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Found 30 results

  1. I love the 30th Anniversary line for JP this year. To start off I’ll show the entire cast photo I took. Alan Grant is my favorite figure, finally able to get him as close to the video game version as possible with a belt and a painted Indiana Jones hat+hair mold. The survivor variants upgraded, Ellie’s my favorite of them all. The park personnel, mainly to show survivor Ray with short sleeves and Muldoon before I customized a hat for him.
  2. Perhaps the new theme park needs a better transport which can maneuver in the city, right? Based on my previous truck design, I did this for moving the raptors. The tractor section has a turret that can be used for any emergency cases like dinosaur escape, and now raptor transport can go through the city without problem! Hope you enjoy this :) thanks!
  3. So what happened was... This whole venture started approximately two years ago. I was looking at leaked behind the scenes images of Jurassic World Dominion and I saw these tricked out Jeep Gladiators loitering around in the background. I immediately guessed that Lego was going to make their own toyified version (which became 76951-1 Pyroraptor and Dilophosaurus transport). But I wanted something that did the onscreen vehicle justice. After several incredibly unsuccessful attempts, I produced this. The parts finally arrived a few days ago and it feels incredible to have this absolute unit in the palm of my hand. The vehicle features 4 opening doors and seating for two minifigures. The roof rack also comes with two crates. If you would like instructions, they are available here. Please feel free to leave feedback! Onscreen film references:
  4. Here is my review on Jurassic World Dominion 76946 Blue & Beta Velociraptor Capture: THE GOOD: Both raptors are great. This Blue is probably the best looking version in all the versions released. Very nice printing for the minifigures torso. THE NOT SO GOOD: The price is very high considering the volume of this set. Maisie should have used mid legs. Overall, I like this set and I think it's a pretty accurate representation of what's depicted in the movie (if you have seen the latest trailers). The raptors are the highlight and my reason for buying this. I think this version of Blue is the definite version of all Blue released so far. The baby Beta is adorable. While the minifigures have very nice printing, I wish Lego used medium sized legs for Maisie. The pick up truck is fine, nothing standout but have some nice design to it. The biggest draw back is the RRP, it's indeed very high. I would still recommend this set though if you like Jurassic World and want a baby raptor, and discount for this set is fairly common.
  5. I wanted to share some Jurassic custom minifigs I’ve made over the past year or so, using both purist methods and paint. I’ll start off with some Lost World figs: Ian Malcolm and Sarah Harding Carter, Dieter Stark, Roland Tembo, and Ajay Sidhu
  6. Here is my review on 76940 T. Rex Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition: THE GOOD: Great looking T Rex fossil both in terms of design and colouring. Baby Triceratops in a small set like this. Great cheaper alternative to the Ideas Dino skeleton set if you are looking for a Dino fossil build. THE NOT SO GOOD: While the set trying to base of the Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous series, too much elements not from the show. Darius should have used medium sized legs. Overall, I really like this set. I think the value is good. You don't need to buy $200 set to get something nice. The T. Rex fossil is really the standout, it's a simplified version but it's works especially the colours. Also the scale is the same as other Lego T. Rex. I also like how stand is designed to not look the fossil on it but a more easy to remove design. Including 2 minifigures and a baby triceratops in new colour in small sets like this is great and I wish this happen more often. The only mian issue I have not just with this set but entire wave is that while characters from the Netflix's Camp Cretaceous series feature in this and other sets but the overall outcome is none of the sets really reflect the shot except the characters. Also, should have used mid legs. However, put this a side, this is a great Lego set for everyone and I strongly recommend it.
  7. legOtaku_official

