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Found 5 results

  1. In a small office in Stedor --- "Enter please!" Lord Maximilian Damaximus entered the small office of the Eslandolan Naval Official. "It is me!" "Good day Mr. Me. Can I have your last name as well please?", the official replied Maximilian was speechless for a second... "Seriously? I am Lord Maximilian Damaximus, Duke of Stedor. You know Stedor right, it is this fine city you are working in..." The official replaced his glass on his nose... "Legitation please..." "Next time I'll bring a proclaimer with me, and a whole orchestra for accompanying music... Legitation please... Come on, every kid knows me here in Stedor..." "I need some proof Mister Damaximus". After searching for a while in his pockets, Maximilian finally found an official paper in his pockets, sufficent enough to proof his identity. "Perfect! What is the purpose of your visit Mr Damaximus?" "I would like to expand my shiplevels please". "No problem, please sign here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and hand me over the money please" With a sigh, Maximilian signed countless times and handed over the money. "I would also like to buy ship rights for MAESTRO please" "Sorry Mr Damaximus, it is noon and I fear I can't help you till 1 o'clock. Please come back later" Before he even realised what happened, Maximilian found himself outside the office again. Finding it completely ridiculous, he decided a nice walk along the quays would do him well". A few hours later, he returned back to the Eslandolan Naval Office and knocked on the official his door. "Enter please!" "Here I am again!" "Name and legitation please!" "Seriously??? I was here this morning!! Have you Corrington blood in your vains or what???" Maximilian throwed the legitation and a bag of money on the desk. "Here you are and here is the money for ship rights for MAESTRO. I guess I have to sign over there and there and there and there and there and there and there and there?" "Oh no sir, we choosed for easy administration for Trade Companies. You only have to sign here" Maximilian nodded his head. This is unbelievable... Anyway, that stupid administration is done. Let's start ERAII in style! --- edit --- Once again finding himself outside the building, a messenger arrived. "Lord Maximilian Damaximus, I am here to inform that Lord Monezterrell took care of the MAESTRO administration" "Darn it, you must be kidding me..."
  2. Previous part: "A Belated party" Jan Zwartbaard returned to Trador with Prince Azte Hek, crownprince of the Azclaxcan tribes. His hate towards Mardierians was still alive and kicking. Especially after their visit to Mehit on their way home. Although Lakor was the Azclaxcan capital, Mehit was the most important village of the Azclaxcan kingdom. The coastal village is a melting pot between the landbased Azclaxcans and the seafaring Mehuãtajir. But just like Lakor, Mehit was burned to the ground by Mardier troops. Jan Zwartbaard found some survivors in Mehit as well and promised to send help. It was only back in Trador when Jan Zwartbaard heard about the recent events in Malto. Discussing the faith of the Azclaxcans with Lord Maximilian Damaximus, the latter decided the moment came to put the MAESTRO Regiment in Trador in play. The King of Garvey, residing in his property in Trador after the coronation of Lord Maximilian Damaximus as Prince of Garvey, wanted to make up for the heavy bombardements on Malto by his vessels, so he prepared the Royal Garvey Engineers to aid the people of Malto. So only a few hours after the arrival of Jan Zwartbaard, the Colour of the Wind, Purple Reign II, Purple Rain and 2 other Xebecs belonging to Garvey sent sail to Malto to help its citizens. Filled with food, resources and supplies and strong veterans who were eager to help the people of Malto. After dropping 1 Batallion of Elite MAESTRO soldiers at Mehit, for its rebuilding, the 2 vessels continued their trip and arrived the next day. 1 Batallion of Elite MAESTRO soldiers, 1 company of Royal MAESTRO Engineers and 1 company of Royal Garvey Engineers landed close to Malto as Corrington vessels did not let the Eslandolan vessels come closer to Malto. It was a pleasure to see however how much trouble the Corrington vessels had with manouvering in the shallow waters around Malto. Luckily the Eslandolans choosed to sail in Xebecs... The denial of passage should have been the first sign of the arrogancy of Corrington, but Lord Maximilian Damaximus still trusted his red friends and thought it would just be a standard procedure... It was when the rescuers marched towards Malto that they were stopped by a Corrington Commander... "Hold on" the Corrington officer yelled. "If you take another step forward, I shall be required by duty to open fire. I am under orders to protect the neutrality of this settlement with any means necessary, and I am already stretching my authority by meeting you thus. However, my orders insist upon the necessity of maintaining good relations with Eslandola and I understand that negotiations for the status of Nova Malto are underway." Sighing and sending a distraught glance at his Eslandian and Garvey counterpart, he continues: "I will ask you the same I asked your MAESTRO captain yesterday and I appeal to your own sense of duty, in that you may understand that I cannot ignore my orders. I shall have my orderly appoint you a suitable camp site outside the range of my guns, near water, and ensure that you are well provisioned, should you not have brought the means to be self-sustaining. There, you will await negotiations under the flag of truce. I appeal to your sense of right and wrong. Please do not force me to act in what is certain to lead to a diplomatic incidence with ramifications we cannot even begin to imagine... " Lord Maximilian Damaximus was stumbled for a moment. How dares Corrington denying access to an Eslandolan village? "Dear officer from Corrington, as you said yourself, an Eslandolan Regiment is stationed closeby. I have to admit this is new information for me, but a small calculation counts