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Found 13 results

  1. *Your entry has earned 12 XP* Previously: All of my builds: After our long way, we finally arrived to Kuat with our anticipated cargo and managed to land on the surface. As it turned our, the remnants of the Commenor Remnant are now under the flag of The Triumvirate, and those ships around the planet were them, securing the planet. We've contacted Ambassador Zol, and he told us, that our diplomat, Moff Iax Draenar, took the place of Admiral Vori in the High Command as Regional Governor of Core Territories. With his move the remained TCR units was merged into The Triumvirate, this is a huge deal for us, to be part of the biggest organisation of Imperial remnants. There are still some individula remnants, with whom we must to deal, such as Moff Pyerce's "Pyerce Empire" But our mission is still important to deliver the help to Kuat, and gain their loyalty by stoping the epidemic. Ambassador Zol said, that he will meet us on Kuat, at the main research facility of the capital's medical center. On Kuat: Gubi - Ambassador Zol, nice to meet you again! Ambassador Zol - Gubi, Boghi, Andrysh, welcome to Kuat, finaly! This supply becomed very anticipated by now. Ambassador Zol - Let's get some box and go inside the Lab, Dr. Ave are waiting! Ambassador Zol - Dr. Ave, this is Cpt. Gubi Totho and his squad. They brought highly effective medical Nano-Droids from Foundry. Former Techno Union member Skakoans are experimenting with some them as high efficient cures. They are our best change to fight the epidemic on Kuat. Dr. Ave - Welcome to my lab. The planet needs big help, we tested everything we had, but didn't have any promising resaults. Dr. Ave - Let's see, what we got here! L4 open a crate and get the computer ready! Dr. Ave - L4 go the computer! I'll send the date immediately. L4 - Yes Doctor! Ambassador Zol - What do you see, Doctor? Dr. Ave - It looks promising, i think it might work. L4, what dou you seen in the data? L4 -The Nano-Droids defeated most of the infected cells. This is an effective medicine for the epidemic. Dr. Ave - Thats grear news. We will start the reproduction of the vaccine. Dr. Ave - Thank you for your help, you literally saved Kuat. The whole planet can be grateful for the Triumvirate. I hope, our alliance will last long. Ambassador Zol - We are happy to help the people and also for our new ally. Andrysh - What are our next orders? Cpt. Gubi - We didn't recieved them yet, but Zol said, that most of our ships are headed to Fondor. So we have to go there, I think...
  2. *Your entry has earned 17 XP* While I and my squad are still on our way to Kuat with our cargo container full of medical supplies, some of our units already arrived from Fedalle to securing the planet. The planer are ounder our blockade, we have to deal with the epidemic quietly, can't let the information to spread out to other factions. On planet Kuat... PT-3001 - This is the Commenor Remnant! Open Up! Durora - What? What are they want? Klevur - What gona we do now, Duro? Durora - First, put that down. I'll get some time. You, Klevur, save the informations to a datacard and Jerdar will bring taht to our friends at CorSec. Jerdar - Alright, come on Klev, we need to hurry. Durora - What can I help you Sir? PT-3001 - Open the doors! We have the right to search all docks and spaceports. Durora - What do you want here, we are just a small repair station. PT-3001 - The planet is under the blockade of the Commenor Remnant. We have to check your place. Klevur - Look, here it is. The fueling is almost done. It's enough to reach CorSec territory. I'll detach the pipe and you can leave immediately. Jerdar - Thanks everything! I'll do my best. PT-3001 - What is this? Stop Them! Our troops reported to the HQ on Kuat that, at least one starfighter will try to leave the sector. Our ships in the blockade should be ready to deal with them. Also they capured some suspects, we need to find out whom they want to send the message to. Z-95 Headhunter: The Build:
  3. *Your entry has earned 7XP* Mission Log from Senator Belrus: In light of recent epidemic breakouts on Kuat, The Imperial Remnant high command wants to cease this opportunity to establish a presence on the planet. Due to new republic allegiance, the remnant has dispatched a stormtrooper platoon to an abandoned imperial facility in the polar region of the northern hemisphere. I have arranged to meet the regional archduke at the facility under diplomatic immunity. The Archduke: Good morning senator. We’ve considered your proposal. The epidemic breakout is currently contained to slums and lower levels of dense urban areas in our equatorial regions. It seems like the epidemic doesn’t take to the cold - why I imagine you chose this location for our meeting… Senator Belrus: *pokerface* The Archduke: Since the republic’s health organization has been unable to show any progress in fighting these outbreaks, the Kuati aristocrats have decided to declare a state of neutrality for Kuat. We’ve signed the Commenor Treaty allowing your presence on the planet and ring. We welcome your assistance as long as you comply with the Galactic Concordance. Senator Belrus: The terms are acceptable. We will sign the Commenor Treaty. The Archduke: And one more thing Senator. No bucketheads! Senator Belrus: *nods* Some behind the scenes shots: Let me know what you think! CC are more than welcome... ;)
