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Found 4 results

  1. So LEGO Simpsons. An oddball theme that came out of left field. This theme had 2 sets, 3 Dimentions sets, and 2 CFM series. Man, what is it with this theme and the number 2? So, there is a rumor out there, I found out about it through BrickVault, that Simpsons may be returning this year. I don't think it's all that possible, but I do hope it comes true. So below are sets that LEGO should make in The Simpsons. 5: Mr. Plow truck. Coming from one of my favorite episodes of all time, a Mr. Plow set would be great. The set would have the truck itself, an exclusive Home in his Mr. Plow attire, an Exclusive Grandpa Simpson, and an exclusive Bart, to help recreate that commerical. The Set would be $20 USD. (United States Dollars) 4: Springfield Police Station. Retailing for $100 USD, this set would be a detailed Springfield Police Station and come with Lou, Eddie, Cheif Wiggum, Snake, and Lionel Hutz. This is a pretty self explainatory set, but this would be pretty cool. 3: Springfield Elementery. This would be the next Simspsons House. Retailing for $200, this would be a 2 floor and basement set, and this would have 2,500 pieces. It would look like how it looks like in the show, and would have 10 rooms. The figures would be Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Skinner, Superintendent Chalmers, Ralph, Ms. Krapapple, Nelson, Martian, and 5 student characters. 2: The Blocko Store. Man, would this be a set! Retailing for $50, this would be the Blocko store from episode 497 "The D'oh-cial Network". This set would have Lisa, Homer, Bart, Marge, a store clerk, and Maggie. 1: Blockoland. From episode 263 "Hungry Hungry Homer", this set would be $200, and have 3 Blockland clerks, a ticket taker, the Simpsons family, the Flanders family, and 3 ride operators. The parts of the set will be just like in the episode.
  2. Hi guys, I want to share with you this great diorama. The city was built with more than 100,000 bricks. The interiors are furnished. There are about 60 minifigures. The dimensions are about 4.5 meters in length and 2.5 meters in depth. The construction is the work of my friend AFOL Paolo Maculan. I realized the part in stop motion and edited the video. Hope you like it!! :) P.s:Diorama is in work in progress, as soon as I'm ready to upload all the updates to the channel.
  3. Hello everyone, *Waving hands* It's me and I am back to conduct the latest poll and survey for the upcoming brand new exciting LEGO Minifigures – The LEGO Movie Series in our Eurobricks Community. The current official LEGO 71005, LEGO Minifigures – The LEGO Simpsons Series has been recently revealed in this discussion. If you wish to change your vote after you acquire the LEGO Minifigures – The LEGO Simpsons Series after May/June 2014 or any point, you may choose to do so, as the current poll settings allow you to withdraw your votes by choosing other choices instead. For the past official Eurobricks polls with regards to LEGO Collectables Minifigures Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, Series 5 and Series 6, Series 7, Series 8, Series 9, Series 10, Series 11, LEGO Movie Series, even though they may not be so applicable anymore, they can still be found in the following links below. Collectable Minifigures Series 1 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 2 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 3 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 4 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 5 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 6 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 7 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 8 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 9 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 10 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 11 Poll The LEGO Movie Series Poll The names above are the official representation with regards to this new LEGO Minifigures – The LEGO Simpsons Series. Let us know what you think about this upcoming new LEGO Simpsons series especially on your choice of the favourite minifigure! WhiteFang
  4. I found this, haven't seen it mentioned, so... According to this website, an entire episode of the Simpsons will be animated with LEGO! It is set to air in May 4th @ 8pm, celebrating their 25th year, and 550th. Not much on the shows content or how it will be animated (CGI or stop-motion) have been released. While not a regular viewer of the Simpsons, this will be one I will not miss