    Lego JW Brachiosaurus Bust

    Long time lurker, first time caller here. So here's an old MOC I'm posting here to get some input. Instructions for this build are available here.
  8. I combined 75927 Stygimoloch Breakout and 75939 Dr. Wu’s Lab: Baby Dinosaurs Breakout into one big expanded MOC. It went from being a subterranean Lockwood Manor lab to one from Jurassic World, it just ended up more interesting this way as Camp Cretaceous came out for inspiration and lego released more small dinosaurs. The Observation Pen, where Wu keeps track of new versions or species of dinosaurs he clones. Interior of the pen, just some plants and a water bowl. Side view, Dilophosaurus aren’t jumpers or climbers so this will hold her. ACU Commander Austin inspects the pen. Now for the laboratory side. Baby ankylosaurus in the little incubator from the Lockwood Estate set. Robot arm remains the same, I like the way it’s built as it is except I raised it off the floor. Microscope designed by legotaku, little station where DNA gets extracted from amber, here it’s Stygimoloch. Syringes, blood samples, and a drill are kept in the drawers. Henry’s desk, where he works away on his private plans for the Indoraptor. Credit to @Guyon2002 for the wall of monitors, he built it first and I stole it. Work station with stickers from T. Rex tracker and Indominus Rex breakout sets. The young Dilophosaurus decides to scare the owner of the park himself. Thank you for looking!
  9. The baby raptor videos in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom were some of my favorite parts of the movie. Thankfully lego made Owen in his outfit from those scenes, and more importantly all of the raptor squad as babies. I started out knowing I wanted to use the grated floor and being interested in figuring out how to build the roof with plants and vines growing all over it. I tried to match the decor as best as I could, like the wall painted with trees, orange leaves strewn about, black rocks, food+water trough. “Did you get that?” Fulfilling my headcanon that it was Barry who recorded the videos. Camera design taken from balbo._ on instagram. Blue isn’t hungry, she’s curious Barry feeding Delta Echo jumping for the hanging toy. Back when I planned this build I didn’t think it’d even be possible to satisfyingly show this, the DC CMF piece proving useful once again. Cuddly Charlie They make the best of playtime until they become lethal at eight months old. Back view of the whole building. Used a whole lot of clip pieces for both the ladder and seaweed pieces. Top view of all the plants sitting over the roof. Thanks for looking!
  10. For over a year I’ve been modifying set 75930: Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate, and I’ve finally finished it up. I started by completely removing all of the lab parts in the set. I wanted the place to be more accurate to the movie and feel way more like a mansion. Maisie in front of the Agujaceratops skull. The exterior with masonry bricks, a few new windows, a new doorway, and slopes on the roof. While the movie has lion statues, classic baby T. Rex statues take their place here. “Ms. Dearing, you’re early!” Interior overview Lego’s goblets of plants by the entrance were accurately gold, but unfortunately the real pot piece isn’t available in gold as of now. The right and left sides now connect to other rooms on the bottom floor. Sir Benjamin and the Dimetrodon When the chameleon was made in teal was when I barely realized the piece could be used for a Dimetrodon. I wondered if the rubber mohawk piece could be bent into shape and placed on it without glue or such, but in the end I had to cheat by cutting off a bit of it and using some blu-tack to keep the two attached. Iris and the Velociraptor This diorama came first and is what pushed me to get a Dimetrodon for the other diorama somehow. For both it took some effort to use a stick to move and click them in place between the wall and glass panels. Different angles Lounge area, at least one person who lives here has to like tea. Maisie’s room and the Library I debated turning that whole third floor into either Maisie’s room or Mills’ office, but her room had the door and there were enough unique decor ideas that ended up being the telescope, a nightlight, and a green classic T. Rex as a toy. I’m pretty proud of how the center of the middle floor turned out. I used the brown and black furniture to try to cover up as much of the tan wall as possible. The glass vases of plants worked out great. There’s no other piece like that landscape tile so I was very happy that it exists, and it ended up being an unintentionally accurate decoration upon looking at set pictures from the movie’s production designer Andy Nicholson. The ship in a bottle isn't present in the movie but it’s a reference to how there are docks close to the estate. That table is supposed to be the one found in Mill’s office that electronically displayed Isla Nublar and profiles of different dinosaur species. I didn’t think there was any way to represent that, but some friends gave me the idea to use a sticker from the Dilophosaurus outpost set, so that will be something to use eventually. The Indoraptor may be too big, but Blue can somewhat fit through that door and look like she opened it. Mills’ Office Retained that idea of a table and umbrella holder and gave his space a computer with a sticker from 75917: Raptor Rampage. I'll probably replace that map with the one of Isla Nublar printed on it eventually. I used the portraits of Thomas and Martha Wayne from the 1960s Batman set for both hallways. It would’ve been great if they officially had one for John Hammond. The new transparent piece from the DC collectible minifigure series allowed for that ammonite fossil to be displayed accurately. A simple bust build and a drawer with explorer items on top. Just a look at how the hallways now connect the entire bottom floor together. Eli Mills, Sir Benjamin Lockwood, Iris Carroll, and Claire Dearing. Thanks for looking!
