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Found 7 results

  1. Kodan Black

    [O - F02] - Blissfully Unaware

    Location: F02 Lesser Drigo Tags: Science, Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // With Dr. Long still sidelined with all of the issues relating to our time machine discovery I once again found myself serving our delightfully different CEO. It is always an honor to have pombe ask for my assistance and I was overjoyed to have him request I stop by his office. Interestingly, I noticed that his copy of Domination for Dummies was different from my own. It must be because he is an executive that his was written by a Mistress T and based on her outfit from the cover she seemed to be VERY stern. I also really have to respect pombe, despite being an explorer he showed last week that he had a lab for conducting experiments and I noticed he also had a book titled "Advanced ATM" which must be his way of exploring his engineering side. I think he was also researching to hold out during interrogation because there was one titled "Learning to Love Pain." He was curious to see how we could manipulate plants into having larger root systems to access water deeper in the ground. He gave us some seeds and asked me to see what I could do with them on Lesser Drigo. I made great progress and we had many plants growing within a few days. I recognized this plant as the one from pombe's lab last week and it must be his favorite kind because he sent ED-208 very precise instructions on how to best harvest the plant. He also asked us to use the desert environment to dry the plants out, which makes sense as they would be easier to transport that way. We were also fortunate that pombe had supplied us with a helpful vehicle that we could use to spray various plant foods and other beneficial chemicals on the crop. I'm still not sure why pombe referred to it as the "3 baller", but he seemed very amused by the shape of the chemical storage container. ED-208 wasn't happy that the vehicle was unarmed but pombe was most insistent that we not have anything that could accidentally destroy the crop or set it on fire. He said that would be a disaster and that he would be "majorly bummed." And I certainly don't want to disappoint our CEO! ED-208 seems to have an affinity for pombe and he was actually very eager to help out. He got involved in some of the plant care, which was great to see. I'm very happy to see that ED-208 is such a fan of our CEO and I guess pombe's associate Sue has had ED-208 help teach her discipline. Which makes sense as robots are very logical and disciplined! Extra Pics: [
  2. Jody Meyer

    (O-F02) Cheers to a job well done.

    Open channel message #009 to Octan Corporation.. Location: F02 - Lesser Drigo Tags: Exploration, land Vehicle,space ship, Engineering. Terrain:While dominated by volcanic activity, the deserts here hide vast water supplies. With Guy on his way back to the OCS Axel, Hans-Heinrich Himmelmann, was still among the only member's left on Lesser Drigo. "Hans, I need your help over at my camp to install a dish on my mech to serve as a listening station..." "Hey JS...Help you dish...I'm Kinda Busy...uh huh hmm..You have some beer there...ha, sure on my way.." "sweet come on down then. After an hour or so JS Smith was able to hook up the tanker to the water canisters while Hans came on by with his tools ] After a hard days work a few beers were in order, Cheers. This concludes lesser Drigo, JS was told to head back home before getting set for his next order request and HANS went back to his camp to finish with his work.
  3. Kodan Black

    [O - F02] - Subtlety

    Location: F02 Lesser Drigo Tags: Science, Octan, Civil, Vehicle, Ground Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // After last week's vehicle debacle I contacted one of our best engineers to help me procure a more suitable choice. Big Z is one of the finest engineers anywhere and he was very happy to help me out. I was going to be observing wildlife on Lesser Drigo and wanted something that would allow me to do so without scaring it off. I gave Big Z the general idea of what I'd be doing and where and he said no problem. When we arrived in the hangar bay to load all of my science equipment and supplies I was ... surprised. "Subtle" was all ED-208 said. "This will certainly help us get around easily!" I cheerfully suggested. ED-208 stopped his inspection of our ride to suggest it would be for the best if he drove this time. I happily noted that it would be the most logical solution since I would need to focus on observing. I wasn't sure what to name our new ride, ED-208 suggested the OCS Overcompensating, but I told him that made no sense since it was a land vehicle and not a ship. I thought I heard him mumble "And I'm the robot?" but that wouldn't make sense since he IS a robot. I finally suggested we call it the Long Range Explorer, I doubt anyone will realize why I named it that! Dr. Long had been rather disappointed in my efforts last week to collect samples for the geology folks. I guess picking up random rocks isn't what they had hoped for. So this week I was going to be bringing along a drill to collect some core samples. She said that we needed to establish how the planet had formed to better grasp where the water pockets were. I feel like she was in an unusually bad mood, so I wanted to be extra diligent this week to make her happy. For my own scientific pursuits I had 2 biocontainment units with lichen. One would be used as the control while the other would be exposed to Lesser Drigo's atmosphere and insect life to observe the interaction. It would be very exciting if I could present my findings to Dr. Long and hopefully earn back some of the trust she had placed in me after my failings last week. Maybe I could find a new scorpion species, I know she is very interested in them! I was glad that Dr. Long still cared enough about me to allow ED-208 to continue to stay with me. He, well I guess being a robot there is no gender but since it had a male voice I thought of it as "him", made things less lonely. Plus I felt better having someone around to keep an eye out and protect me. At times I become lost in thought and can fail to see danger. For instance last week before heading to Lesser Drigo I'd been on Jurin II and nearly walked off the edge of a landing platform, but one of the engineers yelled at me at the last second. Fortunately Dr. Long wasn't there at the time and she even let me fetch John Hannibal's ship which was quite an honor! I think it was her subtle way of getting me noticed by another Exec since she knows how capable I am. I sure hope my hectic schedule slows down a bit soon so I can get back to my drone work. ED-208 would likely be a great assistant with that too. With my pal ED-208 by my side, we can do some really great stuff for Octan. And we can make Dr. Long really proud of us. More pics: Travel mode Core sample drill deployed Doors open
  4. soccerkid6

