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Found 5 results

  1. Saga of the Sea Rats, Volume 1: Piraat Rhys in Bastion Previous: Tzomo's Promotion Next: The Dainty Sload Bar and Grill |~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~| Log Entry 18 Avril 616 Port of Granoleon, Oleon Capt. Tzomo Though I am quite exceedingly thankful to Sir Captain Rhys for the privilege of commanding this vessel, I must say, that the prospect of writing these cursed reports does not fill me with glee.... That being said, the gods of commerce have treated us well this voyage.... Trading at the Port of Granoleon on Flickr The Port at Granoleon is perhaps the busiest place I have ever many different people, doing so many things.... Busy Granoleon dock workers on Flickr Busy Pier at Granoleon on Flickr On the way here, we picked up a new lookout....a young White Tern....I have named her Q'illu, Qillu, the adolecsent White Tern on Flickr She should make quite the companion for my little buddy, Fef'nu... Captain Tzomo's best friend, Fef'nu the skunk... on Flickr Speaking of which, Fef'nu has been enjoying visiting with Petunia....the companion of Aq'Hura, who has been an invaluable source of security and wisdom.... Aq'Hura the swordmaster and his beloved Petunia on Flickr We had the additional task of delivering home some new graduates of Master Kurosawa's Swordsman School.... Graduates returning home on Flickr Commandant Lemieux seemed very pleased with their progress. Commandant Lemieux welcomes the boys back home.... on Flickr At the far end of the pier, there appeared to be some commotion involving members of the infamous "White Glove Order." White Glove Order Official on Flickr On further investigation, we discovered a man named Lucius Córdoba was being arrested for being in possession on a "forbidden book..." \ Karmic justice for Lucius Córdoba... on Flickr Aiko: "Look, Captain... The Kings Port Advertiser! You won't believe what it says!" "Quite a Fruitful Voyage...." on Flickr Tzomo: " you know what they say the Queen of Corrington does with these????" Ya know what the Queen does with these??? on Flickr Aiko: " says we *had* an 'Incredibly fruitful voyage'....." Tzomo: "Well.....that seems accurate.....I wonder how they know??" Fruitful Bounty on Flickr This commerce is an interesting and strange concept...but very powerful. We are able to bring others goods from our home.... Goods from Bastion..... on Flickr And in exchange, we are granted precious goods from others we could not produce on our own.... Steel Bars for Anaïs on Flickr Lumber for the Far Horizons Shipyard.... on Flickr As well as generating a small profit.... Not bad for a new Captain...... on Flickr =================================================== Thanks for visiting!
  2. Saga of the Sea Rats, Volume 1: Piraat Rhys in Bastion Previous: Outside of Belson... Next: Running guns to Rassilion |~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~| Log Entry 15 March 616 "Takashii Village" - 10 miles up "The Lifeflow" river, Nest of Thieves (8.5 land miles from Bastion "as the crow flies") {Large Education - "Way of the Blade" School / Red Dragon Shrine} {Settlement: Takashii Village} Capt. Rhys Flaidd DeTaillefer Kurosawa-san: "I came here with my father from 42 years ago, I was only 5 then...and barely remember crossing the sea." We are sailing up "The Lifeflow" with our new-found friends...apparently due to the rocky, volcanic nature of this end of the river, our ships, even the larger ones, can travel some 12 miles up river before reaching an escarpment of waterfalls that feeds the lower river. Le Dindon on The Lifeflow.... on Flickr Kurosawa-san's group made their home here in a bend of the river, 10 miles upstream from Bastion, that stills the waters to a glassy, lake-like consistency.... Brotherhood of the Red Dragon Dojo on Flickr "My father and his men disassembled and brought this entire structure from our homeland...and rebuilt it here..." said Kurosawa-san, "Fine craftsmanship, especially in metal-crafts and wood-working is prized among our people." Brotherhood of the Red Dragon on Flickr helping a friend on Flickr "Our students come from all over....Garvey, Tellvok, Namere, Pan, Carna and Salleek. We've even had graduates from the 'Allied States' of the Mokolei Empire and beyond." Musketeer seeking training on Flickr arrival at the Dojo on Flickr "We train them in life skills and mental discipline...." Fishing at the Dojo on Flickr " well as swordplay...." Guru training initiates on Flickr "...and the use of our traditional armour, which is made of laquered wood and paper, among other things...." Master warriors on the pier.... on Flickr "But, the heart of the Dojo....and our spiritual lives, is our beloved shrine to the Red Dragon." Red Dragon Shrine (with offerings) on Flickr "We hope to establish an alliance with Bastion and the 'Sea Rats,' as you call yourselves. In exchange for transport and regular shipments of goods, we will train your people in our crafts, and our graduates can help fill out the ranks in your crews...." Red Dragon Dojo on Flickr Captain Rhys: "That sounds like a fine plan! I will make arrangements in Bastion upon our return...." arrival on Flickr ====================================================== Thanks for visiting!
