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Found 6 results

  1. LiLmeFromDaFuture

    Tahu; Toa Mata; Ta Koro's Protector

    - Last year I became re-fanatic with the early lines of BIONICLES 2001–2003. I reread and looked at all the magazines, comics, books (especially Makuta’s guide to the universe) that I had about them. I went up online to scour YouTube for reviews of several sets from those lines—I was especially fond of the Rahi ones. I planned to set on a mission to collect all sets from those lines—a mission I have yet to start. I then came across a website where I can replay all web games and videos, that a while ago, were once on—good times… It has always been 2001 through 2003 for me—those will forever be my favorite lines… - 2015, now we have, what I jokingly term, “HERONICLES,” because personally they are HERO FACTORY literally masked with BIONICLES. Personally, they are respectable—especially since Lego brought the whole theme back, because prior to any release of confidential information about the return, I question why would they discontinue a beloved thing in the first place (not to put blame on their later lines *cough* “Stars”—but it did introduce the new Hau mold). The products though, are not what I anticipated. I remember when my brother told me images of the new sets were surfacing on the internet, when I found some decent images of them, I was hoping they were prototypes, fan made, or something! Where’s the sophistication? Where’s the skeletal-esque figure under all that excessive clad of armor plates? - I wasn’t not at all too fond of the new color scheme, well because I was looking for something more of the original Toa Mata (you know, orange, light/dark gray, tan, lime, etc.). It kinda reminds me of the Knights’ Kingdom figures when they attained new, shiny, armor—more armor is not always best option to make things look more invigorating! Then the masks, I will just say I like Pohatu & Kopaka’s most, but then again, for all of them, I wish they went with some of the earlier designs from their concept art, which resembles more of their originals. The gear feature is an enjoyable feature, but that reminiscence of that mechanical incarnation that the earliest years of BIONICLES simulated is quite loss under the clad of armor and the simplistic part alternatives. - But oh well! I did not come here to bring up a rememberable past or to gripe about change… umm… or have I already? Besides, isn’t it why most of us or even a reason why EB is here today, because we’re not completely satisfied with the entirety of Lego’s products? Well, somewhere down the line of rediscovering old things and discovering new things, I was tinkering with a red and medium blue Matoran torsos. I flipped the torsos sideways, in a clockwise manner, held them together in the form of a new torso, and pondered, “Hey this resembles the torso of a spartan soldier from the Halo series!” - Well I haven’t made any Spartans yet, but I had this astonishing idea to re-imagine Toa Mata Tahu with greater sophistication and stature, but minus the swivel arm action. In addition In tribute to the pristine era of Bionicles, I remain genuine to the original color scheme our favorite red, hotheaded Toa dons, but to also, the certain colors axles and pins were available at the time. Indeed, that is dedication. In most cases you will find deliberate uses of black Technic axles, light grey & black pins(w)axles, light grey Technic bushes, light grey gears, original Technic ball joints, etc. - On Tahu, I happen to use a few System elements for the hand and sword, as well a couple of minifigure arms & hands for thumbs—but that is all! Additionally, something that not so pure, is that I modified a Technic pin connector by which connects the ball joint on the chest. I as well permeated the axle connector of the head with super, so I could lodge mask(s) in a fixed position, since the head cannot actually accommodate the small mask. - To top it off, I wanted to come up with a term in BIONICLES that meant revamped. I had somewhat of a list for possible names to choose from, then I finally settled on the one that sounded and looked BIONICLE-ish enough: "Owihou." It is completely my fiction and I guarantee you will be "without" any chance of finding anything related to it on the internet. Enjoy!
  2. I've been wanting to recreate Generation 1 characters in CCBS for a while. The main problem was that I wanted to use the old Mata heads (so I could fit both old masks and krana), but conventional methods of attaching said head to a CCBS torso looked ridiculous. Solution? Build a new torso. First up is Bingzak Kongu, displaying the Matoran build: I partially used the Mask of Light movie as a guide when building these; it mostly influences the neck and the shape of the arms. Full skeleton in the first picture. The second shows where the chest plate attachment and neck socket fit. The black bracket piece doesn't connect to the socket directly but it keeps it from jiggling around much. Can't say I care for the back much, but it's not an eyesore. Next up is Narmoto Vakama with the Turaga build: The Turaga are a bit more broad and wide than the Matoran to accommodate the sockets for the legs. Vakama features his stole from Mask of Light. Full skeleton along with a better shot of how the front and neck joint connect to the rest of the torso, similar to the Matoran build. Shot of the back. This is the biggest problem with the Turaga build: it's very boxy. Adding the stole (connected by the four exposed studs) helps somewhat. The light bley pieces will be changed to black once I get ahold of some. "Back! Back you foul creature! One more step or I'll--" (Wrong villain, I know, but ssshhh. ) You can really see how the back sticks out here. Again, not a fan, but I don't currently have a solution. Bonus: Turaga Korgot Whenua! Giving him his hunch was as easy as connecting the neck to the back of the head instead of the eyestalk. He needs Dark Bluish Gray hands but those will have to wait until I get some. Thanks for looking! Comments and critiques are highly appreciated.
  3. Mata Nui left his children to fend for themselves in a new and dangerous world. The plot is set hundreds of years in the future. The Toa mata are now the only remaining guardians of the matoran. The mysterious Skull Krata horde from bota magna has driven all living creatures back behind the great wall while killing most of the other characters. The Toa, now masters of their elements have fashioned an army of Protectors that help them keep the matoran safe, The circular wall is split into six elemental sections, each one guarded by a Toa. Legend tells of a Mask of Creation, the Toa realize that they have a chance to create a world safe for the matoran to live in. They venture forth to find the Mask, their conquest takes them out into the wild unknown of spherus magna. The quest for each Toa's golden konohi would help lead them to the location of the Mask of Creation. Upon completing their individual quests the Toa reunite and combine their golden mask powers to find the location of the Temple of Creation. The masters each gather their army of Protectors and march for a final confrontation with the Skull Krata at the Temple of Creation that will decide the worlds fate. In the final battle against the Skull Krata horde, the Toa truly show their heroic nature, fighting for the fate of spherus magna. Their armies are exhausted and the heroes begin to fall one by one. As each Toa falls their final act brings their brothers closer to their goal. Gali falls defending Tahu from a fatal blow, then Onua perishes lifting the gate to the Temple of Creation. Tahu rushes forward in blind wrath, leaving his team behind. Pohatu falls trying to reach Tahu and talk reason into him. Kopaka is moved at the death of his friend but the ice Toa resolutely sets himself to the final task. Tahu has battled far ahead towards the the Temple’s center with his power of shielding, burning his way toward his goal. There are several masks of Creation on pedestals. Only one leads to life while the rest to death. Tahu cannot tell which is the real one. Kopaka uses his Akaku to spot the fakes. Lewa and Kopaka are surrounded and begin to take hits from all sides. Before they are overrun, Lewa uses his power of air and levitation to send Kopaka hurtling towards Tahu. Kopaka lands and uses the fury of his ice storm to clear a path for Tahu, telling his leader which mask to grab. Kopaka dies nobly battling back the horde as Tahu rushes up the final steps to the Mask. Tahu reaches the Mask of Creation and dons it, becoming the most powerful being in the universe. He rids spherus magna of the Skull Krata threat then sets his fallen brothers and sister in the stars as the new guardians of the matoran. He explains to the chronicler (Whatever matoran character that is the main this season), that the Toa Mata will forever guard the matoran and grant the power of the Toa to 6 new worthy matoran to continue on their legacy. Tahu turns and joins his friends in the stars forming a new constellation. Their constellation is in the shape of the unity duty destiny symbol. Thus the Toa Mata’s mission is complete from a certain point of view as they collectively become a new Mata Nui for all of creation. The season ends as the great spirits reappear in their respective villages before 6 young matoran, beginning a new saga of Bionicle. This is how I would write the Bionicle plot if I could. I hope you guys like it. Alex South
  4. InfurnallDragon

