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Found 8 results

  1. Captain Braunsfeld

    Lake Town House

    Hello, besides the Narsil-thing posted a short while ago we have also been working on our own version of the Lord Mayor's house in Lake Town: We were quite happy with the result (but of course, we have seen more masterful exhibits on the net). A quick glimpse into the inside: Pity, the bookshelf on the left has not been captured well.... ok, next time. Bye.
  2. Now that all of my Lake-town Guard polybags are gone, I have a new updated list of things for sale/trade and things I am looking for. I am currently looking for: Uruk-hai Undead Soldiers (from Pirate Ship Ambush) Pirates of Umbar/Corsairs (from Pirate Ship Ambush) Mordor Orcs (any kind will do, hair or bald) Moria Orcs Orc Hunters (ponytail version from Lake-town Attack Complete Witch King Battle For trade I have: Hulk bigfig (tan pants) Green Goblin bigfig 3x Rancor 3x Wampa Tantaun Newer Jabba the Hutt Older Jabba the Hutt Rotta 4x 1x bigfig tan Troll (from Fantasy Era) The Lonely Mountain (no minifigures or Smaug, just the bricks.. great for getting pearl gold and sand green pieces cheap (less than 7 cents per piece)) Some of the stuff I have for trade is new and still sealed in the plastic baggies (Rancor and Trolls). I am also willing to sell anything I have for trade, just make me an offer. Thanks for reading.
  3. Hello everyone, after few weeks of work I get a brilliant idea for creation, and so I started to build it in LDD. After 5 days of thinkink designing, drawing I created this Tower. It is quite similar to the Bell tower from actual BOFA movie, but I added few more things of my own and by using some of new (for me) techniques which I learnd from my previous LDD creation) I can present to you this MOC. I am so amazed by this, that finally I will turn it into the real bricks. It will be my biggest Lake Town add on which will be turned into the real creation. My previous ones are already done, but I want to finish a small Lake Town diorama so then I will present it in here after all will be done. Enjoy it and for those who want to share some advice how to make it even better I can share LXF file and also I will be glad for any feedback :) So here is link to my flickr...
  4. In this re-envisioning of the classic story, Bilbo decides that he's had enough of adventure and stays in Lake-Town while the dwarves continue on to the Lonely Mountain. Once Smaug arrives with a score to settle with the Lake-men, he realizes that maybe he shouldn't have stayed behind after all... The Wrath of Smaug by lancethecat, on Flickr
  5. Blazej_Holen

    Entering Lake Town

    Hi, story continues with visiting a Lake Town location... Thanks for comments Enjoy :)
  6. Hi there, after my first "The Hobbit" MOC I just finished my next one! This time the story is set in Lake-town! I think most of us have heard in the near past about the petition "Safe LEGO Lord of the Rings". So with this MOC I want to show you and especially TLG that it is worth to continue this theme! Hope you enjoy! For more pictures please visit me at Flickr! Lake-Town 10 by LF_kofi, on Flickr Lake-Town 6 by LF_kofi, on Flickr Lake-Town 3 by LF_kofi, on Flickr
  7. Legopard

    [MOC] Fire ant Water

    Hello My recent build is once again from Middleearth and shows Smaug's attack at Lake Town. The whole build basically finished before i got the chance to watch the second Hobbit movie the first time, so the houses of Lake Town and Smaug are result of the description in the book and my own imagination. Next to fitting proportions and the general organic look it was important for me to realize the iconic gold belly of Smaug. More pictures on MOCpages. I hope you like it! Jonas
  8. Blazej_Holen

    Lake Town Armory MOC

    Hi guys, just wanna share one of my ideas to create some add on to the current lake town set (i had many of them but they are containing a huge number of pieces, and I like to create something what can actually fits to that set) So just prelims, but I accept your suggestions. If anyone have some good idea for creating some other buildings to lake town (in the set size) I will be glad to hear them :)