  4. Note: this freebuild follows my freebuild Destined to Hang, and takes place before my episode XIII entry Blunt Force Trauma. One of the first things soldiers learn is to grab shut-eye whenever possible, so I sleep during the short jump from Commenor to Kuat. The beeping of the nav computer wakes me, just before we drop out of hyper. Pilot: Have a nice nap? Kirana: Yes - - Give me one reason why I shouldn't broadcast a distress call saying I've been hijacked by a fugitive. Because you already know whoever's after me will kill you too, just to keep things quiet. Besides, I'm not a fugitive. I - Imperial Patrol vessel, this is Kuat System Control. Submit your ID and orders. KTC, this is system patrol 468-echo-73, coming in for minor repairs. Roger, patrol. Your transponder shows you currently assigned to Commenor – what are you doing out here? Uh-oh, I can picture his hand moving toward the 'scramble TIEs' option on his console. KTC, Commenor is correct, however my commanding officer ordered me to take the ship here for repairs. And why would he do that, patrol? KTC, my, uh, understanding is he was operating the vehicle when the damage occurred. … Oh. Oh. So you mean - She interrupts him, her voice a perfect imitation of the upper-class Coruscanti accent that officers often adopt. Ensign, how the ship was damaged is irrelevant. Your only concern is seeing that the repairs are completed quickly and discreetly. Smart. Tapping into the one experience that unites navy, army and stortrooper corps: getting screwed over by your superior officers. While she finishes talking our way into the system, I try to figure out who to contact. It's hard to know who to call when your own side is trying to kill you. I have a whole new understanding of Goatm's world. Right now, there are two people I trust. Captain Jackson Parth was my executive officer back when I was in the 142nd SpecOps group. He's a good man, and being a SpecOps officer often means knowing when to look the other way. Still, he's a career officer, and whatever 'they' are claiming I've done, it might be too big to ignore. That leaves 'Grace.' Probably not her real name. She's part of the ISB … the organization is suspect is trying to kill me. Not ideal, but she does owe me a favor... This is TB, calling the DID. The boss is mad, but I'm not sure why. Could use some advice. Out. Your codename is 'TB?' Nickname, not codename. Where are we headed? Cargo complex. Plenty of spots to disappear for a while and figure out what to do. Well, it's a bit of a fixer-upper, but I suppose it'll do for now. Ow! What the hell was that for?! You don't get it, do you? No, you just waltz into a system and wave around your spy credentials, demanding a ship and a pilot. I wasn't even supposed to be on duty today! And now, I'm stuck out here with a shot-up ship – which, I might add, was shot by our own people - Ok, calm down. No – you don't get to tell me to calm down. Why were Imperial ships shooting at us? I don't know. Oh, well, that's fine then. Yeah? No! Her hand moves back … toward her blaster?!? The rebel pilot pulls a blaster from beneath him, and I fire at point-blank range. His head explodes like an overripe meiloorun. Marla glares at me, pure hate in her eyes, as she picks up the blaster he dropped. There's no time to do anything. I aim my rifle as she raises the blaster toward me. My rifle?! Where is it?? I have to- Pain. Pain means I'm still alive. Damnit. She has my comlink... Grace: TB, you've been a very naughty boy. Yeah ... so I hear. Can you extract us? Yes, but I'll need you to do something for me first. I, uh, thought you owed me one? I did, and I just spent ten minutes convincing your lovely companion not to kill you or turn you in. Now we're even. You want something else, I have a job for you. Sounds like I don't have a choice. What is it? One of my … associates needs an operator and all his other assets are committed. He'll comm you the details. In the meantime, I've given your companion the coordinates of one of my safehouses. It's not far. No offense, Grace, but I'm not sure an ISB safehouse is the best place for us right now. I didn't say ISB safehouse, did I? You can take an air-taxi there - pay with hard credits only. Get moving, Grace out. I guess we - -don't speak to me. The details from Grace's associate come through a few minutes later. A simple job. He wants the same thing everyone wants. He wants me to take a life.
