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Found 5 results

  1. Kai NRG

    Rounding up the Herd

    One sheep two sheep black sheep white sheep. A young shepherd boy rounds up his flock. A little vig to get me back into an MOCing mood. And to make sure I haven't lost the balancing touch... that tree! I'd also like PU DoH credit for countryside scene and raising livestock. C&C welcome! Hope you enjoy! Edit: Fourth credit was given by qiadris, here.
  2. Our hard working archaeologists have recently uncovered this trace of a hitherto unknown ancient civilisation in the Akhenaten swamps. You are welcome to visit, but please be aware that a number of workers have mysteriously vanished from this site. We believe it is dedicated to the crocodile god Tiktok. Some of our more superstitious colleagues have claimed to hear a slithering noise and a "tik-tok" sound in the night. Maybe that's just a story to encourage curious tourists, but please arrange your own insurance.
  3. Kalores castle bore the brunt of the elemental attack in Barqa. And even now its crumbling walls are still being eaten away by the giant climbing vines brought here by the earth elementals. Even more a tragedy it is because the castle was only completed a short time before the elemental attack. Originally intended to be a stronghold for the Knights of Aslan, it is now a constant reminder of Revolword's madness. This has been sitting in my LEGO room for quite a while now. As I needed parts I would scavenge pieces off this build until it came to look like this. I figured since I never really photographed this build, I should at least catch the essence of what it was before I take it apart for good.
  4. Squire Rikhard 'Redbird' Greisun was anxious to return to Mpya Stedor, but preparations for the journey took longer than expected. Fresh horses had to be arranged, as well as calls for volunteers to escort the Mpya Stedor contingent through the mountains (a faster route than the trade road). The Zuuree twins, Wahl and Lohp, joined representing the Cobalt Vale City Guards. From Vesw Nol, the first mountain they'd have to traverse, came Kynkayd Hernbolnd. Rounding out the troupe, a Mountain Mummy committed to the journey by Namses Setesh. With their knowledge of the area, the trip through the mountains went by with the speed Rikhard was hoping for. When the group came within spyglass sight of the Ruins of Mehd, the Squire stopped to scan the site for places of potential ambush. He spotted a small group of skeleton soldiers moving around in the southern end of the ruins. He ordered everyone to dismount, and the horses to be tethered under a near-by outcropping. A battle plan was quickly drawn, and their advance on the ruins began. BRH Squire 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr (At the start of the battle, Squire Greisun dropped his spyglass, confident he would be alive to retrieve it later.) BRH Squire 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr (The Mountain Mummy, who refused to give his name, was adamant about staying at the Squire's side for his protection.) BRH Squire 03 by gedren_y, on Flickr BRH Palace Guards 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr (The Palace Guards insisted on being the innitial charge.) BRH First Strike by gedren_y, on Flickr (Glory of the first swing.) BRH Archer 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr (The Wall Guard, with his shorter bow, hopped upon the rock for a better shot.) BRH Lohp and Kynkayd by gedren_y, on Flickr (Kynkayd's blade, with its temporary fear enchantment, drives an enemy towards Lohp's spear.) BRH Market Guards 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr (The Market Guards are eager to test their new Nestlands blades.) BRH Dragon 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr (Wahl prepares for a shot, but finds his footting unsteady. What is he standing on?) BRH Dragon 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr (The bones of an ancient wyrm. Could the enemy have been looking to reanimate this?) BRH Enemy 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr BRH Enemy 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr BRH Enemy 03 by gedren_y, on Flickr (The enemy leader. It took Squire Greisun's enchanted spear, thrown like a javelin, to dispatch him.) The battle was short, but draining. No casualties, but several had wounds that needed cleansing before they could deal with the enemies' remains. Rikhard retrieved his spyglass, and a wyrm bone to give to Lord Damaximus. The enemies' bodies were moved away from the ruins and burned, along with their weapons and armor. With this done, they returned to their horses and camped for the evening. It would be another three day trek to reach Mpya Stedor. ------------------------------------------------------------ I have some bad overview shots (I hate this camera) to give you a sense of the layout. ----------------------------------------------------------- Hopefully Lord Damaximus will give these warriors a rousing reception.
