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Found 6 results

  1. Hello every body. Few weeks ago I was about to go to bed at 2 AM when i noticed some parts left unattended on my desk. I started playing with it and 1 hour later I came up with what turned into one of the funniest and coolest little thing I ever made. :-) I like it very much, so I decide to share it with you. Let me introduce... Hector ! This is the first version of him, built only with some spare parts I had. This is why he misses a hand on this very early picture. When Lego announced their new small ball-joint system, I was very excited and ordered a handful of them off Bricklink, without knowing what to do whit it, just thinking it had some great potential. Hector is the realization of this potential. A small, yet very posable figure with a sturdy build and very lifelike proportions and articulations. I tried to give him an aristocratic and peaceful look, like some kind of tiny butler ^^ (even though he think of him a as some kind of prince). As I mentioned before, what I like the most whith Hector is his amazing posing potential ! His soles are wide enough to balance him on one feet and all the joints stay in place when posed : You may have noticed that hector seems a little different on the last picture, that's because he went trough some improvement since the V1 ! One of the biggest flaw of the prototype was the ability for the knees to bend inward. I solved the issue by adding ''kneecaps". I also made him a lighter face and made his arms and feet more sleek. I ended up liking Hector so much that I made him a friend, Pole ! But I will tell you about him later....
  2. DeCommander96

    Lego Marvel/DC Mechs

    We all love Lego mechs and we all love characters in massive suits of armour,so I am creating this thread where you can post your own Lego mech creations of marvel or DC characters. These can be your own versions of existing mechs or ones you made yourself In here you can -suggest a mech idea -post a link or picture -suggest a certain part that will look good on the character Have Fun!
  3. I sincerely hope that I'm not the only one that feels this way, or that has noticed this. Over the past few years, there has been an abundant lack of LEGO non-licensed System (take your 2014 HF sets outside the thread, please) mechs that feature actual, working knees. Or to be more specific: three points of articulation per leg. An exception to this rule is the Exo-Suit, but aside from that there have been nearly, if not zero, mechs with knees. One could bring up examples from NINJAGO, such as the Earth Mech, but an example such as that suffers from a lack of feet (or in other words, whether or not it can be described as having knees is debatable). A significant amount of posing is lost with this development, and it's inexcusable when it happens with virtually every mech they release now. Does anyone know exactly why this is? It's not a cost problem, because EXO-FORCE defies all logic in that department. It's not a structural problem, because again, EXO-FORCE defies all logic in that department, and it's not an aesthetic reason either because some sets have still managed to make the legs look worse, and EXO-FORCE again has cases where looks were a non-issue because of parts usage. Even if it was a cost problem, when you're releasing a set with two mechs later this year, one of which has four arms, is it really unreasonable to expect that there would be some decent poseability? That in itself is another problem, because far too often sets fail to feature the best possible combinations of the ball and socket hybrid pieces, a notable example being the set Jay's ElectroMech, which uses an inferior connection style to the most commonly used method of attaching feet to a Mech/robot/CCBS human which has had significant and dominant usage since 2001. I apologize if this seems like an incoherent rant (it's 1:20 AM), but I'm really disappointed with the lack of three points of articulation on System Mechs despite its heavy usage in the past and sloppy set design. Am I being unreasonable in expecting more out of sets and designs, particularly when aside from Exo-Suit there hasn't been three points of articulation in years? I'd also like to note that I'm speaking of non-licensed Mechs. Sorry Star Wars fans
  4. HighDesertBrikr

    Hello I'm HighDesertBrikr

    Hi, my name is HighDesertBrikr. I also have a YouTube channel by the name of Nerf & Lego Fun. I have been building with Lego Bricks as long as I can remember. I like building little mechs and spaceships, if you are subbed to the MFZ reddit than you already know that. I have been thinking about joining EB for awhile now and finally did. I hope you like my builds and comments. HDBrikr out =-). P.S. Remember Jeses loves you and said "I am the way, the truth, and life. No one comes to the Father but by Me." and "For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life". If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved!
  5. I loved the Beast designs from Hero Factory 2014. But I thought they could be better so I made some modifications. I'll only be showing 2 pics of each Beast mod. The rest can be found in the gallery when its public http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=554165 I also have an .Lxf file for the builds just without the beast heads since there not in LDD yet. http://www.brickshel...ast_revamps.lxf Jaw Beast Mods Different torso build inspired by Leewan More purple spikes and trans blue. Pics http://www.brickshel...omBelow/001.jpg Vs Stomer http://www.brickshel...omBelow/005.jpg Flyer Beast Mods New wing build and hands Improved radio antenna design Digigrade legs and toe claws Printed chest from Crystal Beast since the colors better suit Flyer and 2 printed leg pieces Pics http://www.brickshel...omBelow/007.jpg Vs Breez http://www.brickshel...omBelow/011.jpg Splitter Beast Mods. Small Beast Red cocoon piece for back armor since its like Tunneller Beast in terms of size Trans orange bones Pics http://www.brickshel...omBelow/015.jpg Vs Furno http://www.brickshel...omBelow/014.jpg Splitter Beast Mods. Large Beast Trans orange armor swapped for solid orange Digigrade legs and toe claws Improved light stand design featuring a stop light Pics http://www.brickshel...omBelow/016.jpg Vs Evo http://www.brickshel...omBelow/020.jpg Combined pics. The two combine via bar connections attached to the large beast http://www.brickshel...omBelow/021.jpg Vs Furno and Evo http://www.brickshel...omBelow/025.jpg Tunneller Beast Mods Six legs since I didn't like the arms Pics http://www.brickshel...omBelow/026.jpg Vs Surge http://www.brickshel...omBelow/030.jpg Crystal Beast Mods New body design with more back spikes inspired by Leewan New hands since I didn't like the staff Digigrade legs and toe claws Pics http://www.brickshel...omBelow/032.jpg Vs Bulk http://www.brickshel...omBelow/036.jpg Queen Beast Mods Six legs and six back spikes New torso and hand design More gold chima armor pieces Pics http://www.brickshel...omBelow/042.jpg Vs Alpha Team. Also includes cocoons and jumpers http://www.brickshel...omBelow/038.jpg
  6. There is a fog upon the battlefield. The broken bodies of men and machine lay limp on the bloodied ground. The battered remains of battle machines still hiss out smoke. This waste, this destruction, could be caused by only one thing: The Goblin. In response to the Attatech III, the Central Machines X was born and bred for total warfare. With four massive 6 cm cannons, four missle lauchers, and reverse-seated machine gunners, the Goblin is a veritable walking fortress. Here is an aged photo, which, as you know, I like to do. Here is the valiant crew! I hope you enjoy. More pictures on Brickshelf.