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  1. HSS: Streets of Barqa Barqa is the trading hub of south-western Kaliphlin. The city is located where the mighty Arkbri river meets the sea. The Arkbri river stretches all the way from the mountains of Mitgardia and is a major shipping route through central Historica. Barqa is a melting pot of people and cultures from all points of the compass, and dozens of different languages can be heard in the streets. The proud City Guard of Barqa is in peacetime mostly a constabulary force, which is not to say that they are lacking work… Some guards are of course also manning the walls, but this one don’t seem to be paying attention to what is outside the wall? Aha, he is admiring one of the many lovely...gardens of Barqa! Today, de Gothia is visiting his son Elijah who is studying in Barqa. He also meets with Lord Gideon, who is eager to hear about the achievements of the Kaliphlin artisans he has sent north to help de Gothia building the town of Sionnach. Elijah has already grown tired of the lengthy discussion of the grownups and is instead investigating a statue of some hero of old. Bishop Sheyer of the Aslanic Order is also passing by, always travelling with an armed escort. Many of Barqa’s inhabitants, some would say the majority, cannot afford living quarters with their own kitchen. For them, simple establishments as this one are the place to go to get a bowl of soup or something to drink on the go. HSS Hospitality: Fast food Barqa is well known for the excellent quality of the glasswares produced here. Like many other craftsmen and merchants of the city, this glass blower has a small shop along one of the covered sidewalks. These roofs provide protection from the sun during most of the year, and protection from the torrential rain in that season. HSS Craftsmen, General Goods: Glass Blower While black oil is the usual source of lighting in Kaliphlin, candles are considered a luxury which many people want to use to impress their visitors with. Especially the many temples and shrines of the various religions represented in Barqa are demanding candles in great numbers. HSS Merchant, Specialty: Candle Maker With Barqa being such a busy trade hub with traders coming from all over Historica and beyond, the cartographers of Barqa are among the finest in Historica. Today, this cartographer has stepped down from his studio upstairs and is providing maps to the city’s inhabitants and visitors. HSS Services: Cartographer The movements of the celestial bodies are closely observed by the scholars of Barqa. This particular astronomer is excellent at determining the exact time of day, and has built a clock tower to share this information with the city. Indeed, this clock is de facto the standard for time in Barqa. HSS Scholars: Observatory/Astronomer In many places in the city, music can be heard from the city's numerous musicians. HSS Entertainers: Street Musicans The frequent traffic with horses and oxen means that streets can get very dirty, despite the efforts of the cleaning workers. During the short but intense rain season, the streets can also be turned into something which looks more like canals when the drainage system is pushed to its limits. Therefore, most streets have stepping stones where pedestrians can cross without getting too dirty or wet. Many children like to play on the city walls, sometimes even daring to go up into the towers. The guards are of course not happy with this practice... The roofs are important parts of the homes where people spend a lot of their time. Here, a mother is feeding her daughter with a slice of a giant apple, fresh from the orchards of southern Avalonia. When the searing sun is getting low in the sky the city really comes to life. The streets, homes and shops are lit by numerous oil lanterns. There are a sizeable population of humanoids with Nocturnian origin in Barqa, many of them exiles from the internal Nocturnian power struggles. Soraya the assassin is hiding in the shadows, could it be one of these she is after? Some more pictures of the build: UoP credits claimed: Marketplace [Trade and Law] Arresting Criminals [Trade and Law] Music [Culture] As this is a massive build, as you see I tried to include quite a few HSS categories. If any of these is not good enough here, I do can skip that claim and re-visit the category some other time. I will display this build at the Lego Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek, Denmark, this coming weekend. I hope I will see some of you there!