  5. Kuat – gateway to the Core Worlds, home of the famous Kuat Drive Yards, and a good system to disappear in, provided you keep a low profile and don't try to get too close to Kuat proper. When most people think of Kuat, they picture the Drive Yards themselves, ringing the planet, but there are literally thousands of spaceborn ship construction platforms littering the Kuat system, producing everything from hypermatter reactors to refreshers. Of those thousands of platforms, there are probably one or two hundred which are empty, derelict or abandoned at any given time. One of these isolated, empty platforms has been my home the last few days. This one isn't actually abandoned; it's just been shut down between production runs. Nobody here but me and the loading droids. I've been working for the past few hours, trying to get one of the droids to link its manual control unit with my datapad. I've almost got it. There we go. I don't have a user login, but I do have a security spike which gives me access to the system framework. Let's see, 'autopilot: disabled,' 'speed inhibitor: disabled,' 'collision avoidance:' … definitely disabled. Better hurry, not much time left. I wont be alone for long. There's an Imperial officer on the way. A major in the Supply Corps. He has a meeting set up with a Black Sun arms dealer. The same dealer he's met with monthly for almost a year. The major's getting a nice payday, diverting a few crates of weapons each month. He's also stupid and sloppy - ISB was onto him almost immediately, but they'd been content to hide trackers in the crates and use them to help map out Black Sun's network. Today, though, he won't be meeting with his usual dealer. Said dealer is dead, if he's lucky. The Empire's finally decided to start rolling up Black Sun's operations, and they're hitting everyone at once. The shuttle drops off the major, his bodyguards and the weapons in the main hanger. From there, they'll move the crates to one of the auxiliary hangers in back of the station. The shuttle is supposed to return in an hour to pick them back up, but in about 10 minutes that shuttle is going to be a cloud of glowing debris, or so I've been told. The weapons don't look like much, but those are proton-bombs and disruptors - unpleasant, and expensive. I'd normally feel guilty about killing troopers - they're just grunts like me - but these guys knew what they were signing up for. Ok, full speed, full power. I only get one shot at this. Ah, good. Something new for my nightmares. This is Tango Bravo to control. It's done.
