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Found 18 results

  1. Here is my review on 75937 Triceratops Rampage. THE GOOD: The ride is surprisingly good. Looks great, good action features and build. The electric fences is great too. Love the tourist's facial expression. Getting a Lego Triceratops in a set under NZ$100. The set can be configure in different layout. THE NOT SO GOOD: The entrance felt like filler. Doesn't look finished as well. Overall, I think this set is a lot better than it looks. I originally thought it was just some simple build but the ride itself turns out to be an awesome surprise. There are also a lot of small details around the build. Apart from the entrance/gate build, everything else is great. I'm very happy with it and totally would recommend this if you are fan of theme park ride or Jurassic World fan.
  2. Here is my review on 75935 Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt. THE GOOD: The off roader is incredible! both exterior and the build experience! Exclusive printed Park Map and VHS tile. The Baryonyx is a great dinosaurs. Interesting small jungle scene. THE NOT SO GOOD: The trailer is a bit bland in terms of exterior colour. This is the case when a few more stickers may help. The original characters from this upcoming animated series may not appeal to everyone and I don't think this animated series has been released yet. I totally recommend this set even there is probably not many people know much about the new Lego Jurassic world series because the off-roader is exceptional and getting a new lego dinosaurs variant is always good. The new exclusive printed elements are just a bonus. Price is on the higher end but I think it's worth it and is not hard to get at least 20% discount in retail anyway.
  3. 75930 – LEGO® Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate$129.99, 1,019 pieces 75926 – LEGO® Pteranodon Chase$19.99, 126 pieces 75927 – LEGO® Stygimoloch Breakout$29.99, 222 pieces 75928 – LEGO® Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit$39.99, 397 pieces 75929 – LEGO® Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape $79.99, 577 pieces 10756 – LEGO® Pteranadon Escape $19.99, 84 pieces 10757 – LEGO® Raptor Rescue Truck$24.99, 85 pieces 10758 – LEGO® T. rex Breakout$49.99, 150 pieces 10879 – LEGO® Gentle Giants Petting Zoo$19.99, 24 pieces 10880 – LEGO® T. rex Tower$29.99, 22 pieces
  4. A few days ago i got the smallest of the new JW sets for cheap,and of course bought it for the parts,the minifigures and the dinosaur.I already had other plans for this set which involved turning that weird looking oversized chunk on wheels into a better looking offroader. Thanks to the trapezoid shaped hood and the new fenders,it really looks like a Jeep Wrangler,which would fit the Jurassic Park theme quite well. I used most of the parts,a bunch of additional parts and the stickers to make it look like an official set. I really like how the rollcage turned out,i used pieces of the rigid hose,droid arms and those holders and shafts with clamp. The netshooter was removed,instead someone can stand on the truck bed and fire with the tranquilizer gun. IMG_20180630_152925 IMG_20180630_152947 IMG_20180630_153003 IMG_20180630_153019 IMG_20180630_153043 IMG_20180630_153055 IMG_20180630_153305 Well,happy dinosaur keeping,hope you like this MOC...comments are welcome.
  5. Hey guys! I recently build a Technic model of the famous Indominus Rex for my 7-year old son, I wanted you all to see it and let me know what you think. The requirements were that it's pose able, playable, able to grab a minifig in it's hands, swallow a minifigure whole, and also have a stomach, where quite a lot of minifigs should fit. And most importantly, the Indominus should be able to poop them out, one by one And finally, the tail should be able to hit like a whip, sideways. Enough talk, I hope the photos will be enough to please you, I have no video of it, as it's a manual model. As usual, you can see all of the photos on my Flickr album: Enjoy and have a great day!
  6. LEGO Jurassic World #75933 T.rex Transport Stop Motion Speed Build Welcome to subscript my channel if you like my video. Thanks :)
  7. Feng-huang0296

    Upgrading Lockwood Estate?

