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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys and girls. Here I will show you a diorama built in autumn 2014: a scrapyard. User Taz35 asked me in the thread of my "level crossing - 33 degrees", if I could show my other modules. So I will do this. But this place isn't built in my modular train standard, call LEN, because it was designed months before the standard grow up. In model train communities there is the opinion, that railroads shouldn't drive exaktly parallel to the table edge. So I decide to build a diagonally train track and so the whole place developed also diagonally. In the pick-a-brick wall in lego store leipzig I found a lot of wedge plates. So the idea to build this was born: The scrapyard is designed so, that all side are front sides. There's no back. So observers can take a look at all side into the yard. At the first side, you can see a sidewalk and the huge metal fence (it's in old dark gray). Also you can see a little family with a dog. (and this dog made a doggy do :). At the second side you can see a wall and a lot of plants. Also you can see the sign of the german forum There I showed this scrapyard in octobre last year and it gaves me the third place of best mocs in this month. At the third side you can see old tires and containers with a lot of scrap, mostly bionicle and other things inmetallic colors . Also you can see at the left side the biggest tree at this diorama and the huge crane. It's the first version of it and nearly closed to the crane in set 6541, but this one is a little bigger. And at the last side you can see the little bureau and the entrance for cars and buyers. There are a lot of details you can found, like the scrap collectors and the scathing watchdog. But I think, it's better, if I show you some pictures without any comments: A very important part is the track-ending sign (called "Schutzhaltesignal sh_2" in german) at the gate. It's really a original lego part, but it's very very rarely. It's included in set 4306 produced in 1980. Normally it's a part of human girls rings and certainly the most uninteressting part in this set. Today you can't buy it at bricklink. I don't know, why it is so rarely. I hope you're enjoyed about this weird moc. MTM
  2. Hi guys and girls. Today I will show you a wagon I built a few months ago. The first version I built in july 2012 and the first short version of it nearly one year later. In the beginning all my tankcars were used by z-oil (zentral oil), a virtual competitor of octan oil, because the only possible color of the wagons was dark purple. (the white cylinder panel was very expensive, but I could bought some cheap zurg-sets). But I hoped that lego give us these panels in dark or light bluish gray. In march 2015 was the time for this part. I found it in set 76038 and ordered 36 of these cylinders in the united states. So I finally could build some gray tankcars: The gray version drives for a lot of different companys, like "x2" or for a the greek company "oλ" (called o'kronlambda) (filled with compressed air :) ) Now I made a building instruction for this tankcar. I'm sorry, that the text is in german, but you only need the pictures to rebuild it. Here you can find the instruction. Bye. Michael
  3. Hi, I have a very special problem: For an exhibition (the day after tomorrow) I will use 12V-lights at my train station. I tried this function with a gray 12V transformator and the switch with the train crossing pattern: (set 5083). Everythings worked and I was happy. Right button turn the lights on, left button turn the lights off. Everything is fine. But: Now I need this remote Control switch to use the train crossing, but I had another set 5081 - remote control witch SIGNAL pattern. I opened (because it was sealed (ovp)) and I tried to use ist. But it doesn't works. I think, it isn't broken. I think the reason is to find into the different between these both switch. The signal one stayed "down", after I pressed the button, and when I press the other button (red or green), the first button comes up. The switch witch train crossing pattern works so: If I pressed any button, the button comes up immediately. Also the train crossing has 2x three holes and the backside, the signal switch has 1x five holes and 1x three holes. Could someone help me to understand the function. And: Why I couldn't connect normal light bricks with the signal switch. Does set 5080 works (Remote control for switch). Or does the switch in set 7862 works? Please help me. Michael