  6. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Welcome to Fondor Fondor City Nightlife Many Bothans Died... Well At Least One Fixing to Clear the Mind Thermal Detonator Pot-Pie Focus Torturous Trial The Escape The Calamity Star Hyperdrive Repairs Motivating the Troops Kuati Spaceport A Friend of a Friend "Again!" shouted Bryce. He and MKJoshA had been training for weeks. Like the rest of Viqi's residence of service, even the training room was elaborate. Josh's first day of training had begun with a question, "WOW! Are those real lightsabers? Where did you get them and why hasn't the Empire taken them from you?" "Do you want to train?" asked Bryce. Josh, realizing his excitement was a little premature just hung his head. "Do you want to avenge your brother and learn to take down a Mandalorian?" Josh stayed silent, his anger at what the Mando had done to his brother welling up inside him. "Then you can ask a question only after you first land a hit on me. Let's begin." The first chance Josh had to ask a question was a week later. Bryce was a hard teacher, but his lessons were effective. When Josh finally scored his first hit with their training staves, he asked "Do you know how to wield a lightsaber?" "Knowing how to use one and knowing how to wield one are two different things" began Bryce. "I can turn the blade on, I can use it to cut your arms off. But to truly master it I would have to be a Jedi. Only a Jedi can effectively learn to use such a weapon." "Why is that?" asked Josh. "That is another question" said Bryce and their training continued. Over the next few days Josh improved quickly and got the answers to many more question. Bryce told him, "What most people don't realize when they think about using a lightsaber is that the handle is the heaviest part of the weapon. As the blade is made of light, it weighs nothing. A normal being would sooner cut their own limbs off than effectively use a lightsaber in a fight. Only a Jedi has the danger sense needed to avoid harming themselves when wielding it." Josh also learned that being a former Senator had its perks. One of which included the Empire not snooping into her private collection of "artifacts" when the Jedi purge happened which allowed Senator Lysani to keep her small collection of old lightsabers. Josh asked if Kale had gotten his lightsaber from this collection. "I do not know where your friend acquired his," said Bryce. "But there are many such cache's of Jedi artifacts across the galaxy. Your friend must have connections with someone else who has similar tastes to the Senator." Finally, after 2 months of training Bryce told Josh he was ready. "You have learned everything you can from me. Your senses are more attuned to your surroundings, your reflexes are improved, and your knowledge of all combat maneuvers is impressive. If you go after this Mandalorian, you will be able to beat her in a fair fight and even an unfair one. But you must remember what I taught you. As you are fighting you will be taken to a cliff's edge. Better men than you have come to that cliff and fallen off. If you allow your anger to be your driving reason for fighting in that moment you will fall and you will become the very kind of person you are trying to destroy. But if you fight for justice, you will face that edge, understand its dangers, and will come back from it." OoC: Trying some more lighting effects. Not super thrilled, but it kind of worked.
  7. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka; Freebuild: Still on Kuat Location: Kuat Time: 8 am Persons involved: Mads Heering; Stormtrooper Orwell Haggins; Stormtrooper Cornell Haggins; Stormtrooper The story: Three stormtroopers, Mads Heering the driver, Orwell Haggins the navigator and Cornell Haggins the gunner are driving through the wasteland of Kuat. Again ... Where are we? I don't know. Mads, where are we? I'm not sure. I think we are on Mon Calamari. Or Hoth. I'm not sure. Could it be Kuat? No, definitely not. What are we doing here? Where? Here, in this speeder. I think we're going somewhere. Orwell, where are we going? Are we going anywhere? I think so, yes. Why? I don't know. That Sgt. told us, didn't he? What's his name? I think his name is Wunderbar. Isn't it Wunderschon? No lads, it's Scheisskopf. I think we're going to the landing pad ... Why? I'm not sure. Sgt. Schmeterling hasn't told me. Conclusion: I'll post better photos, when the weather gets better. I hope that's soon. Thanks for watching and please judge this freebuild.
  8. Senator Lycani, my old friend, it's been a long time since we served on Coruscant together. Thank you for agreeing to see me even though I know it is at great risk to yourself to be seen with a known rebel. There are some things worth risking much for, your friendship is one of them. Now, what can I do for you? As you may have heard, we recently came to acquire a super computer. We smuggled it onto the surface in a transport load of fertilizer. We need the help of some of your best people to crack it, and afterwards you can use the fertilizer as you see fit for your estate. As you know, all of our technicians work in the rings around our planet. That is good news for you because it means there are very few Imperials troops stationed planet-side. They consider the shipyards around the planet of greater value than the farms on it. Your people and the computer should be safe here. However, it also means to find the kind of help you need you'll have to venture up into the rings. I can give you the names of some people I would recommend, but you'll have to get past the Imperials on your own. Thank you, your help means more than I can say. Have you seen any suspicious activity? No, and we've been searching all day! The Rebels Can't be here. Can't we be done yet? I don't like this place and I'm pretty sure that scaremynok is looking