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Found 20 results

  1. evancelt

    [MOC] M:Tron Habitat

    A quick M:Tron Habitat build for a CoWLUG habitat challenge
  2. The MagnePulse Xcelerator is M-Tron's latest development in magnetic technology, an incredibly fast spacecraft featuring two large magnetic repulsion engines and a detachable cockpit that can serve as a rover. The rover is attached via magnets and seats one pilot and either a passenger or a cargo crate. The cockpit has a vertical panoramic window that also functions as the front wheel of the rover.
  3. evancelt

    [MOC] The Motherlode

    "The Motherlode" 'Come in M:Tron Central - this is Odette' 'Johnson was right, we just needed to follow the local flora back to the source. Setting up forward mining operations now. I think we've hit the motherlode!'
  4. the Inventor

    [MOCs] Febrovery 2021

    I realized I have never posted these MOCs here, its almost the 2022 edition of this event on flickr, but here are my rovers of last year: Febrovery 2021 by Ids, on Flickr Individual links of my rovers are over on flickr (I don't feel like posting 28 rovers here ) Link to the album: Almost all my rovers, except one (number 3 got upgraded to number 22). To be honest I hadn't planned to make a rover every day, especially as most of them were build on the day itself or a day before. And some days I didn't really have inspiration/ideas to build one. But I made it, 28 rovers. :P
  5. Kage Goomba

    M-Tron - The Entire Collection

    Bit of backstory: When I was just a kid (born in 81) - my first major Lego Sets after the little airport and space base - I saw these sets and went wacko. Begged and pleaded for each-and-every set. Somehow - some way I managed to keep them intact and together over the years. Due to various issues I was unable to do much due to living situation - then that changed thanks to a good job and pulling out of debt. I've since become a Star Wars fanatic and started collecting UCS sets - but Mtron always held a very special place in my heart. My first major collection. I intend to keep it that way. I found that I was a little hard on my lego's so I had to recover/replace some parts - and missing 1 manual - 250 USD later and some patient waiting on Ebay - I can finally say I have the entire collection. I also discovered that there was a bonus set that I had missed that required 3 of the models to make this one - hence the 200 bucks or so - I bought the 3 extra duplicates of my collection to make that one special bonus. And here they are all on display. Notes: What you see is the following sets: 1478 - Mobile Satellite Up-Link 6811 - Pulsar Charger 6833 - Beacon Tracer 6877 - Vector Detector 6896 - Celestial Forager 6923 - Particle Ionizer 6956 - Stellar Recon Voyager 6989 - Mega Core Magnetizer 6862 - Secret Space Voyager (bonus "super" set - 6877, 6896 and 6923 required/used) 6704 - Extra figure Somewhere in there I may or may not have modded a couple sets for the extra parts left over from the super set - and took some creative licensing (all extra parts) 6710 - Blacktron Space Landing Plates - 3 sets of them 6971 - 2 Space "Lunar plates" from my old yet horribly broken set (I regret this) I have all manuals - no parts missing - I only lack original boxes - back in the day those where original paper - no cardboard - I regret that - but at least this survived. Now If only I could figure out what this entire collection is worth? I'm also inclined to find a MOC MTron Base for my collection. - In any case - may you enjoy and share the memories of the epic 90's. I decided to make a little themed "mining operation" showing off my collection - bought a whole pile of neon green studs due to shipping restrictions - cause why not. Yes you may or may not spot the Ice Planet models in the background - don't mind them :) Trivia Fact: This was the first time they introduced magnets into Space Legos I hope there are still some die hard MTron fans out there - love to hear from you! Enjoy. :)
  6. RyszardBosiak

    [MOC] M-Tron Light Mech

    Hello! My first Lego mech. Light construction adapted to work in M-Tron complexes. Easy to configure - there is a possibility to quick change kind of arms. There is a number and type of machine on left arm - LM63 - Light Mech, number 63. I had a lot of issues during rendering, flex element was invisible after render, so I decided to remove that element and use other solution. I hope you enjoy it :) M-Tron Light Mech by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Light Mech by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Light Mech by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Light Mech by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Light Mech by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Light Mech by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Light Mech by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Light Mech by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Light Mech by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Light Mech by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr
  7. RyszardBosiak