  4. Hi, this is my first post to show a moc in this forum. (Please scroll down to read this post in german.) I'm proud to present my new train engine - a czech T478. It's a diesel power cargo train engine and this model (in different colors) is very famous in czech and sometimes you can see it in eastern germany / saxony. I build it only with original lego parts. There are no custom parts or custom stickers. Also I doesn't like stickers. If I can't find a decorated part with pattern (not sticker), I build without any pattern. In August 2013 I built the first version of this train - in blue-white with a yellow ribbon around it. But I should see, the locomotive in this color is not used for freight. So I decide to built another one of this train. But this time I would build it with round porthole windows, and I would used the 1x2x2 panels with porthole. The brick builded portholes are too big for this train. But the 1x2x2 panels with porthole are only in three colors: orange, red and light gray. To buy twelfe parts of the light gray version - this was too expensive for me. The first idea was, to use the orange one, because there is a nice color version of this train in orange and white. But in this case I also need one tan colored panel with porthole at each side. And it's also a train, mostly used with passenger cars. So I decide, to build the T478-3283 version. Here you can see it with her blue-white sister. This version is used in cargo trains. The model of this train is the T478 3283 of the czech train company (ČD). Here the Original and a Kühne-model train. It's very closed between the top of the rail and the bottom of the train case. But between this, it's place for the window pane - it's the ladder. Not nice is the color different between the panels with porthole and the other bricks. The panels are not really red, but rather dark red. But it's also not really like the dark red bricks. It was very difficult to find some special parts, like paneels with porthole, the window panes in light gray, or a thin red technic liftarm at the top of the roof: rar parts or parts hard to find - 12 pieces - 4 pieces in light gray (old color) - 4 pieces - used only one time, but hard to find, I think - 2x - I decide to used this parts in light gray, not light bluish gray - also 2x - but it should be the same color - light gray! - 2x - and also in light gray (not so good idea with this color ;) ) Now, boths engines are ready to drive around at my little landscape, called "Kleinplastitzsch" - or "Małe rzeźby". It sounds polish, but I think, it's not really a polish word. But the village "Kleinplasitzsch" could exist at the german border to Poland and Czech. Thanks for reading. I'm happy about criticism and praise comments. You can also find the original post (in german) at the 1000steine-forum, at my blog or here: MTM Hallo liebe geneigte Leser, nachdem ich im August 2013 (so lang ist das schon wieder her), die erste Taucherbrille / Brejlovec der tschechischen Eisenbahn vorstellte, merkte ich sehr schnell, dass ich da zwar eine schön hässliche Lok hatte, die zudem in LEGO bisher kaum gebaut wurde (und auch bis heute nicht), aber: Es war eine Personenzuglok. Ich googelte viel, fand aber in dieser Lackierung (blau-weiß, mit gelbem Streifen) kein einziges Bild mit Güterwaggons hinten dran. Da ich aber vor allem Güterverkehr haben wollte, gab es nur eine Lösung: Ich musste noch eine Güterzuglok bauen. Zum Glück gibt es die tschechischen Lokomotiven in allerlei Farben: Diesmal wollte ich die "Fehler" der ersten Version ändern und deswegen beschloss ich, richtige Bullaugenfenster haben zu wollen. Damit blieben bloß drei Farbvarianten übrig: rot, grau oder orange, weil es dieses Paneel eben nur in diesen Farben gibt. Zuerst wollte ich eine orangene bauen, weil es eine sehr schöne Güterzuglackierung mit orangenem Oberteil gibt. Aber auch hiermit wird überwiegend Personenverkehr betrieben, außerdem bräuchte man noch ein tan-farbenes Bullaugenpaneel... Grau fiel ob des Paneel-Preises und dessen Verfügbarkeit aus (ich brauch immerhin 12 davon) und so wurde es eine rote. Das Vorbild dazu ist eine Version vom Modelleisenbahnhersteller Kühne, bzw. hier in Original. Wieder mit gelber Bauchbinde, diesmal aber nur an der Front. Also weniger Bauchbinde als Zierstreifen. Der Rest sollte eigentlich Routine sein, dachte ich. Die Bautechnik an der Seite ist wohl einfacher als die mit der Zickzackbinde und ich könnte das Modell zeitnah vorstellen, die Bullaugenpaneele hatte ich ja schon vor Jahren mehrfach in Südkorea bestellt, also: Kein Problem - dachte ich mir. Aber dann wurde es wieder schwierig: Die grauen Teile des Fahrgestells waren gar nicht so einfach - und preiswert - zu besorgen. Aber man kennt ja Leute, die ab und an zum Stammtisch kommen und nach und nach wurde es. Dann kamen noch zwei Friends-Sterne für die typische Front dazu und jetzt ist sie endlich fertig und bereit für ihre Einsätze. Nicht so schön sind zwei Sachen: (1) Erstens sind die Bullaugenfenster nicht farbecht, sondern viel dunkelroter als die normalen Steine. Richtig dunkelrot sind sie aber auch nicht. (2) Zweitens: Gibt es die Dreiecksfahnen noch immer nicht in hellgrau. Auf Vorabbildern der 2015er-StarWars-Collection sah es zwar so aus, als würde es hellgraue geben, aber letztlich hat man sich im Set 70166 dann für sandblau ?! entschieden. Ärgerlich! Ironie des Schicksals war, dass ich, als ich mit der roten fertig war, dann doch ein Bild gefunden hab, wo die blaue im Güterverkehr eingesetzt wurde Das war allerdings dann erstmal die letzte Taucherbrille, die ich gebaut hab, glaube ich. Beide werden, die eine als Personenzuglok, die andere im Güterverkehr demnächst in Kleinplastitzsch zum Einsatz kommen. Über Kritik und Freudenschreie bin ich sehr dankbar. Gruß Micha