at me! Uh-oh, it looks like the Empire knows we're here! I heard you might be able to help me with a special job. Perhaps, but let's not talk about it hear. Too many ears Building objectives: A small note in advance: this episode has no special rules. Each player can only submit one entry. That entry should depict your character trying to achieve one of the following objectives. All entries will be regarded as usual, independent of which category they follow. So choosing which category to build in can be done freely, without any tactical considerations. Just choose what is most interesting to you. If you are a Rebel... Your build should represent your character being involved in ...: Cracking the Super-computer Recruiting technicians from the rings Hiding on the planet's surface If you are an Imperial... Your build should represent your character being involved in ...: Searching the planet's surface for Rebels Searching the rings for Rebels Interogating any captured Rebels These are not exhaustive lists so something different that still fulfills the spirit of the contest is allowed. The Prizes: From the Core Rules: Your faction will receive points based on two factors: Points: The average number of points per builder. Builders: Two points for each builder. [*]These two totals are added to each other, and the faction with the higher total is the winner. [*]All the players on the winning faction will receive this tag to commemorate their victory. You can only have one of these tags or one of the Community Build tags at a time, but a log will be kept of all the tags you've earned in your profile in the Characters topic. [*]The player who receives the most total individual points, regardless of team, is guaranteed a spot among the next set of the blog's Showcased MOCs. (This member must still be able to provide a picture big enough and of suitable quality to be used in the Showcased banner.) [*]You will receive XP equal to the number of points you are awarded from the judges. [*]Thanks to the generosity of RoyalBrickCustoms (link), we will be able to give away some unique SoNE-themed cloth minifig accessories. The player with the most XP earned in this episode on every faction will receive a pack. Furthermore, there will also be a separate sponsor's choice award for the person RoyalBrickCustoms thinks has incorporated the theme best. (Details subject to change) The Rules: All rules in the Core Rules topic apply unless otherwise stated in this explanation. The Empire's goal and the Alliance's goal is to depict their character fulfilling one of the objectives. There are no restrictions on the size/form/content of the builds, as long as they follow the above described goals and represent the designated location. The Episode will run from Feb 29th to April 30th. As long as it is still April 30th somewhere in the world, you can still enter. Entries posted after the deadline will be disqualified from the episode and will not be eligible to receive points or XP. Entries will be judged according to the Core Rules: Your build will be scored in two stages, to make it easier on the judges by lessening the number of builds that must be scored in greater detail: In the first stage, the judges will award a score from 1-10, with a '1' being "Minifig on a Plate", a '5' being "Your Average MOC" and a '10' being "Flawless Concept and Execution". In the second stage, the top five builds of each faction (so ten in total) from the first stage will be scored based on basic predetermined criteria: up to 10 points for the concept and appropriateness to the objective, up to 25 points for your execution of the build, and up to 5 points for your presentation of the entry. NEW RULE! If we don't have more than 10 players per team, we will skip the second round of judging. That means both teams need at least 10 players for the second round to happen. For builders who make it to the second stage, their second stage total is added to their first stage points, and that total is divided by two and a half. You can earn a maximum of 20 points in each episode. [*]The amount of points you earn is also the amount of XP your character earns. [*]This episode/contest is open to all players of Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka, even if they joined EB or signed up for the game after the episode has begun, with the exception of the Star Wars staff, who are not eligible to win XP or prizes; the EB admins and moderators, who are not eligible to win prizes but may earn XP; and the episode host, who is not eligible to win prizes but may earn XP. The SoNE staff can't partake in the betting. [*]All entries must be new creations, not posted anywhere else prior to being entered in the episode. You may be asked by a staff member to change your entry if it is too similar to an earlier creation. [*]All entries must be built from real LEGO or with Lego Digital Designer. No clone brands, no third-party custom parts. [*]All entries must be posted as a new topic in the Nar Eurbrikka subforum, the title prefixed by, "[soNE Ep. XI]". (For example, "[soNE Ep. XI] Cracking the Computer".) There's no need to state which one of the objectives you're following. [*]Post pictures no larger than 1000x720, as specified in the EB Member Guidelines. [*]You may do a 'full-blown photo edit' with all the text, effects, background compositing, support erasing, and other effects on one picture. All your other pictures may have no editing other than color adjustment or background removal for a solid-color background. For obvious reasons, any photo editing that changes the shape, functionality, or color (not tint or adjustment, but actual color) of a LEGO piece is prohibited. [*]All entries are considered WIPs (Works In Progress) until the deadline passes. Until the deadline has passed, you are allowed to change and improve your MOC.
