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Found 3 results

  1. As a tram enthusiast living in Melbourne, I am currently trying to replicate each of the city's trams with lego. Deciding to experiment with low floor models, I built this 5 sectioned melbourne D2 class tram (PF operated: two powered trucks, one on the first section and one on the fifth). The second and fourth sections are suspended (no wheels), and the short middle section has an unpowered truck. Does anyone know of a coupling system that will minimize the gap between the sections of the tram? Also, if anyone else has experimented with low floor trams like this, don't hesitate to post pictures - I would like to see! Hope you enjoy!
  2. Day 1: Thursday. I got there at about 7:30 PM and set up my moc. After that i just had a look around and met up with Ben (SandMirror38) then continued looking until it closed at 9:30 Day 2: Friday. I went around 8:30 AM and checked up on my Moc then at 9:00 AM we had the introduction. When that finished the build in the bag contest began and then Jack (Jacka) sat behind me so we tried to finished the speed build in time but failed. After that Jack set up his Moc and i met with my friend James who i was displaying next too.Then it was time for Glenn Abell from Lego Australia to give his presentation. When he was talking about Chima i had a smirk on my face and he pointed me out, Lol. Afterwards i went and brought some stuff from Minifig World and made some figures with Jack, one of which was a photo bomber name Jihad Joe and the photo bombing began! There was one time where i was photo bombing a train track and didn't see the train coming around the corner and i derailed it.... Jack said he will not ever let me forget that. So i after that i met Lachlan (Refy L.S) and i hung with him, Jack and James until the Auction. So after the Auction it was dinner time so i went home for dinner. Day 3: Saturday: The Public was let in and the line was massive! I met up with Ben Cossy and saw his awesome Moc. After that Jack, Lachlan and i did some fig-barfing and talked to some more people. Then after the crowd died down i met Ryan Mcnaught who is the only Lego Certified professional in the South Hemisphere (Who also grew up in the same region and went to the same school as me, Lol) And got a photo with him and his moc the Sydney Opera House. he is such a nice guy he even asked see my moc so he came over with Richard (gasdoc_oz) and gave some feedback. Such a top bloke. That was a main highlight of the whole event for me. Day 4: Sunday. So i walked in, meet Jack & James in time to see everyone get in. Then the power box in my moc fried so i had to take in out and change batteries in front of everyone :( And that still didn't work. Its a shame because the kids loved the spinning Batmobile. After that i meet up with Shannon Ocean who brought his awesome Rivendell Moc and his Cloud City moc from last year (Now Rob's). Later i talked a lot with Nick who tells me is getting Flickr so thats good, his also a part of my LUG group too so thats more good news. then i walked around with Jack & Ben some more, Then sat down and had a chat with Gabriel (qi_tah) Who made a awesome Fabuland Hobbition then walked around with Jack some more. Then i got a picture with Peter Helliar, his a comedian and does some things on Channel 10. Then the convention ended. Overall i recommend anyone that can make it to come. its an awesome experience
  3. The Bat-Bunker is a secret headquarters underneath Wayne Tower established during the tenure of Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian Wayne as Robin. It's intended as a counterpart to the Batcave, but personalised to Grayson's crime-fighting approach and located in the heart of Gotham City. Alfred Pennyworth helped Grayson build the bunker and also runs maintenance. Although the Batcave was originally left functional, Grayson and Pennyworth eventually moved everything into the bunker when a security breach was made by Two-Face. So this was my first time building something comic book based (Besides Scenes) as a full Minifigure scale sized moc. And to be honest i think it turned out ok, When i choose to make this Moc i was reading all the Comics from Grant Morrison's run on Batman and the Bat-Bunker made its first appearance in a Comic i was reading so i took a lot of inspiration and references not only from that title but multiple. As with all comic book locations it looks different in all the multiple titles so i have taken many scenes and location and tried to fit them together. But most of this Moc has come from my own imagination with inspiration from multiple sources Tv, Movie, Comic etc. Wideshot Exterior shots Interior shots Promotional Poster for the Moc This Moc was displayed at Brickvention 2014, Melbourne Australia. Thanks For Visiting!