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Found 7 results

  1. How Lord Max Samu hired the Yeti Mercenaries by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Lord Max Samu, head of the Intelligence Agency of Mpya Stedor visited not so long ago the most Northern parts of Mitgardia. His goal? Making allies with some unusual tribes. On this painting, you see how he bribed a whole Yeti-clan to serve the I.A.M.S. . The first task of the notorious Yeti (under command of Marc) is to send some warriors to Eastgate to fight against Petera. For Dugal & Eastgate! edit: allright, no UoP claiming, I have to agree that it was a fast build... I build it with bricks I bought at a PaB. Sad to see they are already vanished in my University MOC :'(
  2. the Gate of Amenor hides the Headquarters of the I.A.M.S. . It is called the Gate of Amenor as it also serves as the Amenorian Embassy in Kaliphlin. That's also the reason why it has the black & gold combination in it. The library has the typically white/tan combination. Inside the library, there are hundreds of books, varying from cooking books to epic story tellers. Those who want to read and have an amazing view of the bay, can sit on the balcony at the upper floor. There are 3 cameo's (Gideon, Synbiote & my sigfig). Mpya Stedor: Library & Gate of Amenor by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Mpya Stedor: Library & Gate of Amenor by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Mpya Stedor: Library by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Mpya Stedor: Gate of Amenor by Da_Maximus, on Flickr When this MOC is connected with Everlast: Mpya Stedor: Library & Gate of Amenor & IAMS HQ by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Mpya Stedor: Library & Gate of Amenor & IAMS HQ by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Thanks for watching! C&C welcome Edit: for the UoP, DoH, I claim these credits with this MOC: "Architecture: advanced windows (claimed)" "General: Forced perspective (claimed)" "Culture: Art (claimed)" "Architecture: roofing technic (claimed)"
  3. This one is build long long ago (October 31st 2013) and is in fact a rebuild of a build long long long long ago. It was intented to be a part of the Raising The Dead storyline I was involved in together with Ska and Masa. But Brickmania Antwerp, a girlfriend, exams, internship, graduationpaper, ... made me disappear for a while. Anyway: enjoy! C&C ofcourse welcome! Everlast, home of the I.A.M.S. by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Everlast, home of the I.A.M.S. by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Everlast, home of the I.A.M.S. by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Everlast, home of the I.A.M.S. by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Everlast, home of the I.A.M.S. by Da_Maximus, on Flickr (next picture is with Dugal Maclean) Everlast, home of the I.A.M.S. by Da_Maximus, on Flickr note: Kabel gave me the advice to incorporate Everlast in the city of Mpya Stedor, so from this moment on, the MoC will be a part of Mpya Stedor. note 2: the original Everlast: edit 2: For the University of Petraea, I claim these credits: "Landscaping: Studs up Rocks (claimed)" + "General: Interior design (claimed)" + "Military Science: fortifications (claimed)" + Geography: mountains (claimed)"
  4. As Lord Damaximus still was laying siege at Eastgate, he decided it was time to show the world his re-organised army. As it would be stupid to give his enemy too much information, he only showed 3 or 4 soldiers of each group. But to give you a general thought of his army: it should be between 500 and 600 men Ofcourse such an army costs a lot to maintain, so that's why he prefers to work with mercenaries. Also, not all of these soldiers will fight in Eastgate as those of M.A.E.S.T.R.O., Mpya Stedor itself and Everlast have their own duties. all pictures will direct to my flickr :) The Sieging Troops The Alleenridders Alleenridders - Fifth Alleenridders by Da_Maximus, on Flickr 1001 Tigers (led by Lord Nomar Helmier) Ximian Mercenaries (led by King Mattiximus himself) Drakrydari Mercenaries (led by King Dragonius XXV himself) (the Dragons were sleeping so they could not get painted in time...) Atlarkian Norsemen (led by King Donkon II himself) Those who stayed home Troops of Everlast Troops of Mpya Stedor (Troops led by Lord Damaximus) Troops of M.A.E.S.T.R.O. (Mpya Stedorian All-Encompassing Science, Trade & Research Organisation) (Troops led by Lord Gah Rydog) I hoped you enjoyed the presentation (and the text I wrote in the spoilers ) C&C ofcourse welcome