  9. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Welcome to Fondor Fondor City Nightlife Many Bothans Died... Well At Least One Fixing to Clear the Mind Thermal Detonator Pot-Pie Focus Torturous Trial The Escape The Calamity Star Hyperdrive Repairs Motivating the Troops Kuati Spaceport Kale and MKJoshA made their way to Senator Lysani’s estate to meet with Kale’s friend. “Have you ever spent much time around Kuatis?” asked Kale. “No, why?” replied Josh. “They have some of the weirdest fashion sense in the galaxy!” was Kale’s reply. “They pride themselves on setting fashion trends on Coruscant, but sometimes I wonder why!” They walked up to the main door, being tracked by the security camera and minigun. Josh could tell that although Lysani was a former senator, that didn’t mean she stopped being paranoid. A telbun opened the door. “Can I help you?” he asked. “We’re here to see Viqi, she’s expecting us” said Kale. “Yes, right this way sirs” was the reply. Josh immediately noticed all the art the senator had collected adorning the walls and tables in the entry room. He wondered what the rest of the estate looked like if this was only the greeting room. A moment later Viqi entered. Josh could see what Kale had meant by strange clothing styles. Headdresses were back in style on Kuat it would seem, and so were the face covers. “Viqi, it’s been too long!” exclaimed Kale. “Not long enough Kale” was Viqi’s curt reply. “I only agreed to help you because I still owe you for helping me out of that situation on Bothawui. Crazy Bothans are intolerable if they think you owe them anything! But let’s get one thing straight. We aren’t friends. I’m going to help you and your friend and then we’re done. Got it?” Kale just turned to Josh and rolled his eyes. “Glad to know you still miss me Viqi” Kale said with a twinkle in his eye. “Ugh! Let’s get this over with” said Viqi. “You’ll be sleeping in the telbun quarters. And tomorrow Bryce is going to start your training.”
  10. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Welcome to Fondor Fondor City Nightlife Many Bothans Died... Well At Least One Fixing to Clear the Mind Thermal Detonator Pot-Pie Focus Torturous Trial The Escape The Calamity Star Hyperdrive Repairs Motivating the Troops After the events surrounding the Suprosa, the Rebels headed to the nearby system of Kuat… “This is the first string of luck I’ve had since I asked the Rebel Alliance to help me break you out of prison!” exclaimed Kale. “What do you mean?” asked MKJoshA. “I just heard that the fleet is heading to Kuat” answered Kale, “And that’s where we need to be!” “And why do we need to be on Kuat?” asked Josh. “I’ll tell you on the way” was Kale’s response. The Rebel fleet that had attacked the Suprosa dropped out of hyperspace a short jump from Kuat and just a couple ships completed the journey to the planet carrying Kale, Josh, Mon Mothma, some other Rebels, and the super computer. Kale and Josh took one of the first shuttles down to the planet’s surface. “Well remember” started Kale, “how I promised you I could help you prepare to avenger your brother’s death?” “Yes…” said Josh. “And remember how I told you I knew a guy that could help?” “Yes, and?” “Well,” said Kale, “really there’s a guy friend of this girl I know who’s an attendant to a former senator, Senator Lysani who lives on Kuat’s surface.” “Wait,” interrupted Josh, “I didn’t think there was anything on Kuat’s surface except for endless farms? You know, to feed all the people who work in the rings around the planet?” “Well there’s that too,” answered Kale. “But there are some small settlements on the surface. I mean, someone has to keep the equipment running right? Anyway, so this senator retired there because it was quiet and hired some help and that’s where my friend comes in.” “So she knows how to defeat Mandos?” asked Josh. “No,” said Kale exasperatedly. “Try to keep up, remember that my friend has a guy friend. He’s the one that knows how to beat Mandos.” “And how did he learn that?” asked Josh. “Well, the Kuati have this weird tradition of raising what they call telbuns, the perfect male” began Kale. “One of these telbuns was offered to Senator Lysani some time ago. His father was owed a favor by a Mandalorian so he had his boy train with them for some time. He had the body to look at and the brawn behind it so he made the perfect telbun for an up-and-coming Kuati aristocrat. He’s the one who’s going to help you learn how to defeat the Mandos that killed your brother.” By this time they had landed at one of the spaceports on Kuat’s surface. It was a small, rural port more used to seeing farmers than politicians, though, Josh noticed at least one person of wealth taking off in his chauffeured speeder. He hoped the extra Stormtroopers were there because of him and not because they had gotten wind that the Rebellion was there. “If the Empire was able to identify me on Fondor, won’t they notice us here?” asked Josh. “Nah,” said Kale. “These Stormtroopers know they are stationed in a dead-end job so they barely look at anyone. We’ll be fine!” More Pictures! (the elevator actually works)