    So, I got both 75930 Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate and 41340 Friendship House (which I have unconverted into a fire station), with the intention of putting the 40-stud wide Estate and 24-stud-wide House together to create a 64-stud-long facade - I.E. equal to the length of two baseplates. And I did. It looks awesome. (Incidentally, I've put more Jurassic World stuff behind it to create an interior that's partly a basement, and that's all good too.) But I find myself really turned off by how monochrome and dull the mostly-tan Lockwood Estate is. But I don't have the budget to completely recolour the whole thing. So I'm thinking the best way to make the facade pop is to take the 16 1x1x6 pillar parts around the main windows, as well as the 1x1 plates and 2x2 macaroni tiles that comprise the central window, and change them to a different colour entirely. (I'm okay with using 1x1 plates in place of 1x1 tiles.) Unfortunately, there are only three colours that all of these parts exist in; red, light bluish grey, and Pearl gold. And it's pretty obvious that red won't go well with the tan and medium dark flesh. So I'm trying to toss up between grey and gold. Is there anyone thinking something similar who can give me some advice?
  8. Perhaps the new theme park needs a better transport which can maneuver in the city, right? Based on my previous truck design, I did this for moving the raptors. The tractor section has a turret that can be used for any emergency cases like dinosaur escape, and now raptor transport can go through the city without problem! Hope you enjoy this :) thanks!
  9. Well all Jurassic Park fans, Chris Pratt aka Emmet and Starlord will be getting his third LEGO minifigure. (Is this a record or something!?) On the BrickFan website there was an article ( ) Chris Pratt announced that his character "Owen" will be getting the LEGO treatment!
  10. strangely

    Lego Jurassic World DTV

    So Lego uploaded this today. It appears to be a trailer for an animated DTV that Lego is releasing at some point. It seems like kind of weird timing given how long it's been since the movie came out, but I still see those sets selling and being restocked, so perhaps the popularity and demand is there. Makes me wonder if Lego is planning on putting out more sets or something. If this is a DTV, perhaps we'll get an exclusive minifigure (I can only hope if we get anything it's from JP).
  11. I just watched Jurassic World yesterday (great movie by the way, highly recommended) and I noticed that many of the scenes depicted in the film's licensed LEGO sets didn't appear in the film. The Dilophosaurus Ambush and T-Rex Tracker are the most notable examples (the T-Rex is in the movie, but I won't go into any further details). That got me thinking about how LEGO often drops the ball on sets based on upcoming movies, whether because they want to sell something that appeals better to kids or because they haven't actually seen the movie yet. The Iron Man 3 sets are probably the most egregious examples of this trend; according to the "Ultimate Showdown" set, the movie climaxes with Iron Man fighting a guerrilla-vested Mandarin in a Zamboni with flamethrowers. Extremis Sea Port Battle managed to not resemble anything from the movie and still spoil Killian's role as an Extremis-addled villain. Can you think of any other licensed sets that weren't accurate to their source material?
  12. markus1984

    Jurassic Collab

    3 months ago we post the teaser picture from the MOC. And now the diorama is finished that we have build for the Bricking Bavaria in munich. It was really great and very funny to build an collab MOC with disco86 again! Best of all were the smile in the face from all the children. But now the pictures You found all detail photos on the flickr streams - Disco86 Modul 2&4 - markus1984 Modul 1&3 - Bricking Bavaria Also an big thanks at all they help us with the dinos and big thanks to den Bricking Bavaria team for this great weekend. markus
  13. Hey guys finished another set review video I'll share the irk here would love to get some feedback let me know what you guys think!
  14. This took be about a week to make and get perfect. First up is regular Dr. Malcolm And the best version of him.... SHIRTLESS All the ladys want him. Hope u like them. fixed vertions
  15. The game is now confirmed to come out in summer 2015, what do you guys want to see in this game? What characters do you want to see? When there is pictures or more info on this game it can be posted here. So far we have these pictures that give us hints of the game:
  16. the2awesomeguys

    Lego Jurassic Park

    A very short Jurassic Park sketch in order to celebrate the release of the new film.
  17. Hello all! While 75915 is an excellent set, the helicopter is not quite accurate enough for me. I then set about creating an accurate version in LDD. I used msx80's wonderful program Bluerender to create the image. Movie Accurate JW Helicopter I hope to Bricklink the parts to build this for real someday. It seats three, two in the cockpit and one in the gunner's seat. I hope you enjoyed my simple LDD MOC. Comments and criticism welcome!
  18. LEGO has released two different dinosaur-based themes over the last three years: the stand-alone Dino theme in 2012 and the Jurassic World theme based on the upcoming movie. Not surprisingly, a lot of the sets in each theme are pretty similar (you can even go back further and draw comparisons to 2005's Dino Attack sets). I've put each of the sets head to head based on their price range; which ones win the battle? 5883: Tower Takedown vs. 75915: Pteranodon Capture 5884: Raptor Chase vs. 75916: Dilophosaurus Ambush 5885: Triceratops Trapper vs. 75917: Raptor Rampage 5886: T-Rex Hunter vs. 75918: T-Rex Tracker 5887: Dino Defense HQ vs. 75919: Indominus Rex Breakout