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Found 5 results

  1. LEGO High Speed Chase Stop Motion, MOC #71-2 Police Motorcycle #3 (Building Instruction Included) It is a brick-build police motorcycle. I also created a stop motion video for this MOC. Welcome to take a look :) Instruction and part list available at 3:00 in video
  2. Brickis38542f

    [MOC] Naked Motorcycle

    Hey guys, today I want to present my most recent Lego technic creation – naked motorcycle. The bike features: 2 speed gearbox; 3 in line cylinder engine linked to the drive chain; front and rear suspension; * Just a quick note that the gearbox design was not created by me, it was made by Khandesign. Naked motorcycle by Senpai Ragnarok, on Flickr Naked motorcycle by Senpai Ragnarok, on Flickr Naked motorcycle by Senpai Ragnarok, on Flickr Naked motorcycle by Senpai Ragnarok, on Flickr Naked motorcycle by Senpai Ragnarok, on Flickr Naked motorcycle by Senpai Ragnarok, on Flickr I hope you like it
  3. Brickis38542f

    MOC [8051 Brat Tracker]

    The goal of this project was to modify my old 8051 set and try to find a good match for my beloved knobbed tires from set 42007 and basically with the combination to transform it into something more classic – Brat/Tracker bike. Let me clear it for you, I think that 8051 set is a good source of ideas and a role model of efficient, compact design. I love how the original frame of the 8051 was constructed, so I didn‘t need to put a lot of effort in this component. Pretty much the same principle goes with the front fairing. Yes you may say that it can look quite weird with brat/tracker, but these bikes are made for customizing for a reason I guess. I like the original dual round headlight, so I didn‘t bother to change it. I had to pick a different set of handlebars. I love the look of the old triumph bars. Here I tried to use the clubman bars instead of flat track handlebars that are highly used with the trackers. Now lets get to the features of the bike. The bike features a [fake] inline twin engine with a chain drive, front and rear suspensions, a kickstand followed with some details. That is about it, no fancy features at all. Everything is tend to be Simple yet effective. You may already noticed that this bike has a bitfewer lego system bricks than in my previous ones, well that is because I wanted it to be an extremely solid model, knowing how sturdy the frame already was made. That‘s why my decision was clear, if I can‘t combine both technic and system together properly, I will try to use system bricks at minimum. I think I did a good job accomplishing both of these things. With that being said, the hardest component was non other then the tank.. You may wonder why? I guess I had too much different variants of how a proper tank should look, that‘s why I had to put some time, many resources (and nerves) to get the one I felt was the right. 8051 Brat Tracker (1) by Senpai Ragnarok, on Flickr 8051 Brat Tracker (2) by Senpai Ragnarok, on Flickr 8051 Brat Tracker (3) by Senpai Ragnarok, on Flickr 8051 Brat Tracker (4) by Senpai Ragnarok, on Flickr 8051 Brat Tracker (5) by Senpai Ragnarok, on Flickr This is it, I‘m glad I was able to share this build with you guys.
  4. Hello everyone. Today I want to introduce My latest MOC - motorcycle. I have been building it for some time on and off for about 1 month. It took me about a full week only to finish it while adding some details. It is really hard to convince yourself to believe that you have done everything you could with the model and that it turned out how you wanted, but I think that I managed to convince myself. Anyways, Custom Café racer features: Rear and front suspension Two moving pistons working fake engine Side kickstand Chain tensioner You can check for more here This is it guys, hope you enjoyed it!
  5. Brickis38542f

    [MOC] BMW Cafe Racer

    Hello fellow builders. I'd like to introduce my new creation. This time I decided to make a light-weight motorcycle - Café racer. So I have recently bought Moto Cross Bike (42007) with the idea of putting it on my shelf, because I really think it‘s a great set, but then I have decided to modify it. I was inspired to do the cafe racer look, since it‘s my favorite style. This one is loosely based on a BMW motorcycle. I wanted to create a boxer engine that BMW bikes are known for. The Engine came out a bit different than what i originally intended because I wanted to give the cylinders a more complex look, but I could not manage to do it, maybe because of the lack of pieces. This cafe racer may not be as detailed as my previous models. There aren‘t many details on the engine this time, the gearbox takes a good part of the engine space but in the end it turned out pretty well, having a clean and simple outlook of the classic motorcycle era. Inspiration: BMW R75/5 DS Features including front and rear suspension, Two speed gearbox (with neutral first and second), cardan shaft, working steering, a V-2 aircooled BMW boxer engine with moving pistons, and a kickstand as well as other smaller details: a big fuel tank, exhaust,a seat, headlight. The handle bars have a quite interesting looking grips, I also added a side mounted license plate. Thanks for taking your time, please tell me what do you think about it .