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Found 4 results

  1. Hello guys, I have finished now the Imperial Shuttle I started already a while ago: Now all of the functions actually work, and the details of the ship have been finished so that everything should look as smooth as possible. The work was pretty hard balance between accurate looks, working functions and durability, and I am now quite happy with the result. ^^ Here is a video showing the functions that include: - 2 x lasercannons - 2 x missiles - Backcannon All of the cannons are launched by pressing different buttons at the bottom of the ship. The mechanisms behind this are rather complicated and they are based on the use of fishing wire that delivers the force to the right place. - Wings automatically turn the landing gear open and close. Also, the white covering plates of the landing gear open and close automatically. The wingcannons also turn up and down automatically, though on the video they are a little jammed. - Boarding ramp and an opening and accessible hatch. - Removable walls, wall and cockpit canopy. - Cockpit seats 4 minifigures, the interior has 2 seats, but can accomodate a platoon of up to 8+ minifigures or even more, if you don't care about comfort. - Samppu
  2. With the arrival of the new Tydirium set, I know most of you will not be impressed with this creation, however I am pretty proud of how it came out because the actual set, even though its certainly looks more detailed, is way too big compared to the rest of my collection and I already have all the SW vehicles I would ever want and wont deliver my self to the hype of buying just about every updated version of what I already have because it doesn't fit the scale (they are not actually to scale but don't look oversized or dwarfed beside each other). I always wanted to have the official set released back then but never could manage to get it, I eventually got a landing craft but it was way below my expectations, so I dismantled and rebuilt it multiple times until I got some other useful bricks that helped me to complete a custom version of my cherished ship, later I made some improvements and finally completed this build to achieve the size and sturdiness I wanted, its still not perfect but is quite close to what I had in mind and can sit beside my AT-AT and some old modified TIE fighters without bothering me (I am a little obsesive, you know ). 03 by Nom Carver, en Flickr 05 by Nom Carver, en Flickr The cockpit is basically the same of the landing craft, I tried some other designs of cockpits but non stud up to my requirements of seize and shape, however this one flows with the fuselage good enough. 14 by Nom Carver, en Flickr The dorsal wing is also held tightly thanks to some ideas borrowed from the T-16 and the Tydirium, I would have used white beams but grey will do fine for now, and this also helps to break the white monotony. 15 by Nom Carver, en Flickr The side wings swivel very swiftly but are tight enough to keep them in position. 12 by Nom Carver, en Flickr It also features a turret on the rear and access to the interior with room for the emperor and one royal guard, it could fit even four troops with slight mods but I like it just like it is. 07 by Nom Carver, en Flickr 09 by Nom Carver, en Flickr 10 by Nom Carver, en Flickr Comments and criticism are welcome, I hope you liked it.
  3. Nom Carver

    [MOC] Lambda Class Shuttle

    With the incoming of the new sets, I hoped to see a new imperial shuttle up to my expectations, however, I didnt like its size or shape of the cockpit so I decided to make my own, unfortunately, I dont have the bricks so it was built in LDD (bricklink doesn't ship to my country), tell me what do you think. ANOTHER UPDATE ( )02-04-2015: Now the wings are on the correct position while on flight and in landing mode without those awful friction bricks (more pics below): Dibujo3 by Nom Carver, on Flickr The wings fold manually one at the time: 10 by Nom Carver, on Flickr But they now stay in the position they should be: 2 by Nom Carver, on Flickr It has a rotating mobile turret on the rear: 13 by Nom Carver, on Flickr It also has place for the emperor and its royal guard: 17 by Nom Carver, on Flickr C&C are welcome. prototype cockpits (yet to be incorporated): shuttle 6 by Nom Carver, on Flickr 7 by Nom Carver, on Flickr 1 by Nom Carver, on Flickr
  4. Hi all! As a newbe, I will try to make it short :). Presenting you - the Lambda T4 class shuttle, designed in SW Microfighter scale. The ship (and others on my Flickr page) are designed for the Polish Lug competition. As for technical data - the hull consists of 57 pieces + one minifig. It is quite small, and yes - it was not designed to be flown by a Wookie (the cramped at this scale cockpit can be imagined by the of the pilot's face :)). The presented above version is in fact the third version of the craft. Version one was bigger, with straight lower wings. As I tried to grasp that nice look of the original model's wings, the version two emerged - still big (100 pieces, down to 96 by doing some update's) but incorporating the fine silhouette of the vessel. Version three was destined to be even smaller, but still sporting folded wings and even imitation of passanger compartment bay door. All the versions are presented on my Flickr album. Feel free to browse through other - more or less accurate - Microfighters models. Any comments are welcome.