  5. In the middle of the night, the moon hidden behind big clouds. A few people are moving quickly towards the sea. Somewhere at a forgotten pier in Nocturnus, 'The Slave' was waiting for them. 'The Slave' was the sistership of the 'The Amazon' and almost an exact copy of it. But unlike her famous sister, the 'The Slave' was a slave trader, constantly travelling between Mpya Stedor and the Guild of Amenor. But now she has layed anchor here in Nocturnus. On board are Lord Darecold of the werewolves, Master Racoon of the Vampires, Sir Haarloos (the Nocturnian embassador of Mpya Stedor) and his werewolfbrother Haaroprug. And also Sultan Steh V of Amenor... The group finally arrived. Sultan Steh V: You are late... Mr. Paars: I am sorry mylord, we had to avoid some patrolling guards... Sir Haarloos: you got everyone with you? Mr. Paars: Dr. Rod, 2 Drow and Queen Yvonnel Sultan Steh V: Perfect! Let's move before we get in trouble... [GOH] Some Noctunians travelling in the night by Da_Maximus, on Flickr [GOH] Some Noctunians travelling in the night by Da_Maximus, on Flickr [GOH] Some Noctunians travelling in the night by Da_Maximus, on Flickr [GOH] Some Noctunians travelling in the night by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Critics & Comments are welcome as always!
  6. Official Entry (OOC) (Story) Most important characters in this entry: Chapter I - The Fellowship of more than one thing Part 1 - Blades vs. Helmets Mpya Stedor Gatehouse Conference Room Note: this is situated before Lord Max Samu left in response to the call of MacLean LDM: It's been long enough since Revolword terrorises Historica. Our resources are getting empty. We need to get rid of him so our tradecaravans can safely arrive at the other mayor cities! Lord Max Samu, it's up to you to discuss with your men the plan! LMS: Thanks Dama, to the Black Ninja's and Ninja Assassins, as long as you are in this room, you are allowed to speak to the people inside this room. From the moment you walk outside the doors, the only people you speak to are me or your team mates! The ninja's: yes mylord!! LMS: Ok, the Black Ninja's are Team Helmet, the Ninja Assassins are Team Blade. You will do what you are trained for. To check if you understood this, Team Blade goes outside till I say you may re-enter! Team Blade: Yes Mylord! (they leave) LMS: Team Helmet, your task is to obtain that bloody helmet that can control the elementals. Your task is to bring it to Everlast, where it will be safe against other wannabe badboys. You are with 4 because you will have to work together in order to get in and to obtain it. Is there a question about that? Mr. Withaar: May we kill Victor if we have the chance? LMS: Nope, you may kill everyone on your way to the Helmet, but by killing Victor, you will draw to much attention. Without Helmet, Victor is as much valuable as a dead rat. Mr. Oranje: What about the tons of guards protecting the Helmet? LMS: That's my problem, not yours. Anymore questions? Team Helmet: No Mylord! LMS: Then leave and remember, the only ones you talk to are your partners! Team Helmet: Yes Mylord! Hail Mighty Kaliphlin! Hail Glorious Mpya Stedor! We Die for the I.A.M.S.! Well, the part of Team Blade is almost completely the same, so I won't do it too. Their task is simply to kill Victor Revolword. After the I.A.M.S.-members left, only LDM and LSM are in the room, their bodyguards outside. LDM: Why 4 in Team Blade? LMS: Because at least 2 of them will die. I don't trust one of our newest members, so I hope to get rid of him without having provoking trouble in the I.A.M.S. . If I am wrong, nobody will ever know. LDM: I see. Now it is up to us to do the most fun part. I am glad I finally can fight a good old fashioned battle again LMS: How many soldiers will you lead? LDM: 75 mounted knights, 70 dismounted Alleenridders, and then around 200 other soldiers. The 3 years of Winter started in Atlarka, so King Donkon will arrive in a few days with 30 norsemen to help us. The other 200 soldiers will stay in Mpya Stedor to defend this city and our neighbours. Sir Tomvaximus will takeover control again Probably some other Lords and sirs will join our army on our way to Cedrica LMS: You will do well my friend! I hope our paths cross eachother again very soon! Good luck Dama! LDM: me too, good luck Max! Part 2 : Embrace yourself: Winter is coming by boat! A few days later, almost hundred proud Atlarkian Warships and Tradegalleys set anchor in the Ghuba-ya Biashara. 