    [MOC] M-Tron Technical Vehicle

    Another project in M-Tron theme. Main goals of this MOC were to build machine for M-Tron guys, vehicle which can ride of different kind of the terrain and can be adapted to lots of different things. Lights which are located in the front, middle and the end (only 'truck' version) of the vehicle, help to be more visible on the tough climate of alien planet. Here we can see two different usages of mainly the same base. One is adapted to be some kind of transporter, which can additionally pull a trailer. Connection between trailer and vehicle has two torsion points to provide better turn. What's more, these points can turn not only left and right, but up and down too. Regarding the trailer. Big wheels - remember we are on alien planet and we need to ride in the very different terrain. Second one is a crane. Basically differences of foundation are small. There are no place for trailer, but there are two stabilizers to provide safe work of crane operator. The very end of crane arm can be switched to something else. For example, now there is a hook, but I think magnet element will be nice for some kind of cargo. Maybe in the future, that two vehicles will be part of some bigger MOC. M-Tron Technical Vehicle (19) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle (23) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle (22) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle (26) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle (27) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle (25) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle (24) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle (20) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle (18) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle (15) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle (14) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle (9) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle (8) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle (2) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle (6) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Thank you for reading and watching, have a nice day! UPDATE New version with drone. Third variation of the same vehicle. This time there is a drone on the back. Operator has dedicated controler for drone. That kind of of equipment can be rally halpful for carrying out research on foregin planet. M-Tron Technical Vehicle with Drone (12) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle with Drone (8) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle with Drone (9) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle with Drone (7) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle with Drone (5) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle with Drone (4) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle with Drone (3) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Technical Vehicle with Drone (2) by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr
  8. RyszardBosiak

    [MOC] M-Tron Space Train

    Hi! This is my first MOC in space theme. I wanted to build something different in that area. What is your first thought when you are thinking about space? Probably spaceship or some kind of space headquarters somewhere on the foreign planet. But today I want to present you something little different - M-Tron train. There are 4 different modules in whole train. Please find below short description of these elements: Engine-driver cockpit - this is the place where main operator has everything what is needed to steer that machine. What is important there are always one of the beginning and the second of the end of the train. Cabine can be open from both sides. Power source - one of the most important element of the all train. If you want to ride, you need to have full batteries. Couple of outputs are directly calibrated with power inputs from engine-driver cockpit. This is a part of engine-driver cockpit, but it can be switched easily, because it has independece wheels only for that element. Engineers have some tools to make necessary maintenance. Passenger wagon - place for brave space pioneers and robots. Passengers can jump in from both sides. Freight wagon - place for other kind of stuff, which is necessary for take lots of different actions on foreign area. You can add or remove Passenger and Freight wagons, but two first modules are obligatory. Do you have an idea for additional kinds of wagons? Please let me know in comments! M-Tron Space Train by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Space Train by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Space Train by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Space Train by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Space Train by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Space Train by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Space Train by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Space Train by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Space Train by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Space Train by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Space Train by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Space Train by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Space Train by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Space Train by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Space Train by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Space Train by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Space Train by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Space Train by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr M-Tron Space Train by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr If you like my project please support my idea here: Thank you!
  9. Peppermint_M

    MOC: Millennium Seeker

    M-Tron into the new Millennium! Seeking out new sources of ore, the brave crew venture deeper into space. So, house sitting and I found a box of LEGO. I could not resist the urge to build. There looked to be all the parts for the Mega Core Magnetizer, but I wanted to MOC a spaceship instead. I swear the most recent bricks were 20 years old at least. It was amazing fun to work within the confines of a collection that is not mine, made up of parts that at least count as Retro now, none of the handy new elements I am used to MOCing with today. There was a bit of a nostalgic hit too, like building when I was a child without the pretty large and quite extensive collection I have now (with the opportunity to get the parts I really need online or just buy another set...). I hope you enjoy my retro resurrection MOC.
  10. Big Sal

