Please do support. Thanks! This is the Cobra Mk3. If you want to see what it looks like in the game, check here and here. Here is the Imperial Courier. If you want to see what it looks like in game, check here and here. And here is the Asp Explorer. If you want to see it in game check here and here.
  7. LegoRacer1

    Favorite MicroFighters

    Hello I was wondering whats the best Micro-fighter, so I decided what better way to find out then ask Euro Bricks Round-0ne (Clone Turbo Tank)-Frike,legofives,VaderFan2187,MartinCliffe,CheifPie,ChristopherLee (Droid Tank)- (Millennium Falcon)-Bbafett,BrickJagger,PickleManDan,Martini26,roadstermatt,PaulPrime (Tie Interceptor)- (X wing)-JekPorkchops,eliminator,Jamiejma,JDbricks,Joemmo,Hunter003,makoy,IstakaCiti (Star Destroyer)-legoracer1,Cody Startale
  8. Hi Everyone! This is my entry for the Micro/Midis Contest on FBTB. I chose to make Anakin and Sebulba's podracers because, well, I just love podracers. Actually, I'm only entering Sebulba's Podracer since you can only enter one Microfighter and it's the more detailed one of the two. It is made out of 109 parts (not counting the stand) which is the same amount of parts as the Microfighters U-Wing has. The side pods of the cockpit double as flick-fire missiles and can be aimed up and down. And because you can't have Sebulba without Anakin, I built a microfighter of Anakin's Podracer to go along with it. Which one do you think turned out better? Cast your vote in the poll above. Let the race begin!

    MOC Mini Death Star

    I'm pretty sure I posted this in the correct Star Wars forum (Watto's Junkyard) but if not, feel free to move it. Here is my mini Death Star! The photo quality isn't the best, but that's what I get when I use a phone! This was never intended to be a Death Star and I was just playing around the octagonal pieces but then slowly by slowly a model formed. I know it isn't all that accurate but it's a pretty cool model. A closer view. Front on. Micro Fighter! This is one guy you don't want to be in a traffic jam with! Also has a spring-loaded shooter. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Check out my other MOC And my Flickr Edit: A kind member just pointed out to me that this is suppose to be in the general Star Wars forum. If a Mod could move it, that would be much appreciated! Sorry for any hassle.
  10. brickmasterben11

    Turning Microfighters into Micro-MODS

    Hello all. I recently picked up a Microfighter ARC-170. it is a great little build, but I am wanting to get rid of the hole in the middle of the ship, and loose the chibi look, while still keeping the microfighter size and simplicity. Any tips on modding it?
  11. I would like to introduce you a combination of microscale and rather big volume vehicle, that roams Tatooine deserts - the Jawa's Sandcrawler: It took slightly over 100 brick to build, of which most came to the superstructure of the vehicle to adapt the original look of a desert battered hull. Despite the scale, the vehicle has retractable front ramp: As you have probably noticed on previous photo, there has been a change in the undercarriage - the first version had simple liftarm-style tracks. Those were gradually changed to movable ones - first using rubber tires, than chainlink system. Both fore and aft carriages can be rotated in limited range. Recreation from the movie: "Wait, what's that? A transport. I'm saved. Over here!" ... and something less official, cut from the New Hope footage: ”-We are looking for the droids, found by you in the nearby sector. Surrender them immediately. - Mombay m'bwa dooka. Ya e'um pukay. Utinni, nekkel juuvar obwegadada!*” You know what happened next... * This is my junk. I won't sell. Beware, you (cenzored)! Enjoy the rest of the gallery on Flickr.
  12. Hi all! As a newbe, I will try to make it short :). Presenting you - the Lambda T4 class shuttle, designed in SW Microfighter scale. The ship (and others on my Flickr page) are designed for the Polish Lug competition. As for technical data - the hull consists of 57 pieces + one minifig. It is quite small, and yes - it was not designed to be flown by a Wookie (the cramped at this scale cockpit can be imagined by the of the pilot's face :)). The presented above version is in fact the third version of the craft. Version one was bigger, with straight lower wings. As I tried to grasp that nice look of the original model's wings, the version two emerged - still big (100 pieces, down to 96 by doing some update's) but incorporating the fine silhouette of the vessel. Version three was destined to be even smaller, but still sporting folded wings and even imitation of passanger compartment bay door. All the versions are presented on my Flickr album. Feel free to browse through other - more or less accurate - Microfighters models. Any comments are welcome.
  13. I introduce you to the Microfighter Millennium Falcon set. As you know, I already own the X-Wing one. These sets are kinda cute. Again, unlike the planet serie, they are made for fun and play around with them, not just for display. I like this Millennium Falcon, I mean, c’mon, it’s Han Solo starship after all! I always preferred him over Luke. But straight away after building the set, and taking pictures, I modified it. You can see what I did to my brand new Millennium Falcon below, alongside the X-Wing... Front view, Han Solo on the left, “in the cockpit”. Kind of. Front view is looking nice. Left side. Cool. Back side. I don’t know why, but I kinda don’t like it that much. Something doing with the nozzles. Right side. Cool too. But this is where I did the mods. Just to get rid of the pilot. I like the Microfighters sets, I don’t want to use the pilot. Bottom side. I don’t like it at all. I might change it one day if I find an idea good enough to get rid of these 4 landing pads. My mods on the X-Wing and the Millennium Falcon. Han Solo – New Version vs Old Version With this set, I have now 2 versions of Han Solo. On the left is the version you get with the A-Wing set, on the right, the version sold with this Microfighter. Starting with the head. A new one, with two different faces. One happy face and one worried face I presume. I prefer the worried one. Suits Han Solo better imho. Torso is the same in both version. Pants are different with this Microfighter version. Different colour and different serigraphy. I prefer this new version of Han Solo. Just because of the two facial expression. It’s kinda great for different game situation while playing. Packaging and Instructions Something about the packaging now. Small classy box. Way nicer than the Planet Serie with its big planet. Front box is the Millennium Falcon, with a very worried Han Solo riding it. Back box is busy showing you lots of stuff. The other models, the Millennuim Falcon and Han Solo alongside and with his happy face, and some ads for their mobile phone applications. It’s too much. The instruction leaflet now. Nothing too difficult while building the set. About 2-4 pieces to add per page. It takes about 10-15 minutes to build. I’m a slow builder because I always do few things at the same time…