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Found 8 results

  1. The idea with this is project is to get speed from buggy motors, and torque from PU XLs, which have a very convenient shape. Powering the hungry buggy motors from 2 buwizz units and the PU XLs from the big technic hub, which will be in the rear and controlling it with the buwizz app. Servo for steering, PU L for fake v8. Perfect car. I would enter it in the mad max contest but 2 things stop me. 1, I doubt I will finish in time and 2, I don’t have any real buggy motors and will be using fake ones.
  2. Hey guys, let me introduce you to my latest MOC, I really want to know what you think of it. Now this is my first Supercar, cause I usually build trial trucks and tanks. The source of my inspiration was the amazing Porsche 918 Spyder, which I wanted to convert to a solar-electric hybrid car. First of all, I tried to keep the proportions and details of the real model. Then, I struggled to integrate the solar panel and make it work and look good, thus becoming the first Lego Technic solar supercar to date. I’ve built it in the 1:10 scale, fully RC, driven by 2 L motors, has a motorized 4-speed sequential gearbox, advanced suspension geometry on both axles. Doors and hood open, has an adjustable spoiler, matching trolley, wiper, mirrors, head lamps, tail lights, brake calipers, and also a detailed interior featuring a working steering wheel, central console with GPS, gauges and pedals, the works :) Full specs: Weight: 1950g Size: 50 x 22 x 13 cm Transmission: 2 L motors (AWD) Steering: M motor (working steering wheel) Gearbox: M motor Solar acceleration: M motor Control: 2 IR receivers Power: 2 AAA battery boxes + solar panel Front axle suspension: double wishbone Back axle suspension: multi-link suspension Manual functions: hood, doors, wiper, spoiler Features: brake calipers, mirrors, head lamps, tail lights Stickers: custom-made But enough talk, I will let the photos and video speak for themselves. Sorry for the poor quality video, this is my first time I actually did any editing :) If you want to see the rest of the photos (93 in total), please see my Flickr album: Thanks for your time, have a great day :)
  3. From For Immediate Release, May 22, 2045 The 2045 Mercedes Benz Athane prioritizes safety, sustainability, and versatility. The 2045 Athane is the most advanced and cost effective truck in our 150 years of truck building experience. As cities become denser and multiple transportation modes are becoming more prevalent, road safety for all road users must be paramount. The Athane’s ThemoCommLink (TCL), located on the right front and right rear bumpers, allow motorized vehicles to communicate to one another. The TCL also detects the heat signature of pedestrians and cyclists. Identification and communication with other users, keeps all road users safer. The driver is seated in the center and forward in the cab to increase vision. Retention of a human driver allows for relational interaction at the job site, and helps the technology make good decisions about varying road situations. The TCL Technology assists the driver so fewer errors are made. The front bumper shaping and full length wheel guards lowers the severity of crashes with non-motorized users should they occur. The Athane uses eight steerable wheels to improve weight distribution and increase city maneuverability. While many manufactures are switching to floatation and hover type drivetrains, this setup allows for unmatched braking control, and removes disruptive air currents to those walking and cycling close to the moving truck. The Athane’s Methane-Hybrid driveline continues Mercedes Benz’s prioritization of decreasing fossil fuel use. The Athane uses electric propulsion using energy stored in the batteries under the cab and bed. Battery charging is done by braking and by a small methane powered combustion engine behind the cab. Additionally, the Athane can be ordered with an induction charger under the cab to work with newly developed induction charging roadways being installed in many municipalities. Methane gas is clean burning, and a significant byproduct of the waste and recycling process currently in place with Octan Rubbish. A partnership with Octan Energy and Mercedes Benz has developed a standard way to reap, store, transport, and fuel the Athane’s regeneration engine using methane gas. Removable methane tanks are house behind the rear wheels, and in smaller tanks in the cab. Today’s logistics companies are searching for ways to improve versatility and lower cost. The Athane’s SmartStack systems allows for interchangeable bodies, cargos, and applications all with one common truck. The SmartStack system makes it easy to change the load in just minutes. The connection fits the international container standard. Many body work designers are applying this standard as well. In one afternoon, you can ship a container, deliver a load of concrete, and pull a fifth-wheel with the standard hitch. Welcome to the future. The 2045 Mercedes Benz Athane keeps all road users safer, decreases our harm on the planet, and supports all work tasks needed. Features: · 8 wheel steering · Sleeping bed · Aerodynamic cabin · In-cab Storage System · ThemoCommLink, front and rear · SmartStack System · Fifth-Wheel Hitch · Wheel Guards · Large/Low Bumper · Methane Tanks · Hybrid Motor · Induction Charger · Batteries · Passenger Jump Seat · Front and Rear Lighting · Video Mirrors on Each Side of the Steering Wheel · Visibility Focused Driver Placement Press Release Gallery Here.