    [MOC] M-Tron Mine

    Some photos of the M-Tron mining base I made for the Yorkshire Brick Show 2014 at the National Coal Mining Museum for England (hence the mining theme). There are quite a few, hope you enjoy them! Early in the morning, the M-Tron miners arrive by monorail from their homes in the mountains: First job of the day involves scanning the ground for signs of ore deposits: It can get pretty tiring: But the canteen is always open if they need to refuel: After a snack, they descend into the mines and begin to fill the special containers with the ore they extract from the rocks: The containers are loaded onto trains to be taken to surface. But things don't always go to plan: The ore-filled containers are hauled to the surface by monorail: Then lifted up to the roof and loaded onto the ship which is being refuelled before it flies to the processing plant: M-Tron aren't the only faction at the mine. Maybe you've already spotted some Blacktron spies up to no good? The Space Police are present to thwart their evil schemes: One of the Blacktron spies is prepared to use... unconventional... methods to infiltrate the mine: The Space Police could be doing a better job: A Futuron research team is also in the mine, investigating signs of ancient alien life uncovered by the miners: Meanwhile, deep underground, the miners have uncovered some more recent signs of life: Thanks for looking! There are more pics on Flickr, plus videos of the monorails in action!
  11. Hi all! I've recently finished a pair of mechs. Normally I would post two threads, but these belong together. The idea was to make a versatile frame which could serve as basis for multiple different mobile suits, which would help save time with designing complicated body components such as the cockpit and articulated waist (more on that later). In the end, I'm a little skeptical if the cockpit is actually suitable for different add-ons beyond simple colour swaps. In any case, the design uses pretty common parts which are available in many different colours. For the moment, I'm satisfied with my M-tron and Ice Planet variations, but I wouldn't rule out more colour swaps in the future. Now without further ado, let's get to the pics: General Overview It's no secret that OXON III, which I made last year (see topic), was the go-to reference for these new mechs. I adopted its angular design language, and partially copied its lower arms, legs and hands. I was also aiming for the same size as OXON, but with a great reduction in weight, which I succeeded in. The Ice Planet FOXX was constructed first, although the differences between the two are minor. Functions & Features Not much to discover here, just an opening cockpit. Any mobile suit or mecha should suit a pilot in my opinion, so it's there. Interior detail is absent, though. No hidden canons in the shoulders that OXON had, either. Most of the assets are to be found in the other departments. Articulation This is where the the main innovations were made. First of all, there is front to back waist articulation. The upper torso can raise up, come down, lean a bit backward and lean quite a lot forward, over the hips. No side to side movement or twisting of the torso. I wanted to try to my hand at functional waist actuators. I couldn't figure out a cylinder-bar construction, which would allow for independent 'pushing and pulling' on the upper torso. Instead, mine are a fixed length, so I made the distance to the torso (in place of their individual length) variable. They are both connected to a block that slides up and down the crotch (is groin or pelvis a more correct term?). This is done with 1x4 bricks with inset and 1x2 'slider plates', but it doesn't add friction. There's a technic ball joint in the spine and together with two pairs of small ball joints in the actuators there is enough friction (most of the time) to keep the torso in the pose you want it to be in. In addition, I made a number of smaller improvements. In general, the limits of what the joints can bear are exceeded less easily due to reduced weight compared to OXON. The neck follows the 'floating head' design from X-RAY³ (topic here), rather than a more humaniod ball-socket connection. It has more points of articulation and is able to look up much further, which is useful when the torso is facing the ground. Furthermore, the shoulders are less restricted in their outward movement, and made more simplified the ankle stabilizers. Interaction Mechs are more fun together, I tested it for you! Thanks for looking! C&C appreciated!
  12. FredDef

