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Found 6 results

  1. Thewolfbuilder

    Kaskyyyk + HAWv A6 Juggernaut moc

    Recently I have been working on a clone turbo tank or HAWv A6 Juggernaut. This is the first version with out any major changes front view some various angles inpatient viewers go here Final version inpatient viewers go here Complete with top cannon, two twin front cannons, radar dish, rear rotating cannon, full interior, rocket launchers, anti personnel cannons, headlights, and last but certaintly not least: pilot reclining chairs:). what that under the juggernaut? That's right a kashyyyk landscape. The instructions for both kashyyyk and juggernaut will be available. I will keep you posted on kashyyyk progress.
  2. Thewolfbuilder

    Is that a Juggernaut?

    Hi fellow legoers, recently over the past month I've been making a star wars vehicle: The HAVw A6 Juggernaut or Clone Turbo Tank. I Really liked how it turned out. I would like for you to give me suggestions and comments on my Juggernaut. I'm planning on doing an upgrade soon and maybe some variations of the Juggernaut: Camo Juggernaut? Cargo? So tell me what you think. The juggernaut. Sorry it's a little blurred. Tell me if you like it then I"ll go into detail suspensions are being added I used huge motorcycle wheels update: I added suspensions and green stripes on front of juggernaut There's a rotating cannon linked to the interior I am also replacing the light gray rims with light bluish grey ones. if I get 50 followers I will make instructions. Imperial Juggernaut? for my next moc i will make a master chief brickhead. stay tuned
  3. So can any one give me some ideas of what I should do to modify my set. I would like to keep some what the way it is as it is modeled after the version seen in season 2 of star Wars the Clone Wars Holocron Heist. It would also be nice if they could be done medium to minimal requirement of pieces as I would be using the spare pieces I have already not going to go and buy new pieces just to mod it. Thanks to all who can help me!
  4. dr_spock

    [MOC] Motorized Turbo Tank

    I whipped together a motorized turbo tank MOC for an upcoming Star Wars weekend event at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. It's 25 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 17 inches high. It features Power Functions, 8 wheel steering, suspension, 10 large Unimog tires, reinforced internal Technic frame in case kids or adults there can't read the 'Do Not Touch' signs. My MOC had to be built with parts I had on hand. The Empire Monetary Fund (EMF) is too broke to finance BrickLink orders after Christmas. Motorized Turbo Tank by dr_spock_888, on Flickr As you can see, I added some non-Star Wars bits for kids to spot. Video:
  5. The Juggernaut from the X-Men series. I wanted to make him with the dome helmet like he is in the comics and cartoon. Enjoy! -Omi
  6. LEGO Guy Bri

    MOC - "Juggernaut" Monster Truck

    Hello again, Today I thought I'd go on and present my first MOC of 2013. After scanning through some Brickshelf, LEGO show, layout folders last summer, I saw a monster truck crushing a car. I love motorsports and I love big trucks, so I thought these would be a great addition! I purchased the wheels soon after and set them on top of my sorting boxes with a boat hull I also, have yet to work on. There they sat there until I finally started messing around with a design a couple weeks ago. Now with the finishing pieces installed, they are ready to be shown. Apart from the mediocre photos, (still haven't built a light box), I am happy with their over all look, size, and function. I hope you do too! All three share the same platform, only the last truck has a slightly different look. Chassis are color coordinated and flex naturally and allow for manual 4-wheel steering with the technic axles. I went with 8W because 6W seemed a bit too narrow. All three trucks feature engine detailing. While traditionally located in the mid-rear, these big blocks remain up front. Kind of a throwback to the beginning of these trucks. The green and yellow have the same engine. Due to the different front clip on the white truck, a different setup was needed. As a result, there is an nonfunctioning, "functional", air scoop. Like the real trucks, these all have smaller tires, for ease in transporting and moving around when not performing. Well I guess thats about all. For those interested, here is the link to the "Juggernaut's" album! It will have some updates, as I have ordered parts for a couple more. Questions, comments and suggestions always welcomed and appreciated! Thanks for looking -LGB