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Found 17 results

  1. Brandon Pea

    Check out this hospital guys!

    This building was built by Joshua Hanlon. He talks about it in the video.
  2. I got my space port recently. I think it's an amazing set. Knowing that the City division of Lego does listen to its older fanbase sometimes has put mh mind at ease. I usually nod my sets and for this one, I ended up removing the little roller coaster piece as I felt it unnecessary. I can actually make the astronauts walk to the shuttle.But I love the feature where you can stick your android inside the building and pretend the team is controlling it. Detail in a smaller package is an admirable thing. I also love how the rocket holders move when you pick the rocket up. Overall, this gets a 100% from me. Sidenote: I'm glad they made this a 7+ set. Smart move Lego
  3. Brandon Pea

    60053 vs. 60113

    I know you guys probably know about my bigotry towards automobiles that are 6 studs wide. However, when it comes to race cars, I think it works. I own both 60053 and 60113 and they are very nice vehicles. I would like to hope that the race cars that we are supposed to receive in 2020 start a trend of making race cars for Lego City. I do worry that it won't happen since Speed Champions exists. Though Speed Champions seems to be targeted towards OFOLs than CFOLs.
  4. I think it would be a great idea. For those of you out there who may be confused, vehicle packs would basically be like people packs. Only with vehicles. We know that certain sets help keep City relevant not necessarily because of the buildings themselves, but because of the vehicles that complement the building. Even though some people may think the idea is stupid and pointless, I think it would be fun and interesting. It's fun to take things that child Legonfans love and exploit it to it's full advantage. So without further ado. Do you think vehicle packs are good for Lego City? Sound off in the comments.
  5. Welp! Finally, I have found the time to do a little Q&A.....if that's okay to do here! If its not okay, please feel free to remove this admins. But anyway, I'd like to start a topic on vehicles - particularly ones we like! For me personally, my favorite vehicle has to be the bus from City set number 60154. I just love buses and I do drive a bus for a living. Truthfully speaking, I kinda wish that was a sub theme for that year. But I guess Lego knows best. So without further to do, what's your favorite LEGO vehicle?
  6. Max Hart Lane

    LEGO Funny and Non-stop Video

    Thank you for coming to see my video ^V^
  7. You're going to go to work at OCTAN gas station. You can make your story by your own. But...There's only one good ending. Choose wisely and GOOD LUCK! Like&Comment&Share&Subcribe if you like this video Watch more videos -- go to my Youtube channel : Facebook Page -- Brick Hart Lane
  8. Hey everyone! I am glad to introduce my all-new entry: Another nice example to my existing vintage vehicle fleet! This time I have designed and built a pre-War lorry, in a vintage blue color, with some cool details. This car is built to fit to the modular Lego town as well as the Winter Village. Check out the happy driver:) There is a huge space inside to fill with loads of goods! See how it looks next to the other member of my vintage garage: After finishing with the build, I started to think about a custom decal to the blue sides of the truck. Please reply with your ideas which I would really appreciate!:) Check out my Flickr gallery for more high-res images: And here is my previous topic with all the vintage cars from my garage: http://www.eurobrick...topic=91343&hl= Enjoy and have fun!:) UPDATE: check out my latest creation, the Milk Van! Built to fit my oldtimer vehicle collection, this is a car we could see quite often on the strets of Lego Town. Enjoy!:) Check out my Flickr gallery for more high-res images:
  9. eanair

    50%(ish) MOC - Pizzeria

    Hi Everyone, Another building I've fully enclosed - this time the Pizzeria from #7641 City Corner. I've just added an awning and some signage to the front, while I've added a roof top seated area at the back. It also has a hinged opening for playability! Thanks for looking! There are some more pictures on my blog (
  10. eanair

    MOC/MOD Paradise Cafe

    I bought a tub lot of Lego a little while ago and it contained some parts from #4644 Marina. I have no need for a Marina in my landlocked layout(!) but I thought I could turn the Paradise Cafe elements into a cute little building - so I raided my Lego stash and made it into a fully enclosed building. You can buy coffees, juices and cakes to go at Paradise Cafe - it's not a great place for relaxing as there's no seats.....but the owner has a secret chill out decking area on the roof! Apologies for huge (and fuzz) images - you'll find more on my blog. :-)
  11. As a teacher and mom of two children (now 11 and nearly 14) I started Building Lego again (a little bit) when the Kids were smaller. But when I discovered the Modular Buildings at the Lego Store I really fell into Lego-Maniac. First I did not want to buy the houses but I looked at them for months and suddely...the town Hall was sold out! :-( Thas was a bit more than one year ago. Now I have got all recent modular Houses (Pet Shop, Palace Cinema, Parisian Restaurant, Detektive Office, Brick bank), the older ones (Town Hall, Grand Emporium, Fire Brigade) and bricklinked versions of Green Grocer, Cafe Corner and Market Street. I built a few MOCs (a church and a school- of course a school- I am a teacher) and MODs. We do not have much space in our rooms and we have got a very friendly dog who is like a hurricane to the Legos, so most of the houses have to be hdden in boxes and just my favorites sre displayed on shelfs. In Summer we built a large Lego town called "Steinhausen" and next Summer we will do the same. I hope one day I will get a room for displaying the town all time... I know I am not the best builder, but my Kids and I did our very best and so I want to show you our Lego Town "Steinhausen". I hope wou will enjoy our Summer Layout!
  12. eanair