    Newbie request for advice

    Hello everybody, I'm new here. At nearly 36 years of age I've become an AFOL, I guess, when I rediscovered the delightful Lego-sets my parents gave me in my younger days. Please excuse me if this (kind of) thread already exists or if I needed to post this elsewhere on the forum. In an attempt to prep a nice little Lego-assortment for my sons (the eldest is only 3 and a half and too young still) I bought three little M-Tron-sets to go with the 6812 (Blacktron) Grid Trekkor and the 6831 Message Decoder I already had (I should have SP II Rebel Hunter too, but I can't find it at the moment). The initial idea was to form a large enough 'space' vehicle pool of both sides + some Space Police for them to be able to make up some play scenes. But I've now begun to wonder wheter the Blacktron-M-Tron-Space Police would actually (still) appeal to youngsters nowadays. I still think the colour scheme of respectively black-white and red(black)white) and the neon green parts are just perfect and make for great looking sets. In comparison to the modern Ninjago-sets or Nexo Knights-sets, for example, the 'classic' space sets might not be 'interesting' enough anymore in this day and age. I guess I'm asking the parent-members if they have any recent experience with their children still appreciating the 'old' Space-sets (Blacktron, M-Tron, Space Police). A second part of my question is about the playability of (these older) Space-sets: by that I mean that I can't provide convincingly built 'bases' for the kids; building Blacktron, M-Tron bases would require loads of speciality pieces. In comparison to the City-theme, it's not as easy to build scenery for them to play in. I have a limited amount of bricks (in comparison to many avid AFOLs) and certainly in terms of speciality space pieces (neon green stuff, special baseplates etc.). I'd very much appreciate any of your views on this. Thanks
  13. soccerkid6

    M-Tron C-5 Blaster

    This was built for ABS round 2.1, in which the seed part was the red bucket. The blaster features a removable clip (accomplished via magnets) along with a working trigger and charging handle. The whole thing is quite solid and very playable. More pictures can be seen here.
  14. Hello everyone ! I've recently acquired a 10kg bulk of 80s Lego sets that someone was throwing out. After few days of reconstruction (cosmic fleet voyager, invader, scorpion detector, nebula outpost...), I've decided to use the spare parts to make some sort of spaceship. I'm rather glad of it, so I've decided to show it to you. Let me introduce the Stellar Recon Interceptor (M-Tron) Stellar Recon Interceptor by Thibaut Piruk, sur Flickr Stellar Recon Interceptor by Thibaut Piruk, sur Flickr Stellar Recon Interceptor by Thibaut Piruk, sur Flickr Thanks :)
  15. Columbus019

    Classic space reboot-how to do it

    With the arrival of a few classic space sets recently, I think a reboot may happen soon, so here is how it should be done. Factions: The Lego System Space Exploration group (LSSE) The M-TRON Corporation The SeaTron Corporation Blacktron LSSE Lsse are a company devoted to exploring the outermost reaches of space. They have three models of spaceship, the LL918, LL924 and LL928, they also utilize a variety of ground vehicles such as moon buggies and walkers like atats and also exo suits. Their operatives either wear the standard classic space uniform or any of the classic space styled collectible lego minifigures uniforms. M-Tron M-Tron is a mining company which is extracting useful magnetanium ore from many planets and turning it into magnets to help the whole of space. It uses bulky transports with wheels to traverse a planetoid a great example is lego set number 6989. SeaTron ​Seatron is a mining company that believes that the best place to find strong metals is under the sea on earth and alien planets alike. They have submarines to mine and then ship ore to the surface with monorails. SeaTron often hires aliens who can breath underwater to get inside small caves etc.[/size] Blacktron Blacktron is a space pirate and gun-for-hire empire. They have small and fast ships that can intercept other ships as a swarm or ambush space-convoys by hiding behind asteroids. A blacktron operative A blacktron Heavy operative A blacktron alien operative They also use robots such as the lego minifigures one. Hope you liked it Columbus
  16. The Mugbearer

