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Found 3 results

  1. There are many AT-AT mocs. Many with great interiors. Many with great exteriors. This is my attempt at integrating both into one model. The model is minifig scale, has at least 6000 thousand pieces and stands two feet tall. It is stable enough to be picked up and moved. Another rebuild(plus head redesign) in the books by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Features -Articulated head area -Removable panels to reveal interior -Lights throughout inside -Motorized deployment cables -Speeder bike garage for 4 speeders -Two floors with seeting areas -Gun/backpack racks -Cockpit area with seating for two pilots -Sliding Side Doors Side View: The complete scene has been reconstructed. by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Rear View: IMAG1033 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Head: IMAG1037 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Full Interior: IMAG1019 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Speeder Garage: IMAG1021 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Top Floor Seating Area: IMAG1023 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Bottom Floor Front Area: IMAG1026 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Bottom Floor Deployment Area: IMAG1028 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Top Floor Access Ladder: 2016-08-07_10-36-53 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Troop Deploying: 2016-08-07_10-27-42 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Cockpit Area IMAG1030 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Assault on Hoth!: Assault on Hoth by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr The AT-AT at Brickfiesta: Another brickfiesta in the books! by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr is a youtube video detailing all the features of the model, including the motorized deployment cable. Check my flickr for progress photos starting from the first LDD files. Special thanks to Cavegod and LILmeFromDaFuture. I got a lot of inspiration from their models/techniques. Let me know what you guys think. Sorry for the cell phone quality pictures. Would buy new camera but can't stop spending money on lego parts ;). I'm considering distributing/selling the LDD files for this model if there's interest. They do need some refinements, however.
  2. DarthTwoShedsJackson


    Here's the AT ST I've build over the last week end to accompany my AT AT and the rest of my Imperial Hoth Attack Force. It fits a driver and is as high as 1 1/2 of the length of one of my AT AT's legs. The head can be rotated, of course, and the legs can be moved at 3 joints each to some extend. I will propably re-design the feet. I hope you like it.
  3. DarthTwoShedsJackson

    AT AT MOC (or MOD?)

    After looking at the pictures of the upcoming 2014 Lego incarnation of the AT AT, I realized that it is a slightly modified version of the old 8129 set, which I unfortunately missed because of dark ages. So, in order to save me some money for my Lego purchases this summer, I decided to build my own Imperial Walker based on the frame of the 8129 set. I reinforced the connection of the front and back part of the main body, altered the proportions of the front section of the main body (which narrows down to 4 studs on the front end instead of just 2 studs wide), cleaned up the plating and re-textured it by adding smooth tiles onto studded areas to represent the escape hatches, for example. I also re-designed the hinge-based opening mechanism of the main hatches in order to better integrate the hinge pieces into the hull plating. I also closed lots of gaps. The head received all the detail it needs at this scale (and which the official versions lack), and I tried to re-create the shapes and textures, especially at the sides of the head, as accurately as I could with my parts selection. Last but not least, I basically built the legs from scratch after I saw the result I got building the legs as per the instructions. The technic joints are now embedded tightly into a snot-structure which allowed me to mirror the plating which makes up the outer and inner faces of the legs. So I figured I might call this a moc, because everything is modified and some huge and essential sections are built completely from scratch. I dunno, maybe it's still a mod - you decide.