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Found 9 results

  1. Sirius91

    Royal Joust is coming!

    Royal Knights are preparing to rivalry. As hosts, they have to bring the glory to thier King and Kingdom! My first entry to Royal Joust Zbudujmy to! (Let's build it!) Lug Collaboration. Another one will be presented soon. Also stay tuned for my friends entries!
  2. The Maestro

    Lleidr Citadel

    This is the south gate of Lleidr Castle, a ruined fortress of central Avalonia, nestled in the eaves of a forest that has slowly grown over it. A band of outlaws has made it their abode, calling themselves the Merry Men of Lleidr. No one knows the history of the castle, as all records of it have vanished, and the bandits themselves do not care. They have repaired certain parts of the castle just enough to serve as living quarters and storehouses. They did not do an especially good job of repair, though; if they had been capable of an honest day's work at a building trade, after all, they would not have become bandits. A build for the Summer Joust 2017, Castle Collaboration category. My teammates, and fellow Merry Men of Lleidr, are @Henjin_Quilones (with his build The South Gate of Lleidr) and @ZlatanXVIGustaf (and his build(my favourite of the team) The Western Wall of Lleidr) . It was a lot of fun to make and I was surprised how large I could make the stone sections. The build may be a bit grey in places and I wish I did have more brick to make somethings (eg texturing) better but overall I am very pleased with it and I loved working within a team of other great builders. It was also amazing that we all agreed to do a castle that was right up my alley . Oh yea and the edit is pretty bad, I still haven't got the hang of it Hope you enjoy and C&C invited
  3. The Maestro

    Tíre Gatehouse

    Tíre Keep is one of the most valuable strongholds of Avalonia. Though it has never been occupied, it's real advantage is the lighthouse: Avalonian ships are ensured they will not get lost the Great Western Ocean. My second entry for the SJ castle collab. My team mates are @Henjin_Quilones and @TitusV and it was great working with them. I like it, it looks good but the Tudor work ruins it unfortunately. Make sure you check out the other teams entry, which will all be on the guilds soon. Hope you enjoy and C&C needed.
  4. soccerkid6

    Summer Joust [MOC]

    Typo in the title, should be Summer, if a mod wants to fix it This was made to serve as the announcement poster for the Summer Joust contest. I took a lot of inspiration from Mark and Steven‘s Grand Joust of Giscellicburg. I tried to achieve a festive atmosphere with lots of bright colors, and large crowds of spectators which was quite a lot of fun. More pictures can be found on brickbuilt. C&C welcome
  5. Reekardoo

    Medieval Tournament

    Hello fellow brickaddictedfolk!!! Here's another project of mine in I'd appreciate if you could leave some feedback (I know the photo does not show much in detail but please look closely as rendering this takess some time for my pc) here and in Also, if you couls support it there , I'd really appreciate. THANKS!
  6. Mark of Falworth

    The Grand Joust of Gisellicburg

    This is a collaborative build by myself and my real-life Brother Steven. Twas built as the final scene in our first book in our series, THE ANSELM SAGA, part 1 "The Envoy" Learn more about it here! Well, we were both very happy with how this one turned out! At 128 x 80 studs it the biggest build we've ever made! (In total area.) We hope you guys like it! The Grand Joust of Gisellicburg by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr The Grand Joust of Gisellicburg by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr The Grand Joust of Gisellicburg by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr
  7. For the annual Swedish LUG "Swebrick" exhibition, we were a few medieval/fantasy builders who got together and made a medieval community build for the first time for our LUG. It was based on modules with different content, for example I built a castle with surrounding water as my module. The build is based on a depth of 4 standard 32x32 baseplates, with arbitrary width of each module. The baseplates are raised 1 brick + 1 plate at the interface between modules and slope upwards on the last baseplate at the back, with no height guidelines within the modules. At the front baseplate, a 8-wide road is centered. The story behind the build was: "The small kingdom of Castonia is in a party spirit, as the annual tournament week is at its peak. All over the country there is a lot of movement, as travelers from the neighboring provinces also arrive to take part in the festivities. During these days there is a lot happening everywhere, not only on the tournament field but also in the town and villages around the mighty castle". Builders (Swebrick nicknames, some of us the same here on EB): Insurrection (forest 2x4), Carl_T (forest 2x4), Gideon (castle 3x4), Anders67 (joust 3x4), Odidoma (crossroads 2x4), Skafte (monastery 3x4), dalle (town 3x4 + mill 1x2), sweMezza (river 1x2 + landscape 1x4). Forests by Insurrection and Carl_T My castle (I will feature this in GoH as well sometime in the future, so there will be more pictures) Joust by Anders67, Crossroads by Odidoma Monastery by Skafte Town and mill by dalle, river and landscape right of town by sweMezza More pictures on flickr
  8. runmymouth

    4 Joust + MOC + WIP

    Link to pictures. So I have been working on my challenge to put 4 Joust sets together. I started with everything assembled from the book. I figured I only needed one joust rail so I created some stables for horses ( I then modified the king pavillion to make it so I could have just 2 of them from 4 ( and I made one of those for the red king and blue king brother (lion knights) and one for the green and black wizard. I have a whole bunch of base plates ordered so I can start to have tiles underneath. I also plan on getting more chess sets to have enough soldiers to make it like a packed stadium ( and I also have been putting extra kings and queens minus royal livery into the noble areas to look like nobles are watching from boxes ( Future plans: I really need to find many many many 1x1 tiles to start to do proper cobblestone and street material and grass material. I need to figure out where to get the best plates for building decently sized towers and turrets because the castle I built to start it from is pretty whimpy( I was really sad it wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be to build the castle after building the joust. I plan on picking up some of the medieval village sets for a bit of a village scene next to the Joust. Questions: What are people buying to start working on their own turrets? Are you using Helm's Deep because it seems to have a lot fewer huge pieces that really don't seem to be able to be molded into more realistic looking walls. I was planning on picking up more base castle sets but I am not so sure anymore. Really wondering what others think. Also looking for other ideas of where to go next. I want to have this back up against a castle wall with a city/town nearby the castle. Thanks for taking a look all.
  9. Here's my most recent castle MOC. Just a quick vig showcasing an arm posing technique that I came up with: Thanks for viewing! Soli Deo Gloria! :)