2 of them sailed towards the Bay of Great Mpya Stedor. Once arrivde there, small rowboats left them, heading toward the inner city of the glorious city. At the same time a group of small Mpya Stedori Tradevessels headed to the Atlarkian fleet, full of provision, weapons, slaves, ... to sell to them. Once some of the small rowboats passed the 2 colossal Harbor Towers, a lot of citizens started cheering and yelling "Atlarka!". Not only because some of them have Atlarkian blood in them, but mostly because in these unsave times, every group of soldiers are welcome. And King Donkon II, he arrived with 30 brave berserkers. And their families as well. The reason? The next years will be Winter again in Atlarka. And winters, they are really cold there. Whole cities are covered in snow. So the only option is that what they already do for centuries: raiding. Only the youngsters between 16 and 25 stay in Atlarka. Once they made it through the Winter, they can call theirselves real men and from that moment on, they are allowed to participate in the raids. So a few weeks ago, hundreds of ships left the Guild of Atlarka, heading to every corner in the world. Plundering, raiding, raising, ... every small town or big city on their trip. But as King Donkon II is a close friend of Lord Damaximus, he offered his aid to Historica. Not only those berserkers, but also the promise to not raid any village in Historica (except maybe some of the isles in the west of Avalonia ) Together with his help, Lord Damaximus is hopefully one step closer to get rid of that idiot wizzard. Part 3 : A march in April Now that King Donkon II has arrived and the preparations were made, it was finally time to march to Cedrica. The sun was good for the troops (not too hot) and the wind pushed them forwards. A lot of colourfull flags accompanied them, making it a joyfull sight. It would be a matter of weeks before they will reach Cedrica! (the 45 mounted Alleenridders - note, right after this painting, Lord Max Samu disappeared to anwser the call of MacLean) Every now and then, they passed a small village or some workers rebuilding something that was once a house before the elementals destroyed it. Lord Damaximus stopped everytime to talk with the people living at those place to give them hope about the future Chapter II : The one and only tower Note: the painter went gambling in Lost Vega, so no pictures from now on off at this moment Prologue: No Queens Crossing Queenscross It was the 16th hour of the day when Lord Damaximus and his cavalry army arrived at Queenscross. On their way, they heard terrible stories about the situation so that's why he decided to lead his mounted knights to the battlefield. 60 colourfull Alleenridders and 32 heavy armored swordsmen and lancers. But against all odds, they saw only bad guys trying to save their life by fleeing. Well they stayed alive, but they were easily hunted down and taken prisoner. One of them was even one of their most feared generals, General Pastroo!! The chasing lasted until the rest of the army arrived at the ruined city. The campment doctors started running around, helping as much wounded soldiers as possible. In the meantime, Lord Damaximus went to the Forum where all the other leaders, generals and heroes where to congratulate them and to start chatting about the future actions. A few days later, they continued their trip to Cedrica. A lot of soldiers from Queenscross joined the army of Lord Damaximus. He also heard from his I.A.M.S.-spies that he would not be the only one marching to Cedrica. Part 1: Knock Knock - Who is there? - Justin - Justin Who? - Justin Army Really early in the morning, a red sun peeping far away at the horizon, the soldiers finally saw the big tower of Cedrica rising up. But once they came closer and closer, they noticed the once so beautifull blue-grey stones were now as dark as the night that was just gone. Smoke came out of thousands of spots, but too big to be normal. The whole city was burning and demolished. The closer they came, the clearer it became that they didn't just burned down random houses, but they really made it impossible to reach the central tower. Clearing the paths will last days and Lord Damaximus and his army would have absolutely no defence