    Onua 2015, the In-Depth Look

    I was bored, so here this is. Idk if I will do it for the other toa or even the protectors, but here this is. Here I have with me is my Toa Onua Mata from 2001. Despite not being the first set I got, despite not being one of the high priority sets I plan to get, he is perhaps my favorite of all the sets. There is something really cool about him having two clawed arms with the function and- well wait STOP! *tosses Onua aside*[actually sets Onua gently aside] I do not have a 2015 Onua in my possession, but what we all have right now is the new, early promotional images. For this reason I will not compare & contrast 2015 Onua's image to my physical Onua, but rather this other promotional image of Onua Mata from 2001. (Both will be at the bottom of the page for your own comparisons). And not just the image of Onua Mata, but promos of every Onua iteration to date shall be compared. That is the theme of this, not to look at the sets themselves here just the images for fairness. This thread was mainly to share my thoughts on 2015 Onua compared to the other iterations of him, and is also for discussion focused on him and his many forms without any other toa or characters involved. There are a lot of things can be discussed about the pair of clear images of Onua's set, but not enough room in Official Bionicle 2015 for all of them. This is pretty much an examining of ONUA THROUGH THE AGES Armor (The Medium-Length Section): Head/Mask (The Shortest Section): Tools (The Other Shortest): Build/Shape (The Longest One): So, did I miss something? What have you noticed about Onua? What is your theory on his arm's? You don't have to read my Wall of Text, but go ahead and run what you do read through your own judgement. Images Used in my Analysis:
  5. So, it's been mentioned that originally, the heroes for 2008's storyline were going to be the Toa Mahri in new bodies. Do you think the Toa sets would've been any different if they had been designing them with the Mahri in mind, or maybe that the Phantoka/Mistika are more suited to be the Mahri?
  6. Hi! :) I was wondering if there will be someone interested in buying probably unique Lego Cargo Bionicle knapsack from 2001. As I have seen It's unavaliable on Ebay. It came out with the first wave of Toa. Maybe there will be someone who would like to buy such a one for his younger brother or other relative. It is supposed to be for children like 5-8 years old. It's quite collector item. After looking at exchange rate I would like to sell it for around 25$/20€. If there will be not a lot of willings I think I can lower the price. It's condition is satisfactory after all these 12 years. Its legs are only slightly sore. It was used only for 3 years and then It spent the rest of time in a wardrobe. From time to time I took it out to clean it. I would like to add it was bought for 100$. And if you know somebody interested in buying it you can recommend this offer. Now I will publish photos.