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Found 4 results

  1. Lord Vladivus

    The Emissary: Part 2

    The Shadowmere throneroom was lavish, with a red carpet rolled out from the foot of the obsidian steps leading to Vladivus' golden throne. Banners hung from the walls, indicating fealty sworn to Shadowmere, and defeated enemies. The honour of guarding the throneroom went to the Kazzar Blackcloaks, who owed the Lord of Shadowmere a life's debt. Fearsome warriors all, they cut an intimidating silhouette with their lances, and none moreso than Vorek Steeljaw, his long golden lance setting him apart as a Captain in the Kazzar Blackcloaks. Without so much as a glance at this, the Black Spire emissary strode purposefully up the centre, towards Vladivus, flanked by two of his zombie guards, his crown glinting in the orange torchlight. He bowed exaggeratedly. "Hail once again Vladivus", he said mockingly. "Would ye hear my terms?" "Aye", came the measured reply, "let us hear them." The King's words came swiftly, as though practised. "Ravaage would have you bend your knee to him and yield the Resistance leaders," he said gesturing at the balcony, where Angfauglir and Lord Mortis watched. "In return for undying fealty and the dissolution of the Shadowmere Guard, you shall be granted your mothers former lands in Avalonia, where you shall live your life in exile. Your generals must either bend to Ravaage, or be executed." As the last word left the emissary's lips, the doors to the throne room crashed open, and a shout echoed through. "Stop this madness!" At this, the King drew his dirk, and charged at Vladivus, the sceptre in his hand glowing green, seemingly granting him warding against the Kazzar, who moved to intercept him. As fast as the Kazzar were, and as quick as the King moved, the Falcons were faster. Lead by Sir Eothain the Insane, they charged from the doorway, covering the ground swifter than any would have expected, followed by Lady Sithanna, her lips curled in a snarl, and her Manbat Warriors. Eothain's sword clove the sceptre in twain, and the head of the emissary bounced from his shoulders, as his guards fell to the floor. The bodies were swiftly cleared away, and a hurried council of sorts commenced. "What is this? You would kill an emissary?" Vladivus anger was palpable. "Hear us out my Lord" soothed Sithanna. "Your pup damn near killed my men", spat Eothain "He turned on us on the road to Abyssian. Ravaage's troops ambushed us, nothing we couldn't handle. Then the wolves came. Clawbreakers, and others. Fenrir didn't hesitate. He called for us to follow him against the wolves. Who were we to argue? The wolves came again, from behind, and as we turned to take them, Fenrir turned on us. If it weren't for Sithanna's timely arrival, on account of her taking a roundabout route from Kaliphlin we'd have been dog toys. Your guard you sent with us are all dead I'm afraid m'lord." "This King was with Fenrir- baying for blood. He's no emissary, he is, well, he was, an assassin," said Sithanna. "Amset-ra sent one of his men with us as a sign of the new alliance, and he knew the emissary of old." "This is troubling news". Vladivus mused. "Eothain, I'm offering you the position of Shadowmere General- it seems deeds must speak louder than words." At this, he cast his gaze at Angfauglir, who still leant upon the balcony. He turned, "Vorek!" "Yes my Lord?" said the Kazzar. "Call the Captains. Sir Eothain, ready for war." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And the next installment! C+C welcome!
  2. Lord Vladivus

    Making Alliances.

    After the visit from the emissary of the Desert King, Lord Vladivus sent Lady Sithanna to Kaliphlin to work with the Desert King. She has met with one of the Captains of the Desert King, Amrah Set. The meeting takes place in Amrah's personal chambers. Amrah: "Greetings Lady Sithanna. The Desert King rewards those who serve him. We have captured some Barquan Soldiers. We request your aid in delivering an ultimatum to Sir Gideon." Lady Sithanna: "Hail and well met. We have heard of your successes, and would endeavour to bring Sir Gideon into our fold, despite his position of neutrality on the Council. My scouts have also spotted Ulandian soldiers making their way through the Nestlands area. I am expecting a report from them imminently." A freebuild to show Sithanna making alliances with the Desert King, she will be my Sir-Brick-a-lot in the Challenge.
  3. Lord Vladivus