against the elementals who were patrolling around. Lord Damaximus cursed. He had to find a way to distract the army of Revolword very quickly. Luckily some messengers arrived, reporting that the other armies will start besieging the city in a few hours, when the sun was at his highest point. Lord Damaximus ordered to make the catapults and ballistas ready. He gave King Dragonius XXV of Drakrydar some orders so they could kill enemies with their dragons. Part one of the masterplan was almost finished! Part 2: Ninja's Don't Need No Knock Knock's Dark as the shadows, 4 Black Ninja's were silently hopping from dark spot to dark spot. One of them carrying a small sack. Only Mr. Oranje already visited the Tower of Cedrica, so thanks to his hints and to some plans, the other 3 found easily their way in the building without being caught yet. The higher they came the smaller the group as some were left behind to make sure the escape-plan would work. Mr. Oranje and Mr. Wit almost arrived at the place where Revolword was and the Elemental Helmet with him. Part 3: Licence to Sneak Dolas & Ohnsel, the 2 Ninja Assassins, looked at each other and nodded. Silently they left the colonne of marching Soldiers of the Hand and sneaked into another group. They had been doing this already since they killed 2 scouts and took their clothes outside the city this morning. With the disguise on, they could walk anywhere in the Tower of Cedrica without getting suspicious. But by group hopping, it was easier and more fun to reach the highest levels of the Tower. Only a few more to go before they would arrive at the place where Revolword was overviewing the ruined city of Cedrica. Chapter III: The Return Of The Multiple Kings Part 1: A Dance Of Blades Dolas & Ohnsel were guarding a really useless door, but nobody really noticed it. From where they were standing, they could easily see the door leading to the room where Revolword was. They only needed a victim now... Minutes went by... Only a few minutes left till the big show would start... And like he was sent out by the Gods, one of Revolwords captains just turned around the corner, completely alone. Dolas & Ohnsel silently walked to him and took him prison while putting a poisoned sword in his hands. With the necessary feeling for drama, they accused the poor captain for wanting to assassinate Revolword and dragged him accross the hallway to the guards guarding the door leading to Revolword. Getting inside his room never was so easily as the two doorguards wanted to see how Victor would kill this "traitor". While everyones attention was drawn to the captain, Dolas quickly looked around and saw a quick shadow moving. The next thing happened in a few seconds during timeframe: Dolas pushed the captain and Ohnsel came forward to act like he would give the poisoned sword to Revolword. The moment Revolword came too close, his head (with according white beard) was flying in the air. Meanwhile Dolas disarmed and killed the 2 doorguards before they even could say "huh?". The captain was to affraid to say something so before he even realised he had to warn the others, Dolas & Ohnsel disappeared. The only thing the captain saw while realising what happened, was a black shadow moving quickly before it disappeared as well through the balcony. Part 2: A Feast For Crows "What the Nocturnus happened????? How the Nocturnus could they possibly find us??? Nobody knew about our route!" Mr. Withaar was furious. They lost Mr. Paars on their way to the hide-out and some unknown archers hit Mr. Oranje. Mr. Wit: "I don't know, but we have to stay calm and wait until Sir Fre Poah comes! And more important, we have to stay low because they are in the neighbourhood." Mr. Withaar: "Someone of us informed our enemies! And where the Nocturnus is Mr. Paars or Sir Fre Poah!" Mr. Wit: "Please calm down, let's occupy ourselves with Mr. Oranje, he is bleeding like an Avalonian..." Mr. Oranje: "I am fine, I think. Where are you guys from?" Mr. Wit: "Amenor" Mr. Withaar: "Shut up Mr. Wit, we are not supposed to tell our secrets, even not against eachother!" Mr. Wit: "Oh come on, he is almost dying!" Mr. Oranje: "I've never been there. I am from Cedrica, that's why I am part of this group I think. How is Amenor?" Mr. Wit (smiles): "Like Kaliphlin, but richer, stronger and even more beautifull. There is no Guild or land that can match Amenor. But the cities are only controlled by the noble families. Most other residents are slaves until they reached the age of 45. Then they are a free man. At that age, he is already father of at least 15 kids, but none of them he will ever see. Only the kids he makes after his freedom will be his own kids and those will be born as free man as well. It maybe sounds cruel, but that's how we are raised. In 5 years, I will be a free man as well" (smiles again) "I tell you this because I assume you are not a slave like the rest of us?" Mr. Oranje: "No indeed. Our names, are they Amenori as well?" Mr. Wit (laughs really hard): "In Amenor we speak a lot of languages, but not Amenori! Our names are colours in the old language of Eilandica. 