a total of 450 Eslandolan soldiers close to Malto, with a full Batallion closeby at Mehit and a Royal Fortress at Puerto Desafio. That is a little bit more than your 1 Battalion currently residing in Malto, isn't it? But I have always respected Corrington and my relations I have with your wonderfull nation, so I am not going to let things escalate. However, I do have a simple question: Why are the people of Malto seeking protection to an ally of Mardier? It is Corrington who aided Mardier defending the island and who helped Mardier funding their coffers. So why are you claiming the title of "liberator of Malto" when all you did was defending and funding the ones who burned down their own city? Next to me you may see Prince Azte Hek, crownprince of the Azclaxcans, one of the native tribes living on this island. Their capital is just a few miles further and they are massacred by Mardierian troops. They have a bigger right to hate you, Corringtonlander, than you have the right to defend the victims of the Mardierian genocide. Now I have a second question as well, a bit less simple... If you are here to help the people of Malto, and you are here without any self interest, why don't you accept the help we are providing? I got 2 companies of Engineers with me to help the people of Malto. If I look around, there still are a lot of people without a decent roof, without the minimum requirements to live peacefully. One should wonder if Corrington really is helping the people of Malto for the sake of humanity, or because Corrington hopes to expand their Empire. By not letting us in, helping the people who need it the most, Corrington shows its true face to the world..." On the left, the ROYAL MAESTRO Engineers under General Whitedragon... On the right, King Leopaldis IV of Garvey with his Royal Garvey Engineers... Lord Maximilian Damaximus spoke once again "I understand you can not give an aswer to my questions yourself, but think about my words... Thanks to your denial of access, this MAESTRO batallion will have to take a longer tour to arrive at Lakor, and since we are needed there, they should better hurry... The Royal Engineers still want to help rebuilding Malto and the hinterland" And so the troops splitted ways. The last word wasn't said about this... The Royal MAESTRO Engineers (1 company owned by MAESTRO) Thanks a lot for viewing and reading! @Bregir: those 2 questions are for you, I hope you can answer them... Oh and don't play the "Corrington is a democracy blablabla", when you have put us for an ultimatum, your own words were "hoping for a fast answer"... Anyway, I am looking forward to your anwer this evening
  3. One of the most notorious pirates in this world was without any doubt Captain Greybeard. The reason his name didn't show up the last year in the KPA editions, is simply because no enemy survived his actions. A lot of missing vessels are in fact destroyed by Captain Greybeard and his beasty. Yes indeed, the little pet of Captain Greybeard is a wonderfull and unique Narwhal. So strong that it could pierce and lift up complete vessels. A true terror in the sea. Captain Greybeard was bribed by the Mardierian King to privateer for Mardier. As Mardier heard the news that Eslandola was sending 18 vessels to Isla de Many Names (as a counter to the blockades), Captain Greybeard was ordered to destroy this fleet. Tomorrow would be the day his vessel "The AQAR" would intercept the Eslandolan fleet led by Commodore Maximilian Damaximus. To prepare for the upcomming battle, he let most of his crew sleep this night so they would be at full strength. He thought he had well hidden his vessel. As it was a moonless night, darkness surrounded the AQAR. Suddenly in the middle of the night... Multiple cannons started firing at the AQAR. Captain Greybeard quickly jumped in his suit, and went to the forecastle to see what is wrong... "Martinez Da Cruz, what happened?" "We are under fire captain! It looks like a minor vessel attacking us!" "Those fools! Order our crew to stay in their cabin and keep sleeping, we need our full strength tomorrow! I'll handle this stupid vessel" With an elegant swing of his sword, pointing to the attacking vessel, he summoned his Narwhal A loud noise arised from the depth of the sea. Suddenly a bang occured. The attacking vessel was lifted meters high and started tearing apart. Sailors started screaming, jumping out of the vessel. (Spoiler: for those reading the story, the spoiler shows a part of the story unknown to Captain Greybeard) Back on the AQAR, Captain Greybeard enjoyed the screamings of the poor sailors. They shouldn't have been so stupid attacking the AQAR. First Mate Martinez Da Cruz came back. "There is no damage to the vessel sir! Only some crew members that are injured. It looks like they fired with grape shots!" "Excellent news! Let's sail away from this place" Suddenly Captain Greybeard realised that they had been tricked. "Awake everyone! It was a trap! We are being entered!" Too bad for him, it was too late... While turning he saw a wet officer in front of him, pointing his pistol at his heart. The officer looked him in the eyes and said: "I got an invitation for you to dine in hell tonight" Meanwhile the officer, being no-one else than Commodore Lord Maximilian Damaximus, shot Captain Greybeard right in his heart. Captain Greybeard felt dead on the deck, but his magical sword was thrown overboard. One of the Eslandolan soldiers jumped in the water in order to retrieve it. It is unknown if Lord Maximilian Damaximus managed to posses the Magical Sword or not. Future will tell... Meanwhile on the AQAR, the pirates were quickly surrounded. A new vessel to the MAESTRO fleet. And what a vessel! 50 guns, fast and strong. A new weapon in the war against Mardier that was very welcome! Final picture: --- The AQAR (aka: Adapted Queen Anne's Revenge) More pictures: The AQAR next to the Margot Hope you like the vessel! It is a 50 gun 4th rate of the Line. The vessel is based on the QAR in PoTC, Assassin's Creed and own imagination. Historically seen, she had 40 guns. - Thanks for watching! C&C welcome!