  11. After buying a custom torso from eclipsegrafx to make Alan Grant in his Jurassic Park 3 outfit, I wanted to build a scene to display the figure. The brown Pteranodon from the old Dino theme is the only prehistoric creature lego made as of now that resembles a design from JP3, and so luckily the aviary is my favorite part of that movie. I immediately thought of building a section of the ramp with caging over it that attached to some big rock pieces I had, and ordering transparent black tiles and olive green stalks to complete the river below. Overhead view of the cage and how the Pteranodon sits on a transparent piece attached to the rocky hill. A better view of the transparent black water and the way the support beams are built. Thanks for looking!
  12. Can't believe they make a new set based on the first movie, here is my review on 75941 Indominus Rex vs. Ankylosaurus: THE GOOD: The Gyrosphere Station is absolutely phenomenal. The build a very complete compared to most other Jurassic world. Very spacious area for minifigures to queue for a ride. So many little details incorporated into the build which you rarely seen in this type of sets. Great update to the Indominus Rex. All four key characters in the 1st movie in just ONE SET! THE NOT SO GOOD: It's still a mission to open up the gyrosphere as times. (too much force will surely break it if the joints were pressed to tightly) This is nip picking but I wish the park worker looks more like the actual character you've seen in the movie, this one looks a bit too old. Overall, this set is excellent. In fact, it's beyond expectation. I never expected to see a complete build with so many details in a retail licensed set. I'm so happy with the size of the Gyrosphere station. Getting an updated Indominus Rex and full set of key characters from the 1st moive in one set is just great. I think I got my money worth for this one. I do wish they improve the Gyrophese opening mechanism a bit, I'm so worried I might break it when I close it too tightly the first time. Anyway, I will totally recommend this set to anyone. This is definitely one of the best Jurassic World releases so far.
  13. Here is my review on 75937 Triceratops Rampage. THE GOOD: The ride is surprisingly good. Looks great, good action features and build. The electric fences is great too. Love the tourist's facial expression. Getting a Lego Triceratops in a set under NZ$100. The set can be configure in different layout. THE NOT SO GOOD: The entrance felt like filler. Doesn't look finished as well. Overall, I think this set is a lot better than it looks. I originally thought it was just some simple build but the ride itself turns out to be an awesome surprise. There are also a lot of small details around the build. Apart from the entrance/gate build, everything else is great. I'm very happy with it and totally would recommend this if you are fan of theme park ride or Jurassic World fan.
  14. Here is my review on 75935 Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt. THE GOOD: The off roader is incredible! both exterior and the build experience! Exclusive printed Park Map and VHS tile. The Baryonyx is a great dinosaurs. Interesting small jungle scene. THE NOT SO GOOD: The trailer is a bit bland in terms of exterior colour. This is the case when a few more stickers may help. The original characters from this upcoming animated series may not appeal to everyone and I don't think this animated series has been released yet. I totally recommend this set even there is probably not many people know much about the new Lego Jurassic world series because the off-roader is exceptional and getting a new lego dinosaurs variant is always good. The new exclusive printed elements are just a bonus. Price is on the higher end but I think it's worth it and is not hard to get at least 20% discount in retail anyway.
  15. 75930 – LEGO® Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate$129.99, 1,019 pieces 75926 – LEGO® Pteranodon Chase$19.99, 126 pieces 75927 – LEGO® Stygimoloch Breakout$29.99, 222 pieces 75928 – LEGO® Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit$39.99, 397 pieces 75929 – LEGO® Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape $79.99, 577 pieces 10756 – LEGO® Pteranadon Escape $19.99, 84 pieces 10757 – LEGO® Raptor Rescue Truck$24.99, 85 pieces 10758 – LEGO® T. rex Breakout$49.99, 150 pieces 10879 – LEGO® Gentle Giants Petting Zoo$19.99, 24 pieces 10880 – LEGO® T. rex Tower$29.99, 22 pieces
  16. A few days ago i got the smallest of the new JW sets for cheap,and of course bought it for the parts,the minifigures and the dinosaur.I already had other plans for this set which involved turning that weird looking oversized chunk on wheels into a better looking offroader. Thanks to the trapezoid shaped hood and the new fenders,it really looks like a Jeep Wrangler,which would fit the Jurassic Park theme quite well. I used most of the parts,a bunch of additional parts and the stickers to make it look like an official set. I really like how the rollcage turned out,i used pieces of the rigid hose,droid arms and those holders and shafts with clamp. The netshooter was removed,instead someone can stand on the truck bed and fire with the tranquilizer gun. IMG_20180630_152925 IMG_20180630_152947 IMG_20180630_153003 IMG_20180630_153019 IMG_20180630_153043 IMG_20180630_153055 IMG_20180630_153305 Well,happy dinosaur keeping,hope you like this MOC...comments are welcome.
  17. Hey guys! I recently build a Technic model of the famous Indominus Rex for my 7-year old son, I wanted you all to see it and let me know what you think. The requirements were that it's pose able, playable, able to grab a minifig in it's hands, swallow a minifigure whole, and also have a stomach, where quite a lot of minifigs should fit. And most importantly, the Indominus should be able to poop them out, one by one And finally, the tail should be able to hit like a whip, sideways. Enough talk, I hope the photos will be enough to please you, I have no video of it, as it's a manual model. As usual, you can see all of the photos on my Flickr album: Enjoy and have a great day!
  18. LEGO Jurassic World #75933 T.rex Transport Stop Motion Speed Build Welcome to subscript my channel if you like my video. Thanks :)
  19. Fenghuang0296