  5. gedren_y


    Nestlands Office of the Minister of External Affairs: History of the Office: For twenty years, the young clans-persons of the Nestlands have petitioned the High Ministry to make widespread contact with the other peoples of Historica. Traditionally the High Ministry, made up of the five representatives of the mountains and the representative of Cobalt Vale, would only take a token vote on these petitions. Over time, the increasing threats of the Rakath Mountains slowly changed the opinions of the more conservative of the High MInistry. Then the drow, lead by Yvonell, incited a civil war. Additionally, Valsharess went deep into the depths under the Rakath Mountains to make contact with the demon Lloth. Word of these events began a rising worry throughout the Nestlands of being conquered by the drow, or worse things. The High Ministry had to act for the safety of all the clans. As quickly as possible, meetings were held, a new office was created, and people were chosen. Aturl Prndrn, as the new Minister of External Affairs, acquired an old estate on the northeast end of Cobalt Vale, near the East Gate. A flurry of activity began to turn the run-down building and courtyard into a presentable Nestlands Office of the Minister of External Affairs. With this finished, a formal Declaration of Alleigance to the Kaliphlin Court was drafted by the High Ministry, and an envoy was sent to Petraea. Word of the Nestlands Clans of the Armored Eagle Goddess spread quickly in the lands of the Kaliphlin, and the neighboring sent trade emissaries. History of the building: It was less than a decade after the founding of Cobalt Vale, the Order of the Egg built a monastery near the base of Guin Nol, and began training for a quest to find the Egg of the Armored Eagle Goddess. The Order of the Egg during the first 300 years of their existance made seven great quests, all ending in failure. From generation to generation the Order of the Egg diminished, and the monastery was eventually abandoned. When the Blue Walkers Trading Company was established, they bought the old monastery and rebuilt it with new architecture. The BWTC were the first 'secret traders' to go outside the Nestlands disguised as Mountain Mummies. The estate would be the head office of the BWTC for nearly a century before a new office was built on the west end of Cobalt Vale. For a time after the BWTC moved, the Cobalt Vale City Guard East Gate Watch was billeted on the site. That would not last though, for a more suitable garrison was eventually built south of the Cobalt Vale East Gate. It lay abandoned again until it was appropriated and refurbished by the new Minister of External Affairs. Current Events: In the Historica timeline these events are between The Alleenridders riding out (http://www.eurobrick...l=+mpya +stedor) and Evacuation in Mpya Stedor (http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=78111). ------------------------------------ In Mpya Stedor, Squire Rikhard 'Redbird' Greisun was chosen as Trade Emissary to the Nestlands Clans. He was afforded three palace guardsmen, two market guardsmen and one archer from the city wall guardsmen. The reason for the force is that along on this journey would be an important Mitgardian tradesman, Andrius Hierre, and his daughter Ivonova. ----------------------------------- In Berigora, a trade emissary (unnamed right now) was appointed for an official visit to Cobalt Vale along with three court herbologists. Issues arrised in Peregrinus that delayed the envoy, but after the near distruction of the Causeway, the trip could not be delayed any longer. Due to the potential dangers on the mainland, a contingient of Causeway guards (number unknown right now) and a centaur Berigora soldier (unnamed right now). ----------------------------------- Today in Cobalt Vale. Guarding the Door by gedren_y, on Flickr (Sdair Zuuree and the Captain of the Guin Nol High Guard) "The city's been really bustlin' lately," I told the old soldier, "Lookit, even dem outlanders are enjoyn' the day." "Hrmff," he replied gruffly, "Gonna be war soon. An' you an' me are gonna be in on da fight." Two outlander warriors in scorpion livery came rushing by. Showing off by gedren_y, on Flickr (Mpya Stedor Market Guards) "Look at this!" the first outlander yelled, waving his shield, "We got our shields decked out and new swords." "Don't -huh-huh- forget the new -huh- waist armor and sashes," the second outlander gasped, out of breath from his run, "And the food in this town is weird. Good, but weird. Don't ask for chicken or duck, though. You don't want to be pelted with rotten fruit." "Savages," grunted the old soldier. Archer Admiring the gear by gedren_y, on Flickr (Mpya Stedor City Wall Guard) The outlander in red with the short bow snickered, but seemed to admire the new equipment. Another Drink by gedren_y, on Flickr (Mpya Stedor Palace Guards) The two middle-aged outlanders in crown armor were too involved in their drink to be bothers. "Idiots," growled the older outlander in crown armor, "Didn't you read the briefing about thier laws and customs? Now get to your posts, you'll be needed to escort Lady Hierre soon." "Dat man knows whats importnt," my old companion muttered, "Now that fool on yer right, past my lads. He could learn a thing or two." Upset Stomach by gedren_y, on Flickr (Peregrinus Causeway Garrison Commander) "Huurrhk," the man in the blue raptor livery vomited, not for the first time today. "Yer lads aren't much better," I mumbled back, "They should be at attentshun, not snickering to each other 'bout an outlander who ate the wrong thing." High Guard Laughing by