  4. Previous part: A gift from MAESTRO for the new King After gifting the gifts to the officials of Breshaun and providing the Cider Shop with new provision, the "Prince of Stedor" sailed a bit further. After a few hours sailing from Breshaun, the "Prince of Stedor" entered a small bay and joined some other vessels laying for anchor. All of them Eslandolan... Once anchored, some small rowboats were heading of the ship. Lord Maximilian Damaximus was overwatching the arriving rowboats. He clearly heard two voices mocking eachother. Sir Edward Thomas Wilkinson de Chauncourtois was laughing with the new haircut of the young Guy K. Wyndzon. In the third rowboat, Viceroy Renato Filamento was listening to the two others, while his eyes were focused on Lord Maximilian. They will never be best friends since he had a crush on princess Margot for such a long time. But he had to put his pride away, politics was much more important than a lovestory.... Inside the "Prince of Stedor", the guests and Maximilian started drinking applecider. Even they all were rivals, there was a good atmosphere. After some good laughs, Renato bounced his hand on the table. R: "Let's start the discussion" M: "indeed, so we all agree I may assume, as you all made the effort to come to here" All: "aye" G: "Perfect, so how are we doing it? We can't ask if he steps down..." E: "No, indeed, I fear it will be throug military actions" R: "We can't attack those bloody royalists on the old continent, they are too strong there. If we want to make a chance, we will have to take control over the New World settlements." M: "last time I saw the New World capital, it was filled with guards" G: "I can take care of that. Money does a lot... But we still need other soldiers as well..." M: "You see "Margot"? 80 Elite MAESTRO Soldiers are in it, as well with 40 reserve soldiers" R: "120 men? Where in Hades Realm found you them?" M smiled E: "So no actions in the Old World?" M: "Considering your power in the old world, I would propose ot keep you army stand-by. You never know if we need them. Guy, you have to take care of the diplomatic consequences of our actions. If I am right, you are going to Mardier soon. I hope your visit will be fruitfull and you will find allies there..." R: "So then we all know what to do..." All: "Long live Eslandola!" After the two Tradelords and the Viceroy disembarked, Maximilian went to his Cabin and looked to the maps of the New World. Soon he will give orders to his army. If everything goes as planned, Eslandola will become a true powerfull nation again. Provision: Elysabeth and Tomvaximus MAESTRO Explorer Jan Zwartbaard Bow Middle ------------------- C&C welcome! She will be licenced as a Class 5 T2. With some minor modifications, she can easily be a Class 5HA as well. Maybe when the class 5+ classification is known, she will be classified as a class 6... Licence chart: MAESTRO ESL: 0 (2 shares) MAESTRO COR: 50 (1 share) Maxim: 150 (3 shares) Legostone: 100 (2 shares) TitusV: 50 (1 share) Tomsche: 50 (1 share)
  5. Eslandola galleon in sight! Breshaun life stopped for a second, some heads turning to the port. Indeed a proud galleon entered the harbour. White painted, green flags on top. The ship didn't steal its name, it was surely a prince. 3 rowboats left the "Prince of Stedor" and headed for the quays. Meanwhile, some Oleon officers and royals arrived at the MAESTRO commerce house, as it was here where the rowboats would go to. Lord Damaximus was looking around him. Breshaun is such a nice port, so vibrant ... . But also so full of soldiers. Everywhere he looks, he sees marching guards. Luckily MAESTRO is always welcome in Breshaun since they opened a cider shop on the quays. The best cider in the world, made in Elysabethtown from the apples of Felipe de la Manzana. Giving a gift to an official for the new king Philip of Oleon. Long may he reign! ------------------------- C&C welcome!! I am going to licence this as medium commerce house. Am I right that Oleon pays me back half of the licence cost as it is located in Breshaun?