    The Orangery (MOC)

    About 2 years ago Mr. Eanair bought me #4439 - Heavy Lift Helicopter...I didn't really have any need for a helicopter in my town layout, but by playing around with the bricks a bit The Orangery was born. This building evolved bit by bit and no real planning went into it. I wanted it to look like an elegant Victorian orangery and loved the roof that the curved bricks created, so I only needed to add some cones and telescopes to add ornate detailing. The real key to achieving the look I wanted was the Decorated Arches - I love these soooo much. The back story is that it was originally the orangery of a stately home, but it has now become a very exclusive bar for my Lego towns VIPs (with added paparazzi lurking outside!!) The roof comes off for access to the interior - sorry for the pics it's very hard to get decent pics of such a small area! I'm not keen on the tan baseplate and I'll be changing to a grey one when including it in my layout. If you'd like to see more pictures, you'll find them on my blog here (apologies for the shameless whoring of the blog!!)
  13. GMC1987


    hello ther. its been long time and i have a greate news... i finish my first retro town! Description: My town is based on another town called "Radiator Springs" from the movie "Cars". Although there are elements from "classic Lego" "The Simpsons," "Cars" "The duck of hazzard" and more. Buildings: There are roadside restaurant is decorated in the style of 1950. There is a motel that I made a long time ago. Also retro style. There is a gas station with a 24/7 shop and a garage. Fire station in the center of the town There is a shed / warehouse Luigi's place from the film "Cars" is used as Tire store. There is also a cinema (from a set of Lego). There is a clinic and motorcycle shop (classic Lego) There also a pub. Sheriff Office. Notifications Center. Bank. Post office. Town Hall. kwik E market (Simpson). Houses: Most of the houses are from "classic Lego" with the change of colors. But there are some Houses that are mine as: Jesse's farm. The shed of Meter. And more ... Vehicles: Most of the vehicles are classics. GM "old-look" transit bus 5101 coach - 1949 GMC cannonball 1947 Chevrolet tow truck 1947 Chevrolet delivery k1500 sheriff patrol off-road 1965 Chevrolet apache 1958 Rat tow truck. (towmeter) VW transporter 1961 bus VW transporter 1961 pickup with cover. ice cream van from "lego movie" (vintage style) dodge pickup 1952 with cover chevy nova 1968 (dead proof) Chevrolet bel air 1955 "BLASPHEMI" (Roadkill) the simpson's family car willys MB 1942 Chevrolet k2500 pickup 1965 Chevrolet k2500 pickup 1972 Dodge charger 1969 (General Lee) classic fire truck Hudson Hornet 1952 Chevy 1935 RatRod. Chevrolet Apache Pickup 1947 (with camper) Chevrolet delivery van 1951 ambulance mercury police cruiser 1949 Chevrolet Bel-air 1952 RAT Dodge Pickup 1948 Cadillac el-dorado 1966 (boss hog) Chevrolet Series 5700 "Loadmaster" RS 2-ton COE Truck 1947 Plate Chevrolet Series 5700 "Loadmaster" RS 2-ton COE Truck 1947 rumptruck Chevrolet Series 5700 "Loadmaster" 1947 Pepsi truck Ford model T cope 1929 Ford model T Pickup 1929 GMC Vandura 1983 delivery van GMC Vandura 1983 armor bank truck GMC Vandura 1983 mail van fiat 500 1966 alfa romeo junior 1300GT 1969 I also have the motorcycle (Vespa. Chopper) and the "rat-rod" download link: http://s000.tinyuplo...292908117518159 15,500 pieces!
  14. happer

    10197 Fire Brigade Mod

    Hi, that's my Mod of 10197 set, i have some problems uploading several photos, so if you'd like to see full gallery in high quality go here
  15. Gwail

    MOC: BMW X6

    I'm glad to present you another MOC in my garage! Today the model based on the mid-size luxury crossover - BMW X6, called by the manufacturer Sports Activity Coupé (SAC). It's not a recreation of a factory stock car, the inspiration was the model tuned by the german company Lumma Design. The car is adapted as 2-seated coupe (a bit shorter than an original), both for minifigs and Friends minidolls. This time the doors don't open in the primary configuration (unless you dismount the mirror clips), but there is still a posibility to use the alternative door design (however, they don't look well). Forgive my little deviation - I don't know why, but I always put the white rims to black cars . The last pic is a little joke - you can see the original here. More pics in my flickr album. My other presentations:
  16. LEGO Ink

    MOC Road Grader

    This set was originally commissioned by my father-in-law. His father used to drive a grader in his former years, and it was kind of a tribute to him and myself, as well, to get started building. I designed it about three years ago on LDD, and made all the current modifications while tinkering with excess yellow parts. The particular one you see is Version 3.2, as I've made several changes: - the central beam is more structural and it doesn't fold - lateral articulation points behind the blade are stronger and have a greater range of movement - the carriage holding the blade and turntable have been lowered to give a more disengaged feel. The whole body would fit under the 6-Wide category for the most part, although the front beam is 2-Wide and the engine compartment is 4-Wide. The entire Grader is 28 studs long (and true to form) the blade is almost half that length, at 12 studs wide. As a realistic detail, the turntable is positioned in such a way that the blade can be up, and turned to stay within the wheel-base, 9 studs wide. Feel free to check out the rest!