    [M-F02] Underwater Plunder

    Location: Lesser Drigo, F02 Tags: Vehicle, Piracy Job: Driver Start Log: For once I had two missions in a row on the same planet, though this time I got to use the MW-4 Mech to do some underwater pilfering. The MTD's that Double D had snuck into Octan's water purification plant had given us the location of several other Octan water filtering devices. It was an easy matter to access some of the shallower locations, and then use my mech's powerful arm to grab some Octan machinery. I'm sure our scientists will enjoy tinkering with it, and when they're done, MANTIS will have a pre built water purifying system. The MW-4 mech features moving legs, a working claw and missile launcher. It was fun using a bunch of assorted parts in 4 different blues for the landscape. C&C welcome
  5. Kodan Black

    [O - F02] - Driver's ED

    Location: F02 Lesser Drigo Tags: Science, Octan, Civil, Vehicle, Ground Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // I filed my report about the data I had collected and requested to return to the Axle to personally debrief with Dr. Long. But she said that I was needed on neighboring Lesser Drigo. She felt like we needed a scientific presence after most of the first hand reports of Jurin II from Octan Corp personnel amounted to how warm the water was and how smooth the sand was. I, of course, was honored to be selected. I requested a GMB-02 mobile lab, but she said there were none available. I then suggested a GMM-04 mech suit, but again there were none. She assured me that a suitable vehicle would be located for my use. I knew with the importance of my mission she'd find the proper conveyance. It was a surprise to find myself driving an Octan off-road race truck. At first I thought there was some mistake, but the supplymaster who gave it to me assured me it wasn't. I then realized what was happening: Dr. Long was crafty... she was testing me! Wanted to try and throw me a curveball to see how I would handle it. Clearly she wanted to make sure I was able to be trusted and that I wouldn't fall apart at a slight hiccup. Brilliant. Admittedly the truck had a lot of power, but being the skilled driver I am, it didn't bother me at all. It did worry me that Mantis had been spotted with a fair bit of recent activity on Lesser Drigo. Dr. Long said that it would be a perfect chance for the new Executive Defender Series 208 robot (commonly called ED-208) to be field tested. The ED-208 is highly reliable and can easily identify threats. According to the message from Dr. Long. I actually thought at first she was sending me a protection rabbit because her message was a bit garbled, which seemed ridiculous. I mean, what would a rabbit even be able to do... I found it somewhat difficult to find any fauna, this might have been due to the fact that my vehicle made a loud BBRRRRRRRAAAAAAAPPPP noise from its exhaust that could be heard for a mile. Not that I would have been able to do much with them anyway since there was virtually no room in the race truck. I was able to find some plants though. And I did have my camera with me. I asked ED-208 if he felt like what we were doing was science and he said "I'd buy that for 3 credits!" I think that meant yes. I also grabbed a few rocks for our geologists on the Axle to look at. I looked for any cool rocks that I could give to Dr. Long for her desk, but all I could find was ugly brown ones. ED-208 asked me why I was looking for "pretty rocks for the stern woman", clearly the AI still has a ways to go! Extra truck photos:
  6. Dannylonglegs

