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Found 17 results

  1. Hi! There's a third version of my muscle car: - PF: XL, M, IR, LiPo - Opening doors, bonnet, trunk - Independent front suspension - Leaf spring rear suspension - Working supercharger - Rubber return to center mechanism - Adjustable seats - Removable body. Video: More photos: Building Instructions:
  2. It was time to rework my old Interceptor with newer parts, and I like the shaping a hell of a lot more this time around. It's WIP since the guts are all placeholder bits, but the shell looks good enough to post. •Raised the rear by 1 plate for an aggressive stance •Rear windscreen can be lifted off So far so good. I managed to work in the red light near the rear bumper by simply leaving the side of the [1x2 trans-red plate] exposed. Next comes reworking the guts to make them stable. Suggestions welcome!
  3. I recently watched the Mad Max Movies I couldn't resist trying to build the V8. I think I ended up with a slightly "Beefed Up" V8 Interceptor. What do you think? Mad Max - Lego MOC by misupix, auf Flickr Mad Max - Lego MOC by misupix, auf Flickr Mad Max - Lego MOC by misupix, auf Flickr Mad Max - Lego MOC by misupix, auf Flickr Mad Max - Lego MOC by misupix, auf Flickr
  4. The Armored Ice Cream Van. ------------------------------------ We all remember the Times when we rushed out of the House at the one Moment we heard the Icescream Van Jingle to get a cold Treat. These Times are long gone now,and instead of Happy Go Lucky Times,War has risen in the Wastelands around the abandoned and desolate Lego City. Live is tough,and so are the Vehicles the Scavengers,Pirates and Thugs are driving. This Van was once an Ice Cream Van,you can still see the Loudspeaker on the Roof and the Side Hatch from where you could greet happy Customers. I had a lot of fun building this Thing and i used different Colors of Bricks to get this post apocalyptic Car some Texture.Don`t know where that dark red Sail comes from but i really liked it and so it found its Way on the Van. The Idea for the Armored Van came from a similar Vehicle in GTA V,it even shares the manned Turret from which you can get some Distance between You and those pesky Pirates. I had a lot of Fun building this one. Hope you like it,Comments are welcome... 20170709_180426 20170709_180434 20170709_180449 20170709_180528 20170709_180554 20170709_180602 20170709_180615 20170709_180625
  5. Mr Greeble

    Mad Max: Fury Road

    Hi all, I've recently made some of the cars from Mad Max: Fury Road. Thought I'd post this one. I used a reference picture from production shots, but modified some things. Reference is here. Comments and criticism welcome.
  6. Pate-keetongu

    [MOC]Nux-Imitating Terror Rod

    "Okay guys, this is a cool ride, you can let me down now. Guys? Guys!" We had a large modular town on a LUG exhibit couple of weeks a ago, and had some contests inside the collaboration. This was my entry in the vehicle category. It got the fourth place (with a tie). A gang of car fanatics supposedly saw Fury Road and got inspired. Unfortunately poor Larry ended up in the front. But someone got to do it, right? More on Cyclopic Bricks.
  7. Lego Mad Max Fury Road ELVIS (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Following the making of the Peacemaker from the movie Mad Max Fury Road, I wanted to build ELVIS, a 32' Ford with 2 V6 GMC engines. This model is powered by 2 L motors and utilizes a Servo motor for steering. It is powered by a Lego rechargeable battery. This model was somewhat difficult for me to build, it features a 2 V6 engines, or a V12, 4 bar suspension on the front and rear axles. The most difficult part is that I have a very limited supply of red brown bricks(>500) most of these parts came from the Star Wars MTT set released a few years ago. So this limited me to what shape and structure I could do with the pieces at hand. I attempted to replicate the rust/chipping paint of the vehicle seen in the movie, by altering the colors of the roof, as that is visible from a couple screenshots of the movie. Another challenge was the dropped axle in the front, It was difficult to mount suspension and steering in a compact space, without raising the height of the front too much. Thanks to Sariel for providing Background images for this model, from the game. More like those will be coming soon (during next week). The real vehicle Mad Max Fury Road Elvis schematic by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego Mad Max Fury Road ELVIS (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego Mad Max Fury Road ELVIS (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego Mad Max Fury Road ELVIS (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego Mad Max Fury Road ELVIS (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego Mad Max Fury Road ELVIS (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego Mad Max Fury Road ELVIS (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego Mad Max Fury Road ELVIS (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego Mad Max Fury Road ELVIS (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego Mad Max Fury Road ELVIS (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr
  8. What a lovely day! Mad Max: Fury Road has been the best film for some time. Here's the two main protagonists from the movie, road warrior Max Rockatansky and Imperator Furiosa. The models are fully poseable. More on my blog Cyclopic Bricks.
  9. Hi there folks, thanks for taking a look @ my creation. When I started driving (real) cars I loved to lower them, coilovers, airride, I tried everything! Now that I drive a real life Subaru Forester (1998) and take it off road occasionally, I am starting to like off roading and their techniques a lot! So I wanted to create a (small as possible) Lego off road chassis with these elements built in: -Front wheel steering system -Rigid axle with free suspension movement front and rear. Capable of off roading and some rock crawling. -4x4 connection with center diff. Front and rear axle locked. -Turning engine concept. After trying a lot of concepts in LDD, I figured its quite hard to put these elements into a very small working chassis. I tried to fit a Boxer engine (Subaru) in there, but it just wouldnt fit. I came up with a chassis wich I wanted to order @ Lego 'pick a brick', but figured that 'pick a brick' does not have enough bricks available I checked some more shops, but lost hope to order the separate bricks. So I wanted to show you guys my concept wich is not complete. Also LDD has some issues with the hinge tool. Its a very nice piece of software, don't get me wrong What do you guys think? (More pictures coming, photobucket is acting a bit strange, sorry)
  10. Yeap this is happening! So I'm very impressed with this rough draft chassis, capable of driving over and off a 4Litre tray of Lego. But I don't know what the car is if it is a "REAL" car. Does anyone know what make it is? Thought I would also show my homemade lipo that cost me.....$5 TOTAL! Of course I already have a RC charger to charge the batteries. Any questions please feel free to ask!
  11. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Furiosa Friends

    Hi all, Oh what a day. What a lovely day! ]
  12. LegoWarBoys

    Mad Max Fury Road Gigahorse

    Lifelong fan of the movies. After seeing Lego Will's version of the Gigahorse all over the internet, I wanted one in my own style. My first Lego/Technic hybrid too. Many thanks for looking!
  13. LegoGunInstructions

    Dodge Challenger from Mad Max

    A realistic model of the famous Dodge Challenger from the 70s. It made appearance in blockbusters like Fast and Furious and most recently - Mad Max.
  14. -zenn

    Karma Hot Rod

    Hmmm, posting this in the scifi or the town section of the forums...? I'll let karma decide. Anyway, enjoy. "Fukushima, karmacrazy! Warboys! Warboys!" Karma; a Hot Rod inspired by 'Mad Max: Fury Road'. More on my Flickr photostream.
  15. I just love post-apocalyptic themes, so I decided to build some sets for it a while ago. This was my second model: the "Trader Hot-Rod-Tank" My first model the "Raider-Trike" can be found here. More pictures can be found in the LEGO folder of my homepage!
  16. Max's Interceptor, my first attempt at replicating a famous car. Max and Ironbar (Thunderdome)