    [LDD] Lego Space Reloaded - M:Tron

    Sup guys! It's been a while since I've posted anything, so I decided to fix that. Today I am going to treat you with what I believe to be the revamps to all small-to-middle M:Tron sets. Let's start with a droid I made as an addition to my series of Space-thematic robot helpers. M-Tron Service Bot by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr The service drones of M:Tron are created to serve on the huge space ships, and therefore their chassis are made to roll on the relatively flat surfaces of various cargo holds and hallways. Have no special tools, only their hands to assist them. Next on the list is revamp of #1478 Mobile Satellite Uplink. M-Tron Mobile Satellite Uplink by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr As you can see, I have continued the idea of roller-ball chassis, and it was not long before I decided to make it the theme of all M-Tron vehicles. I know that in real life the friction won't allow those balls to actually roll, but one can dream, right? =) The main features of the set are traditional steering through joint in the middle, plus deployable satellite dish with two antennae, and tiltable chassis for better mobility. Second in the line is 6833 Beacon Tracer. M-Tron Beacon Tracer by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr Nothing special on this one, except for making it some sort of "dune buggy" thing. Next we have 6811 Pulsar Charger, first of the flying vehicles of the M:Tron. M:Tron Pulsar Charger by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr As I decided that roller-balls would be the main feature of small M-Tron land vehicles, I decided that propelling rings would be the theme for their flyers. Other than than, really nothing special about this set. As usual, I decided to keep as much trans-green bits, as possible. And since we've started with the flyers, why not show the 6877 Vector Detector M-Tron Vector Detector by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr I guess this one can count as the least look-alike since I took liberty of adding four propelling rings, and overall shape of the hull is different. The MOC still has a container box attached on the bottom. And last, but not least, we have the second biggest vehicle in all the line, 6896 Celestial Forager! M-Tron Celestial Forager by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr As you can see, the original functions are saved, sans the magnets. Okay, that's about it! Please, leave your feedback, I would gladly appreciate it!
  17. This is work in progress topic for my possible entry: Technic remake of the classic 6989 Mega Core Magnetizer. At the moment part count is 222. Functions: 3 levers on rear which fully control crane arm. Crane pan left/right Crane tilt up/down Crane zoom forward/backward Simple steering Openable cabin For now I am not satisfied how the cabin window looks. This is the hardest part to mimic because the original Magnetizer has the iconic trans neon yellow cabin window. Original Magnetizer for reference :)
  18. Title of Set: 6956 Stellar Recon Voyager Theme: Space/M-Tron Year Released: 1990 Piece Count: 233 Minifigures: 2 Original Price: $36 (USD), Unknown (EUR), Unknown (GBP) Current Prices: BrickLink Price Guide Further Information: Brickset, Lugnet, Peeron, Photobucket Album As the seemingly everlasting conflict between the Space Police and Blacktron factions spread like wildfire throughout the galaxy, causing devastation and despair in its wake, M-Tron decided they needed a more formidable ship that offered a significant amount of protection to their cargo in these contested regions of space. This ship was named the Stellar Recon Voyager and is the largest ship in M-Tron’s fleet, featuring a fair amount of armaments and a reinforced armored hull that allowed M-Tron to transport their cargo through such areas of space with much greater ease. Author's Notes: Officially Secret Space Voyager is the largest M-Tron ship but I only count actual sets. Secret Space Voyager is merely an instruction manual that uses pieces from other M-Tron sets, much like "set" 6861 for the Blacktron 2 subtheme. On top of that, I think the final product looks like some sort of abomination, somewhat like Frankenstein but in space. And with magnets... Also, this will likely be my last review on a vintage/classic set as I don't have the funds to continue buying both new and old sets. I hope you all enjoy the review and that you have many magnet-happy days. Instructions: Cover: Page: The instruction manual does not differ in style compared to the other manuals found in this subtheme. It contains 16 steps in total, with the second