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Found 3 results

  1. How Lord Max Samu hired the Yeti Mercenaries by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Lord Max Samu, head of the Intelligence Agency of Mpya Stedor visited not so long ago the most Northern parts of Mitgardia. His goal? Making allies with some unusual tribes. On this painting, you see how he bribed a whole Yeti-clan to serve the I.A.M.S. . The first task of the notorious Yeti (under command of Marc) is to send some warriors to Eastgate to fight against Petera. For Dugal & Eastgate! edit: allright, no UoP claiming, I have to agree that it was a fast build... I build it with bricks I bought at a PaB. Sad to see they are already vanished in my University MOC :'(
  2. This one is build long long ago (October 31st 2013) and is in fact a rebuild of a build long long long long ago. It was intented to be a part of the Raising The Dead storyline I was involved in together with Ska and Masa. But Brickmania Antwerp, a girlfriend, exams, internship, graduationpaper, ... made me disappear for a while. Anyway: enjoy! C&C ofcourse welcome! Everlast, home of the I.A.M.S. by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Everlast, home of the I.A.M.S. by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Everlast, home of the I.A.M.S. by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Everlast, home of the I.A.M.S. by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Everlast, home of the I.A.M.S. by Da_Maximus, on Flickr (next picture is with Dugal Maclean) Everlast, home of the I.A.M.S. by Da_Maximus, on Flickr note: Kabel gave me the advice to incorporate Everlast in the city of Mpya Stedor, so from this moment on, the MoC will be a part of Mpya Stedor. note 2: the original Everlast: edit 2: For the University of Petraea, I claim these credits: "Landscaping: Studs up Rocks (claimed)" + "General: Interior design (claimed)" + "Military Science: fortifications (claimed)" + Geography: mountains (claimed)"
  3. Previous part: Into the Valley of the Warlocks by SkaForHire "How the Nocturnus will we find a Warriors Heart?" Kylee wondered... "There must be something about it in the Journal" Merith replied. "Everything in our quest is related to the journal, so probably this as well! Let's see" And after some searching they found a story written by Dugal: ~~~~ Right before Lord Dugal Maclean finally would be able to leave the Outpost of Everlast, Lord Max Samu said he wanted to show his good friend one more thing. So it was that our 2 heroes walked in the middle of the night out of the Gates, into the darkness of the Rakath Mountains. They were accompanied by some Samurai's to guard them and also a girl, known as 'The Red Lady'. "It is a full moon" Lord Dugal said. "Yes indeed, time for you to see how a Undead Rider is recruited" Lord Max smiled "Where are we going to???" "Let me tell you a legend. Not that old as it happened in the beginning of the Drow Rebellion" "Everlast was supporting the Drow by financing their war campaign and trading weapons and armor to them. Ofcourse the enemies of the Drow weren't happy with this, so a mighty Avalonian Warlord decided to lead an army of hundreds of Avalonian Warriors to capture Everlast. In an excellent mood they started their journey and thanks to the information of the Avalonian Assassins Guild they found theirself very quickly deep inside the Rakath Mountains. Not far from Everlast, but they just could not find it. The warriors started to become restless as they all started believing that the Legend of Everlast would be true: 'You don't find Everlast, it finds you'. But right before they would decide to just return home, they saw a black gate in the rays of the full moon. They only had to cross a dall and then they would finally be able to siege it! They started running towards it and it was then, when they were located at the deepest point of the dall that out of nowhere water started flooding out of the mountains. The water was faster than a Tsunami and within seconds they all started drowning. The last thing they saw before sinking was a lady in red laughing really loud. Even the newly created Lake is not that deep, their feets would never touch the ground, just like somehow they never will die. They were trapped for ever! Every full moon, the Red Lady comes back with an Undead Rider (mostly their leader) and she will choose one Trapped Warrior who can fight for his death. If he wins, he will finally be able to die, if he loses his heart will be given to the Red Lady and he will become an Undead Rider..." A while later, they arrived at the Lake of the Trapped Warriors. He saw hundreds trapped Avalonians trying to rescue themself and he started feeling bad. Suddenly he feeled someone pulling his arm so he and Lord Max Samu stepped back and the Red Lady stepped forwards, raising her staff and pointing to one of the Trapped Warriors. The choosen Warrior stepped out of the water, heading to Dugal while suddenly the Undead Rider stopped him. The two undeads started fighting for almost half an hour and just when the fight started to look boring for Dugal, the Undead Rider jumped under the Trapped Warrior and ripped his Heart out with his hands. He gave it to the Red Lady who pointed her staff once again to the chosen Trapped Warrior who bowed now for his new master. "Quite a bit of a shock the first time, isn't it?" "Wow, indeed Max!" Lord Dugal responded. "Am I the only one who finds this cruel?" "No, but don't think they would have had mercy with us if they found Everlast. We never have been popular in Avalonia so we needed something to avoid a second warcampaign against us" Just after we left the Lake of the Trapped Warriors, Dugal turned around. To his big surprise the Lake was completely gone and he was looking to a dark forest... ~~~~ "Great, now we only have to find a Lake that can hide itself" said Kylee a bit sarcastic. "Don't worry my dear, I got the feeling that we will find it ourself" And indeed, 2 weeks later they found the Lake together with a really dark atmosphere and a full moon. Silently Lady Merith started praying for some guidance when suddenly they saw a Trapped Warrior coming out of the water! Merith was completely surprised as normally they could only come out of the Lake if they were chosen by the Red Lady! The 2 girls stepped back foot by foot. When out of nowhere... A dark shadow stood between them and the Trapped Warrior. He challenged him and they started fighting. Again the fight lasted for an eternity in the eyes of Lady Kylee and once again just when they started losing their concentration, the dark shadow ripped the Heart of the Warrior out of its body! With the heart in his hands, he turned around and gave it to Merith. Merith was still looking for the right words when a loud laugh interrupted her thoughts. "Congratulations Lady Merith, you got yourself an Undead Rider. He will accompany you in your Quest for Reviving Dugal! You only have to give him a name and yells his name when you need him!" said a voice behind the back of Merith. When she turned around, she saw the Red Lady. "You must be the notorious Red Lady?" "Some call me the Red Lady, some others call me a Seer, a Witch, a Demon, ... . In fact, I am just a server of the Virgin Godess!" "We had to meet you in front of Everlast with the Heart of a Warrior. But we can't find Everlast itself!" "Look to the other side of the Lake my dear... We will meet there again in one month. But if you want to coninue retracing the steps of Dugal, you will need a Tongue of a Bandit first before we will enter Everlast!" Lady Merith looked to the opposite side of the Lake and clearly saw a black gate. She could have sworn that wasn't there when they arrived at the Lake... And so the Story continues... (it is up to NiceMarmot now to find a Tongue of a Bandit)