'Oranje' means 'Orange', 'Paars means Purple', 'Withaar' means 'Blonde', 'Wit' means 'White', 'Blauw' means 'Blue' and so on... Mr. Oranje: "So my name is Mr. Orange then?" Mr. Wit: "yeah. But I gonna look for a small creek to find water for you. Gonna be right back" ... Suddenly an enemy scout enters. Mr. Withaar quickly disarmed him and imprisoned him. Mr. Withaar : "Who are you?" Enemy : "..." Mr. Withaar : "Ok, I am not in the mood for this. It looks you can't listen, so you don't need this" (cuts off the ear of the enemy and is heading for the other ear) Enemy : (screams and shouts): "Aaaaah stop!! (cries) I am Avalonian, an A.A.G.!" Mr. Withaar : "aha, so you can hear what I say! How many of you guys are there and how the Nocturnus did you guys found us?" Enemy : "We're with 10. We have a rat among you guys" Mr. Withaar : "who?" (takes his knife) Mr. Paars comes in: "Daaaamn, that was one scary moment!" Mr. Withaar : "Glad you are alive! What happened?" Mr. Paars : "After I lost you guys, I tried to find another way to here, it's full of A.A.G.'s! Where is the Helmet?" Mr. Withaa r: "Here it is, we better bury it somewhere..." Mr. Paars: "I'll take care of that. Who the Nocturnus is that guy?" Mr. Withaar: "An A.A.G. scout, I'll take care of that" Mr. Paars leaves. Mr. Withaar: "So you were about to tell us who the rat was???" Out of nowhere, Mr. Oranje throws a knife, right into the heart of the A.A.G.-member. Mr. Withaar immediately realises that Mr. Oranje is the rat and draws his katana to slice the throat over of the rat. Mr. Wit comes in: "Stop it Mr. Withaar!" But Mr. Withaar didn't listened and came closer to Mr. Oranje. Mr. Wit, who really trusted Mr. Oranje saw no other way then throwing a knife in the back of Mr. Withaar, killing him. Mr. Oranje: "Thanks for helping me! But I am affraid you killed one of the good guys" After saying this, he took a small dagger and stabbed Mr. Wit. Without anyone noticing, Mr. Paars entered the room, watching the drama scene going on. Mr. Wit: "Nooooo! Why?" Mr. Oranje: "With this Helmet, the A.A.G. can take over every Guild in Historica! We can kill every single Nocturnian, burn every Mitgardian and enslave every Kaliphlinite! Avalonia will finally rule allover Historica again! My task was to infiltrate and let you guys do the work!" Mr. Wit fainted. Mr. Paars clapped in his hands, went to Mr. Oranje and whispered in his ears Mr. Paars "you Avalonian fool, you really thought we were only with 4 in here?" The last thing Mr. Oranje saw before he died were 10 Ninja Assassins, 9 of them holding a head in their hands. Sir Freh Poa: "Congratz Mr. Paars, you did your job! We get rid of a rat, a ninja who lost his mind and one who wasn't focused anymore. Time to burn this hide-out down..." Mr. Paars: 'What will happen to the Helmet?" Sir Freh Poa: "If the right person uses it, it can help restoring the villages and cities we like to be restored" Mr. Paars: "And it will make our foes think twice" Part 3 : A Game Of Thrones Lord Damaximus looks around him. Cedrica is no more. The only buildings that were left before the siege were now nothing more than a few bricks on a pile. They found the previous king dead in the cellars. But his son was alive. Long live the King of the ruins! Long live the King without home! Long live the Poor King! (sarcasm) Some Lords are loudly announcing that they will not accept the new King. Lord Damaximus neither. Historica is more divided than ever. War is almost a certitude. It is finally the chance for those puny hippies from the West to take up arms. Nobody can stop them as there is no powerfull ruler. Nocturnians can easily raid the Mitgardian cities as they won't get in trouble for doing that. Lord Damaximus looks to King Dragonius of Drakrydar XXV and King