  3. Saga of the Sea Rats, Volume 1: Piraat Rhys in Bastion Previous: Running Guns to Rassilon Next: An interesting day in Granoleon... Ooc: Not sure if this should be FB1 or FB(story)'s mainly a story entry with minor improvements to Antigone's Fury. I'd be happy for it to be a simple story build and present new build for April FB 1 & 2, just let me know.... |~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~| Log Entry 2 April 616 Bastion Bay, Nest of Thieves Captain Rhys Flaidd DeTaillefer Today we have both ships running trials in Bastion Bay..... coming alongside on Flickr After two fairly profitable trade runs under my supervision, Tzomo has shown great aptitude at running the affairs of a sea vessel, as well as becoming an invaluable member of our team in Bastion.... Handing over the helm on Flickr "It is with great honour that I bestow upon you the rank of Captain, with all the responsibilities it entails....." Honours to Captain Tzomo! on Flickr "Men, may I present Captain Tzomo of Le Dindon!" (Huzzah's echo from the crews) "May he serve you well until his death, you deem him unfit, or both...." Promotion to Captain on Flickr This has been a great boon to my workload....allowing me to focus on much needed improvements to Antigone's Fury, like the new jib sails.... New Jib Sails on Flickr ...and widening those blasted hatches to the lower deck! Now we can finally get meaningful cargo down there, instead of filling her with simple raw ballast.... hatches to bottom deck on Flickr We also placed some of Anais' new rifled chase guns at her bow.... Chase Guns - Antigone's Fury on Flickr The crew seems happy with their new Captain...... Meeting Le Dindon on Flickr And, let's face it......He's a natural! Huzzah for Captain Tzomo! on Flickr ================================================ Thanks for visiting!
  4. Saga of the Sea Rats, Volume 1: Piraat Rhys in Bastion Previous: A powerful Friend Next: Brotherhood of the Red Dragon |~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~| Log Entry 10 March 616 28 Sea miles from Belson Capt. Rhys Flaidd DeTaillefer With all the loading complete, we finally set sail for home.....I was eager to learn more from our new friend... Brotherhood contact by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr He represents a group called the "Brotherhood of the Red Dragon," and claims they have a training facility that he wishes us to see..... Learning of the Brotherhood by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr Crewman: "Captain, sir.....Sails on the horizon! I think we are being pursued...." Sails on the horizon! by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr Captain Rhys: "No worries, me hearties....we have a 'white knight' watching over us....she's just cresting the horizon now... White skull to the rescue by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr ===================================== Thanks for visiting!
  5. Saga of the Sea Rats, Volume 1: Piraat Rhys in Bastion Previous: A wonderful machine! Next: No one expects the Olean Inquisition... Ooc: Build is the 16x16 canoe with Tzomo and Wooqui....other shots just for story/update.... |~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~| Log Entry Capt. Rhys Flaidd DeTaillefer At sea, 7 hours SSE of Bastion, Day 157 Sailed South Southeast for several hours testing the new sail-plan and rigging....oh, and I got a new hat! A fresh new bicorne by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr We brought along some of our new friends to discuss some business as well...though that mostly consisted of sampling rum... Sampling Rum by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr Suddenly, Polly let out a tremendous squawk.... Colours of Bastion (fea. Polly) by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr There was a small craft coming towards us from the horizon.... Tzomo and Wooqui make their escape by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr As they approached, we could make out a rather fearsome warrior and some sort of holy man... The Head of Keev, kept by Wooqui for it's strong medicine by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr The warrior's name was Tzomo, and his friend was called Wooqui....they told a frantic story of escape from their island, where their entire village had been slaughtered...Wooqui carried a sack of intricate dolls that apparently represent the souls of their lost tribesmen... Wooqui's sacred dolls by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr Along with the dolls, Wooqui carried a staff adorned with the head of the tribes' former apparently has "strong medicine," whatever that is... They also had a box of long sharp teeth....which they claimed come from a beast called "Oonguum" that swims these very seas..... Sacred teeth of the Oonguum by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr We helped them aboard and listened to their fascinating tales.....and set sail for this island to see what was going on for ourselves.... ==================================================== Thanks for visiting!