  4. I have made my own new Space and Castle hybrid theme in Sci-Fi forum so I wanted to let you "caslte guys" know about it and maybe you'll be interested in it so if you want to check out that work and possibly leave some comment(s), you can do it there - here are preview and links of those models (many more pictures on their respective topics)...hoping you will like it a bit : 601501 Dnalubaf's Runway Cloud Castle LINK: 601502 King's Cloud Spacruizer LINK:
  5. Some time ago I saw a WIP of a Toyota Prius (yes RM8, another yota) and was fascinated by this project. It was an LPE+buggy motor hybrid but it was not finished and it is still not done. The link is here: So in maybe august I converted my HOG trophy truck chassis into a hybrid with a V2 LPE + an XL motor, but sadly this project was a total fail since there were a lot of gears slipping. So no pics or vid I was wondering if anyone has ever done something similar or is planning to ? Epic Technic
  6. Not sure exactly what MOC is! Minifig or Mixel?
  7. This is what happens when you cross a minifigure and a Mixel... Even though I MOC'ed it, I can't figure out if it's two eyes on eye-stalks with a body as a head (i.e. with a mouth and brain behind the armour) or whether each 'eye' is actually a head in its own right with its own brain. What do you think of this MOC? And is this a one- or two-headed creature?
  8. Inspired by Locomotive Annie's recent 'Steam Electric Locomotive' topic and Electrosteam's 'Bag of Ideas' topic, I threw together this little MOD. Car #168 is the end result of a secret program started by the CIA in 1964. The previous 167 cars all met a grisly demise on the test track, incurring the loss of numerous personnel. The work was so hazardous that hardened criminals who were offered reduced sentences were about the only people willing to work on it. Haircut (pictured here with his guard) was one of the few to survive. The engine was designed to air-lift itself behind enemy lines where it could wreck havoc in it's own unique way. Most of the interior of the car contained various weapons including large calibre machine guns and missle launchers under the retractable roof. There was also room to store the rotors when not in use as, obviously, they would cause a bit of a problem with bridge and tunnel clearances. This prototype - the first to successfully complete trials - was launched from an aircraft carrier when it suddenly developed engine problems and presently it rests at the bottom of the Gulf of Tonkin. The crew was able to paracute to safety however the general in charge of the program was secretly shot for embezzling funds and for being so daft as to think this was a viable project in the first place! Due to lack of funds the program was discontinued soon afterwards. Oh, what's this? The Atlantis team has stumbled upon the wreck! What are they doing in S.E. Asia? Aren't they supposed to be in the Atlantic or Mediterranean somewhere and what are the Fish-men doing at the wreck? There are rumors of rolling stock that were being developed as well but no photographs have ever surfaced. There are several researchers digging through the files, who knows what they might find...? Ok, hope you got a laugh out of it. I don't have much in the way of space, time or bricks...did the best I could. The 'Atlantis' shot probably would've been more successful from a higher angle, live and learn. Joe