Donkon II of Atlarka. If it is true what they say, Sultan Steh of Amenor and King Mattiximus of Ximus are also sailing to Mpya Stedor. So finally the time has come to unite those 4 Guilds into one powerfull militaristic Empire. The Empire of the 4 Free Guilds as the only power they give to the Emperor is the command over their troops. And that emperor will be Emperor Damaximus of the Imperial Capital of Mpya Stedor. And maybe, Kaliphlin and Nocturnus will join very soon. And if everything went as planned, the future Emperor Damaximus will have a small thing to convince Avalonia and Mitgardia to do the same... ------------------------------------------------- The End of the first Chapter of GoH ---- & The Beginning of Chapter II of GoH --------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading everything and commenting! I really wished I had more time for some extra builds, but real life decided to keep me busy. scored builds will be: First build: Mpya Stedor Conference Room Second build: Winter Is Coming By Boat 4th build: Viktor's Room You want more pictures? Check it out here:
  7. Prelude: Chapter I After Chapter I, the Alleenridders dismounted from their horses when they arrived at the Rakath Mountains, to continue their quest by foot. The scouts of the I.A.M.S. marked the path so they could easily find the entrance, which let to the deepest places of Historica. From here on off, the Alleenridders had to be carefull, as the smallest mistake could mean the end of the quest… Somewhere where Lord Damaximus was sure nobody could watch it, he revealed to Lord Max Samu and Sir Emehci Ssdowa his plans to kill Lloth for eternity. To ensure the success of the plan, the other Alleenridders were left clueless. Chapter II of the Quest of the Alleenridders to eliminate Lloth and Valsharess After weeks of wandering deep inside the Rakath Mountains, hundreds of meters below the sea-level, the Alleenridders finally arrived at the place from where Lloth rules the underground and the undead people living there. Luckily for our heroes, the place was lit by a gigantic stream of lava traversing the enormous cave. The only way to reach the other side were some small cobblestones in the river of fire. Looking around, they could figure out that there was a kind of a fortress integrated into the cave, with a big entrance guarded by 2 heavy armoured skeletons. There were also some ghosts flying around, giving the whole place a very creepy atmosphere… Suddenly, a loud, female voice breaks the silence: “Hahahaha Damaximus, I couldn’t believe my ears when my spies told me that you were coming!!! I always found you a fool, but I never could imagine that you were stupid enough to face me a second time! How did you found me in this labyrinth?” (Lord Damaximus) “First of all Lloth, it’s still Lord Damaximus, as long as I still live. Second: thanks to Sir Abdu who is a Drow, so he has their special gift to navigate under the ground. And at last: Hi! ” Lloth looked around for a minute, still smiling (or something that supposed to be smiling) “Allright Lord Damaximus then, maybe the last time you’ll ever hear that! I see some other faces I have seen the last time we met. Are they all reckoning for revenge as well for the lost of their buddies? What a shame, they will all die together with you. Max Samu, or do I have to call you Lord Samu as well, I know you’re a clever guy, how could you have forgotten that I can’t be killed by an human being???” (Lord Samu): “Oh crap, I knew we forgot something Lord Damaximus! Well that’s that let’s go home…” (Lord Damaximus): “Wait… Where is Valsharess?” Lloth started to laugh hysterically. After some long minutes… “I am just an army dealer for her… Or better was, because she is gone. She left the Rakath Mountains with a huge army the moment you entered them… Now she is plundering every village south of Qarkyr on her way to Mpya Stedor.” (Lord Damaximus): “Hold on! She is going to Mpya Stedor???” (Lloth) “Oh yeah… And every day her forces are growing bigger and bigger and the places she has conquered are now all having the Banner of King Revolword the First! It’s just a matter of time before she will conquer one of the most invincible cities of Historica. The moment that city has been raized and destroyed, all other cities will be smart enough to surrender to Valsharess, who will marry King Revolword and become once again a Queen!” (Sir Ereh Ahn Roblaw): “Mpya Stedor will never