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Found 11 results

  1. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] Boba Fett's SLAVE I

    Hi! Time to show you my new project! Now it's only virtual design but I have to start somehow not Boba Fett's Starship, this is... SLAVE I Built in, it lasted for several weeks. The catalog contains 1376 parts, but that is changing all the time. There will be about 100-150 more on a display stand. Scale similar to 75243, but with slightly different proportions, more refined. The functions include an opening back storage, with space for minifigures or carbonite. The wings are movable. Cabin for Boba Fett with control panels, also rotating. A PDF Instructions will be available in October 2021. First, I have to build it myself and check if everything works properly (don't trust the rebrickably MOCs, which even the author himself did not build) What do you think about this project? If you are interested in this project, be sure to check out my youtube channel - edge of bricks, there will be more about this project soon.
  2. Retro

    [MOC] Jango Fett Slave 1

    Hello All, This is not a new model. I posted some pictures of it before, but I thought I could do a bit better on the photography end of things. Jango Fett's Slave 1 is one of the most beautiful ships in all of science fiction, and it deserved a better service. So here we go.
  3. Retro

    Jango Fett Slave 1

    Hi All, I was reading the comments on the leak of the new Boba Fett Slave 1 and saw that a lot of people wished it were Jango's. Since I own 8097 I thought I would try to modernise it a bit and turn it into Jango's at the same time. I was helped by the fact that bizarrely some of the pieces of 7153 turned up some time ago in my parents' house despite me never owning it! Thanks to Rich Peperell and Peter for their designs which I copied and used for inspiration. I am not a master builder or photographer, this was just me having fun.
  4. The best bounty hunter in the galaxy. You can run,but you can't hide from Jango Fett. He will find you, even if you hide, under the swamp. Star Wars Bounty Hunter I choose this game. Never had a chance to play it, but i really liked the trailer, which i tired to re-create. I uploaded the video of the trailer, cause the build shows more than a single picture.
  5. Legomanarthur

    [MOC/MOD] Jango Fett's Slave 1

    Hey everyone, I've been working on this for quite a while and I need to make a few things clear concerning this MOC. The model is basically a remake of LoRd AmUnRa's Slave 1 which I think looked very close to the "real" model. I built a replica on LDD then decided to change a few things up to make it look more up-to-date, which resulted in a mix between the old style and the new one, so let's say it's a MOD of a MOC. Anyway here it is: So here it is, I hope you enjoyed it, I spent a lot of hours on LDD recreating it and modifying it over the years, I could provide the LDD file but it does not contain my latest tweaks and modifications and I don't have the time to look into it currently.
  6. Hey guys! This is an older creation of mine, but I just realized I hadn't yet posted it here. This set takes inspiration, of course, from the official Boba Fett UCS, as well as from an old partially completed MOC by Flickr user Maelven . The set started after the official release of the UCS Boba Fett Slave 1. I didn't like some of the transitions on the Official UCS, so I set about modifying the set. My favorite set that I owned as a kid was the Jango Fett Slave 1 (7159), so naturally I had to have a Jango Fett color scheme. A lot of the parts on the lower dish of the official set are not available in dark blue, so a redesign was required. However, I also felt the official design was a bit blocky, so I hoped I could make some improvements along the way.
  7. Commander Beltar

    [SWvsM - Cat. A] Duel on Kamino

    I forgot to add the -Cat. A- to the title...Hope someone can do that soon.. One second Iron Man is fighting Whiplash on a race course. (Iron Man 2) The next second, he is in a hallway on Kamino, watching a fleeing Jango and Boba race to their ship. (SW Episode 2) Iron Man stops them and asks where he is, to which Jango starts attacking this stranger. In two swift hits to the face, Tony’s faceplate had fallen off, and the fight has begun. (Overview) Jango used a grapple to tie Tony’s arms to his side. Tony: Jarvis! You there? Jarvis: Yes sir, 58% Power. Tony: Great! Didn’t need to know that. Options? Jarvis: Activating repulsors. Then, Iron Man suddenly jolted backwards towards the closing door, but Jango still pulled. Jango: Another bucket helmet! See Boba? This guy looks nearly exactly like the other bucket helmet I encountered on Tatooine years ago. And he came out of nowhere too! Boba: Get him, dad! Get him! Jango: Boba, Get to the ship before Kenobi catches us, Go! Boba: Okay, meet you there! (Overview 2) The fight continued, then suddenly, Iron Man vanished right before Jango’s eyes. And Jango paid no mind to it and ran towards his ship saying, “Ah well, easier dealing with this one than the one with the Merc for some reason….” Iron Man was back on the race track and no time had passed at all, and due to his unawareness from the teleportation, Whiplash was able to strike him down. I fit this in-between two movies… Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! And as always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  8. Commander Beltar

    [SWvsM - Cat. B - Merc Team-Up

    One second, War Machine and Deadpool are fighting it out inside the Helicarrier, the next second, they were on a dusty planet known as Tatooine. Deadpool could tell nearly instantly with his 4th wall breaking powers, that Jango Fett was another merc! And so the team-up began against Qui Gon Jinn, who was investigating a wanted criminal (Jango Fett) on Tatooine. Deadpool took Qui Gon, because he had a sword, and Jango took War Machine, because only he should have a bucket helmet. (Overview) Jango uses his grapple to tie War Machine’s arms to his sides, but it doesn't work! War Machine then uses his repulsors to try to get out of it! Deadpool: You know, it’s always a pleasure to work with another Merc. Jango: At least you’re helping… Deadpool: That’s not nice! Do they have chimichangas around here? Jango: I got some deathstix in my ship… Deadpool: Wait! This is Star Wars! Isn’t it! This must be because Disney owns Lucasfilm and Marvel now! Jango: You know what? Just shut up and fight for now… Deadpool fights Qui Gonn after his blaster gets tossed to the side by the force. (Overview 2) Kind of a fast build...since a lot of the parts came from my pile of tan part which was once a building... This will be a prequel to my Category A build. And yes, this has Classic versions of figures…since I don’t have a flesh Qui Gonn… You can’t really see Rhodey’s face, and Deadpool wears the mask…so I think it works. Hope you enjoyed! C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  9. DuckBricks

    Jango Fett (old) for sale

    Hey guys, I am willing to trade 1 old Jango Fett for: Any Blacktron set (Besides small ones. You may give me multiple small sets. I AM NOT GUARANTEEING to accept any set. If you have one to trade, PM me at Any Classic Space set (same rules as before) At least 20 Blacktron minifigures At least 20 Classic Space minifigures White Boba Fett Chrome Bionicle masks Mr. Gold Thanks, and if you are interested, please leave a message on this post. If I am interested in your offer, please PM me at legozebra
  10. Hi! I'd like to present you my new MOC, which is based on "Attack of the clones". Originals from the movie: A bonus! Thanks for watching! I'll publish there some other MOCs with the scences from episode II!
  11. Hi! This is my second MOC, which based on "The attack of the clones". Scenses from the movie: Some bonuses. On the first photo there's my first episode II MOC. And on the second and on the third photos there's a version with new-style figures. Thanks for watching!