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Found 2 results

  1. JanetVanD

    MOC Fortress of Solitude

    Hello all, For my latest MOC I wanted to build something totally different from what I'd built before; both to confront new challenges and to avoid comparisons. (not to mention a serious depletion in bricks in a lot of key colours after my last build hugely limited my colour selection!) So this is my LEGO rendition of the Fortress of Solitude, based on its depiction in the original Superman movies. For anyone not too familiar with superhero lore, the Fortress of Solitude was created with a shard from the Planet Krypton and hidden in the remote Arctic.It's Superman's home-away-from-home. The model used 18,684 pieces, took 160 hours to build and was completed last week. To see more of this model and my other models, go to: Janet VanD's Gallery
  2. Many people looked forward to the new Superman movie <Man of Steel>, but were much disappointed when the movie was not something that they expected. However, I think the first part of the movie about Krypton, the home world of Superman, is quite awesome. The organic high-tech kind of design looks very interesting without being too overwhelming or too different from human's world. Too bad that Lego's Man of Steel series only have the dropship and escape pod, and I think the awesome attack ship by General Zod should also be included. This time, like I did The Bat last time, I bought the movie book to study what this plane really is before starting the brick building. I couldn't believe that it only had one page about this ship, with only this blurry image: This type of ship only appears once in the movie, in which General Zod came to Jor-el's place to stop him from sending Superman to Earth. I have trimmed that little bit of the movie, and see if it helps you recall what I am going to show you. After nearly 2 months I finally completed the model, and it was featured too in the recent Hong Kong Lego exhibition "Bricks Adventure 2013". Now, here is the overall view of what the Man of Steel series should be! Close-up of the cockpit. There is no glass, and with the Krypton technology, why do you need to see the outside? Haha! Also, check the guns at the front, which can be adjusted for different angles. They are the weapons blowing off Jor-el's place... Inside the cockpit, one Kryptonian can be fitted in. The attack ship is basically a bigger dropship, transferring warriors to the battlefield. The center part is empty, and you can fit around 8 soldiers here... The most complicated and difficult part is the wings, which is also the prominent feature of this ship. I guess they take the idea from insects. Each side of the wings have 3 members, each can then be rotated to adjust flight position. I fixed the innermost two parts, leaving only 4 of them being adjustable. Also, the 3 members can be opened outwards or packed together. The concept for all these rotated blades of engines is for the control of flight direction. If the plane is moving forward, the engines along the blades (green parts) will face backwards. If it needs to slow down, the wings will flip to the front, like this: (you can see that in the clip above too) If it needs to stay in the air, the engines (green parts) will face downwards. This is a shot of the back, which features a pair of engine too. Different rows of engines will be turned on depending on the moving direction of the plane (as you can see in the clip) Okay now you know how the wings work. Time to land and find Superman! There are quite some design considerations during the development. I decided to keep the same kind of color and form that the original Lego series had set up, but at the same time I had to follow what the movie had designed (the dropship was not completely like the original!). It is quite a struggle. In the movie, there is no green color, but I prefer what Lego did with the green color, since it is what Kryptonite is like in the comics. Also, I keep the details from the dropship: tan base plates, shooting missiles...etc. The hardest part is the pair of wings. I have redesigned it four times, trying to keep the same design and form but making it lighter so that the hinges can withstand the long blades. Now it is slightly supported too by the top part of the plane, which is okay for now. I may improve it by using some Technic pieces later. Now everything is set, the Kryptonian war begins!