  11. From the log of TK- 2754 "Dragonfire", Squad Sergeant. My team's mission was simple: patrol the perimeter of the Kuati city while the Imperial convoy entered, keeping a lookout for any suspicious activity. We'd been assigned a light infantry walker equipped with flamethrowers for this task. It was all going smoothly until we heard blaster-fire in the distance and I received a sudden transmission from the convoy commander himself. Apparently, a Rebel agent had fled the city on a speeder, likely making for a hidden stronghold in the barren wilderness around the city. He had outpaced the slower tanks, but we were perfectly positioned to intercept him. I relayed this quickly to my squad... The Rebel rounded the corner of a rocky outcrop, unaware that he was being watched. We quickly moved into position, but we were unaware that we were also being watched.... Accompanied by two troopers, I opened fire but he was quick off the mark, dodging our shots with skilled manoeuvres... until he swerved the wrong way and veered straight into the path of the walker... The speeder's left engine caught fire and went up in flames; the rebel, having been thrown clear of the blast, sprinted for safety as his comrades opened fire. Poor Skim never had a chance. The bolt hit him squarely in the chest. Seeing him go down, the rest of us dived for cover, not wanting to make ourselves obvious targets. It was then that I saw an opportunity. Motioning to a trooper to follow me, I crept around the back of the rocky outcrop, attempting to flank the rebels. The closest Rebel didn't see me coming. He was easy prey. Taking advantage of the rebels's momentary shock, the remainder of my squad advanced with the walker's fire covering them. The odds were turning in our favour. Within minutes, the battle was over. Kasser, another trooper, checked Skim's body for any sign of life, but unfortunately found none. Others escorted the surrendering Rebels away from the scene. The mission had been successful. Three rebels killed and two taken prisoner, with only one casualty. I was sure I'd be well rewarded for this. The walker: The landscape and speeder: [ C&C welcome. Apologies for the abundance of photos ]
  12. After the battle in the space I finally arrived on solid ground. But I was quickly forced to leave Kuat and head to the rims around it. One of the small hangars is a base of a small group of rebel soldiers. There I got a friendly reception by their leader. Our mission is to find a skillful technician, who will crack the super-computer. Please consider, that it was raining for a couple of days and that making better photos is impossible.
  13. They told us to hide. Empire will be searching for rebels and it isn't healthy to be found. So I did what they told me. I joined the rebellion 3 months ago and became a soldier. But all I was doing was working in large warehouses. I'm not really brave, you see. My father owns a large oiling company and helps rebels with free oil. But then, one day, he decided that it's not enough and send me to join them. And now? I'm hiding, as they told me to do. Another mission. We have to break the super-computer. I'm not really familliar with science, so I have to find someone who is. Oh, WE have to find him. But I can't find Toby. He's same as all those rich boys. He doesn't know how to work hard, he cannot fight. But it seems, he is good in hide and seek. The first part especially. I joined the army to see the world. Well I'm in the middle of it. But it isn't really interesting. Sand. Like the good old Tatooine. Me and my mate Arnie are searching for rebels. Again. All I do since I joined the army is searching for someone - rebels, rebels, Boba Fett and more rebels. Well ... I joined the army the same day as Rory. And we didn't join it because we wanted to see the world. No. We were just coming from the stag party and well ... Never drink with an ergesh! -----------