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Found 4 results

  1. The amount of captures as a result of last month's MRCA have been quite surprising. The rules are as follows: Warships captured by pirates will not be returned. Trading vessels captured by pirates will be auctioned. All vessels captured by privateers (where the privateering nation and the vessel's nation are not at war) will be returned or not returned via a build-off procedure, unless the owner(s) of the vessel specifically request not to have a build-off (in which case they will not be returned). Caveat: If a captured ship was or can become the builder's free license ship (i.e. if the builder has no other ships of a class 2 or higher and no free license), then said ship will not be included in any of these return actions unless the builder specifically requests to be included. List of Vessels The following warships were captured by pirates. Nothing can be done towards the retrieval of these ships. Corrington, HMS Kite, 4A Oleon, HRS Eltina Dukesc, The Meteor Oleon, HRS Granoleon Corrington, HMS Queen’s Glory, 5HA Oleon, HRS Astrapi Oleon, HRS Loraithian Captain Genaro, Pride of Poseidon The following trade vessels were captured by pirates. As per the rules, these ships will be blind auctioned. If you for whatever reason do not wish to loose the name, let us know and we will tell the buyer to change the ship's name. KolonialBeamter, Revenant, 2F (C. Harrison Torn) SilentWolf, Golden Filly, 5F (C. Gregory Decker) The following vessels were captured by privateers. Khorne, Torino (C. Carno, "El Matador") [free license; no procedure] Gideon, The Fairmont (C. Carno, "El Matador) [free license; no procedure] Corrington, HMS Bull Shark (C. Carno, "Bloodsucker”) azog, Dagger (C. Mardier, Gernaldo) [free license; no procedure] The following vessels were taken by Unknown. If the owners of these vessels wish, they may build a MOC this month that throws blame upon an NPC privateer. A disinterested leader will then determine by the roll of the die whether or not the MOC is accurate. If so, the case will proceed to a build-off with the NPC nation being blamed. MKJoshA, La Oleon Jacob Nion, Warbringer KolonialBeamter, Scimitar KolonialBeamter, Commerce de Breshaun What's next? The Revenant and the Golden Filly will be blind auctioned. I will be setting up a topic for this as soon as possible. There is one build off: Corrington vs. Carno. I will start a topic for this also as soon as possible. Important! Anyone whose free-license ship has been captured and who now has a) no free license, b) no licensed ship of a class 2 or greater may disregard any actions suggested here and is free to MOC his/her MRCA results in such a way as to result in the return of his/her vessel. Be sure to fill out the ship license form again, however. In the future when dealing with captured ship returns I will use this same topic but the build-offs and/or auctions will be given their own topics. It wasn't always easy for me to tell exactly what/whose these vessels were, so if I have made a mistake in my arrangements anywhere, please let me know! If anyone has any questions or corrections speak up!
  2. Part One Captain's Log. February 14, 616. A run-in with pirates today! Sighted off the starboard bow right after 6 bells. The Queen of Terreli engaged quickly while the three merchant ships crowded sail in an attempt to distance themselves. Although she took some heavy blows, we were pleased to see the Queen victorious over the pirate cruisers by 9 bells. She caught up with us just before dark and we resumed our course. This is a rendition of Elostirion's The Cotton Lady: This is a rendition of Phadeout's Fénix: And this is a rendition of my The Golden Snake: I love micro ships! So of course, this was great fun. Constructive criticism is welcome! Thanks for looking!
  3. MRCA build of the Feb. MRCA results Captain log, Bastion, star date 3-616. Today we received our copy of the latest Kings Ports Advertiser and Ship List. It is reported in the paper that the White Skull had saved the Le Dindon from a pirate attack. Le Dindon arrived safely at port with all her cargo intact. We found an artist rendition in the paper of the White Skull protecting Le Dindon from attack and fighting off the pirates. It appears that something was lost in the translation to the paper's outsourced graphics department. It is also reported that the White Skull had later captured a pirate ship. It was rumoured the crew surrender expediently after Susieh Cheng dispatched their captain to shark bait status. We are looking forward to the return of Susieh with her booty.
  4. It had been an amazing trip for Clifton and his crew, They'd outrun pirates, helped capture a ship by being bait and come back with an amazing bounty of wealth. "I think the Men and I will celebrate after we unload the cargo and I pay the wages, they should be eager for the next trip after they see their share.", Clifton thought After docking at one of the more vacant ports Sebastion ordered his men to start hauling the goods to the warehouse manager, giving the men incentive to move quickly by declaring that the first round was on him. The men took to it and started moving faster. Sebastion Clifton was quickly becoming one of the best known captains in Arlinsport, not because he had the best hauls, in fact in the recent month he had one of the worse performances out of the main fleet, but for the way he treated his crew, they loved him. At taverns Cliftons crew could be seen carousing with their captain getting drunk and even getting into a few fights but one thing was clear to the people of Arlinsport, Clifton's was the ship to join if you wanted a captain who wasn't all pomp and circumstance. Many thought he might just be a pirate sailing the Corrington flag while the authorities turned the other way. DSC_2845 by Paul Vogel, on Flickr DSC_2844 by Paul Vogel, on Flickr DSC_2846 by Paul Vogel, on Flickr DSC_2849 by Paul Vogel, on Flickr The streets of Arlinsport had changed over the past few months with the current prosperity it seemed that Lord Pennington had taken an Interest and called for the installation of street lamps in certain parts of the city, most of them seemed to be the ones he had a hand in. This was confirmed after Amelia street got street lamps to light it's path shortly after pennington invested in the Coyl Shipping company. Most didn't think much of it, Pennington was the Exchequer for a reason after all. *This is my first attempt at a micro build, I decided to try after I couldn't figure out/find pieces I wanted to build an actual full sized dock.