and third pages displaying how the minifigs, buggy, and large container are built. The rest of the pages are focused on building the Stellar Recon Voyager itself. Minifigures: The standard M-Tron minifig showcasing the usual garb and equipment. Accessories: As with many of the M-Tron sets, the Stellar Recon Voyager does not include much in the way of accessories. These included accessories are the usual megaphone, helmets, air tanks, scanner/laser cutter, socket wrench/flashlight, wrench, and radio (not shown). The Prints: A fair amount of printed pieces are bundled in this set, many of which displaying the proud M-Tron logo in all of its glory. Translucent Pieces: Here we have a wide variety of translucent pieces that can, and will, certainly come in handy. These include: ten 1 x 1 round plates, four cones, four dishes, four antennae, two boosters, two visors, one canopy extender, and, lastly, one sleek canopy. Unique Pieces: The translucent neon green windscreen canopy extender, 3 x 6 M-Tron slope, and red window outward sloping pieces are all unique to this set. An honorable mention goes to the 2 x 2 M-Tron slope that is only found in two other sets: 6923 Particle Ionizer and 5154 Decorated Elements. Unlike the 3 x 6 slope, it has a textured surface. Wheels & Magnets: This set includes four common rubber wheels that were found in many sets of this era. However, for magnets, TLG includes eight (yes, you read that right) magnets! That’s more than the Mega Core Magnetizer, which weighs in at only seven magnets. There’s no denying that this is truly a set designed for the M-Tron faction. Small Storage Container: As per other M-Tron sets, two small storage containers are included. Each container is given a magnet and some treasure in the form of a single 1x1 translucent neon green round plate. Large Storage Container: Front: Fairly uneventful at this viewpoint. It does share a design plan similar to the one used in the Mega Core Magnetizer with, perhaps, the most noticeable difference being that the middle consists of two blacks pieces rather than two red pieces. Side Closed: Shot of the print commonly used with M-Tron’s large containers. Side Open: The right and left sides of the container are identical, consisting of a red fence piece and nothing else. The excess accessories are dumped in rather than attached to anything, which I find disappointing. The large containers found in the Mega Core Magnetizer and Particle Ionizer are both more creative in their design and offer a larger amount of features. A small container can fit inside of this large container but the red fence needs to be removed first, and then reattached after the small container is in place. To remove the scanner accessory, the same needs to be done (and it also isn't very easy to shove it in without removing the red fence first). Top of Large Storage Container: Here we see the top consisting of the all-important magnet, two red grilles, and two 1x4 red SNOT pieces. This is an improvement over the Mega Core Magnetizer containers which only had a magnet and two black grilles. Underside of Large Storage Container: The underside is a simple red 4x6 plate. The Buggy: Ain’t it just the cutest thing? Like in the Mega Core Magnetizer, the buggy has its very own magnet which allows it to attach to the front of the ship. I’ll have some comments concerning this placement in the following category. This is also the only buggy within this subtheme to have a steering wheel, likely because it is also the only buggy where the driver is standing rather than sitting. All others use computer panel tiles instead. Completed without Minifigures: Overview: And here is why I commented on the location of the buggy - simply put, it severely impacts the aesthetics of the set in such a negative way and looks like the designer(s) tacked its placement on at the last minute of the design phase. Now, with that out of the way, let us head onto some of the good bits. Moving down the ship, we see how much of a focal point that 3 x 6 M-Tron slope is, partly due to the two beautiful black corner pieces that make up the cargo bay. The translucent neon green pieces act as excellent accent pieces to the bold black and red color scheme, and help bring some flare into the design. Lastly, as you likely have already noted, each side of the ship can hold one of the small containers. Top-down View: This view shows off the printed M-Tron 2 x 2 tiles on each wing, as well as various details that may be hard to see in other views. Front View with Buggy Attached: For some reason, the Stellar Recon Voyager reminds me of a bumblebee from this viewpoint. It has an interesting profile thanks to the