    Upgrading Lockwood Estate?

    So, I got both 75930 Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate and 41340 Friendship House (which I have unconverted into a fire station), with the intention of putting the 40-stud wide Estate and 24-stud-wide House together to create a 64-stud-long facade - I.E. equal to the length of two baseplates. And I did. It looks awesome. (Incidentally, I've put more Jurassic World stuff behind it to create an interior that's partly a basement, and that's all good too.) But I find myself really turned off by how monochrome and dull the mostly-tan Lockwood Estate is. But I don't have the budget to completely recolour the whole thing. So I'm thinking the best way to make the facade pop is to take the 16 1x1x6 pillar parts around the main windows, as well as the 1x1 plates and 2x2 macaroni tiles that comprise the central window, and change them to a different colour entirely. (I'm okay with using 1x1 plates in place of 1x1 tiles.) Unfortunately, there are only three colours that all of these parts exist in; red, light bluish grey, and Pearl gold. And it's pretty obvious that red won't go well with the tan and medium dark flesh. So I'm trying to toss up between grey and gold. Is there anyone thinking something similar who can give me some advice?
  20. somelegothings_

    Jurassic World 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    Well all Jurassic Park fans, Chris Pratt aka Emmet and Starlord will be getting his third LEGO minifigure. (Is this a record or something!?) On the BrickFan website there was an article ( ) Chris Pratt announced that his character "Owen" will be getting the LEGO treatment!
  21. strangely

    Lego Jurassic World DTV

    So Lego uploaded this today. It appears to be a trailer for an animated DTV that Lego is releasing at some point. It seems like kind of weird timing given how long it's been since the movie came out, but I still see those sets selling and being restocked, so perhaps the popularity and demand is there. Makes me wonder if Lego is planning on putting out more sets or something. If this is a DTV, perhaps we'll get an exclusive minifigure (I can only hope if we get anything it's from JP).
  22. I just watched Jurassic World yesterday (great movie by the way, highly recommended) and I noticed that many of the scenes depicted in the film's licensed LEGO sets didn't appear in the film. The Dilophosaurus Ambush and T-Rex Tracker are the most notable examples (the T-Rex is in the movie, but I won't go into any further details). That got me thinking about how LEGO often drops the ball on sets based on upcoming movies, whether because they want to sell something that appeals better to kids or because they haven't actually seen the movie yet. The Iron Man 3 sets are probably the most egregious examples of this trend; according to the "Ultimate Showdown" set, the movie climaxes with Iron Man fighting a guerrilla-vested Mandarin in a Zamboni with flamethrowers. Extremis Sea Port Battle managed to not resemble anything from the movie and still spoil Killian's role as an Extremis-addled villain. Can you think of any other licensed sets that weren't accurate to their source material?
  23. markus1984

    Jurassic Collab

    3 months ago we post the teaser picture from the MOC. And now the diorama is finished that we have build for the Bricking Bavaria in munich. It was really great and very funny to build an collab MOC with disco86 again! Best of all were the smile in the face from all the children. But now the pictures You found all detail photos on the flickr streams - Disco86 Modul 2&4 - markus1984 Modul 1&3 - Bricking Bavaria Also an big thanks at all they help us with the dinos and big thanks to den Bricking Bavaria team for this great weekend. markus
  24. Hey guys finished another set review video I'll share the irk here would love to get some feedback let me know what you guys think!