fall! No human being can conquer it as its strongest defence is the desert and the bay!” (Lord Damaximus): “That’s indeed true and that’s why Valsharess came to here. For undead beings the desert is just the same as grass, snow, swamps, forests, everything else… They can walk through it and can carry the siege-machinery that humans can’t transport through the desert. I fear we have no time to lose if we want to rescue our city!” (Lloth) “You keep surprising me Lord Damaximus, but this time in a good way! As a show of my gratitude, I will let you and your knights die in an honourfull battle! And you have the honour to be my victim!” (Lord Damaximus) “Very well!! Sir Ssdowa, let’s switch weapons!” And so the battle started, being outnumbered, the Alleenridders had their hands full with skeletons and ghosts… But fear was not yet introduced to them, so they fought like lions… Lloth was striking magic missiles after magic missiles, but somehow they were always absorbed by the shield that the guy who was representing Lord Damaximus was holding. Indeed, the guy who was representing Lord Damaximus… Because suddenly he jumped aside, piercing his Ximian Spear into Lloth… (Lloth) “How is this possible, I feel pain! How can you hurt me!! Tell me!!” The undeads looked stunned before they flew into the darkness. Sir Ssdowa opened the helmet of Lord Damaximus he was wearing… (Sir Ssdowa) “Because I am not completely an human! I am Emehci Ssdowa, son of your ex-husband, the demon Doliziss of Amenor and the human lady once called Vahn Ssdowa” Lord Damaximus (in the black armour of Sir Ssdowa) came closer and continued where Sir Ssdowa stopped: “You remember Vahn Ssdowa, don’t you Lloth? She was the reason we first met, already 16 years ago. You were furious when you heard your husband had betrayed you with an human being. And I was indeed a young man back then and our try to save her and the village she was living in was the greatest lost we ever would have. It was a disaster. We lost numerous brave knights. But without you noticed it, we had one small victory. We saved the child of Lady Vahn and teached him to become a famous gladiator so he could kill you slowly. Only Lord Max Samu and me knew who he really was… And we waited patiently for 16 long years to take revenge on you!” (Lloth) “And I just thought you were a fool….” (Lord Damaximus) “I’ll take your Golden Shield with me, I think I gonna need it in the upcoming battle to rescue my city! Knights, let’s get the hell out of here!” (Lord Kalores) “Lord Damaximus, on our way to here I saw a lot of interesting sculptures and wall paintings of mythically almost forgotten beasts and races. I want to stay some longer in here in the hope to discover more about them.” (Lord Damaximus) “Is no problem Lord Kalores, you are an Alleenridder now, so I have to give you this magic stone. Thanks to this, you can communicate with every other Alleenridder, where-ever you are! Please accept also 4 I.A.M.S.-members to accompany you and defend you in your search. Good luck!” (Lord Kalores) “Thank you! I hope to see you back in the future, so good luck with the rescue of your city!” (Lord Max Samu) “I hereby officially declare that Lord Mikel Kalores is the new master of Glax, Fleh, Zhax & Steefth Amenorslahv, now called Kaloreslahv. They will obey only you, fight for you and die for you as long as you live. If you die before them, they will belong to the House of Kalores till the end of their days. I also can tell you that honour and duty are the biggest achievements in their lives, so they will never try to betray you and you would disrespect them by offering them freedom. Good luck with them, they are one of the best members the I.A.M.S. has!” And so ended Chapter II of this Quest… To be continued with the final Chapter III – The battle of Mpya Stedor, also the prelude of Challenge VI – The End Notes: - Click here to see all the pictures that are left out, also 2 pictures of the MOC with only one minifig on it: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=509908 - You can also see the names of the heroes in that map - And for those who really looked to the folder and wonder how it comes that some of the knights are missing in the scene, that's because I worked with the minifigs I first found. If I put them all in it, it would become overly crowded - For more information about the Alleenridders (and that magical stone for example, check the GoH Wikia: C&C much welcome!