    [O-F02] A Shadow over Drigo

    Note: I did not finish my original intended project for this week, but I did finish this, which was actually the relevant-to-this-week-story part anyways. Planet: E02 Tags: Land vehicle, Science Excerpt from Clappie Explorer's Guide: "The Lesser Lesser Drigonian Mani-colour Xenoscorpion (Soccerkiddus manticolourus) builds small mounds in the Arid desert, from which they perch to capture the morning dew on their backs, which they then transfer with their delicate front arms into a lime-green pod on their backs. They are a very common inhabitant of the Lesser Drigo dessert." "They are very small, but when crushed release a trans-neon green juice, which can stain clothes if left unattended. Launder using sodium hypochlorite bleach." Reclaiming Lesser Drigo _____________________________________________ Science Officer Ben Nai: "Good morning Dr. Long! Right on schedule, as usual!" Dr. Long: "This is not a good morning Dr. Nai. Not a good morning at all. I am here to clean up your messes." Ben Nai: "Of course, Dr. Long." Dr. Long: "I have been briefed as to the specifics already...." Ben Nai: "Shall I show yo uto your Offi--" Dr. Long: "...Don't Interrupt me. We've found dozens of MANTIS produced micro-tracking devices in water filtered here, And suddenly they all activated, likely revealing the location of all our most important water extraction facilities; Several loading robots are unaccounted for; Several water filtration pipes have been physically removed and stolen; And, to top it all off, our Top Secret Project OMEGA was infiltrated by a MANTIS spy, who proceeded to transfer--unimpeded--an entire Data chip on the beryllium sphere before he was apprehended." Ben Nai: "Now, we don't know how successful his data transfer was ye--" Dr. Long: "Did I say you could speak? No I did not. The only salvageable aspect of this towering monument to your incompetence is that we did capture one of the MANTIS agents responsible." Ben Nai: "I was just about to get to that! Bring him in!" "There he is, Danielle: The mastermind behind this entire MANTIS operation! We'll get him to crack, for sure! Intel indicates his name is 'Scorpio'! Intimidating name if you ask me!" Dr. Long: "Why is he still wearing a communications device on his head?" Dr. Nai: "Umm..." Dr. Long: "The Peacekeepers will see to his safe transferal, and hopefully wipe that smug grin off his face. Show me to my office, Dr. I will be sure to tell the board about all of this during your annual review. Needless to say, you should make sure you're on good terms with the janitorial staff of your facility." "I'm surrounded by idiots." ________ Later.... //"Log date 369, This is Dr. Danielle Long recording from Lab facilities in Octan's new science base on Lesser Drigo. Earlier I received a very promising geological sample obtained by one of our up and coming pilots on E02. I believe it is, in-fact, Mithril. Its appearance on E02 is highly irregular, as our scans suggest that the planet could not possibly have produced it naturally. This, in addition to findings from the Axle's Alien Artifact retrieval squad (called in by explorer Lu caslaug-Hing) on E02, leads me to believe that Freegate, the only location in the Andromeda Gates network known to possess Mithril deposits, may, at some distant time in the past, have been mined for its resources by non-human sentients. Further research on my theory may be conducted should I get a chance to visit Freegate. Now, onto less important matters. One of our exploration teams has procured a specimen of the local F02 fauna for me.... "Oh you have got to be kidding me." "Dr. Long signing off. I may need to visit another planet for a while to escape the boiling incompetence I am forced to endure."// _______________________________________ Ok, this was the first time I've ever attempted vertical rockwork like that! I was so inspired by Soccerkid's beautiful work that I felt compelled to try that for myself. Unfortunately I don't have many parts in the right colours! What you see in this build is most of my available dark tan, and even some of my unavailable dark tan. (don't tell my model-keeping brother... oh well... he already knows. ) and ALL of my nougat... to the point that I mixed with that earthy orange colour. I think it turned out pretty well, all things considered. I also bought a set specifically for the olive green. You are looking at literally my entire collection of olive green. Edit: Better pic of the land vehicle (with actual light this time!) "What did you mean when you said 'get to know my janitors'?" ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  7. Location: F02, Lesser Drigo Tags: Military, land vehicle, structure Having escaped from the MANTIS claw on Jurin II Big Z went back to the Axle. Aboard the Axle he heard reports of some spying activity on Lesser Drigo. Drones stolen, strange reporters and an underwater mission sabotaged... didn't all sound okay. Nevertheless the Octan management decided Z should go to Lesser Drigo to investigate how his new water absorbtion drone would work. He wondered if he should mention other people would be more qualified, but remembered what happened to the last person to do that. He knew better and build a sentry gun and brought a squad of Octan agents to protect him on F02. For the best as it turned out... Just my luck...