cargo bay design. Front View without Buggy Attached: Ah, it looks much better without the buggy attached. For those that are curious, a small container does fit in this spot but it will kind of hang out as the black plate and white 2 x 1 printed tile are in its way. However, these two pieces can be easily removed. Side View: This image shows a couple of canopy positions, with the position at the left being the farthest the canopy can open. Notice the lovely 1 x 4 red fences pieces that help construct the cockpit and, thus, add plenty of areas where the cockpit is open to space. Definitely makes a lot of sense for a spacecraft... in Bizarro world! Nearby, there is a black door on either side of the ship. I have no idea why those were used rather than black bricks since the doors open up into the empty cockpit area. While building this set, I was hoping that the doors would have a lovely equipment room behind them, but my dreams were crushed when I finished the build. Back Loaded: The large container fits perfectly into the cargo bay. Since the large containers in the Mega Core Magnetizer set are the same size as this one, they fit as well. The container in the Particle Ionizer set also fits, even without removing its antenna. Back Emptied: As can be seen, there is a one-block wide passageway on either side of the crane assembly, which, again, leaves the cockpit area open to space. This could've been filled easily enough so I am not sure why TLG designed it this way. Still, the design of the cargo bay is well-done as I have to admit that the four red angle pieces that form the walls of the cargo bay look great and make the whole area feel grandeur. Back Loading: Since the crane consists of a single hinge, it does not actually extend but rather just tilts forward; however, this causes no issues when loading small and large containers. The base of the crane has no ability to rotate due to obvious reasons regarding the design of the cargo bay. I don't know if it is because my set isn't new, but the crane's hinge cannot keep the crane in position when the large container is connected. Instead, it droops down to the floor unless the crane is in its resting place. Crane Closeup: The left image displays the crane tucked away in its cubbyhole. In the image to the right, the crane is nearly all the way "extended". Cockpit closeup: The cockpit is large enough to comfortably fit the two M-Tron minifigs, and consists of a steering wheel and control panel. That's it. Not even a single seat. For a $36 set that has a low piece count, I definitely think that this area should have some furnishings. Note: my set was missing two 1 x 1 black tiles which go on either side of the 3 x 4 red wedge plate. In their place I used red tiles since I didn't have any black tiles on hand. Completed with Minifigures: Ready for Takeoff: A total of four minifigs fit into the cockpit. Quite impressive and eerily creepy. Out with the Old, In with the New: All Work and No Play...: Reviewer's Score: Playability: 9.1/10 – I’ve always enjoyed sets that include flying and land-based vehicles as it offers variation. There are also a decent amount of containers to transport around. The ship itself is sturdy and not overly large, thus making it easily swooshable. Design: 7.7/10 – I appreciate the overall design as it fits in with the M-Tron sets and subtheme, as well as earning its own unique presence in the fleet. I dislike the buggy placement as I feel that the front of the spacecraft is not a place where it should be placed and it seems like TLG ran out of areas to attach it to. The second area that I believe could’ve been designed better is the cockpit as it is a bit void of detail and the fence pieces do not make a whole lot of sense as one would think that keeping the oxygen inside the canopy would be a wise precaution. Same applies to the two gaps leading to the cargo bay. Price: 6.9/10 – This set only has a few more pieces than Particle Ionizer (233 vs. 203), but it does have eight magnets which are expensive compared to regular blocks. And the three containers add to the value of this set as well. As such, this set isn’t that bad of a deal but I think it could’ve been better. Total: 23.7/30 – An enjoyable set for the M-Trons that not only serves its function of bolstering the M-Tron fleet, but fills a gap that was previously present in this subtheme. While it does have a few design flaws and was a tad expensive in its day, if you enjoy the M-Tron faction then I suggest picking it up as it can be purchased quite cheaply; although, if you don't already own Particle Ionizer then I highly recommend purchasing that set instead since it is superior in many ways.