    Githril Shopping in Ruadh

    A vibrant and colourful town, Ruadh attracts customers from far and wide to it's many shops, which sell a variety of items. One such shop is that of Daeran, who sells finely crafted golden trinkets, weapons and armour. This is no ordinary gold however, as it is githril. Githril is to gold what Mithril is to silver, but far stronger and rarer. It is rumoured that only the greatest artisans in Historica can shape this metal. Daeren first discovered the metal whilst travelling in Nocturnus as a young lad, and is now a consummate artist, creating items that shine with with such artistic beauty, that they are worthy of display in the richest of collections. This is not all, for Daeran's wife is a master enchantress, and bestows enchantments upon Daeran's creations. These range from simple luck charms, to wards that shield the bearer from harm, or weapons with elemental effects. Today, the shop has visitors, of a couple of different kinds. There is a vampiress and her man bat guard here to peruse the wares within the shop. This has made Daeran's wife and the other visitor, their son nervous, as they are unsure of the monsters motives. Daeran's son is a cadet in the Barquan city guard, and is visiting home on leave from his gruelling training schedule. Inside the shop, Lady Sithanna makes her purchases- a golden breastplate and a warhammer, both made of enchanted githril, as a gift for Lord Vladivus. C+C welcome! I built this to practise my Kali building, and also because Ruadh is a pretty awesome place. Thanks to SarahJoy for letting me build in Ruadh!
  4. Lord Vladivus

    HSS: Underground in Shadowmere

    Beneath the rocky outcrops and plateaus surrounding Shadowmere are the mines of the Nocturnian Dwarves who produce much of the stone and ore for Shadowmere. These mines are often rough and ready, and the dwarves are prepared to retreat in the face of the frequent Drow raids. Patrolled by swift Dwarven warriors on warg mounts, the mines have an early warning system of sorts. It is one of these mines that Vladivus visits today, alongside his hope for a consort, the ancient, immortal vampiress, Lady Sithanna. Vladivus: "As you can see, these mines are not particularly extensive, or well worked- the dwarves are simply not numerous enough to fend off the Drow, skilled warriors though they may be. My zombies struggle down here, where their numbers count for little in the narrow tunnels." Lady Sithanna: "And you are hoping that I would lend you my Man-bat soldiers, who were bred in darkness and caves, and thus suited to these battles? Do I not strike to the heart of the matter my love?" Vladivus: "Perceptive as ever. You know as well as I do that it would do well- not to mention that an alliance of the vampires of Nocturnus would strike fear into Ravaage. Lord Mortis already aligns himself with Shadowmere." Before Sithanna could reply, a dwarven Captain mounted upon a warg burst into the cavern. Captain Dhumkaz: "M'Lord... and er Lady, I apologise..." Lady Sithanna: "Spit it out dwarf!" The dwarf's eyes narrowed, and he spoke pointedly to Vladivus. Captain Dhumkaz: "My Lord, Angfauglir approaches. Your scouts report that he appears to be alone, but they cannot be sure." Lord Vladivus: "Well, a surprise I suppose. I didn't think that wretch would risk coming here, even if he's on the run from Senurhem and Ravaage. Aye, I will meet him. Send messengers to Lord Mortis and have him meet us here. Sithanna, I trust you will be comfortable in your quarters until this matter is resolved?" Sithanna: "Yes, I suppose. The wolf and the necromancer will have to fill me in on the rest." So, this build is my first proper attempt at SNOT rocks, using kabels tutorial. I'm not happy with the build, and it's gone through several revisions (including a massive tower on top of the rocks), but it began getting tedious, so here it is. I might revisit the mines at some point and try to improve. An entry for HSS: Labourers. C+C very much welcome!