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Found 6 results

  1. Kayne

    The Ostrich Knights

    Just a quick little build of the Ostrich Knights. With the unrest of the Civil War, and the tyranny of the Desert King, the Ostrich Knights patrol the sands and keep the peace as best they can.
  2. A Return to Kailphin Arcturin felt a slight sense of disappointment mixed with his excitment. He'd spent several months as part of the Desert King's army in Kaliphin, and he was almost as much of an enigma as he was now. The Tribunal of Vacuinani had heard his reports many a time, summoning him repeatedly from the depths of the Great Archives, yet they still remained adamant that the Remna Comet had to pass through the Red Sword. This was their position. No more inani would return to the surface until the ancient comet was seen once again by the eyes of an Inani. The comet had last been seen at the end of the Era of Light and Fire, by the last scions of the Royal family. It's exact schedule had been lost, but a single phrase scrawled across a small piece of Parchment was among the few things which made it to the new city. It read, "When The Sword Rises, Remna is Near" "The sword appeared almost a year and a half ago." Acturin mumbled to himself. "It's why I was granted permission to explore the upper world. The sword shines, yet still the comet does not appear" He sighed, "So, to the Desert King, I return alone" My DK Crusade entry! Hope you enjoyed the story! C&C Welcome!
  3. The Golden Partisans - The new 13th Legion of Ulandus? Somewhere in the deserts of Kaliphin, a small group of soldiers has setup their camp. Hidden from the eyes of their foes these warriors are taking a quick rest from the past struggles, looking forward to heroic deeds in the future. Will first Centurio hear about their doings for Ulandus? Colours: Gold (secondary: "sand" / light yellow) Mission: Guerilla Missions, particulary in the desert Name: Golden Partisans Overview of the small camp. Backside of the camp. The group's elven leader is drinking some refreshment, while her guard is trying to take a nap. "The boy" is filling a bucket at the small hidden well they found in the desert. Well, actually it's hardly more than a hole in the ground, but water is what you need to survive under the sun! Some supplies of the warriors. The whole squad of the "Golden Partisans" as CMFs. Full Album with three more photos can be found here. I plan on adding the following over the next couple of days: * the camp at night * some facts about the squad (colour, history, races, mission, equipment) * single characters with some proper background stories * two more scenes about their heroic deeds after leaving the camp
  4. LittleJohn

    Aymeri of Kaliphlin

    I've been following GoH for a while, and now I'm very excited to be joining Kaliphlin. Here's my character intro: Aymeri had grown up a desert nomad, but had always dreamed of being a knight. So when he was of age, he enlisted as a soldier in Katoren, hoping to one day win his spurs. He had been promoted quickly and now commanded a small group of soldiers. One of his missions was to capture two thieves that had been on a robbing spree in and around Katoren. Aymeri and his men managed to catch up with the two criminals as they attempted to rob a small farm outside the city: After capturing the crooks, Aymeri and his men started back to Katoren: After an hour's march, they reached a side gate of the city: Just inside the gate, several prominent members of Kaliphlin can be seen: Aymeri then continued to the the thieves' final destination: the Katoren jail. Next door is a cartographer's: Thanks for looking, any C&C welcome
  5. Pate-keetongu

    Pate-keetongu's GOH CMF series

    Here's my series for this glorious contest: Four minifigs for four regions! Kaliphin Cyclops Centurion Graabolk is a mighty man (cyclops) in Kaliphin. He is bit of a strategist but mainly just horribly brave and inspiring leader. Smyt Smytsson is a bad-mannered dwarf bandit. He is likely banished by his kin due to his un-dwarfish clothes, manners and choice of weapon, or probably because they envy his pompous moustache. Uses a lot of chewing tobacco. Glorp the orc is something like a friend of Smyt's. He is a bandit too, master of mugging bedouins. He wears a head of one of his victims on his head with the turban and all. Cherbyl is a desert sprite, alluring but dangerous. She seeks the deserts for lost explorers and caravans and misguides them with mirages. She has form of a human, limbs of a bird and mind of a snake. Mitgardia Airen of Annugard is a hunter and scout who loves to patrol the borders of his home region. She is not a warrior, but definitely knows how to fire some nasty arrows at enemy's skull. Megga McManbata is one of the few highland mammothmen, an odd and mysterious race that is driven near extinction by human and dwarf settler. His fur is to thick that no clothes are needed; the kilt is an status symbol. Grimholt the Steadfast is a dwarf colonel (offensive squad). He gives his everything to defend the mines against monsters, hordes and taxmen. Goltana the Icesaint is one of the sacred white mages of Mitgardia. Her odorous potions and waxes do miracles to frostbites and sometimes even to lost limbs (or not the limbs, not much use to heal those, but the parts where they are lost, you know). Avalonia Sissa is a elven ranger. She is the master of camouflage and especially loves spring when the grassland and woods of Avalonia are full of beautiful flowers is full bloom. Bulgplop the Pikeman Pikeman is one of the guards of the Pikeman tribe that lives in the marshes of Avalonia. His pike's pike is made of pike's fishbone. Pikemen's pikes are also to jack pikes. Pikes are important in pikemen's culture. Jetro the Smith is the strongest man in Avalonia. He is not that good in making sharp blades and such, but he can swing hammer (and an anvil too) better than anybody and has enough muscle to bend cold steel with his bare hands. Bingo von Hinderal is the mayor of the town of Badhammod. He's a nice man and totally not a warmonger, and loves good food and drink. He's mostly very harmless, except during the years of famine. Nocturnus Clarol was daughter of loving parents in Avalonia but dark spirits stole her as a baby and took her to Nocturnus. Years in dungeons turned her into something dark and very dangerous. Fear and hatred gave her terrible strenght and her mind is full of twisted thoughs. Bjorn Gurmadon is a Nocturnian dwarf ambassador and an officer. Living in Nocturnus is hard for dwarves, but rich resources have driven his kin into this parts of Historica. Gurmadon tries to negotiate with sorceres, vampires and evil sprites to keep his people safe, and sometimes it deems a use of his greatsword. Evorma the Sorcerer moved into Nocturnus in the seek of true dark powers. He has the obligatory iron staff, black robe with occultic symbols and brooding wizard tower. He has not found the true dark powers yet. Were-Knigh is one of the unnamed evil warriors that patrol the dark valleys of Noctunus. They are strong, restless and have excellent sense of humour. No wait, excellent night vision is what I was saying. I hope you enjoyed these figs - probably one day I'll build an actual MOC to GoH!
  6. Nightstalker

    Chose a guild to join!

    Anyways, thanks for all the feedback about choosing a guild, but in the end... I believe my soldiers and I will fight for Kaliphlin, if they'll allow us. While we are not natives to this land, we have traveled from afar and find this land similar to our own home. My name is Djun, and I have brought a small amount of soldiers, including a healer along with me. I'm certain that we can aid in whatever situation you might be in. For Kaliphlin!