gedren_y, on Flickr (Young High Guard pikemen) "Eisth da hieg ta. Nan ert iishur fo twit-twit!" the center lad bellowed in the old tongue. The other two laughed at the rude joke. "Eh! A-TEN-SHUN!" roared the old Captain, "Watch for danger, not your own words. Idjits!" ------------------------------ In the main foyer . . . Conversation 1 by gedren_y, on Flickr (Lady Ivonova Hierre and Squire Rikhard 'Redbird' Griesun) The trade negotiations for Mpya Stedor have been finalized, but the Berigora emissary and the Mitgardian, Lord Hierre, were still deciding shipping deals. Without anything to do, Rikhard decided to wait in the foyer with Lady Hierre. He tried to spend his time examining an abstract representation of a dragon, but the Mitgardian lady woudn't shut up. Conversation 2 by gedren_y, on Flickr (an excited Mitgardian lady) "Aren't these just the best?" Lady Hierre gushed, "My da got me this new helm and shield, and I got to order a new battle staff to be painted. It should be ready in a few days. And the food! Much better than what we usually eat on trade trips. Berry glazed lamb, mmmhm." Conversation 3 by gedren_y, on Flickr (a very bored Mpya Stedor squire) "How interesting," Rikhard muttered, "Why don't you have the Market Guards escort you somewhere to find something tasty." ----------------------------------- Later, in the afternoon . . . Me and the Minister for his favorite local drinkin' spot. He was gonna have some shwipper spirits, while I drink my favorite sour-schiet tea. As we were leavin', my brothers Wahl and Lohp were running to catch up with us. Wahl, as usual the more excitable of the twins, was in the lead. Late Arrivals 1 by gedren_y, on Flickr (Avalonians arrive in Cobalt Vale) "Ho there, pinkskins!" came a yell from the east, "Which one of you is the Minister of External Affairs. We have big news." Late Arrivals 2 by gedren_y, on Flickr (Lohp with his fisher-hawk pike and Wahl with his longbow) Me and my brothers were quick to react. Wahl and Lohp readied their weapons, prepared to teach this outlander some manners. Late Arrivals 3 by gedren_y, on Flickr (Sdair Zuuree and Aturl Prndrn, Minister of External Affairs) "Minister," I said calmly, but with my sword and shield ready, "I believe you have some important visitors." "Thank you, Sdair," the Minister said with cool detatchment, "Wahl, Lohp, you may stand down now." The Avalonians dismounted, but didn't stow their weapons. The Minister stepped back up to the door without a moment of concern saying, "Please, come in. Rest and tell us what has been happening in the green lands." The Avalonians followed Aturl inside. Since the Minister included us, me and my brothers followed the Avalonians, with weapons low but ready. "Big, bad news," the heavily armored knight said, "The wizard Victor Revolword has taken Cedrica." "What!?!" Aturl yelled in shock, stopping all of us in the foyer, "We'd heard about the havoc his elementals are causing, but didn't think he could control them enough to actually occupy a city. Much less the grand Capitol." "He has an army now," the man in chainmail said, "They call themselves the Hand of Corruption. Ugly, orc-like and the color of dead blood." "We have to report this to the High Ministry," Aturl replied, quickly turning to go back out, "Would you two come with me?" "Wait, there's more," the chainmail Avalonian said, "Tell them, sir." "Alright," the knight huffed with impatience, then continued, "As we came up into the mountains, we watched another large army of dark things come out of a cavern. Some I think were drow, but most look to be some kind of un-dead. We watched for nearly a day, and they looked to be following the trade route from Qarkyr to Mpya Stedor." "Ah . . . Sfodda ko agba!" the Minister swore. Then after breathing a moment, ordered, "Wahl, find the Mpya Stedor emissary, and have him bring a few of his men to the High Ministry building. Make sure he leaves someone with the Mitgardians. Lohp, get to Neord Bloodmane. We'll need the fleshmage's expertise. Sdair, soldier, Sir, come with me. This really is big news!" As we all rushed off, I couldn't help noticin' the Minister seemed to have a spring in his step. -------------------------------- Now for a better look at the build, minus the figs. Front Detail C 1 by gedren_y, on Flickr Front Detail C 2 by gedren_y, on Flickr Kaliphlin Standard by gedren_y, on Flickr Cobalt Vale Standard by gedren_y, on Flickr Front Detail L 1 by gedren_y, on Flickr Ground Detail L by gedren_y, on Flickr Front Detail R 1 by gedren_y, on Flickr Ground Detail R by gedren_y, on Flickr Back Detail L 1 by gedren_y, on Flickr Back Detail L 2 by gedren_y, on Flickr Back Detail L 3 by gedren_y, on Flickr Back Detail R 1 by gedren_y, on Flickr Back Detail R 2 by gedren_y, on Flickr Back Detail R 3 by gedren_y, on Flickr Back Detail C 1 by gedren_y, on Flickr Back Detail C 2 by gedren_y, on Flickr Back Detail C 3 by gedren_y, on Flickr Back Detail C 4 by gedren_y, on Flickr (I'm sorry I didn't get a good overall shot, but the camera I was working with has it's limitations.) ------------------------------- Here are some closer looks at some of the figs. ( There are seventeen close pics of figs, keep clicking next to see them all. Some aren't so good. Note, I forgot to get the Minister, and omitted the Berigora Causeway Garrison Commander. I don't actually have the correct torso and shield for him yet. ------------------------------ And here is, as promised, the standard planting scene from my innitial entrance post (http://www.eurobrick...50#entry1293954). Not a good pic, but I got it. Planting the Standard by gedren_y, on Flickr gedren_y